PDP’s Omisore, LP’s Akinbade absent at Osun Governorship Election Debate

Mr. Omisore had in early July accepted the challenge to debate Governor Rauf Aregbesola. But he did not turn up at Saturday’s radio debate.


The candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] in the August 9 governorship election in Osun state, Iyiola Omisore, on Saturday failed to show up at a radio debate organized for the three leading candidates in the election.

Also absent at the debate organized by the International Republican Institute [IRI] was the candidate of the Labour Party [LP] in the election, Fatai Akinbade.

The absence of other leading contenders in the election left the candidate of the All Progressives Congress [APC], Rauf Aregbesola, having all the time allotted for the “Manifesto Hour” programme to himself.

The LP candidate, Mr. Akinbade, sent his running mate to stand in for him but organisers disallowed him from participating, saying the rule was that candidates would not be represented by proxies.

The candidate of the Unity Party of Nigeria [UPN], Ibrahim Adeoti, who was not invited to the debate, however walked into the studio towards the end of the programme, insisting to be allowed to participate. He was allowed time to speak.

Organizers said they were shocked that Messrs Omisore and Akinbade failed to attend the debate.

“We wrote to them and up to 20 minutes to the beginning of the programme, they were still giving us the impression they would be attending,” said Ezenwa Nwagwu, an official of the Partners for Electoral Reform, who moderated the debate on behalf of the IRI.

“We even started the debate 45 minutes late just because we were waiting for the PDP and LP candidates to show up.”

But when contacted, Mr. Omisore said he was not properly invited to the debate.

Speaking through his Director of Media and Strategy, Diran Odeyemi, Mr. Omisore said he did not receive any formal letter inviting him, a claim the organizers rejected.

“It was only this morning that our candidate (Mr. Omisore) received a text message reminding him of the debate and that he was being expected at the OSBC studios,” Mr. Odeyemi told PREMIUM TIMES.

“We did not receive any letter from them. We have a rally today in Ikirun and as I speak to you, we are on our way there.”

But Mr. Nwagwu rejected Mr. Odeyemi’s claim, describing it as “mere political shenanigan”.

Osun governorship debate
Osun governorship debate, auf Aregbesola only candidate seated.

“We invited them properly,” Mr. Nwagwu said. “It was not verbal invitations. We wrote them letters and the records are there. If we did not properly invite them, how did the APC candidate attend? How did the LP candidate get to send his running mate?”

The Labour Party however told PREMIUM TIMES its candidate was properly invited to the debate but that he could not attend because he had to be elsewhere.

“In order not to create a vacuum, he sent his running mate but the organizers did not allow him to speak,” said Kayode Oladeji, the spokesperson for Mr. Akinbade, the LP candidate.

“As far as we are concerned, we fulfilled all righteousness. It is the organisers thst should explain why they did not allow our candidate’s running mate to participate.”

In response, Mr. Nwagwu said the rules were clear from the start. “We had made it clear that only candidates, and not their running mates were expected to participate. There was no room for running mates and they all know that.”


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  • lovelove

    Omisore with all his PhD absconded.An empty candidate indeed.

    • redeem

      Fayemi also had a PHD–he is now history

      • Dorcas

        The same way this bogus PhD holder will become history… in Osun political landscape… Omisore will not and cannot govern osun… we will all come here to comment when the winner is declared. Osun is not Ekiti.

        • Island man

          Dorcas tell redeem, again and again.

    • Dorcas

      He doesnt have any PhD.

    • lawiri

      he has a DBA from France and not a PhD

  • Segun Surulere

    Wonder if NTA should do the broadcast instead of OSBS

    • Ayo

      NTA can not that – NTA’s OB van is permanently following the Deris is God comedy group”

      • redeem

        Is it not better to follow deris God comedy group than the janjaweesd in boko haram–killing Nigerians in d fulani north

        • Dorcas

          deris god has gone underground… we are waiting for another comedy from aso villa.

        • Shehu


        • Jujubeans

          oh please!! cpme up with something else…this janjaweed, BH APC islamc party NONSENSE is getting really really irritating now!

    • Dorcas

      Why should it be NTA, what difference would that make?

  • Ayo

    This is another proof that Omisore like his political mentors in Abuja have nothing to good people of Osun State – what has got say anyway other than ” I am a grass root man did you not see me eating two roasted corn like an insane man and riding okada while on campaign”

    • Dorcas

      The same way their boss in Abuja ran away in 2011 presidential debate… these nonentities have nothing good to offer us. Despite the man in Abuja running away from the debate, yet he became president… I cannot imagine Obama running away from presidential debate… that would mark the end of his public career… but in our mother jungle…people of no substance rule!

