Ebola: Nigerian Government rules out closure of borders

Abba Moro

Interior Minister said an isolated case is not enough to shut the nation’s borders against its neighbours

The Federal Government said it would not close the nation’s borders with its neighbouring countries over concerns of Ebola spread.

The Interior Minister, Abba Moro, who stated this while speaking with journalists on Friday, said the closure of borders is a decision only taken in extreme situations and after wide consultations.

A Liberian, Patrick Sawyer, who suffered from the ailment died in Lagos last week shortly after he arrived in Nigeria.

The minister said such a single incident was not enough for Nigeria to shut its borders with its neighbours.

“Isolated incidents of the death of Patrick Sawyer on account of Ebola is not sufficient for this country to close its borders,” Mr. Moro said.

“Closure of borders is an extreme situation that has its own wide range consequences and so unless it becomes absolutely necessary, we don’t intend to close our borders as long as information comes to us indicates that Nigerian Medical workers and Nigerian Immigration Service and all other Health officials are striving to contend the situation, no need to close our borders.”

Mr. Moro said it was regrettable that the disease which many Nigerians thought would never been found in the country, had finally come.

He however said the presidential committee set up to curtail the spread of the dreaded disease in the country, in which he is a member, had been working hard to ensure it does not spread.

He said, “I think the good news is that since the death of Patrick Sawyer from Liberia, on the account of Ebola virus, no other reported case has occurred and we are praying very fervently that by the expiration of the period of incubation which has been put between one week and three weeks and no such cases will be heard.

“I want to also say that in line with each proactive attitude to issues of emergencies like this, the Federal Government has put in place a presidential committee to address the issue of Ebola occurrence in Nigeria and I am happy to inform you that the Ministry of Interior is part of the Presidential committee, in which I am a member.

“We have been having meetings frequently to update ourselves on decisions that have been taken and one of the decisions that was taken in the committee is the establishment of screening centres, at our various Ports of entry including our land entry Ports, and this ports authority.

“Health officials, have been drafted to some of our ports of entry and the Nigerian Immigration Service, NIS, have directed its officers at the borders to ensure proper screening in alliance with port authority and health officials, because as you are all aware we are not sufficiently equipped to carry out screening but working in agreement with health officials and port authority. Hopefully, we will be able to come to terms with the incidence of Ebola.”

He explained that the step was taken in other to have a multi-sectoral approach to the issue of Ebola in Nigeria. According to him, NIS had been working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and officials of the World Health Organisation, WHO, on the matter “which we believe hopefully, that our efforts should be able to prevent further spread of this disease.”

Mr. Moro said as a global player, Nigeria would not take a unilateral action by introducing certification to travelers.

He explained, “If you must introduce certification, it means that you must know what you are out for. You must know that, yes if you apply this, the person will be free of this.

“So, I think that the issue of certification will only come when everything about Ebola has been examined, vaccines identified for its eradication , cures identified for them, only on such circumstances even if am not a health expert, you can now say that lets acquire certification.”


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  • David

    a nice analysis, Femi……..

    • segun

      which “analysis”? So we Yorubas should take crumbs in 2015 as the “nice” analysis suggests? You must be kidding. The verdict is out. let each nation in NIgeria vote the way it wants. We Yorubas are not calculating on some puerile thing called speakership. We are going for the BIG THING-period! And we have that in APC. Ask any Yoruba what they want-some powerless thing called speaker or the BIG thing behind decision. Una think say we no dey think.? Abegi-why does Asari Dokubo a muslim lining behind Goodluck Jonathan-a Christian? Reason-Niger Delta-So when 2015 comes, we Yorubas will line behind our own too to get what we want-Ol boy we don do the arithemetic. All dis one wey the two traitors-Femi Arbisala and femi Fanikayode dey talk, an yeye. We will vote according to the common interests of Yoruba-period. So which “nice” analysis? Anyway , You are just joking! The dice is cast-2015 is here . Let each nation defend their national interests.

      • dem

        As an advocate for good governance, I feel slighted and seriously betrayed that we have lost our gumptions and sense of analytical reasoning….u disappoint the young generation of Nigeria who advocate for a better country…Mr aribisala,u seek to erode the sense of the young generation withyour piece..pls look at the rascality in government.. And advise Ur paymasters..

