EXCLUSIVE: Sultan’s Palace admits moon wasn’t sighted before Sokoto monarch called off Ramadan in Nigeria

Searching for the Moon.... Nigeria's Sheikh A.A. Ishola at the at the AlBayrouny Observatory in Mecca on Saturday (July 26, 2014)

The committee carried out its assignment between 6:45PM and 7:45PM on Sunday.

The palace of Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar has now admitted that the Sultan made a mistake by announcing the end of Ramadan based on claims by some Nigerian Muslims that they sighted the new moon of Shawwal on Saturday night.

The result of the joint moonsighting exercise undertaken by the Sultanate Moon Sighting Committee and the Nigerian National Moonsighting Committee on Sunday clearly showed that the monarch erred in the pronouncement he made on Saturday prematurely terminating the Ramadan fast in Nigeria.

The Sultan, who is also the President of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs [NSCIA], commissioned the joint moonsighting investigation after his Saturday call triggered controversy, with some of the nation’s foremost clerics as well as the Secretary General of the NSCIA, Is-haq Oloyede, openly questioning his judgment.

The result of the investigation, also endorsed by the Sultan’s representatives, was unambiguous: The claim that the moon was sighted on Saturday was questionable as it was impossible for anyone to see the moon anywhere in the world at that time.

The committee carried out its assignment between 6:45PM and 7:45PM on Sunday.

The report of the joint committee, compiled by Usman Mahmud, a research officer with the National Moon Sighting Committee, reads in part:

“I write to inform you that we (the National Moon Sighting Committee) and the Sultanate Moon Sighting Committee went to the Sighting of Moon today (Sunday, July 27, 2014).

“The moon was not sighted with naked eye or with telescope and binocular. However, we used some programmes and software applications like Skymap, Stellarium and Virtual Moon to get the details of the moon.

“The details of the Moon are: Age: 19H (hour) 05M(minutes); Hour Angle/DE:04H 45M 11S(seconds)/ +12 21’11’; Distance between sun and moon: 3.5′.”

Experts say the result of the investigation suggested that the Sultan erred by declaring the end of Ramadan and beginning of Shawwal even when a new moon had not been born.

“It was a big error,” said Sheikh Abdulrazaq Ishola, a member of the Moonsighting Committee Worldwide, who himself was at the AlBayrouny Observatory in Mecca that Saturday in search of the moon. “The (Sultan’s) announcement embarrassed Nigeria all over the world because in no other place was such ridiculous claim of sighting the moon on Saturday made.

“How can anyone claim that he saw the moon even when conjunction of the moon and the sun had just taken place? That is impossible. In any case, where should we ask people to find a moon that had not been born?”

Mr. Ishola explained that after conjunction takes place, (which he said occurred at 11:47 PM on Saturday), it usually takes about 17 hours for the moon to be sighted with a telescope and between 18 and 23 hours to be visible to the naked eye.

“What happened in Nigeria is disrespect to Islam and Muslims,” the cleric, who is also a a member of the Abu Dhabi-based Islamic Crescent Observatory Project, said. “We are in the 21st century, yet we are still living in the past in Nigeria.”

Sultan Abubakar had around midnight on Saturday announced the sighting of the new moon and therefore the end of Ramadan, making Nigeria the only country in the world which celebrated Eid on Sunday.

“The new month of Shawwal was sighted in different places within Nigeria and therefore tomorrow (Sunday) is the first day of Shawwal equivalent to 27 July 2014,” the Sultan said in an announcement aired on the Nigerian Television Authority [NTA].

But when contacted after the Sultan’s announcement, the Secretary-General of the organisation, Is-haq Oloyede, a professor of Islamic Studies, told PREMIUM TIMES he was not aware the moon had been sighted.

“I spoke to the Sultan about four times tonight (Saturday) and he did not tell me that the moon has been sighted,” Mr. Oloyede told PREMIUM TIMES. “In any case, any such claim is ridiculous and unscientific. It cannot be right.