      • Island man

        His boss @ Abuja, is clueless, visionless and he is a PHD holder.Omisore has nothing to offer, all we need is change to better the lives of citizen,irrespective of any Party but unfortunately PDP has failed us. I can not imagine any body with right frame of mind to vote PDP. We voted #Jona not PDP but he has proven to Nigerians that we are jokers.

  • Dorcas

    Omisore never had a PhD, Omisore who never passed his MSc in the Uk, how is he now a PhD holder? Wonder shall never end… this criminal never changes… he never repents of his evil ways… a pathological criminal. He is afraid he would be exposed at the debate… the criminal absconded… I would have exposed all his lies about his false academic attainment claims.

    • redeem

      speak on the achievement of the governor-not the educational qualifcation of Omisore–that was how Dr Fayemi boasted–a PHD holder who could not win an election after being in power for 4 yrs- could not sell his ideas to the masses–now busy creating local government councils with just months for him to go-to justifyx his failures abi

      • Dorcas

        Aregbesola is an HND holder… he never boasts about holding a bogus PhD. And on Fayemi, his PhD is verifiable… not some people with PhD who cannot even address people like a school cert holder… foolish people boasting of titles they dont deserve. Holding PhD means you have acquired enough knowledge to to stand any challenge… what do we with the man with bogus PhD in aso villa? NOTHING!!!

      • Dorcas

        Aregbesola is an HND holder… he never boasts about holding a bogus PhD. And on Fayemi, his PhD is verifiable… not some people with PhD who cannot even address people like a school cert holder… people of no pedigree boasting of titles they dont deserve. Holding PhD means you have acquired enough knowledge to stand any challenge… what do we see with the man with bogus PhD in aso villa? NOTHING!!!

        • Segun Surulere

          Can you please name the Poly , Aregbe graduated. Our info is that the man has City and Guilds and has developed himself …. That is not a bad thing in itself …. If only these clowns can humble themselves and stop this charade

  • Ayo

    It is very annoying that Omisore’s Media man Diran Odeyemi had to tell a lie that his boss was not properly invited when he had initially agreed to attend. In any case how would the organizer’s not write Omisore properly common Diran you can tell that to the marine’s. I am very happy Diran’s lie was punctured by the Labour party. i implore the good people of Osun State PLEASE SHINE YOuR EYE’S O – Omisore is on the prowl to steal. to maim and to Kill – he is just like his oga at the top, all they both want is power without RESPONSIBILITY – I mean if they can lie about this only God knows what else they have and would continue to tell lies about!!!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Ayo, even Diran goofed in his lie by claiming they only got “a reminder” this morning!

      How do you get “a reminder” for what you were previously unaware of?

      The stark reality is that Mr. Omisore is bereft of ideas on how to move Osun State forward, so he borrowed from the leaf of Oga Jona.

      It is now left for him to engage the services of a popular comedian to conduct a pre-recorded interview to be aired on NTA.

      • Dele

        Ha, ha, Kay Soyemi Esquire. Haba! Softly, softly. Press break small, i beg. Now listen up. Not every issue in the world needs a debate. You don’t debate evil for example. You simply vote against evil. There’s nothing to debate in Islamic Jihad. It is evil. It is more evil in a multi-religious society like the Yoruba’s.

      • Mosaku 147

        Take it easy with them. They will come out to debate when their 2,000 troops that can’t find our girls arrive osun state.

      • Onike24

        That is the problem with lying, consistency becomes an issue.

      • redeem

        no debate–which yeye debate

    • Penle

      Look, look, you Premium Times journalists, you can write anything you want. That is your business. The business of Oshun state residents is to vote against a party that has brought dis-unity to the state by setting Christians against Muslims and denying traditional worshippers of Yoruba ancestral gods the same privileges the Oshun state government discriminatorily reserved for Muslims only.

      • Mosaku 147

        You guys can’t even gets your acts right. I met one of you (paid PDP internet crew) a few days ago in oshogbo and you did not impress me physically just as you and Adesua Aladejobi plus Penle have done today. Rubbish.

      • redeem


    • Adesua Aladejobi

      This debate does not concern anybody else. The APC which openly declared that the Ooni of Ife is a useless Oba should debate that issue with itself.

      • Mosaku 147

        You don’t make any sense. Which issue?What are talking about?

  • True Nigerian

    The Jonathan 2011 Template has been copied and played out to Osun people. Hahahahaha! Tomorrow, you will hear that Omisore has debated with himself alone in one of the rooms inside his house, and with the help of pre-written answers to questions that were already leaked to him. Hahahahaha! Jonathan has truly transformed (deformed) the politics of the nation, starting from the evasion of live debates!!!