  • segun

    You need to shut up your mouth now Femi Aribisala. I am Yoruba to the core. You and the other Femi , Femi Fanikayode are one of the worst traitors ever in Yoruba history. Now this is the logic that shows that you Femi Aribisala and Femi Fanikayode are the worst and the most HORRIBLE traitors to the Yoruba Nation and Interests. The reason for that is that the two of you FOLLOW ONLY YOUR ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS INTERESTS. Femi Fanikayode has a corruption charge hanging over his head. He needs help from the OIL Man-president Goodluck Jonathan. So he will do anything including SELLING HIS YORUBA NATION to free himself. You on other hand , you are a business man, you need all the contracts from the OIL Man-Goodluck Jonathan, you have been selling us , and you will CONTINUE to sell us for a porridge, so long as the patronage keeps coming to you from the OIL Man. Now this is the logic. It is obvious that each nation in Nigeria DEFENDS its interests. Let me give you a simple example that shows this. Asari Dokubo is Niger Delta. He is muslim. He said Nigerian blood will flow if his candidate-Goodluck Jonathan-a fellow Niger Delta but who is Christian-is not re-elected. Yet, you, Femi Fanikayode and the other lackeys and traitors of the OIL Man-Goodluck Jonathan-invented the intellectual disease, the dubious binary called Yoruba Christian/Muslim (something that had never happened in yoruba polity and history) in order to sell the so-called “Yoruba Christian” vote to your master-the OIL Man-Jonathan. But my question to the two of you traitors to Yoruba Nation(Femi Aribisala and Femi Fanikayode) is :On what basis is Asari Dokubo a muslim supporting Goodluck Jonathan a christian? It is obvious -it is ethnicity. So, Please banish the self serving thought from your mind that your PDP serves the interests of the Yoruba Nation. We Yorubas DO NOT want any speakership. Se o ye e Femi? Do you understand Femi. Your OIL master started this ethnic politics. We Yoruba Middle class given our education asked you and your Dubious party-PDP and your Ijaw President to STOP it, you did not listen. Now election is coming, you are talking gibberish, you are talking about some speakership position , when we (and this is what other national group does , so shut up and do not lecture me about this) can get something more than a speaker, and you are talking about someone who your own diseased imagination and self serving interests you tag “traitor”. Now je ki n bere lowo e-let me ask from you: Who is the traitor beween the one that says “take some position called speaker ” and someone that says “take something bigger…”? Sofun mi femi-tell me femi”-who You are a traitor of the most horrible order. Go and spend your oil money-Asiri ti tu. The secret is out. In our political, economic and cultural interests, we Yorubas GO STRATEGIC. We kept quiet for loooong, you think we (Yoruba Middle class) do not know what we are doing-eh. You must be kidding. Se o gbo? You hear? So? we are not PDP. Why? We do not want the oil crumbs. We are going for the BIG PIE. Period. Again, who is a traitor to Yoruba nation between you and your PDP who ask us to take oil crumbs and the other party APC which we built quietly and ask us to take a BIG PIE-tell me Ode bururku-Femi. Like any other nation in Nigeria -our interest is Yoruba FIRST and LAST, and we think and move STRATEGICALLY to defend that-You know what Yoruba people call Oju Sunuku-Right? It is DEEP THOUGHT-So Think Traitor femi Fanikayode and Femi Aribisala. -which one will you take between Oil crumb which your party PDP is promising and the BIG PIE, which we have in APC-Dake Ode, Odale-traitor!

  • Ahmad Kehinde

    Femi Aribisala, I have never seen you so unprofessional like this before in my years of reading your writes up. You can easily share your opinion without necessarily attacking the personality of those involved. But with this your vituperation & several unguarded statements, you are fast loosing your intergrity & decorum. I suspect there is a Cold War going on between you FEMI ARIBISALA and APC/TINUBU. Anyway, time shall tell.

  • Yemzonatiq

    Femi Aribisala just show us your PDP membership card and then we will understand your write ups better, if Tambuwal is a traitor what will Mimiko be, Gladiator?

    • Unanaija

      Mimiko will be SAINT Goodluck Jonathan!!!!!

  • Yemzonatiq

    Femi Aribisala just show us your PDP membership card and then we will understand your write ups better, if Tambuwal is a traitor what will Mimiko be, Gladiator? I know you need to feed but u can feed reasonably and also get fed well and still keep your dignity.

