Unemployment: Nigerian Government links 7,000 graduates with firms

Over 170,000 graduates had registered in the scheme’s database out of which 7,000 had been matched with firms.

The Federal Government said in Jalingo on Monday that it had engaged 7,000 graduates under its SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme, GIS.

The Chief Project Officer of SURE-P, Istifanus Bargo, said this at a three-day orientation programme for interns and firms under GIS.

Mr. Bargo explained that over 170,000 graduates had registered in the scheme’s database out of which 7,000 had been matched with firms.

According to him, the scheme is a deliberate effort by the federal government to link unemployed graduates with firms with a view to enhancing their skills and employability.
He said federal government paid N30,000 monthly stipends to each intern for one year.

Mr. Bargo appealed to private firms yet to key into the programme to register with the GIS. He said this would offer opportunities for unemployed graduates already registered under the scheme to acquire skills from them.

The Project Director of GIS, Peter Papka said the programme was “a bridge through which Nigerian graduates would cross over from graduation to the workplace with ease.”

He urged the interns to make best use of the opportunities in building their capacities and warned that fraudulent and unethical practices would not be condoned from beneficiaries.



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  • odiate obong

    this is what we are talking about .youth and graduate empowerment.kudos to the government for this admirable effort to reduce unemployment in the country

  • Kazeem Ibraheem

    Pastor femi, I am highly disappointed in you.instead of you to face the reality of this administration, you are using ethnicity to divide Nigerians.You even said if GEJ loses 2015 election under a free and fairm election, Nigeria wil l be ungovernable. This is the same strategy being championed by Asari Dokubo.Please advise your paymaster to improve on social amenities, then I and other Nigerians will vote for him.But as at now, under a free and fair election, I dont know how this govt can win next election

    • samuel

      I don’t know how u think,dr femi just made things clear but u have chosen to continuously dwell in darkness, what is apc ideology tell us if u know,since buhari started running for president he has never told us his agenda,like wise other apc presidential aspirants, these people have no agenda other than seizing power for themselves.

      • Kazeem Ibraheem

        Thank Mr.Think right.I know that is either you are benefiting from this Govt or you are emotional attached to this govt because of ethnicity or religion factor but based on performance criteria.this govt is nothing to write home about.If i may ask you,who is the commander in chief of armed force -GEJ.Who is his duty to protect all and sundries in Nigeria.
        In Ideal society,Pastor Femi should have been arrested for treasony.How can an elite like him champion the course of ethnicity to the point that if GEJ is not elected,Nigeria will be on fire.As for the Ideology of APC, The last time I check goggle,it is free of charge,please google apc ideologies,you shall seethe result .You can see their various governors performance compare to PDP

        • Shola

          That is your opinion. His administration is the best so far in Nigeria. Forget about the ethnic thing and face the reality on ground. If your brothers from the northnorth threatened to country ungovernable for him and they are living up to it, why do you think the Niger deltadeltans won’t live up to theirstheirs. And the card of who is the commander in chief doesn’t sell anymore. If the north is throwing bombs so they can blame the president, them they are wrong because the president is not a magician and the masses are sewing their antics. We will vote him back

          • Kazeem Ibraheem

            @Shola,It is better to talk about you.You have only one vote and I have only one vote as well.It is majority of Nigeria that will decide whom to vote for…But as for me, I am tired with this administration.Nis recruitment exercise is still fresh in my memory where score of Nigerians graduates lost their lives, loss of 47 future leaders lives tru bomb blast in Yobe state…where is the money realised from fuel subsidy,I remember vividly that the money will be channeled to provision of more refineries and no one is provided…Corruption is being celebrated in all govt places.IThis govt is clueless in fighting insurgency.With all these indices,my precious vote is not for GEJ.

          • Shola

            Mine is for him. I have valid reasons, but no time for back and forth that won’t change any of our preconceived opinion.

          • concerned9ja

            A completed retard you are. You are as clueless and heartless as Jona

    • Goodyouth

      I think this is one of the best article from this man, though I hate some of his argument especially his hatred for Apostle Paul. Back to you Kazeem Ibrahim, GEJ is the best President Nigerian ever produced, how many president that have enemies surrounded him like GEJ in the name of religion and ethnicity? Look the initiation of BOKO HARAM by the evil Northerners.

      • Kazeem Ibraheem

        But he has the power to fight his enemy,is he not commander in chief of armed forces.Please dont ridicule the office of presidency.With this excuse,you admit that the present govt is not competent

    • Garden-City Boy

      My dear awusa friend, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. You’ve never heard that, have you? For 38 disastrous years, you awusas acted as you wished; the rest of us cooperated in the interest of “unity”. We neither threaten to “make the place ungovernable”, let alone doing so as you do with your Boko Haram. We never issued 3-day expulsion order deadlines on awusas to quit the land. No Southerner vowed to make bloodied dogs and baboons out of awusas should an election contest be lost. The wife was also murdered by awusa people for daring to plead for her husband’s release from awusa jail.
      Yet, after 38 unchallenged years of nightmarish brigandage and impunity, you awusa show so much intolerance for a Southerners 4-year leadership. What makes you think awusa people deserve tolerance from the South? Is still about your born-to-rule mentality. You ass-cracks will never get it.

      • concerned9ja

        Ashamed of your contribution because you don’t even know how to spell Hausa not to talk of the fact that you believe that every northerner is Hausa. What an ignoramus!!!

  • kwango

    The punishment of God against liars is total. This hate columnist is going down everyday. He now writes like a primary school pupil and seems to be dying gradually because of Buhari. In Nigerian politics it is individuals and their strategies that make the difference not necessarily paper manifestos or policies. A president that is incapable of protecting citizens is incapable of protecting institutions or infrastructure. If the most unprepared president can claim success, his more prepared opponents can start to claim excellence. Even when we have poor network connection on our mobile phones, MTN workers still smile to the bank. Even when the country is burning prepaid hate mongers and divisive columnists like Femi Aribisala still smile to their banks.