    • redeem

      After 4 yrs what do u need a debate for—–Your work for 4 years is there to judge you————jakande did not need any debate to sell his ideas–the schools he built-are all there for any to see–he it was who erected LASU-introduced free education–had nothing to do with regulating the school system–for the janjaweeds in boko haram–If PDP says no–fine and LP is able to send his deputy why not allow them debate each other——-u do not come around to steal the glory of others–in a fake APC sponsored debate—this was how Buhari cried for one and when he was paired with Ribadu–I later commended Jonathan for not wasting his time with the trio-after watching d debate——ribadu was like a man released from abachas prison custody –it was a shame-

      • Shehu


  • emm

    These are the kind of people who wants to lead the young generation. Could you image what would have being the outcome if everybody invited had participated in the debate. INEC should make it mandatory for all candidates to attend one or two debates before any election. We need to know what they can offer the masses, so we can hold them accountable. Mad pple!!

  • prince adewoyin

    OF APC

    It is a popular norm, globally acknowledged and practiced by developed
    nations, that political parties serve as an avenue where values and
    qualities are discovered which, when discovered, are fully utilized to
    nurture the interests of the people and achieve a profitable end for the
    future of the concerned political entity.

    The engine through which these values and qualities, if discovered,
    could be utilized to better the lot of the society is governance while
    the oil which lubricates the engine of governance is a capable and
    competent administrator.

    Ogbeni Aregbesola, who is honoured by
    the Business World Magazine, amongst several others, as the “Most
    Innovative Governor in Nigeria”, has proven himself as an astute
    administrator with much diferrence. Armed with his innate spirit of
    kindness, people’s oriented programmes, and progressive policies,
    Ogbeni has greatly transformed the old Osun state – where official
    prodigality, administrative irresponsibility, self enrichment, people’s
    impoverishment of high level, educational decadence, economic
    bastardization and ridiculous degree of misgovernance was the order of
    the day – to the present State of Osun which is being administered by
    governance of belief rather than incredulity; governance of hope rather
    than despondency; governance of light rather than darkness; governance
    of truth rather than mendacity; governance of prudence rather than
    prodigality; governance of care rather than abandonment; governance of
    sincerity rather than deceit; governance of decency rather than
    decadence; governance of egalitarianism rather than god-fatherism;
    governance of amiability rather than unfriendliness; governance of
    altruism rather than egoism and; governance of true democracy rather
    than autocracy.

    Through Ogbeni Aregbesola, the good people of
    the State of Osun have realized that governance means development of the
    land and the people on it rather than personal enrichment, kill and
    share tradition or babaric people’s pauperization and enslavement of

    In allusion to the formidable whirlwind of
    rejuvenation and thunder of untold overhauling of the Nation’s body
    polity, laying a befitting legacy for Nigeria and emanating from a
    almost unexpected quarter, the State of Osun – created a little above 2
    decades now -, with an uncommonly honest personality operating behind
    the curtains and working like Trojan to make the traditional-oriented
    State, primus inter pares, the great people of the State of Osun ought
    to be proud of, part of and be ever ready to throw their weight behind
    this much orchestrated Crusader of Change with whom the Creator has
    blessed them.

    Aregbesola has brought hope to the State and he
    has restored the lost glory of the State. He has given and practicalized
    assurance to reshape the present precarious condition of the youths of
    the State so as to placing them on a more qualified pedestal to assume
    the mantles of leadership comes tomorrow. He has ensured that governance
    can again be meaningful to the overwhelming people of the State who had
    for seven and a half years experienced maladministration, troubles,
    victimization, underdevelopment and ill-governance.
    APC government
    led by Ogbeni Aregbesola has been working very hard to create, within
    Nigeria, a State comparable only to the most economically viable, most
    beautiful and most prosperous State in Europe, Asia, Australia and
    America combined. Ogbeni, never considered himself as a mere
    commissioner in Lagos but contributed in no small measures to the
    overall development and modern embellishment of the “Centre of
    Excellence” to the bold proud of the Yoruba race. No wonder, this
    seasoned engineer never hesitated to deem it fit and proper to flag off
    his electioneering campaigns in Ile Ife, the Cradle of Yoruba, in honour
    of his race and tradition. This gesture palpably highlights the
    behaviour of a true born of the race who truly loves his people beyond
    all artificial distinctions.