  • hamma

    Ok mr femi. We have heard u unlike a man of God sounding so abusive. Plz can we have a write up 4rm u about mimiko’s defection. Nd plz u didn’t elect tambuwal as speaker as u claim..his colleagues did. Nd no where in d constitution where it’s stated dat a speaker most com 4rm majority…note dat d pdp leadership nd presidency fought him and try 2 block his emergence as speaker..so u don’t xpct him 2 work 4 dem. Nd 1 thing I notice about u is u think attacking muslims is a solution not forgeting that christians alone can’t make gej president.

  • Student

    I am disappointed in your scholarship.

  • Reminisce6

    Suddenly,Aribisala has become an advocate of Yoruba “shine your eyes” just after Tambuwal decamped to APC,whatever happened to the Yoruba Christian/Muslim divides you`ve been championing to decimate the Yoruba people in order to win sympathy votes for your paymaster?Maybe you should be more specific on the demography next time you address the Yoruba people.Your reference to the USA model of democracy was punctured by your gleeful description of how Tambuwal security details was removed and how the President can make “life difficult” for the speaker.You bunch of Jonathanians are self serving hypocrites.

  • charly

    I keep wondering which church this Femi aribisala pastor? You are a disgrace to the name of Christ. I believe you must be one of those paupers that pride themselves as pastors who are now seeking bread from politicians? Who ordained you if I may ask? I have read many of your articles including the ones you lambasted the men of God anointed and ordained by God.
    I pity you! You name is aribisala, meaning finding a place of refuge, but let me tell you, GEJ and PDP will rig the forthcoming election even though he is no longer popular. He will use the law enforcement apparatus to rig it because he’s as desperate now as an antelope that is running from the predator. Let me now tell you about your name, the after effect of that rigging by PDP will turn Nigeria upside down, mark it. You may not find a place of refuge as your name depicts. The nation will be too hot for you and your other cohorts. Aribisala ko ni ribi sala when that time comes.

  • henry

    If you claim to be a pastor and you’re this bias in your analysis then Christianity is in trouble, I believe mimiko was elected as a LP man and not a PDP man, oh, I see a case of amnesia here. Lol

  • kwango

    An eminently qualified failure. His career is characterised by failure that he clung to bigotry and jaundiced reasoning. The level of frustration in this man Femi is abnormal. APC is a legally registered political party to compete for political power at the highest level. Nigeria is not a one party state. Cry Aribisala!

  • Otitokoro

    Femi, I am calling you Femi DELIBERATELY. I have checked your Bio. Therefore I can say that I am older than you. I am a Yoruba man. So when I say “Femi” , I am seeing you as “aburo”-a junior sibling. Okay? You, Femi Aribisala and Femi Fanikayode are a rude disgrace to us Yoruba people. In the past sometimes when I had time, I read the traitorous things you once wrote about ownership of Lagos, which is Yoruba and is not in doubt-geographically, historically, culturally, economically and politically. But because some people have put money in your pocket, you wrote rubbish and garbage in lieu of your personal commercial interests. Remember the Yoruba proverb “Omo ale ni o n fi owo osi juwe ile baba e..” Literally, it means “It is only a bastard that uses the left hand to point to his father’s house…” Based on my age, I call on you and the other Femi from Ile Ife-Femi Fanikayode to pay attention to that proverb, and to please watch it. Nothing absolutely nothing will happen to you, nothing will harm you because we Yorubas use our literary culture and literacy to challenge issues. So no harmful thing will happen to you-because we still see you as Yorubas even when you are traitors. But we will not allow traitors to our cause to stand in the way. I breathe Yoruba. I wake and sleep Yoruba. And that is precisely what other national groups in Nigeria do. After, Obafemi Awolowo defended the unity of Nigeria only for others to abuse Awolowo and abuse Yorubas, what do you expect us to do again? To sleep with our two eyes closed? eh Femi? -So You expect us not to defend our own? Do you have a brain at all Femi? You are dangling “speakership” in the face of a people whose culture produced the first Nobel Prize winner in Africa? Ha! Femi, I repeat do you have a brain? or is it that the money you make from these OILY politicians have completely blinded you? Look, if you have problems with Bola Tinubu, the two of you should lock yourself up in a room and settle it privately. It is none of my business. It is none of our business. And it is none of the business of the larger Yoruba people and nation. But and but, we will NOT allow your disputes and the actions of people like you and the Ile Ife traitor Femi Fanikayode to stand in the way of the interest of Yoruba people. Finally, I hope people from Ile Ife read this and put it in the ears of the Oba , the Ooni of Ile Ife. I say this because the other traitor-Femi Fanikayode is from Ile Ife. In 2015, we Yoruba people AS ONE will use our votes to make the desired statement-No religion, no division, no Muslim/Christian, NOTHING will stand in our way in doing this in DEFENCE OF YORUBA INTEREST. As Yorubas we have long memory, and we look ahead. Let others vote the way they want. We Yorubas will vote Yoruba-just as other national group will do the same for they have that right too. You and Femi Fanikayode can vote OIL if you want. It is just two votes. You have that right. But we Yorubas will stand at the polls, on the streets publicly to vote Yoruba. That is what we Yorubas will do in 2015. Traitors-like you and Femi Fanikayode- to the Yoruba nation shall not be allowed to stand in the way. “Abo oro ni a n so fun omoluwabi. Bi o b de inu e a di odidi…”-This means “A word is sufficient for the cultured person…” Watch it. Yoruba e fura. Yoruba people watch it! “Yoruba e sore fun ejo ile” Yoruba people watch the snakes in the homeland among you. Femi , watch it. Truth is bitter-Otito koro.