“The National Moon-Sighting Committee has not informed us of any credible sighting of the moon. Rather, they said the moon wasn’t sighted. The new moon was only born at 11:45 P.M. tonight (Saturday) and it will take several hours for it to be sighted.

“Is our own sky different? Is our own moon manufactured in Nigeria?” he said.

Mr. Oloyede’s comment sparked controversy in Nigeria. While some Muslim faithful broke their fast following the Sultan’s announcement, others (especially in the South-West region) proceeded to fast on Sunday and only celebrated Eid-El-Fitri on Monday.


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  • S. Muhammad

    I am really at loss as regards to this controversy this paper is talking about, are we now to abandon the teaching of the Holy propet{SAW} and follow the theory of one prof. who read the religion upside down. In any case for the benefit of those that need to know the truth, i personally made contact with a freind in Gusau Zamfara state being one of the places that the moon was sighted as per the sultans announcement, and he confirm to me that he was among the people that saw the new cresent on saturday as in many other places in Nigeria.Jewish pay agents should please find another place to display their wares as islam is being practice in Nigeria base on knowledge not copy cat practice.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Muhammad, please what have the Jews got to do with the moon sighting controversy in Nigeria? Are you now to insinuate that the Secretary General of the NSCIA, Professor Is-haq Oloyede is a Jewish agent? Next we will blame the Jews when we can’t get our wives pregnant

      • idama

        Your breed are rare in Nigeria! May the God whom you believe and serve protect and preserve you for not concealing the truth!

      • Matt

        Your light will continue to shine even in the thickest of the dark… weldone!

      • solomon

        Do they muslims has a wife rather kids fucking mate

        • Yakubu

          I can see that you really hate the Muslims and Islam with passion but God’s willing we will prevail. According to history, Virgin Mary was betrothed to Joseph the Carpenter at the age of 9 or thereabout and some said the marriage was consummated at the age of 12. The God we worship does not make mistake If He allowed it then it is surely allowed now.

          I suggest you go and read more about Islam instead of making your baseless claims which you shall surely account before God on the day of resurrection.

    • Wähala

      Blaming the Jews for your Sultan’s incompetence ba? Maybe, the Jews shifted the moon a day further that’s why your blind Clerics could not see it. I suggest you Muslims wait for the announcement from Mecca because everything in Nigeria is done with sentiments and pressure groups.

    • redeem

      No wonder some small minded Muslims were led by the nose to partake in the senseless Maitasine riot which led to the death of over 20,000 humans- Izala riot 6,000 now fulani led boko haram-war-already killed more than 15,000 -this was exactly how the Sultan lied to us that Jonathan was killing boko haram fighters–with the sole aim of reducing the number of Muslims in the fulani north-why did the sultan not check with other Imams around the country-b4 making the announcement? Time for the Muslims from the south west to have their own supreme Islamic leaders-For-there is nothing inspirational about the socalled leadership of the present sultan-of sokoto–who cannot reach out to his fellow fulanis in Boko Haram-killing nigerians in Benue-ati Jos including the core fulani north–the leadership of the fulanis are creating too many trouble for our fragile nation–kalas


        What on earth can justify a ceaseless attack on a people’s religion and ethnicity? What on earth?

        • redeem

          @wahala keep quiet when sane people are talking–u want to use your usual boko haramic APC rubbish to mix things up-who is attacking———–religion here-? U must be sick–ARE THE KILLERS IN BOKO HARAM NOT MURDERING———–HUMANS IN THE NAME THEIR OWN ALLAH?

          • Abdullah

            My friend read very well before commenting! your pastors are busy using all forms of ritual killings in the name of miracle, having sex which their followers wives, busy printing money in their denomination and brainwashing you people that you cant even ask questions in your churches.

          • Joe

            It’s not truth Abdullah, christians ask questions in the house of God and even outside the house of God, just like the time of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. His disciples and non disciples alike asked question.

          • Yakubu

            Really? OK Tell us what was the language of Jesus? Where is the original scripture Jesus preached with? Which Language was it revealed on?

            The word Bible originated from Greek and we know that Jesus was not Greek.