    Be that as it may, Ogbeni
    Aregbesola’s unexpected success at crystallizing monumental achievements
    that have elevated the State of Osun to a pre-eminent pedestal, where
    no one had, in the past, ever aimed at, has, indeed, made him the best
    and the greatest among his peers while the State has, consequently,
    crossed the hurdles of underdevelopment to a developing State. Ogbeni’s
    painstaking efforts and tireless sweat culminating into modern
    advancement recorded in Osun is enough to encourage the people of this
    God-chosen State to take pride, be happy, grateful to God and advance
    continuous support towards this God-sent leader of theirs.

    is no longer news that Ogbeni Aregbesola has, in his administrative
    magnanimity, injected untold transformational changes in the
    administrative vein of the State. For the sake of brevity, few of these
    unprecedented advancements are:- 40,000 Youths employed under the Osun
    Youth Empowerment Scheme; 5,000 youths trained and empowered in
    information communication technology under the Osun Youth Empowerment
    Technology (OYESTECH); over N2.4 billion injected in the economy as

    allowances for the OYES Volunteers; 123 kilometres of waterways
    (streams, arteries, canals) dredged to keep the state flood-free for
    three years; 750,000 school students provided with school uniform
    coupled with empowerment of 3,000 tailors; 150,000 students provided
    with computer tablets (opon imo), an electronic learning tool preloaded
    with 17 subjects, 54 textbooks, and past questions of JAMB, WAEC AND
    NECO of the past 10years; Introduction of bi-monthly environmental
    sanitation exercise under the O’CLEAN Initiative to keep the state
    clean; beautification of the 185 km Oyo Boundary (Asejire) to Osun-Ondo
    Boundary (Owena); trucks provided for a Public-Private Partnership waste
    management model in the state; Primary School Funding Grants increased
    from N7.4 million to N424 million a year; 240,000 children feed daily
    with nutritious meals under the Osun Elementary School Feeding and
    Health Programme coupled with empowerment of over 3,000 caterers;
    Secondary School basic funding grants from N171 million to N427 million
    per year; tuition Fees in State-owned Tertiary Institutions reduced by
    30%; security of lives and properties being guaranteed with provision of
    5 Armoured Personnel Carrier, over 100 security patrol vehicles and one
    helicopter for area surveillance. Also 125 patrol vehicles were
    provided to security agencies such as the Army, Police, FRSC, NDLEA and
    the Civil Defence. These, being the first in the history of the state
    have been provided to fight incessant robbery attacks; 2 state of the
    art police stations built; Internally Generated Revenue(IGR) increased
    from N300 million to N700 million without increasing tax payable by
    citizens; setting up of Omoluabi Conservation Fund with a N4.2 Billion
    reserve; Osun Debt Management Office established; building of the
    largest commercial apiary in Sub-Saharan Africa for refined honey
    production; 20.Over 1,765 hectares of land cleared and prepared to
    support farmers; rehabilitation of farm settlements in the state; over
    N1 billion committed to support farmers; building of super highways to
    connect Osun to Lagos and Osun to Kwara State; 61 Township roads
    covering 128km is being upgraded all over the state; Ede Water Works
    capacity increased from 13% to 30% and plans on-going to reach 100%
    capacity before the end of 2013; Over 3,000 permanent teachers employed
    into the state education sector; 218 km roads being built across the 30
    Local Government Areas and Ife East Area Office, Modakeke, Ife; Osun
    Ambulance Service Authority Established with 400 youths trained as
    paramedics; 9 State Hospitals and 12 comprehensive health centers being
    rehabilitated in the state; 74 Primary Health Centers built; Osogbo
    Railway Station undergoing massive rehabilitation; Revamping and
    reconstruction of the following roads in Ile Ife:- Lokore – Okesoda,
    Mbabi Mbayo, Lofogido, Agbedegbede, Igboya – Fajuyi, Mokuro etc.;
    reconstruction, refurbishing and beautification of Baptist Elementary
    School, Ile-Ife, (which was hitherto dilapidated, sorry sight and
    bandoned) to the great happiness and satisfaction of the great people of
    the Source and His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade
    Sijuwade who exclaimed that “Aregbesola has performed beyond expectation
    !”; IGR increased from ₦300m to ₦1.5b per month; 70 buses provided to
    Transporters to boost transportation in the State; 8,000 students
    trained on Calisthenics; 125 Patrol Vans, 5 armoured personnel carrier
    and one helicopter provided to boost security; Over ₦1.5 billion worth
    of support for Farmers; 150,000 e-learning tablets (Opon Imo, Tablet of
    Knowledge) for Senior Secondary Schools; 254,000 school kids provided
    free meal daily; Primary School Basic Funding Grant increased from ₦7.4m
    per year to ₦424m per year; 1830 rural farmers in 61 Focal Communities
    equipped with farm inputs under the UNICEF Replication Initiative
    Programme of the Ministry of Water Resources, Rural and Community
    Development; 123km of arteries, waterways and canals dredged to prevent

    However, the glory of these golden achievements,
    Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been appreciatively acknowledging, goes to
    the unflinching supports of the entire people of the State of Osun.

