Chibok community leaders blame presidency for cash gift mess

A presidential aide shared the money to the parents, Chibok leaders say


The leaders of the Chibok community in Abuja on Wednesday accused the presidency of exposing the community to ridicule, after it became public the government splashed millions of naira on parents of the over 250 schoolgirls abducted in the remote Borno State town more than three months ago.

Reports that President Goodluck Jonathan handed N100 million to the distraught parents, when they visited him in Abuja last week, emerged Tuesday after some of the parents complained of being shortchanged when the money was shared.

In details published by the BBC, the aggrieved parents said they were either underpaid or not given anything at all. While some parents were given N200, 000, others received N100, 000, while some went home empty-handed, they told the BBC Hausa service.

But the presidency denied the claims, and explained that besides transportation, feeding and accommodation arrangements, no cash payments were made to the parents, alongside some of the abducted girls who fled Boko Haram’s camp.

On Tuesday, Doyin Okupe, a spokesperson to President Jonathan described the reports as “absolute falsehood”, amid criticisms against the government over the spending, and against the parents, accused by many of opting for pay while their daughters remain in captivity.

But in a statement Wednesday, the Chibok leaders confirmed that at least N22.4 million was shared to the parents and the girls, and accused the presidency of exposing the community that has been under a global spotlight over the abductions, to “reproach and dishonour”.

“While we acknowledge that any well intended support for our suffering population which has lost means of livelihood since the events of April 14 and subsequent attacks could be welcome,” the leaders said, “however the approach that the presidency adopted has brought reproach and dishonour to our community in the eyes of the public that has supported us since the abduction of our daughters.”

Writing under the name Kibaku Area Development Area Development Association, KADA, the group narrated how a senior aide of President Jonathan sneaked into an unnamed Abuja hotel where the parents and the girls were lodged, late in the night, to share the largesse.

“On the night of the 22nd July, 2014 at about midnight, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Special Duties who had been co-ordinating the visit on the side of the Presidency, visited the hotel and told the 51 escaped girls who came that the Presidency sent them a token of N100, 000.00 each and accordingly gave them the said sum without prior discussion with any KADA official or any other person in the community,” the group said.

The Chibok group said the presidential aide distributed the money despite its earlier warning that the organization did not want to be associated with any monetary transaction during the visit.

“We clearly spelt out to the Presidency through the office of the Chief of Staff that we shall not be involved with any financial transaction whatsoever, including payment of transportation from Chibok to Yola, flight by air from Yola to Abuja, hotel accommodation and feeding in Abuja, intra-city transportation while in Abuja,” they said.

According to KADA, in addition to the girls, the presidential aide  gave 61 parents N200, 000, another 51 parents N100, 000; while 10 parents were not given any money.

The parents also received additional N1 million from Biye Gumtha, the man who represents Chibok/Damboa/Gwoza Federal Constituency, in the House of Representatives. The million naira donation was shared N7, 000 to each of the parents, they said.

The presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati, told PREMIUM TIMES the president was unaware of any payment of money to the visitors.

“The president did not give approval for money to be distributed to anybody,” Mr. Abati insisted. “The president’s commitment is to get the girls safely back. This is not an occasion for blackmail. This is unknown to the president.”

Asked if it was possible for the president to host the distraught parents and the girls without gifts, Mr. Abati said the president does not have to give gifts to visitors.

“If people are guests of the president, it is standard routine that the government will take care of logistics,” he said.

He insisted the “president did not direct that people should be bribed”.

On whether the president will investigate the claims, Mr. Abati said “If the office of the president is being dragged into this, you can be sure it will be investigated”.


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  • redeem

    Leaders of Chibok Association have today in a press statement denied ever
    receiving N100 million for the President during their visit to Aso ROCK.

    A statement signed by the Spokesperson of the Association, Mr. Dauda Illya
    described the allegations that Chibok Leaders received N100 Million from
    the Presidency as disgusting.

    The statement reads: “We are highly disturbed and disgusted by the recent
    information circulating in the media over alleged receipt of MONEY by the
    LEADERSHIP of Kibaku Area Development Association (KADA) from the
    Presidency. It is with deep sadness that we are addressing you today to
    state that the claim is completely false, malicious and unfounded.

    “Our primary priority has and remains the rescue of our abducted 219
    daughters. Our Association has been at the forefront of calling for
    decisive measures to secure their release.

    • redeem

      See they often black-list–redeem aka deri-
      “We took the moral high ground as a Community Association that represents
      the Chibok people in Abuja to facilitate the recent visit of parents of
      our abducted daughters and 51 of the 57 that escaped. We helped make that
      visit possible despite our misgivings that it was a poor substitute to our
      expectation that Mr. President should have visited Chibok even before the
      visit of our people for a tragedy that is now 107 days old.

      “When the Presidency requested us to invite parents and escaped Chibok
      girls against 22nd July, 2014, we accepted the responsibility on the
      condition that we shall facilitate by way of contacting and mobilizing the
      parents and escaped girls thereby playing the sole role of facilitators.

      “We clearly spelt out to the Presidency through the office of the Chief of
      Staff that we shall not be involved with any financial transaction
      whatsoever, including PAYMENT of transportation from Chibok to Yola,
      flight by air from Yola to Abuja, HOTEL ACCOMMODATION and feeding in
      Abuja, intra-city transportation while in Abuja

      • redeem

        “We specifically conveyed our stand in that regard by a letter dated 18th
        July, 2014 of which copies are available for your perusal. The Presidency
        agreed to our request and made the arrangements for the conveyance of the
        parents and escaped girls from Chibok to Abuja, accommodated them and was
        responsible for their feeding and local transit.