      • Shehu


    • Clay

      If you start attacking and blaming the Jews for your moon worship controversy then you must be mentally deranged and demented. Your professor of islamic studies probably from northern sudan or Libya has described your moon worship ritual as ridiculous. Other people worship God while some worship moon even in 21st century. Sorry.

      • Abdullah

        Point of correction! Brother for your information we dont worship Muhammad nor the Black stone neither any of the prophets or anything else apart from one Divine God (Allah) but the Moon that you are talking about which mark the beginning of new month.

  • Muazu

    Whaoo I cannot believe this!
    What pressures led him do that? Is there a contest for power between the two moonsighting committees, to which he voted for his own preference? If that were the case, then the wider ramifications of this decision making process needs to be seen in the context of the continuing struggle for political power in Nigeria, where the theocratic element has always been an open or sometimes hidden factor.

  • El Hadj Shabbazz

    et tu Abubakar?

  • aakpos1?

    Hear Professor Is-haq Oloyede, “I spoke to the Sultan about four times tonight (Saturday) and he did not tell me that the moon has been sighted,”

    So, a bloody Yoruba Professor like you be dey think say Sultan cares any shit about your opinion or phone calls? Keep dreaming. If and only if you were an Ibrahim, Abdullhi, Abdulsalam or a Mohammadu from the far North close to the Niger & Chad borders, then & then only will your calls matter and certainly would you have been deserving of notification of his unilateral order to break fast ahead of Mecca. But as an Oluwole, nothing for you.

    My friends, it is the stack reality of continent Nigerian situation. Total mistrust & mutual suspicion. Dr Ishaq Oloyede is a Professor of Islamic Studies and was at the “holy” ground searching for the moon at the time of his periodic calls, does common logic not suggest that he should have been carried along? But we are not a country but a continent. The Sultan knows this…The Prof wud have been informed were he from the same country as the Sultan. Period. So, let the Oloyes SHINE their eyes. Nonsense!

  • Adoki

    This goes to show that everything in Nigeria is a BIG lie. Religion is a lie; politics – massive fraud; education system – fake; legal system – massive fraud!

  • larry

    The sultan has started drinking that thing that GEJ is taking in aso rock .lol

    • redeem

      @wahala—If the substance that the president takes is what is making him perform better than any president in Nigeria then let him pass that substance unto some of us-mumu————sometimes the gods have a way of bringing disgrace unto the soul of the rotten holier than thou hypocrtical life-style-of emirs ati sultans-all over 9ja———How can u have a nation where only fulani are made emirs in states around the North without–putting into consideration–their ethnic linkage or ancestral roots–to the zones where they were installed as emirs–think-this could be another consensus talk for d sultan-ati Ciroma-abi-can the judgement of the Fulani in d sultan which cannot stop fulani herds-men from killing Tivs in benue ati Jos-and Borno–which buhari, atiku, ati dasuki could not use to end the ongoing killing by the fulanis in boko haram–be trusted again ——in d fulani north —-mba—–

      • larry

        yeah you are correct ,may be sins of the father has now come to hunt the children.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Very funny picture, an “Aboki dressed” man peering into a telescope which is a scientific tool so he can go worship a black piece of stone, classic!!


      Very offensive and careless statement

      • Gideon Orkar

        Like it or lump it

        • Abdullah

          Point of correction! Brother for your information we dont worship Muhammad nor the Black stone neither any of the prophets but the Black Stone that you are talking about which is Kaaba in Mecca its as a Centre for Unity which is the first place of worship as reference in your Bible in (Psalms Chap 84: v 4-7) “blessed are those people who travelled to the valley of Bacca”

          • Gideon Orkar

            Sorry religion is only for primitive minds

          • Joe

            Abdullah, the word beca in this scripture is weeping. Anytime you read the Bible and you come across words like valley means trouble. So David is saying that blessed is he that passed through troubles, challenges of life, yet he praises God, the Lord of host. There is link whatsoever between what Gideon Orkar said and your quotation of the book of psalm.