  • Eroli Reuben

    Femi, you are an inspirational writer. Do not let these infantile villagers who inundate your column with non-circumspective criticisms, cause the ink in your fountain of knowledge to ever dry. Your are writing for generations unborn if the living are blind to the truth.

    • endingNaija

      Mr. Reno Wendel Omokri -the New Media adviser for President Jonathan, how are yu dey? Hope yu dey well well. I can see . How much did you guys pay Femi Aribisala to write the nonsense he writes to campaign for President Jonathan? How much? Just tell us Omokri.

    • chukwuma

      Thank you Reuben,
      I love this piece. Femi we love and appreciate your write ups. Keep the ink flowing pls.
      It’s those idiots in APC that will be soaked in blood after GEJ has won come 2015. The devil I know(PDP) is better than the Devil I don’t know(APC).

      • segun

        Reno Wendel Omokri na mpitikwelu na mani_kay na otile na redeem na the truth na Peter2000 na oleku na Goodluck Jonathan , please read some of the posts. Some of owners of the posts speak as Yorubas. For example, I wrote my post as Yoruba. Let us suppose your name reflects your identity, then you are Igbo. It will be advisable in the name of DECENCY for you to STAY OFF. Without any apology to you or any other person, the issue some of us respond to is about Yoruba and NOT about Nigeria. Now let me make a simple observation. The PDP, Goodluck Jonathan campaigners and their lackeys, stooges and traitors in Yoruba land created the intellectual inept and fraud called Femi Aribisala created the diseased binary called “Yoruba Muslim/Christian” . Why? Because they collected OIL money already and are looking for votes for JONathan-right? But they did not create Ijaw muslim/christian, Igbo Muslim/Christian binary. Right? And finally Asari Dokubo -a muslim will vote and die for Goodluck Jonathan a christian. Asari Dokubo is Niger Delta. Goodluck Jonathan is Niger Delta. So it means Asari Dokubo will vote as Niger Delta, Niger delta people will vote as Niger delta (not as Muslim/chrisyian) Igbos will vote as Igbos (not as Igbo Muslim/Christian), why should not Yorubas vote as as Yoruba Christian/Muslim? Why should Yoruba Not vote as Yoruba? And there is a Niger Delta economy, Igbo economy so you are voting as Igbo and Niger Delta. and there Yoruba economy, we will vote as Yoruba . Can you see the crimnality, evil, opportunism, and dubiousness in Goodluck Jonathan, PDP , yourself , and the PDP lackeys like Femi Aribisala and Femi Fanikayode in Yoruba land? So Mr. Chukwuma abi wetin you call yourself, this IS YORUBA AFFAIR. STAY OFF YOUR BUSY BODY If I poke my nose in Igbo affair, please take the same position. You hear busy body Chuckwuma?
        So once again to you Femi Aribisala , shut up. We Yorubas will vote Yoruba in 2015 like any other national group. The few snakes like you and Femi Fanikayode can contiue to be errand boys for the OIL man. We Yorubas will vote as Yoruba to defend Yoruba space, economy, interests in 2015. And we know the party defending Yorubas and Yoruba interetsts. Definitely, it is PDP and it is not President Goodluck Jonathan

        • segun

          To Chukwuma, the party defending Yorubas and Yoruba interests is NOT PDP . Definitely it is NOT PDP. IT is NOT Goodluck Jonathan. We know who we are and where we are headed.