    • Shola

      Continue to throw bomb, so that you can shout insecurity. Una no dey shame

  • kenny

    i hav always known that d apc are rogue….they think Nigeria is their birthrite, they better wake up from their slumber nd face reality…..GEJ must rule till 2019…..no GEJ no Nigeria

  • Ebola or Gej

    don mortgage his children’s future for a “plate of amala and ewedu
    soup” from the paymasters. U can’t sway us. It is time to try a Buhari.

    • Shola

      Buhari will never win an election in one NigeriaNigeria. So, park well

      • Ebola or Gej

        You want Jonathan to continue b/cos you get market for your prostitution and child trafficking which you sabi, abi no be so? humm

  • wode

    I could only struggle to read 2 or 3 paragraphs of this lackluster article with quality/substance totally in defiance to acclaimed intellectual background of the author. I decided not to read further when I got to …

    “Worse still; Buhari is a retired military officer. He has no economic background or training. Buhari knows little or nothing about the Nigerian economy; how much more how to transform and improve it.”

    It was at this point that it became down on me that GEJ is a PhD holder in Economics and not Zoology.

    What a lame argument?

  • Itsede Victor

    The problem with the write up is that he the actor became so personal that he forgot that the main problem eating nigeria is not lack of good economic theory but corruption. if he must look again at his write he should leave sentiment aside and say the truth.

  • Kitunde

    ‘If Jonathan should lose, even in a free and fair election’ Mr Femi forsees problems…wow. Now we have 2 geo political zones with ‘Born to rule’ mentality?
    I am not a card carrying member of any party but if i was, unlike this writer, i will man up and own up….

  • Abati

    I disagree with you sir, what ideology does PDP has, rather to defraud and rob the populace of their future, not that APC is better but none has any ideology, I will rather vote for a new era than waiting “e go better”. What does Obama or Clinton know about economics but they have a good economic think tank in place.

  • Aminu M. Jiyah

    ENOUGH of all these nonsense argument, IF I understood him well

    ‘If Goodluck Jonathan loses the presidential election, even in a free and fair poll, I am convinced the future of Nigeria would become even more problematic. The South-South would not take his rejection kindly’.

    OK, my prayer to God his for him to lose in a free and fair poll, And I belt u Nigerian will remain united more than before to the extend that even masses in Bayalsa will be glad he lost.

    Because,good governance has nothing to do with tribe, religion, ethnicity,racial etc
    Northerner in north-east voted for him because he got 25% from almost all states in the North so what are southerners telling Nigerians. They should be bold enough to say the truth that Jonathan performed below expectation simple

    • Kazeem Ibraheem

      @ Aminu,
      Thanks for your contribution,united Nigeria we stand.Irrespective of who is the Commander in Chief of armed forces. In 2015 election,good and bad leaders will be voted in and out respectively.The country still remain unshakeable.

      • Aminu M. Jiyah

        thanks friend,
        100% agreed

  • olive_1960

    this is a highly insightful piece from the gentleman.Nigeria is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  • Muideen Sheriff Abiodun

    This is a clear case of unbridled article, @ Femi, it’s quite unfortunate that you have to bring yourself down to this level because of Nigerian Politicians. This will remain your worst and biased article ever read, so conspicuous that you are acting a script under a guise. Am not a card carrier of any political party, but nevertheless it was so glaring you conducted this write up without considering your integrity as a writer. I expects you as a writer to put on constructive criticism where needed and face the reality of the past and present happening in the Nigeria polity, but you swayed off the track and shows completely bigots and hatred in your write up. It is better to always check, double check, and cross check your write up before turning it in. Am afraid people like you will call white a black and blue a red and some may fall victim of your brandishing concoction. You mentioned that you know how the PDP led administration in the last 16 years has been transforming the nation? how? can you whole heartedly pray to God to manage your life affairs the way Nigeria affairs has been managed by PDP led administration in the last 16 years despite the resources available at their disposal? only if your answer is in affirmative can you be called a true patriot but if within your inner self, you cannot say ameen, then accept it you are a bigots.

    • Shola

      Why not make the same prayer. ThatThat God should manage your life the way Atiku or Buhari have run this country, so that you’ll not be a bigot.

    • Xtasy

      This is unacceptable. you should first pray that God should direct the affairs of your life the way Buhari Directed Nigeria in his time, the coup inclusive. and the way Atiku directed the affairs of Nigeria as Vice president and Customs as the Boss there, if you look within yourself and pray this prayer sincerely then you can make a point otherwise stop equating peoples lives with how we are being governed. we all have our individual rights to chose anybody we want.

  • Dr. Kay

    This old fart again? Thought you are still nursing the bashing you got from your wife for the nonsense you posted the other day , now this?
    I know you have grown thick skin to all outrage and abuses your column elicits every time you churn them out, nevertheless ,I will give you a low blow again for this unintelligent ,partisan, joke of an article you webbed together to make your Dumbo appear good and ready to reclaim another 4year mandate.
    Where you are wrong is that you have the nerve to sneakily say PDP has a clear policy under this man called Dumbo. Haba, Baba agbaya ma danu ,are you going senile or what?
    Tell me what program ,policy or development Dumbo has achieved or completed in his 1st term.
    Agbaya oloshi , the money you collecting has blinded your koro koro eyes and clouded your thinking faculties that you only pen info when ego is flashed at you . You ingrate of an old fart,may you not enjoy the blood money you collecting , oloshi oni ranu.

  • tayo

    Mr Femi eit ya were digbolugi

  • tayo

    Mr Femi eti ya were digbolugi