Boko Haram: Victims Support Fund target overshot by N8.79 billion – Jonathan

When Boko Haram attack villages, they raze it.

A total of N58.79 billion was realised at Thursday’s fund-raising dinner for President Goodluck Jonathan’s Victims Support Fund, his office disclosed in a statement on Friday in Abuja.

The statement, issued by the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati, said the sum exceeded the initial target of N50 billion by N8.79 billion.

It expressed Mr. Jonathan’s appreciation to those who responded to his call for collective action to support victims of terrorism in the country, for which the fund is meant.

“The President said he was overwhelmed by the expression of support, co-operation and solidarity by Nigerians and friends of Nigeria from all walks of life.

“It shows that the public is genuinely concerned about the threat of terrorism to our common humanity and stands ready to support worthy causes and pro-people policies.

“Jonathan notes that the overwhelming demonstration of support for the fund has greatly inspired the government to continue to adopt every possible measure to bring terrorism to an end in the country,’’ the statement said.

It also conveyed Jonathan’s appreciation to the fund’s Chairman, Theophilus Danjuma, and members of the Victims’ Support Foundation for accepting to serve the nation in this regard.

The statement expressed the President’s conviction that the Foundation would make judicious use of the fund to ameliorate the negative impact of terrorism in the affected areas.

It also expressed Jonathan’s appeal to other Nigerians and friends of the country to make their token contributions to the fund as the foundation seeks further support.

Some of the largest donors on Thursday night included Theophilus Danjuma, $10 million;
Aliko Dangote, N1 billion; Jim Ovia, N1 billion; Tony Elumelu, N2.5 billion; Mike Adenuga, N1 billion; Wale Tinubu, N1 billion; Arthur Eze, $5 million; Mohammed Ndimi, $5 million; Kabiru Rabiu, N500 million; Dahiru Mangal N500 million; and Folorunsho Alakija, N500 million.

Others include a group of oil sector players, N17 billion; bankers N15 billion, telecom sector players N1 billion; state governors, N3.7 billion; and ministers, N50 million.



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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    I have never been one for calling our Mr. President names, but I skated close to my own limits just reading thing.

    Just reading the gloating of Mr. Abati and the Presidency on this topic I just kept on thinking – “Is this the same government that is trying to get the NASS to reconvene in the middle of its recess to allow it borrow a $1bn to fight boko haram?” “Is this government focused on being pro-active or reactive?” What has stopped it from trying to raise money similarly to prevent further boko haram mayhem?” “Why is the government in a haste to put us into further debt for flimsy reasons?”

    Why is the administration so retrogressive?

    It is not a heartening news to read that our priorities are upside down. Sure, it is good to cater for the victims of this madness, but what about stoping them from becoming victims in the first instance?

    • Guest

    • Gran puba

      U can’t stop terrorism if the terrorists have strong will to attack any nation. How do u stop a suicide bomber. It’s taken Russia and America who brought in the allied nations , years to walk the walk in Iraq and Afrighanistan and now Syria. Who is Nigeria in the comity of major nations to stop terrorism cold in its steps. It’s by the grace of God and the will power of our credible but ill armed Soldiers that have carried us thus far.
      Let’s support every efforts exhibited no matter how jaundiced our thought processes are.
      There is a saying that “IF YOUR HOME HATES U, THE STREET WILL EAT U UP.” Stop the hate and appreciate Nigeria. Expose corruption with facts and not talk just for talking sakes.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        “Expose corruption with facts and not talk just for talking sakes.” – Puba.

        Mr. Puba, I am sure you know this is better directed at Mr. Jonathan rather than my humble self.

        Would you like to start the list from Stella Oduah, Farouk DaDollar, Femi Otedollar, Tukur Jnr. Arisekola Jnr, Madam Deziani, FFK, Muazu, where should we stop?

        Sure, “if you are protected as a criminal by Mr. President, we the Masses can shout as loudly as we want”. Pardon me if I have not paraphrased you well, but I am sure you get the drift.

        Nigeria cannot afford to continue drifting aimlessly and inexorably backwards!

        • Gran puba

          You are right Mr Kay. But we must still find a way to cut our losses and stay positive

  • vertaalbureau.alfabet

    Dear M. Soyemi, that says it all. FG seems to try and buy off everyone for their lack of action/proactivity. We should just forget about all the kidnapped girls and women, not only the ones from Chibok. FG didn’t do anything, doesn’t do anything and won’t do anything to save anyone. Because they don’t know anything and they don’t really care. Jonathan will lead Nigeria to victory over BH. What a bad joke.