        • Bigzy

          You seem to be drowning in your own vomit. First you ward off Chukwuma for delving into matters which are only of concern to the Yorubas. Then you started an incmprehensible diatribe about Muslim / Christian binary, Yoruba and Igbo Economies and block votes. These are alien concepts to me as any economy in Nigeria is Nigerian, any vote in Nigeria is Nigerian, and any religion in Nigeria is practiced by Nigerians. I cannot pretent to understand what you are taking about. I also noticed that you did not see it fit to criticise @Eze who agreed with you, even though as the name suggests, he might indeed be Igbo.

          The article was about Mr Tambuwal, so how this became an exclusive Yoruba issue is beyond me. You seem to have a great anti-party against Nigerian Oil, yet you must surely know that all the pseudo-ecomomies of the country are financed largely with oil money. Please try and remain composed and unemotional in this debate.

          • segun

            Shut up- Reno Omokri na Bigzy na Chukwuma-Okay. Reno Omokri, Chukwuma is an Igbo name you decided to use as your e-rat for this post. So I told Chukwuma-your Igbo creation to take his OILY mouth out of Yoruba affair. Okay? And the point is simple. if you -Goodluck Jonathan campaigners did not create Igbo Muslim/Christian, Niger Delta Muslim/Christian why did PDP and Goodluck Jonathan campaigners use dubious human beings like Femi Aribisala, Femi fanikayode, the so-called “Pastor” Bosun Emmanuel to create the disease and dubious binary called “Yoruba Muslim/Christian” just because PDP your party is looking for so-called “Yoruba Christian” votes to complete your 25% requirement for Jonathan? If Igbos and Niger Deltans will vote as Igbos and as Niger Deltans, why do you all expect anything different in Yorubaland? I hope your brain catches the point. Next think before you post. Give me the next one and you get the punch. Meanwhile inform your readers how much you paid Aribisala for this post.

          • Bigzy

            Punches from you are the least of my worries, as I do pack a punch as well. But I have to say that I am damned livid about you referring to me as anyone else other than Bigzy. Why is it that you are so scared about anyone else holding a contrary view to you? I reckon that you are loathe to countenance the fact that more than a single individual holds an opinion so diametrically opposed to yours, that they have to be one and the same person. @Segun, hate me as much as you like, but don’t subsume my identity into that of another.

          • segun

            I am saying you Goodluck Jonathan campaigners are dubious and criminal. You give compromised people like Femi Aribisala and Fanikayode and Bosun Emmanuel OILY money to spread disease in Yorubaland. And we are saying keep your disease to yourself. This is it. Asari Dokubo is a muslim. He said blood will flow if his candidate Goodluck Jonathan -a christian-is not re-elected. So Asari Dokubo (muslim) will vote Jonathan and PDP on the basis of his Niger Delta. Niger Delta and Igbo people will vote on the basis of Igbo and Niger Delta. My question therefore is: why should Yoruba people not vote on the basis of their Yorubaness? We know dubious persons like Femi Fanikayode who have corruption charges on their head will become lackeys and slaves to Jonathan as a bargain. Right? So you use him and Aribisala to spread the disease about a so-called “Yoruba Muslim/Christian” fiction in Yorubaland. What does your igbo or Niger Delta “Christian” have with your dubious creation Yoruba “Christian”? Nothing. What do muslims in Igbo/Niger Delta and Yoruba have in common? Nothing. There is Igbo space, Niger Delta space, Yoruba space and our interests are not the same. So why the PDP and Goodluck Jonathan campaigners dubious phantom-“Yoruba Muslim/Christian” when you did not create same phantom in South South and Igboland? Answer dubious OILY man.