          • Yakubu

            Bacca means “weeping”? Which language is that? All the scriptures referred to Bacca as a place in the valley.
            Furthermore if your explanation is correct then Bacca should come as a verb in the verse above but it did not rather is a noun. So it is definitely reffering to a place which is the center of worship for the Muslims.

            For your information and anyone who care to read, that center was built by Abraham and his Son Ishma’il and when they finished the building they said they dedicated it as a place of worship for God and David is referring to that same place.

      • Omo Oodua

        very offensive but the truth must be told! Truth is bitter bra!

        • umar ardo

          The answer to what is the truth is so difficult that even Jesus could not answer when asked by Pilate! Please define ur truth so we know where u’re coming from.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Nothing is true about a bigoted comment!

    • Jika

      Another comment from a typical baby factory product.

      • Gideon Orkar

        typical comment from a parasitic blood thirsty murderer

    • Yakubu

      You will roast in hellfire if you don’t repent. Muslims worship the only True God not the human god others are worshiping or any idol.

      • Gideon Orkar

        tales by moonlight. Is there a hell worse than what is going on in the North East?

        religion is the opium of weaklings. Whilst xtainity is tolerant and forward looking, yours is primitive and backward looking

        • Yakubu

          OK So you are one of those arrogant atheists who do not believe in God/Religion. What is going on in the North East is secular capitalist politics and we shall overcome it by the grace of God. Certainly there is hellfire and if you continue the way you think you will gain direct entry into it then you shall know the difference between truth and tales by moonlight.

          Surely you do not know anything about Islam from your comment above. Islam is calling mankind to worship their creator, the one who created everything as oppose to worshiping created beings such as idols and other humans. Islam is calling mankind to adopt and obey the rules ordained by the Creator that are not partial and are not prone to any error. Others are calling mankind to obey man made laws which are selfish, limited and always lead to chaos. Islam call mankind toward the mercy of their Creator which eventually will lead them to Paradise while others are calling mankind to the obedience of other men which will lead them to hellfire.

          So you see Intellectual leadership of Islam is positive and forward looking by liberating mankind to worship their Creator while others are negative and backward for calling mankind to worship other men or follow their whims and desires which shall lead them to hellfire.

          • Gideon Orkar

            forward looking by banning women from driving, forcing them to cover themselves like masquerades, beheading those who hold contrary views. Dude your religion is very stone age and you are struggling to adapt it to a 21st century world.

            Why is Islam afraid of women?

            What is going on in North East is a quest for political control using religion as a vehicle.

            Free yourself from the bondage of religion

          • Yakubu

            Islam did not ban women from driving and Muslim women cover themselves out of conviction and faith not because they are being forced. I am sure you have seen Muslims in the western countries who cover themselves despite being in secular Europe or America as evidence.

            If Muslims behead those who hold contrary views you will not have found non-Muslims in the Muslim countries. However check around all the Muslim countries you will see many non-Muslims. Islam is the only Religion that say “There is no compulsion in Religion” and uphold it.

            Islam ruled India for over 1000 years but majority were Hindus and they still are. Islam ruled Spain for over 700 years and Islamic State reigned as the World Super Power for 1300 years. When Muslims had electricity in Cairo there was no electricity in London. Muslims, under Islamic system, contributed immensely in the areas of Science, Astronomy, Architecture, Medicine, Geography etc. I know you do not know all these so go and google it up from the Internet and you will be marveled on the contributions of Islam on all these areas.

            So you see Islam is not stone age religion but rather is a religion that fits every age and that is one of its miracles. You will also find that the fastest growing religion in the world today is ISLAM.

            Islam is not afraid of women rather Islam respect, honour and value Women as Mothers and Wives and they don’t have to expose their bodies for them to succeed in this World.

            What is going on in the North East is a bunch of misguided people misusing the name of Islam to please their master.

            I can’t free myself from the bondage of Islam because you have not provide any rationally convincing evidence for me to do that.

            Finally I advise you again go and read about Islam before you write your response and who knows may be you will be a Muslim in the future.