  • Lanre

    Any deep observer of these so-called donations knows no donations were made. Nigerian tax payers are being fleeced to pay for governmental incompetence. From over-inflated contracts to allocation of oil blocks. Nigerians are enslaved. I pray for the day Yorubaland will be free form the clutches of the rogues who currently rule over Nigeria and are beginning their incursion into Yorubaland.

  • adegbola

    Something is truely wrong with this government, so Jonathan knows how to raise money without borrowing and he went ahead to say he want to borrow to buy weapon for the military. This people truely needs to be voted out of power before they get us in to more trouble.

  • Wole

    If Jesus is the is the only credible matter in Femi’s ’embarrassing’ bible, then the story of Jesus should not be seen as credible too. That is where you are wrong. You have killed the credibility of the bible before selling its main success. I reckon this is not acceptable.

    The Bible does not support suicide bombing, kidnapping, incest and all the silly things you have imagined. It has only reported them. How on earth will the bible be real if the ordinariness of the people in its history was not discussed?

    PT reports how bad and corrupt certain goverment officials are. It does not support them; it reports them.

    May the Lord heal you

    • In his article “Seeing God-Given Visions (2)”, Femi Aribisala wrote:

      There was a recurring nightmare I had been having ever since I was a little
      child. This continued for the better part of thirty years. I would wake
      up in the middle of the night and discover that some invisible person,
      was pressing me down on the bed. I would struggle, but no matter
      how hard I fought, I would not be able to overcome him. Initially, I
      was afraid he would someday choke me to death. But later, I realised it
      was simply oppressive … my adversary would leave me alone, but only to
      revisit me again and again. … Then one day, after I had just met the
      Lord as a repentant believer at the age of 41, he attacked me again. …
      At the time, I did not believe demons exist. As far as I was concerned,
      the devil himself was one big joke. … Once it disappeared, I noticed a
      familiar scene. Somebody started pressing me down on the bed. Then I
      decided to cry for help. … But I discovered that something or someone
      was also impeding my tongue. … I became momentarily crazy on my bed. I
      started shouting. I started boasting, even though I was addressing
      someone invisible: “You can’t do me anything. You can’t touch me. I have
      Jesus.” Then I started laughing hysterically.

  • hmm.

    But he quoted verses to back his claims. Unless you are the one who is biased to accept the truth. Anyways, the truth is always bitter.

  • Victor


    “Christians like to pretend that the bible was written by one person. But in reality, it was written by 40 different authors from three continents in three different languages.”

    This is the strawman created by this author for the sole pleasure of shooting it down. Christians believe that the entire Bible was INSPIRED by one Person – the Holy Spirit. I know no Christians who think it was written by one person except liars like Femi.

    “This portrait of the kingdom is directly applicable to the bible. The bible is a book of wheat and weeds. In it, the truth of God is presented side-by-side with grievous misrepresentations of God”

    This is another nonsensical OPINION from Femi Aribisala, with no basis in reality. Jesus made it clear that the wheat and tares are humans. At no point did he expect us to extrapolate this parable to the Bible since it was not even compiled then. Jesus had the utmost respect for the Scriptures of his day and every Christian should too.

    The rest of the irreverent, fallacious rant of this ‘writer’ which he prefixed with “the Bible supports…” can easily be shown to be devoid of any sense whatsoever. Not only does the Bible not support all the rubbish he claims, but it outrightly condemns them. That an enemy of Christianity can read Scriptures out of their relevant context should not be surprising to any Christian. The historical records of the Jewish conquests in the Bible were never meant to be examples for Christians to follow. They are records, detailing the dealings of God with his people over the centuries. The Bible no more “supports” the facts it records, than an encyclopedia or history text documenting world war II, can be said to “support” the killing of 6 million Jews. This is infantile “reasoning” if we may even call it that.

    Rather than continuing this endless back and forth each week trying to convince this heretic that the entire Bible is true, I have decided to take a different approach. Hence, my intention with this post is not a systematic knockdown of Arbisala’s feeble arguments which would take far more time than he is worth. Rather, it is to kick the legs out from under his devious stool and show that his arguments are a nonstarter. He has no basis for his fictional mental gymnastics. He is just a time waster.