    Therefore, I urge all the people of the State of Osun to join hands
    with, let us continue to give Governor Aregbesola our full supports and
    re elect this hardworking man as our Great State cannot afford to lose
    good and incorruptible leader, visionaric and missionaric governor,
    good intentioned and honest administrator and, above all, God fearing
    executor who strongly cares for the people, strives day and night to
    elevate their status, concerned about the future of the youths and who
    is painstaking struggling to graduating the State of Osun to the next
    level of honour, development, decency, love, happiness, brotherliness,
    prosperity, hope and, above all, sanctity of human’s life.

    Long live our sincere Governor, Ogbeni Rau’f Aregbesola !
    Long live Great State of Osun !!
    Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria !!!
    Prince (Barr.) A. A. A. Adewoyin.
    Can be reached through:-princeadewoyin@yahoo.com

    • redeem

      do u want to debate with us instead of the politicians

      • Remi Taire (Lekki)


        Forget the trash by Prince Adewoyin. He is running
        errands for a devious APC Islamic agenda that’s already threatening
        Yorubaland with internecine violence. But the Yoruba Christian community
        and the majority moderate Muslims created the crack in the wall were
        busy slumbering all along, until awakened by Ondo and Ekiti state
        voters, to see the Islamic Jihad at the door.

        Long misled by
        naïve pastors, Nigerian Christians are told from the pulpit to close
        their eyes and wait for Elijah’s chariot of fire to take them to heaven.
        Muslims meantime dominate the country and take control
        of the public
        treasury by thinking as a group. Even as they are being targeted and
        killed like flies, each Yoruba Christian yet to be killed only selfishly
        thinks of his own personal salvation in heaven. For so long as this
        selfish mentality persists in Nigerian Christendom it is a matter of
        time before the north and the west of Nigeria are overwhelmed to become a
        joint Islamic state. But thank God for Ondo and Ekiti voters.

        • Island man

          @ Redeem, you have no counter point, go and sit down, are you sure you have eaten? PDP bigot.

        • Taiye Anjorin (Ilesa)

          @Remi Taire,

          You are not quite right. The Yoruba Christians are not as politically naive as you think. I will agree with you that the Pastors and Preachers sat on their hands for 14 years, which is too long, because the Yoruba Jihadists spread tentacles across Yorubaland in those 14 years. But it is better late than never. The Yoruba Christians are highly educated, as you know. They will not allow APC ride roughshod over them again. The Yoruba Christians are now fully aware that APC is creating an Islamic state in Yorubaland by stealth. The Yoruba Christians are now determined to get rid of APC once and for all. The best way to resist an Islamic state is to get rid of APC. There is no better way.

          • Mrs. Dunni Anise

            Stop saying what you don’t know please. You are living in Lagos. How do you know that the Christians in Osun state are waiting for Elijah’s chariot of fire to take them to heaven whilst Raufu Aregbesola is busy turning Osun state into Islamic state? How do you know that? Have you been to Ile-Ife, Ikire or Ilesa this month? Did you see Christians standing on the main road waiting for Elijah’s chariot of fire? The problem with Lagos residents is that you don’t have modesty. If you have humility of spirit you will not be saying what you don’t know.

            I live in Ile-Ife and i work there. There is no Christian waiting for Elijah’s chariot of fire in Ile-Ife town. None at all. Rather Christians are keeping their voter card safe for use on 9th August to effect a change in Osun state. As far as Ile-Ife is concerned the majority are fed up with Raufu Aregbesola. They did not vote him before. It was the Court of Appeal tht imposed Raufu Aregbesola as our governor. So how can you say we have been stupid people, as Christians, and just waiting for Elijah’s chariot of fire for 14 years? I take exception to that, please.

          • Prince Adewoyin

            It’s unfortunate that most of our Christian bro (like Mrs Dunni Anise) bros do not love their fellow Muslim bros the way they love
            them. It is a sin for a Muslim to become a Governor in Osun? What, for
            Heaven’s sake, brought about Islamic agenda?! Is Omisore too bringing
            Christian agenda? Ironically, Aregbe’s cabinet is dominated by
            Christians and I am sure if it were the other way round, osun Christians
            wouldn’t accept this. When Oyinlola governed Osun with a Christian
            deputy, no Muslim raised an eye brow. Without an iota of doubt, Osun
            Muslims are far more matured and civilized than the Christians in the state.