        “It is noteworthy that our primary and only goal is the safe return of the
        girls that are still in captivity. It is sad that we are losing sight of
        this to the allegation of sharing of MONEY.

        “We therefore want the WORLD to understand that we, KADA stand by our
        throughout the process of the visit.

        1. On the night of the 22nd July, 2014 at about midnight, the Senior
        Special Assistant to the President on Special Duties who had been
        coordinating the visit on the side of the Presidency, visited THE HOTEL
        and told the 51 escaped girls who came that the Presidency sent them a
        token of N100,000.00 each and accordingly gave them the said sum without
        prior discussion with any KADA official or any other person in the

        • Wähala

          But dem accept N22million ba?

        • solomon

          REDEEM is a good worker in the vineyard up you man.

          Please let me have your email address I like your way so lets work together for the re-election man wa eat too.

          • Shehu


    • Shehu


    • Wähala

      In all your lengthy quotation, you carefully avoided mentioning that Mr. Daudu Ilya, the Spokeman of KADA, the association representing Chibok community/kidnap victims, also said the same Presidential Aide on Special Duties (whatever that means) sneaked into their hotel at 12.00am and shared N22.4million in cash to the escapees, their parents and others. Who gave him such amount at 12am? See how you distort news to garnish the corrupt image of your paymaster? That’s why some news outlets have banned you from their site, you’re a big fraud and a damn liar! Drunkard.

  • redeem

    unfortunately for us–the rumours for the payment of the said money was started by Oby the Ibo lady who is working for APC in her yeye bringbackourgirls 419 project–for which she has opened a bank account to be collecting money–donations from abroad-and from APC governors

    • Wähala

      But they did not deny accepting N22 million from your Brown Envelope President ba?
      There’s truth to every rumor if you don’t know… the truth will eventually be revealed as always. Ode!

  • Ijeuwa

    Yes, the president will set up a committee to investigate the bribery. After that, he’ll set up another committee to study the report of the investigative committee. Thereafter, another committee will be set up to study the study of the report of the report….

    • Shehu


  • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

    Oby the lady and Elrufaiyya are characters spreading the rumours. In reality they are the shameless people collecting bribe from Governor Ameichi of Rivers State to sustain the cash and carry bring back our girl campaign.

  • solomon

    USELESS north even to share gift they cannot beggars they are and beggars they will forever remain.

    See their faces aggregate fools.

    • Ahmad

      I don’t expect any human feeling from products of Baby factories like you and redeem. I pray that your fucking mother and baby factory raw material sisters suffer the same fate as the Chibok parents and their daughters so that you have a feeling of what it takes. Amen.

      • solomon

        iT WILL NEVER happen because we here don’t think as you people over there does.

        Animals and humans are different

        • Ahmad

          Yes animals and humans are different that y u don’t have human feelings. Rather you have the feelings of pigs and dogs which give your fucking mother orgasm.

  • odiate obong

    the chibok leaders deny receiving any money. oby said money was shared.if money was indeed shared why did they not reject it on principles or were they forced to accept the money.if truly money was shared and everybody was properly compensated we will not be hearing this story oh.this story only came out because some people felt they were short changed.SMH

  • Ngozi Agofure

    What is wrong with sharing of my Niger Delta wealth with Chibok community? If Otedola and Farouk Liwan can share my oil money of the Niger Delta as early as 4am, why then can’t the Chibok Parents partake of the money sharing? Does Otedola or Farouk have 2 heads? You people should be reasonable at least for once.

    @79, some ex-military dictator with no record of successfully running a business, or any meaningful carrier achievement is busy threatening people here and there bcos he is pursuing the petrol dollars of the wealthy Niger Delta. Why then shouldnt Chibok Parents do same? Who does not like money? ….or is it bcos these ones are not politicians or legislthieves? Did you even realize that the N22m you fret about is actually even less than what a Senator earns in Abuja per month? I mean $1.7m /yr per Senator is more than N22m per month for each of those miscreants….and you are here dissipating energy on N22m for over 250 persons for a lifetime gift.

  • Governance by deceit!! It is shocking that Reuben Abati could be always defending the indefensible. I hope he would not lose all his integrity and credibility before he leaves the Presidency. A good name is more precious than millions of dollars, I pray Abati remembers his past and his future. Jonathan condenses everything to naira and kobo. He and his night marauders in the PDP believe that anybody can be bought. Since they control the nation’s purse., they squander the national money after every problem, instead of using their brain. Aren’t you insulting the Chibok parents by giving them money? Is that to keep them silent? Would Jonathan and his cohorts sell their daughters for any amount?
    When will God terminate this regime of vampires, ants and locusts? Can any regime be worse that Jonatahn’s? This country needs a very strong hand to turn our values and progress, which have been their head, back on their feet. These locusts have gone beyond reason, they want the status quo. Unfortunately, many people have given up and resigned to stomach democracy and infrastructure. This is why we need a full-blown dictator, who will clear Nigeria of all these mess of locusts, vampires and mosquitoes. Yes, Cry the beloved Nigeria. I am sure, Nigeria will rise again, from this depth and miry clay.

  • dudu

    My dear Oga, Mr Thomas, you have said it all. May your pen never dry.