    Femi Aribisala’s position on the Bible is the foundation upon which all his heresies rest. It is the linchpin on which they ultimately rise or fall. Summarily stated, it is that the “words of Jesus” as documented in the 4 canonical gospels are accurate while the rest of the Bible has mostly been doctored and filled with lies. Well, Femi Aribisala has failed to tell us who did this doctoring or present ANY evidence that it ever occurred. Was it the compilers of the Bible that doctored it? If yes, then how does he know they did not doctor and add lies to the “words of Christ” as well? By what standard does Aribisala judge what is true in the Bible (including the words of Christ) and what is not? If lies have been added to the Bible, then they could very well have been added to the words of Christ as well! This is a totally arbitrary position, based on a running narrative in his own head. Whatever fits this narrative is “true”, and whatever does not, must either be discarded, or subsequently twisted and pummeled into a poor fit.

    A man screams every week about “lies added into the Bible except in the words of Christ.” You then ask him a simple, logical question to present the EXTERNAL standard by which he differentiates the lies from the truth in the very same books; and in some case, the very same chapters! Surely it is illogical (bordering on silly), to claim that the same book you maintain is riddled with lies is the same standard by which you differentiate the lies! No, there must be some external standard for distinguishing lies from truth if we are to buy this proposition. Instead, he starts to rant and rave; curse and threaten… scroll down and see for yourself! This is certainly abnormal behavior and does not in any way help make his case that lies have been added into the Bible. Femi Aribisala will have to do much better than this.

    AGAIN, here are my questions broken down to their most basic forms:

    1. Femi Aribisala claims that lies have been inserted into the Bible presumably by its compilers.

    2. The Words of Jesus were included in the Bible by these same compilers.

    3. How can we tell that these “devious people” did not similarly add lies into the Gospel accounts of the words of Christ?

    4. Since Aribisala also maintains that the virgin birth narrative in Luke and Matthew are fabrications, on what EXTERNAL basis does he differentiate the lies from the truth in the very same Gospels?? After all, if these ‘evil’ compilers were inserting lies into the Bible to deceive people, what better place to insert them than the Words of Christ??

  • Akpruk

    This man Femi Aribasala is a perfect example of a punished confusionist.

    • Mainstream Christianity in Nigeria has given birth to heretics such
      as T.B. Joshua, Femi Aribisala, E.A. Adeboye, and MANY MORE. They all
      regard personal experience with “God” as being on the same
      level/authority as the Written Word, and in some cases more
      authoritative than the Written Word. Therefore, many Pastors in Nigeria
      emphasize sayings such as the following:

      God’s works cannot be limited to what is recorded in an inspired book
      called “the Holy Bible.” Thus says the Lord: “Behold, I will do A NEW THING …” (Isaiah 43:19). — Femi Aribisala, “Dreaming Dreams of the Almighty (3)”

      Such sayings are a major foundation for most Pastors in Nigeria and they use
      it as LICENSE for all sorts of teaching and practices which are of the
      Subtle-one, the fake-Christ whose spirit is already preparing (and DESENSITIZING) the world for his coming.

      I encourage everyone who claims to be Christian to “… contend earnestly
      for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. …” (Jude 1:3-4)

      but to do this ALSO TO THEIR BELOVED CHURCHES (e.g., RCCG), TO THEIR BELOVED PASTORS (e.g., D. Oyedepo). This may definitely mean the founding of new fellowships because usually the Leaders of the Churches don’t like Scriptural Corrections.

      Similar to mainstream-Christianity in Nigeria, not all of Aribisala’s teachings are
      blatantly of the fake-Christ, some of his teachings are “true” to the Scriptures.

      Aribisala, like many Pastors in Nigeria THINK THEIR OWN SAYINGS ARE ON THE SAME LEVEL/AUTHORITY WITH THE ORIGINAL APOSTLES (THE SCRIPTURES). That’s delusion by the spirit of the fake-Christ.

      Clearly, Aribisala is misleading souls concerning Scriptures such as: Revelation 1:5 “… To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood”.

  • Olusina

    Yes. No matter how long falsehood spread in the world, the truth shall overcome it one day. I hope all Christians should leave sentiments apart after reading this article. There is nothing in a corrupted scripture other than corruption. We have heard from horse mouth now (a pastor indeed). I thank God that I am a Muslim now.