          • Gideon Orkar

            How many churches are in Saudi Arabia? By the way there is a mosque in the Vatican City. So much for your tolerant and forward thinking cult!

          • Yakubu

            Definitely you do not expect to get many churches in Saudi Arabia because majority of the inhabitants are Muslims. Likewise there are more churches in the vatican city because is predominantly christian. Oh I thought you said you are atheist calling me to free myself from bondage of religion as stated in one of your previous quotes?.
            I can see that your hatred for Muslims and Islam has blocked your sense of rational reasoning. Peace

          • Gideon Orkar

            I don’t do religion and yours is the worse of them all, intolerant and backward thinking. There are over 1.2 million Christains in Saudi Arabia and they are not allowed a SINGLE church yet a minute number of Muslims are allowed a mosque in the Vatican. Why don’t you accept the fact that Islam is intolerant and backward and not fit for the 21st century?

          • Ajao Hadiyat

            Why do people like you always harp on the fact that Islam is intolerant and base it on the number of churches in a Muslim dominated place? Are Christians or animists of the South East or South south of Nigeria tolerant of Islam, how many mosques are in those area? Can we then conclude that those people of the SE and SS are intolerant and backward and unfit for the 21st century just per your logic.

  • Muideen

    Alhamdulillah. Whatever happen in Islam there is a lay down rule to follow. If it is TRUE that the Sultan made mistake in his announcement for the end of Ramadan on Saturday night, he is expected to make another announcement publicly for the MAKING UP OF ONE FASTING to cover the missed one last Sunday. Allah knows best
    I would like to add that this issue should not cause division among Muslim Ummah particularly in Nigeria. It should be addressed with maturity please. For those that did Sallah on Sunday they follow the Amir and is correct. May Allah establish our feet firmly in Islam and accept all our ‘Ibadaat (Amin)


    Because we are human, we are fallible. But when we err, we should admit and make amends. That’s what the Sultan’s office has done. I am impressed!

    • Hauwa

      That is quite true and it is also true that ignorance is a disease.

  • solomon

    Why muslim are so disorganize.

    Their wicked allan hate them as well.

    • Yakubu

      We are not as disorganized as you are. We have only one God (ALLAH), one Qur’an revealed to the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (S.A.W).
      We do not have over 70 denominations, we do not have three gods in one and we do not worship idols or statues of humanbeing. We do not have different versions of scriptures each one claiming to be the correct one. So you see we are not disorganised.

  • igabi

    No where in this report confirms the title of the headline. It just repeats much of earlier reports except for a picture and mention of a committee with no mention of who endorsed its findings. The telescope has no place in sighting moon for the commencement of ramadan under the shari’a.

  • Hassan


    The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar was merely starving…..not fasting.

    Allah invalidates the un-Islamic breaking of Islamic fasting. All northern Muslims the

    Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar – the Sultan of Sokoto – ignorantly misled
    to violate Koranic injunction shall receive no favours or recompense of sins
    from Allah because they did not do the prescribed Islamic fasting. They merely
    starved. In a theocracy, the Sultan of Sokoto would be dethroned by now and put
    on trial in a Sharia court for Islamic transgression. In a fraud-ridden country
    like Nigeria, however, the Sultan of Sokoto may wish to tender his resignation
    as a matter of honour.

  • Akinfolaju (Ibadan)

    @ Truth Master:

    This is not about erring by being human at all. What the Sultan of Sokoto Saa’ad Abubakar did merits a full inquiry because it defames Nigeria and brings Islam in Nigeria into global disgrace. The question you should rather be asking is: on what informed opinion of his own did the Sultan of Sokoto announce the sighting of the moon? If he had no informed opinion of his own, but merely rubber-stamped the first ignorant opinion tendered to him, the Sultan can’t merit being a Muslim Leader.