          • Bigzy

            You talk with the zeal of a prophet, yes, a prophet of doom. No one is out to poison Yorubaland, least of all these two great sons on the land. You also keep talking about the OIL that has brought prosperity to Nigeria as if it is a swear word. What is your problem? Is this an indirect way of campaigning for the Buhari/Tinubu Presidential ticket? Stop rounding the subject and say what is on your mind.

          • segun

            So we got you criminals and evil minded South South PDP Goodluck Jonathan campaigners on that. I guess you believe that OIL money can buy anything. This time it will not work Goodluck Jonathan you hear. Stay in your South South Ijaw land and do not bring your phantom and disease Yoruba Christian/Muslim into our land. We do not have anything in common. If Asari Dokubo muslim will die for Jonathan -christian, is that not Niger Delta solidarity? So abegi stay in your space and die there. Do not bring your Christian/Muslim pandemic here to our land. You can do that in your OILY area. Please stay of Yorubaland-period. We Yorubas will vote- like any national group-we will vote behind Yoruba. Se o gbo? You hear? And please do not try any rigging in Yorubaland.

          • Bigzy

            You are clearly a f00l and there is no talking to you. You have got yourself so worked up that you are now completely incoherent. The idi@ts that have polarized Nigerian politics along religious lines know themselves. Chief amongst these is Buhari, who has boasted of his ambition to spread the Sharia Penal code to all parts of the country. We all see what is happening in the far North and it could hardly be divorsed from the the enunciation of Sharia Law and the mutaween. Was it not Buhari who quibbed, “why does it concern Southerners so much if Muslims cut off the hands of other Muslims?”

            In the SW at the moment, there are forces trying to push Islam, to the detriment of everyone else. Thus, in Lagos recently, a muslim group asked Muslims to support only candidates who are in support of wearing the Hijab in public schools. These are all recent events and I defy you to tell me what they have to do with the Presidency. If you are truly trying to discover the cause religious intolerance, you should be looking closer home at people like Prof. Ishaq Akintola and others like him. But of course you won’t because you are lazy, and pinning the fault on someone else is more convenient. If you do not join hands with other well meaning people to ensure that religion remains a matter between one man an his God, you may have to deal with the jihadists for real[God forbid]. What a hypocrite!

          • segun

            I am saying we Yorubas and Niger Delta people DO NOT have anything in common. So the fate of your so-called “Yoruba Christian” is NOT bound or tied to the fate of your Niger Delta people. I am being stark and blunt here. We-Yorubas are different from you-Niger Delta and Jonathan people. So stay where you are . Stop your busy body. We are NOT together-okay? And we will let you know this on election day. As you correctly line up behind your Jonathan and PDP we Yorubas will line up behind our own candidates -and they ARE NOT Goodluck Jonathan and they are NOT in PDP. You defend Niger Delta interests and that is legitimate and to be expected. We defend Yoruba interests and that is also legitimate and to be expected. On election day as you vote as Niger Delta people, we will vote as Yoruba people, and we will PEACEFULLY (for that is the OMOLUWABI nature in us!!!) isolate and “quarantine” few traitors in our Yoruba space and midst like Femi Aribisala and Femi Fanikayode, “Pastor” Bosun Emmanuel all of who you gave OILY money, So why does that disturb you? It is a Yoruba affair. I am talking about Yoruba affair and NOT Niger Delta affair. It is not a Niger Delta affair. So take your nose away busy body. As you have right to defend your Niger Delta interest, we have right to defend our Yoruba interest-abi ki lo de baby?-I just dey laf-God don catch una! We Yorubas told you to stop all the ethnic nonsense in the early days of Jonathan’s govt, you did not listen. You claimed you were okay with your alliances. We said okay that is fine and we quietly moved to begin to defend Yoruba interests. The results are what you are beginning to see and you are panicking! So take your nose away to your Niger Delta and mind your business. I am Yoruba and I am dealing here with Yoruba affair. If I put my nose in your Niger Delta affair, then “cut” it!!! I ga laf tire for Naija Jonathan ko , Jonathan ni!!!

  • Benedict

    I will NEVER read Femi Aribisala the political analyst! Femi the Pastor albeit a controversial one makes more sense at least I see his quotations to back his claims and I give him that benefit of doubt. Please is it possible to stick to one? I don’t want to be confused. Thanks

  • felix


  • Eze

    Femi, by this your article, you are a huge disgrace.

    • Bigzy

      Nonsense @Eze, you know it is all true.