          • Prince Adewoyin

            It’s unfortunate that most of our Christian bro (likeTaiye Anjorin from
            Ilesa) bros do not love their fellow Muslim bros the way they love
            them. It is a sin for a Muslim to become a Governor in Osun? What, for
            Heaven’s sake, brought about Islamic agenda?! Is Omisore too bringing
            Christian agenda? Ironically, Aregbe’s cabinet is dominated by
            Christians and I am sure if it were the other way round, osun Christians
            wouldn’t accept this. When Oyinlola governed Osun with a Christian
            deputy, no Muslim raised an eye brow. Without an iota of doubt, Osun
            Muslims are far more matured and civilized than the Christians in the state.

        • prince Adewoyin

          It’s unfortunate that most of our Christian bro (like Remi Taire from
          Lekki) bros do not love their fellow Muslim bros the way they love
          them. It is a sin for a Muslim to become a Governor in Osun? What, for
          Heaven’s sake, brought about Islamic agenda?! Is Omisore too bringing
          Christian agenda? Ironically, Aregbe’s cabinet is dominated by
          Christians and I am sure if it were the other way round, osun Christians
          wouldn’t accept this. When Oyinlola governed Osun with a Christian
          deputy, no Muslim raised an eye brow. Without an iota of doubt, Osun
          Muslims are far more matured and civilized than the Christians in the state.

      • Amin

        You need redemption, hypocrite.

    • Island man

      Some post just because they fell like writing not using their brain to comment on media, and most them are not even in Nigeria to really know how PDP has destroyed Nigeria image all over the world because of their selfish and callous interest, well said Prince.


      I appreciate the writer’s honesty. KUDO TO YOU PRINCE! Osun people should continue to enjoy the latest accomplishments and give GOD ALMIGHTY the glory for sending Aregbesola to serve the people of this Great state–OSUN STATE.

  • solomon

    Who will seat with this vulture

    • Dorcas

      Your chimpz father… ashiwere… paste your useless father’s pictures.

  • redeem

    APC don start with their gra gra-politics-

    • Dorcas

      Are you not ashamed your candidates always run away from debates…efulefus.

  • Jones


    APC is an Islamic party. Its type is banned in Saudi Arabia
    and Egypt – the two cradles of Islam. Yoruba Muslims in
    alliance with Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri Muslims, together forming APC,
    fall short of the meaning of a political party.

    A political party seeking national power
    must show it has national interests. The political enthronement of Islam

    is not a national interest.

    Nigeria will be a better place if Raufu Aregbesola is voted
    out of office on the 9th of August. He’s failed the first test of governance by putting
    Oshun state communities on a collision course. The first test of governance is to increase
    the peace in a state and not to decrease it.

    Now, religious suspicions have crept into Yoruba society
    which never considered religion as more than a private affair until Raufu
    Aregbesola and his APC Mujahedeen made Islam the official policy of Oshun state government.

    In the interest of Yoruba multi-religious history, a vote
    against APC and Raufu Aregbesola on 9th August is imperative

    to restore communal peace and deter future Mujahedeen in Oshun state,

    and also save the Yoruba civilization from contamination from irascible Islamists.

    • Amin

      You are just an impossibility. A sack of junk. An incoherent brain damaged by over use of drugs. You are a perverted base fellow incapable of logical reasoning. Shame!

      • Island man

        Jones or whats that silly name of yours,you fail to identify the post instead to be saying scrap, what has PDP done for your country???

  • Truthometer

    What is Omisore going to debate at the forum? After all, the debate is not going to be focused on how to assassinate political opponents and effective political thuggery.

    • Bisi Anisupoto (Ibadan)


      Please don’t personalise the issue. Face the clear and present danger facing Yorubaland. For the first time in history Yorubaland is surrounded by Islamic invaders from Hausaland who use their proxies inside Yorubaland as horses of instruction for a Jihad. That is the clear and present danger. That is the overriding concern of enlightened people.

    • Biodun Irele


      Reacting to Bola Tinubu’s blood-chilling type of politics, America’s
      Consul General in Nigeria, Jeff Hawkins, last month said, “We were deeply troubled
      by the threat of ‘rig and roast’ issued multiple times by a major
      political figure (Bola Ahmed Tinubu) in recent weeks. Who benefits from
      that type of violent rhetoric, we wondered? And why would any ordinary
      Nigerian accept such provocative language, especially considering the
      history of post-election violence in Nigeria, and the truly horrific carnage that this country has been suffering at the hands of Boko Haram?”