  • Nuhu

    Did you hear it from the Sultan himself? if at all, it is made in error, he must definitely use the same medium to retract or update us on the issue.
    Islam is simple, nothing to worry or panic, i believe the sultanate council are paid hugely for coordinating the affairs of the muslims,our own is to follow their instructions on important issues like this.
    Allah knows better

  • Aminu Baba

    Now back to our Sultan and his persistent blunders. My honest advice to
    him is he should take time off to enrol in a good Islamic school so as
    to thoroughly ground himself in Islamic history and Jurisprudence.
    Meanwhile I will still refer to my submission on the Moon Sighting
    Committee way back in 2008 when proposals were called for. I suggested
    then, and I think the validity of my suggestion has been vidicated, that
    every major predominant Muslim town should have a committee of
    accredited sound and committed Muslim adults to be charged with the
    responsibility of sighting
    the moon as well as verifying reports of moon sightingts in their
    jurisdictions. It is these “zonal” committees, so to speak, that shall
    then communicate their findings to the Sultanate, where a final
    processing is done by a supreme council of eminent personalities before a
    final announcement is done. Briefly that was the thrust of my
    submission and if dilligently adopted, Iam confident it would put a
    final stop to fraudsters, hypocrites and saboteurs of the religion
    corrupting the moon sighting process.

  • Omo Oodua

    Why wont the muslims be terrorists?..when all they do is to wait for an ordinary moon which God created to dictate to them on how to start and end their fast. So can we now say this fasting has been accepted by ‘ALLAH” or it was just a mere starving of the organs of the body. Yeye dey smell!!

    • Yakubu

      The Muslims are not terrorists and your claim is baseless. The population of Muslims in this world is about 1.7 billion and if they are terrorists they will finish the whole world in no time.

      Let us flash back at history the Muslims did not initiate the Crusade which according to the Bible when it entered Jerusalem ‘blood flow like river’. Hitler was a Christian who killed over 6 million Jews. It was the Christians that dropped atomic bombs at Nagasaki and Hiroshima that killed millions of people. These are the real terrorists.
      For your information the moon was used as a means to count years from the beginning of the world go and educate yourself on this. In any case I will rather depend on the creation of Allah (the moon) to count than to depend on pagan gods (January to December) for counting again go and educate yourself on this.

      Definitely Allah accepts our fasting because He commanded us to fast from the beginning of the 9th lunar moon to its end and we obeyed. So the moon is just to mark an indication of when to begin and finish the fast.

    • Nigerian

      @Omo Oodua. ‘Why wont the muslims be terrorists” what is the connection between this filthy statement of yours and the topic o discussion. You are nothing but a hypocritic and bigot.

      • Omo Oodua

        Go to hell!

    • Alarape

      Are you crazy??? what kind of person are you? Must you drop a comment on a matter that is of no concern to you and your likes when you have nothing reasonable to say other than to cast aspersion on other people’s faith? You may go ahead and continue to tell the world that the issue of moonsighting is rumbling your stomach, perhaps somebody will offer you laxative to purge you of your ailment!!! Omo Aborisa, arrant nonsense!!!

      • Omo Oodua

        Your ignorance will end up consuming u and your lots!

      • Omo Oodua

        Your ignorance will end up consuming u and your lots!

    • akanbiogo

      Ignorance being displayed ,for education purpose,moon is used to determine Easter hence different dates being announced annually,google for “moon now used to determine Easter date”

  • Mr. Right

    Let me congratulate the Muslims in Nigeria for the successful completion of Ramadan, may Allah accept it. Then we should salute the courage of sultan at least for the 1st time that office would admit an error, it is a road map to the unity of moon sighting in Nigeria especially between the west and the North. May Allah make this possible in our lifetime. However, to my christian contributors, remember this is a religious matter you don’t have to say anything here or just contribute objectively. I know the few ones that has contributed are dwaft in thinking, if not try and google the most fastest growing religion in the world despite all your propagandas.

  • zygote

    They can never get anything right. Boko Haram, moon sighting, education, nothing!