      • endingNaija

        It is all false and paid for by PDP and the OIL man-President Jonathan. Femi Aribisala and Femi Fanikayode are OIL paid agents.

        • Bigzy

          What in his submission would you characterise as false? Are we not all living witnesses to the unending ‘bed-hopping’ of Tambuwal? The fact that he had help is also undeniable. You know that it would’nt do to make a blanket ascertion which is unsupported by any evidence or corollary.

          • endingNaija

            We are not here for any casuistry. You can attempt to cure eczema when you have leprosy all over you-You have that right to self deception and delusion. You hear? However, you may want to let readers know what Femi Aribisala said when Mimiko “DEFECATED” (OVER ONDO STATE PEOPLE) from Labour Party to PDP (Femi Aribisala’s party). When you finish searching for what the dubious person called Femi Arbisala said on Mimiko’s “DEFECATION”(on Ondo state people) from labour party to PDP, let me know.

          • Bigzy

            Can you elaborate in the meaning of your chosen name?

          • endingNaija

            I am just wondering what the traitor Femi Aribisala said when Mimiko “DEFECATED” (over the good Ondo state people) from Labour party to PDP? Since you OILY people in Jonathan’s presidency in ASO Rock paid Aribisala to write the garbage, you must defend him right? So you must know what he said when Mimiko “defecated” (over Ondo state people) from Labour party to PDP.

          • Bigzy

            You do me a great honour to associate me with the Presidency. However, I must point out to you that I have nothing to do with politics, other than hold an opinion. Is the question about Mimiko rhetorical? Judging by the glee in your enquiry, I gather that it is academic. If anyone is unhappy with any defection, he should contest it vigorously.

            Once again what does your screen name mean?

          • endingNaija

            Reno Omokri na Bigzy na otile na the truth na mani_kay na mpitikwelu you are so funny. You said the fact that your -PDP and Goodluck Jonathan-paid lackey, slave and apologist Femi Aribisala is a a dishonest person is academic! Ah na wa o. Are you people in Jonathan’s Aso Rock so immoral you do not have a concept of good and bad? That is a dangerous thing. May be the reason Jonathan said stealing public fund is not corruption! Mimiko “DEFECATED” (over the good Ondo people) from Labour party to PDP, your paid lackey and slave Aribisala developed visual blindness on this-he did not see , he did not remember-and that is not an issue for you, that is academic for you in PDP and Jonathan’s campaign office. I now see why Jonathan rules the way he does-there is not even a single concept of good and bad. And that is a very dangerous thing for the head of state of a country and the country itself. No wonder we are in this cesspool as a country under Jonathan’s administration.

          • Andy Esotu

            You are naive or rather brainless.

          • endingNaija

            Bigzy na Aribisala na Reno Omokri na Val na Andy Esotu na otile you are all the same PDP/Goodluck Jonathan persons your OILY mouth stinks. How much did you people pay Femi Aribisala and Femi Fanikayode to LIE so shamelessly? Too bad for you people in Aso Rock. Yu lost it Reno Omokri e-rats

          • jo

            wow is sooo sad that we are very short sigthed….. Femi or what your name is what did you write about Mimiko …please explain/

        • Andy Esotu

          Give facts to that, monkey brain.

          • endingNaija

            You have all been EXPOSED because you are dubious! As worthless as the Goodluck Jonathan campaigners are they go all over the place with OILY money. Answer this question mumu and rat brain: Did you not give “Pastor” Bosun Emmanuel oil money to do the rubbish tape he did and sell on the grounds of Redeemed Christian Church? Answer rat brain-Dishonest Jonathan people! Shameless. Thinks everyone has a price. Nigerians are ready for you at the poll this time. Oil money in ya backyard!!!

    • Andy Esotu

      I disagree with you. Instead, you are a huge disgrace for been naive.

      • endingNaija

        Bigzy na Andy Esotu na na Aribisala na Reno Omokri na otile na the truth na Val na Goodluck Jonathan you are all a disgrace for faking names. You are the same persons. This is why Goodluck Jonathan’s govt is so useless and a complete disgrace because it is inherently dubious.