    • Mosaku 147

      Please take it easy with Omisore. We know his likes. If they had called for a debate on assassination methods,he would have gotten to the venue 2hours before the organizers. I am actually waiting to see what Jona wants to do with him. Fayose was popular amongst the ordinary people,he got it with a little push in ekiti.this Omisore guy has had the worst scandal in recent Yoruba history hanging around his neck. I think he should come out and clear by himself the Bola Ige issue.
      Yeye dey smell for osun.

    • Leke

      Raufu Aregbesola has never looked like a governor to me, not even in this photo. He looks like an excitable Mujaheeden or a street thug. He lacks personality. He lacks good aura too. He does not shave. He looks rough. He does not inspire me at all. I doubt if he inspires anybody else, except those contractors he gave supplies of helicopter and computer tablets; the two useless projects that threw Osun state – a purely rural, poor and agricultural state – into several billion Naira long term debts.

      • ADE OMO OBA


  • Aremo

    After the APC Leader, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, declared ALL THE OBA in Yorubaland USELESS,

    except Awujale of Ijebuland and Oba Akiolu of Lagos, the Ooni of Ife and the Alaafin of Oyo will now be

    interested in assuring that the APC party is voted out in all states in Yorubaland. It is as simple as that.

    • Olori Apena

      Mr. Aremo or whatever your name is, God will bless you O! Your tribe will increase. I don’t know what these other people are saying here. But you hit the nail on the head. Bola Tinubu rubbished Ooni of Ife as a useless king in a public declaration. So how can any reasonable person expect his party (APC) to win Oshun state? How?

      The ordinary people in Oshun state will troop out on 9th August to make sure the prestige of the throne of Oduduwa is not disgraced. That is what you will see on the day of of the election. Only a bastard Yoruba will use his left hand to point at his father’s house, to speak more of the throne of Oduduwa – the progenitor of all Yoruba people. It is clear that Bola Tinubu is power drunk to sit in judgment over all the Oba in Yorubaland. He must be quickly put in his place before he destroys Yorubaland. His party, APC, will lose all the elections in Yorubaland. Mark my word.

      • Idealist pickin naija guy

        @Olori apena, will i say you reason from your anus or how will I describe you base on what you just said now?,Is it tinubu osun people want to vote for or Ogbeni?People like you don’t even have voters card talk less voting. What has PDP done for this Nation since 1999,aside GSM? if you have other start listing them………..For the progress of any country, there must be 2party system or more, otherwise the citizens will be enslaved,wake up apena!!! Am not a politician but am an idealist.

      • Mosaku 147

        Keep quiet olori Apena. Why did you forget to add that omisore’s ‘bodyguards’ started the process that led to Bola Ige’s assassination from the same Ooni’s palace.
        I remember this same Ooni as one of those who refused to stand up for the people during the june12 struggle because of Ibadan/Ilesa expressway contract.
        Whatever kind of insults his likes in yorubaland get now,i am not sorry to say they deserve it. I still don’t know when religion became an issue in Yoruba politics. I am also very sure that you got a Muslim cousin/sister or brother in-law.

    • Dorcas

      The same way Jona called all yoruba leaders rascals in 2011…

  • Olayiwola Adepoju (Ile-Ife)

    But the issue on the ground in Oshun state does not any debate. The issue is very simple: are you for the APC Islamic agenda in Yorubaland, or, against it? That is the whole issue on the ground. No debate is needed to take a position.

    • prince Adewoyin

      It’s unfortunate that most of our Christian (like Olayiwola Adepoju from Ile Ife) bros do not love their fellow Muslim bros the way they love them. It is a sin for a Muslim to become a Governor in Osun? What, for Heaven’s sake, brought about Islamic agenda?! Is Omisore too bringing Christian agenda? Ironically, Aregbe’s cabinet is dominated by Christians and I am sure if it were the other way round, osun Christians wouldn’t accept this. When Oyinlola governed Osun with a Christian deputy, no Muslim raised an eye brow. Without an iota of doubt, Osun Muslims are far more matured and civilized than the Christians in the state.

  • e_orpheus

    Same old. A reflection of the national leadership – disregard for institutions, disregard for the people. Unfit to lead.
    It’s time, and way overdue, that Nigerians start to take serious such slights by these questionable characters.
    Shun them as easily as they have the people – at the ballot and everywhere else.
    Shameless lot.

  • Mani_Kay


    President Goodluck Jonathan is duty bound to lead Nigeria to greatness and ……. sure he is on the track and excellently performing !