  • Kere (Kaduna)

    I think the Sultan of Sokoto should humbly tender a public
    apology for his blunder. An investigation into whether the moon indeed appeared
    on Saturday night was caused by doubt. But that doubt should have paused the
    Sultan on Saturday night, not now. The Sultan cofidently announced that the
    moon appeared on Saturday night and he ordered the entire Muslim population in
    Nigeria to stop fasting on Sunday, though half the Muslims defied that wrong
    order. Two days later, after the Muslims were bellyful, eating for two days,
    the Sultan now sought to investigate, after the fact, if the fasting should actually
    have continued. What sort of folly is this?

  • Guest

    Muslims need to be careful, Sultan is not the one that single handedly decide whether to end to continue with fasting. There is a committee and the committee itself works on information given to it by the people. The professor was erred, as his argument seems to have caused a division among Muslims faithfuls in Nigeria. We need to be careful, Muslims should not be divided based on the regional line again, if we are divided, the outcome will not be good for all of us.Misunderstanding and differences in opinion of this nature should not be made public due to their high impact on the followers, they should be discussed one-to-one to solve the issue rather than making public statement .

  • wode

    As far as I am concern, this news is very misleading and I see it as a deliberate attempt at causing more division among Muslims. I repeatedly read through the so-called news and I couldn’t find any part of it where a reference is made to anybody from the Sultanate authorized to issue any statement admitting that the Sultan admitted to making a mistake in the announcement.

    This is not to say that there could not be difference of opinion and positions among the leadership of NSCIA as to the right day for the Eid. There is nothing in the body of the news that is in tandem with the title, neither is there a name of the journalist that sourced the information. I see it as a mere conjecture and I don’t think such should be the case, most especially for issue so sensitive like this. I would advise PT to be cautious in their reportage and be sure that they are not unnecessarily causing disaffection among the populace, lest they be seen as fifth columnist!

  • abdrahmak

    Much as I agree that there was an element of sensationalism
    in the headline of this report, there is no gainsaying the fact that the news story
    actually presented the true picture of the aftermath of the announced sighting
    of the moon by NSCIA National Moonsighting Committee and Sultanate Moonsighting
    Committee. It was a matter of further verification of the reported sighting on
    Saturday 26/7/14 that informed the combined effort of both committees to look
    out for the moon again on Sunday 27/7/14, and based on the report of the
    Research Officer of NSCIA NMC, Usman Mahmud there was no sign of the moon. The
    logic behind this is that if the moon was sighted on Saturday as claimed, it is
    expected to be visible on Sunday, given the perfect weather condition, which
    eventually was not the case. We cannot rule out the possibility of spurious and
    suspicious claims of sighting which occasioned the controversy, however we
    should not allow this to cause disaffection among the Nigerian Muslims.

    You will recall that on assumption of Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar
    as the Sultan and the President-General of NSCIA, he did all that are humanly
    possible to bring the Nigerian Muslims together and this issue of controversy
    of moonsighting was one of the things he tried to address which resulted in the
    uniformity that we enjoyed in starting and ending Ramadhan fast for like 3 to 4
    years before the controversy rear its ugly head again this year. Most times
    when an issue like this comes up, there are a lot of things that decision
    makers have to contend with and manage as much as they can in order to prevent
    unpalatable situation which will not be known to ordinary people due to limited
    access to certain information.

    A lot of lessons would have been learnt from this incident which
    I believe will provide a template for the leadership to fashion out a permanent
    solution and I pray a repeat of it will never be experienced again in sha

    The unity of the Ummah in Nigeria is non-negotiable, His
    Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto and President-General of NSCIA, Alhaji Sa’ad
    Abubakar remains our leader. Let us continue to pray for Allah’s guidance for
    him and the leadership.

  • Musa Muhammad Wamakko

    Fucking lying moon sighting committee. I personally see the moon on sunday at about 7:05pm when we are preparing for magrib prayer and it will have been difficult for me and the other people that see it assuming it was its first day because of the cloud cover. So stop all your nonsense we are right the moon was sighted on saturday. Where were the moon sighting committee and their apparatus in the 60s or 70s or 80s or better still 90s?

  • Ajao Hadiyat

    This story is a lie and Premium Times knows it.