    • Shola

      No you are

      • endingNaija

        shola na Bigzy na mani_kay na Wedel Reno Omokri na mpitikwelu na akpos1 na peter2000 na otile na oleku na Andy Esotu na Goodluck JOnathan e-rats. Nothing to add

  • oluwadara

    If this are the kind of men that are in circle of government activities for decades, there is no wonder Nigerians are sharply divided alone religious and ethnic line. He even call him self pastor, i wonder what he teaches in his church. shameless old man.

  • Val

    Oh my Gracious Lord I can’t believe there is still a honest, open minded and straight observant being in nigeria. Well said and narrated without cutting corners. Thank u so much mr. Femi Aribisala let those that have ears and thinking abilities in sw Nigeria know . I personally blame GEJ and those good for nothing security and political advisers he surrounded him self with, is he trying to tell me that he is not aware traitor Tambuwal is working against his government or that he knew but was too weak to act. Only to wake up at these eleventh hr. GEJ beware of Gasaeu and Dasuki ur security and military chiefs they are the ones that will give u the final blow through Boko haram .

    • endingNaija

      Reno Wendel Omokri na Val na Bigzy na Chukwuma na otile na the truth na mani_kay na mpitikwelu na oleku na akpos1 na peter2000 na Aribisala na Jonathan-that is all-we welcome the new name “Val” which Reno Omokir and the paid Goodluck Jonathan campaigners are using . Welcome e-rat Reno Val Omokri

      • Shola

        Why not engage him with your points? Do you lack the requisite intelligence to do so?

        • endingNaija

          e-rat shola na wendel Reno Omokri na mani_kay na otile na oleku na mpitikwelu na redeem na the truth na Gideon Orkar na Val na Bigzy na Chukwuma na akpos1 na Goodluck_Nigeria na Goodluck Jonathan – engage who? Engage the fictional names like you which Mr. Reno Omokri-Goodluck Jonathan’s New media adviser to spew nonsense online? Are you not one of the e-rats. ? So how much did you/PDP and Goodluck Jonathan pay Aribisala for this write up ? Just asking.

          • Garden-City Boy

            You keep omitting the GARDEN-CITY BOY. Haven’t you realized how I have dumped you APC-JANJAWEED into a 20ft deep grave it cannot get out of? I am not a factor you can ignore, mister.

  • Dr. Kay

    What is wrong with this old fart that every piece written by him reeks partisan , one sided, biased, jaundiced and uselessly contorted unimpressive hot air fabrications that defeats the point or lack thereof he is trying to convey. In your unimpressive long yawning inducing olodo like essay , you fail to hide your anger and fear the jumping of Tambuwal from a fast sinking ship that is PDP into APC instilled in you and your pay masters. You are the one full of treachery, you who claims to be a commentator but is well embedded with the ruling party. You agbaya ,ma danu , will come with useless and imbecilic postings that I ask myself ,I think we have a clone of Dumbo masquerading as an expert, you my friend is as clueless as your Dumbo, abi I lie ? Ode ,dindinrin. ,agbaya !

    • Garden-City Boy

      I would give you the benefit of the doubt and therefore assume that the “Dr.” totle you tout is academic, not the charlatan type…..you know what I mean. But your inability to read the handwriting on the wall is quite amazing. Do you really need an article by Femi Aribisala to convince you that APC has no chance in hell against Jonathan in 2015?
      However “dumb”, “imbecilic” or naive he looks to you, Jonathan’s 2nd term as president is already in the bag. You need to be more discerning than delusional with your long-shot wishes and dreams. Think more like a “Dr.” you claim for yourself, not like the quack….or are you a quack by some chance?

  • Imam Imam

    Femi Aribisala you call youeslf pastor. end time pastor of end time church

  • Yemi

    Rubbish again! This guy writes thrash!

  • Garden-City Boy

    t is not just Tambuwal, it is an awusa thing to be double-crossing punks
    and traitors. There is nothing nothing honorable about Tambuwal, or any
    awusa man for that matter. Since their Koran permits them to lie in
    order to deceive perceived enemies and take advantage of them, the
    conduct of yet another back-stabbing awusa man wouldn’t be a surprise to
    anybody who understands the workings of the awusa man’s mind.
    We hope the EFCC turns the pages of Tambuwals ‘diary’ sometime soon. The
    awusa parasite does not bake cake; he doesn’t know how to bake cake.
    His part is, not only to eat cake, but to seize it from the baker. His
    greed knows no bounds. The people need to dumped in their proper
    place…….a place fit and proper for awusa man.