Nigeria police officers warned against corrupt practices

Police boss says force needs tactical and managerial skills.

The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, has warned police personnel in the county against indulging in acts capable of tarnishing the image of the force.

Mr. Abubakar gave the charge in Jos on Thursday, at the graduation ceremony of 90 Chief Superintendents of Police (CSPs) Tactical Leadership and Command Course IV held at Police Staff College, Jos.

The police chief was represented by the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Information and Communication Technology, Jonathan Johnson.

According to Mr. Johnson, Mr. Abubakar stated that corruption would not be tolerated at all.

He warned members of the force to continue to maintain zero tolerance for corruption and ensure discipline in the police force.

Mr. Abubakar revealed that the police force was being repositioned to earn the confidence of the public and vowed to punish any staff that would undermine these efforts.

He assured Nigerians of the force’s duty to protect the fundamental human rights of all citizens irrespective of status and geographical locations. He noted the security challenges currently bedevilling the nation and said that tactical and managerial skills were needed to enable the police perform its duties efficiently.

The Commandant of the College, Mark Idakwo, said the course was designed for CSPs, with intensive academic, tactical and practical programmes.

According to Mr. Idakwo, Mr. Abubakar was keeping with the modern trends of policing and has made the development of the force’s manpower a cardinal point of his administration.


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  • Obivine

    I have no problem with the south-south ruling, but i still do not see the impact of all the good things you say GEJ is doing on the average man on the street. Can you translate the FDI and car companies to actual new jobs and the agricultural wonders, to cheaper foods. That will tell me more than the many paragraphs you penned above.
    And there lies the cluelessness being ascribed to Jonathan. The spin doctors like you around him tell him only what he wants to hear, rather than the truth about the state of the nation.

    • kazim

      GEJ from my own point of view remain the best president we have ever had, and I know the progression shall continue like that. I left my house for two weeks and my perishables were intact, I traveled by road to east roads were far better than I met it. Mey some people in my village who were beneficiaries of bank of industry loan without collateral, local rice are being encouraged. Massive employment in NISTF and more, I hardly ease my self at the airport before but now I can take my bath on the go there. Rail system I’m abuja is almost completed. Let’s support this man, he remain the best until I and u become the President cos I know u will do better my brother. Have a lovely day.

  • Iroro

    You seems to have divorced your self from the reality of the Nigerian situation and as well display ignorance of the global politics and in particular the American trechery/wickedness. Obama’s actions/in actions in any country blased with abundant natural resources MUST at all times be seen and viewed critically and indeed with deep suspicion. Check out its involvement in all of these countries hitherto blased. Hahahaaaaaa! The reality on ground by far do not in any way correspond with your theories. My salary in the 90th was N4425 per annual and I was very much comfortable with it. Now that am receiving over N300 000 per month it hardly takes me two weeks. Then what are you talking about?

  • zazu

    baba Aribisala, cat now out of the bag or unleashed as 2015 approaches/

  • kwango

    Obama’s comments were in reference to the size and potentials of Nigeria which every president all over the world recorgnises even during Abacha’s regime. This pay as you go writer has devilishly arrogated that to mean a government that was described by an international organisation only recently as one of the worst is indeed the other way round.
    The finance minister recently said Nigerians in the diaspora have remitted over $10 billion in the first quarter of 2014. Last year 2013 the figure was about $23 billion. This is the money that has sustained families and private economies and is being claimed by this failed government as their success. This writer is not ashamed that Nigerian professionals abroad send these amounts home from their refugee bases abroad due to the absence of a functional government service in their home country. Nigerians are not new to these strategy of failures turned writers. Rub-me-I-rub-you syndrome!
    Compare South Africa with a population of 44 million/GDP $350 billion and Nigeria with a population of 170 million/GDP $503, and divide the GDP with the population and you spit at these political propagandists. Yet South Africa’s public service works, ours don’t. Their electricity works, ours don’t.
    This is also a best in class of failures. Let’s measure well.

    • Igbo Mandate

      The London Financial Times today, 14th October, has the following frontpage headlines about Nigeria under GEJ’s leadership:
      “Nigeria provides salutary lesson to the West in battle against Ebola”. Are those lines also from pay- as-you-go writers? Many of you mischief makers will never see anything good in Nigeria till you get the islamic rule you are clamouring for.

      • kwango

        You are a mercurial liar. There is no headline like that. This explains how half educated Nigerians twist facts to expose their bigotry. The credit on Ebola containment goes to Lagos and Rivers states for their proactive response. They didn’t doubt the existence of Ebola unlike the president who would have attributed Ebola to APC through the famous ‘dia is god’ approach.
        Tell me any country that will re-elect a president because he contained Ebola. Is Ebola a permanent condition or are president’s elected as native doctors to cure Ebola? In the absence of any solid structure, there is no infantile issue that will not be used to pad the empty CV of a non-performer. We are wiser now.

        • Igbo Mandate

          I do not know which edition of the Financial Times you read, mine is the printed version of the European edition. You may have tried to search online, that does not work. Your free online edition is different from the printed European edition. The quoted headline was on the front page of that edition yesterday. It is not just about containing Ebola. It requires a government that can get its act together to contain Ebola. If the credit for Ebola containment should go the Lagos state, who takes the blame for not preventing the importation of Ebola into Nigeria in the first place? Nigeria would have had no issue with Ebola, if the Lagos state government had an awareness programm in place at the time Ebola was ravaging the neighbouring countries and Nigeria was still free from it. In that case, Dr. Morenike, who is head of the Port Health office in Lagos would have implemented preventive measures at the Lagos airport and Patrick Sawyer would not have been allowed in. Even if he managed to come in, the First Consultants would have suspected Ebola and not Malaria when he checked in for treatment. Lagos state had no awareness program in place and the APC is talking about taking credit, with the hope that Nigerians are dumb or forgetful.

  • Amiia

    Western union money transfer has been included in presidential performance benchmark. Ebola also, only Dr Jonathan has the capacity to contain Ebola. Obasanjo’s agricultural policy from the time of operation feed the nation which has started to yield fruit has been hijacked as president’s performance.
    When it comes to corruption, Some erats tell us he didn’t start corruption. Was it the president that destroyed the roads he claims to be repairing? Useless propaganda.

  • BabaLegba

    Egbon how far nah? It looks like Jide Akintunde ghost wrote this one for you o!

  • Funso Famuyiwa

    Dr. Aribisala, kindly read the companion Article on this website by Bamidele Ademola-Olateju, then you get the drift. The Truth,I believe, will set All of us free in this country , one day.

  • Bature

    Same same clueless effort. A rainbow of Jonathan apologists analysing which economy? Who is the jury and the judge? This man is certainly sick and more incoherent by the day!

  • Okache

    This doctor writes thrash all the time. His first article has a passage that unlike his opposite numbers in the opposition camp, that Jonathan is a graduate. Quite childish and laughable. History is abound with leader who did not have a formal education but turned out to be a shrewd leader. Shakespeare regarded as one of the greatest writers of all time, was never a university graduate. There are other equally laughable points raised in that article. Dr. Aribisala is becoming more and more a famous clown.

  • Trash! What giant stride are you talking about when common people on the street cannot feed well. Education is not properly funded, healthcare is in shamble. Even Jona and his cronies cannot take medication in Nigeria, they must go to Germany. You’re telling us of economic giant strides. Go tell it to birds. Hope your seed of sycophancy will yield good fruits because you sabi this job better than Abati.