    Goodluck Nigeria !

    • Comfortkay

      Old boy are you still alive.?

    • Shehu


    • Tunsj

      Keep on dreaming.

  • Sam

    They dont want to debate and talk to people and they want to become peoples governor ? Aregbesola i beg continue.


    Remi Taire , Redeem , we know where u all come from , Remi can adulterate his name a thousand times as he wants , we will never misread him. Both of you are religious bigots who can never differentiate between politics and religion .
    You both behave like imbeciles , somebody said redeem is Brain dead. The issue before you is debate before gubernatorial candidates, to come and sell their agenda to the State, but Omisore , dodged and lied that he did not receive invitation .
    What is he afraid of , his shadow and multiple lies , he is free to carry his Boko haram guard all over , the end comes on August 9.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Can you imagine?

      The same Omisore that stated he wouldn’t attend the debate because Aregbesola may “assault” him has now turned around to say he wasn’t invited!

      It says a lot about the respect he doesn’t have for the people he wants to ‘govern’ – he can’t even be bothered to turn up and debate or discuss his manifesto with them.

      Is he busier than the State Governor?

      • Okey

        Where were you when Fayose challenged Fayemi to a debate and the latter ran away ? To yourself be honest. Apply same measurement to all the political parties competing for space in the South West.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Same place I was when Jonathan ran away from the first debate, bozo!

          • Okey

            Grand and undomesticated bozo, neither Omisore nor Jonathan was the first in this “game”. Your now able “Navigator” was the first. He ran away when pitted against Chief Olu Falae in 1999. You may be in the wombs then, I wasn’t.

            In any event, Dr. Christopher Iyiola Omisore had earlier demanded that he be assured that he won’t be mugged by of one the debaters whose antecedents, he claimed he knew. Till this hour, there has not been any information that Dr. Omisore was given this assurance.

            Still, I insist: Fayose challenged Fayemi to a debate and the latter ran away, there was no drama, no propaganda and no “internet voting” against Fayemi; to yourself therefore be honest. Apply same measurement to all the political parties and persons competing for space in the South West. At least, for the sake off all being Human Beings.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Thank you, field negro!

            Please just have another word with your good “Dr.” Omisore not to run away from debates.

            But then, I don’t expect him to suddenly become what he never was with asinine supporters like you justifying present failure based on errors from the past.

            A certain paucity of ideas in the political space is thriving in the minds of those who have nothing but unused space between their ears!

            Even pongids contemplate their actions. It is not all mindless.

          • Okey

            Jim-crow, for your information, Omisore’s doctoral dissertation was adjudged by the German university as brilliant and excellent. It was widely publicized then. If for entrenched prejudice you console and humour your heart with darkness and falsehood, that’s your funeral but it can never change the truth.

            There is a streak in my argument with you. Which is that you must proceed with honesty of conscience and apply same measurement to persons similarly situated. One can’t ignore a practice if oncducted by APC but loose sleep when it comes from PDP. Otherwise the line between one and those Alimosho jungle and den of indian hemp smoking political thugs is obliterated. Lest there be a dialogue of the deaf, I have communicated with you on this for the last time.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Well said, “dialogue of the deaf” indeed.

            I am sure that is what your mentor would rather have attended.

            You are obviously on a journey of self-immolation if you keep hearkening to the past instead of the present events.

            Like you, I shall equally depart from my attempts at reasoning with someone who is hard of hearing, particularly when sentiments becloud reasoning.

  • Island man

    Why wont they be absent? when obviously they don’t have any thing to say,with this alone Osun people should not place any vote for either of them,its has shown they don’t have agenda neither manifesto.

  • Suralab

    Aresgbe we all know they wont show up because they have nothing good to offer the people of Osun despite their acclaimed Doctorate degree. Now it is evident that Omisore is not to to the task and he cant also withstand the erudite scholar that drives the ship of Osun. Aregbe ma base re lo, ise re man dawa lorun Aregbe ma base re lo

  • paul preston

    perhaps they are afraid the juju man might charm them

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    A vote for Rauf Aregbesola (a veteran idol worshiper) is a vote for idol worship ……….. and that … God will severely punish.

    To avoid the wrath of God, all true Muslims and true Christians must stay completely clear and distance themselves from APC and Rauf Aregbesola ……. don’t vote for APC ……… don’t vote for Rauf Aregbesola

    • True Nigerian

      Some nations that are officially in your so-called idol worshipping have done 500 times better than Nigeria.

      So much noise about piety, and yet so much disregard of humanity by the self-acclaimed religious bunch. That is Nigeria and Nigerians; which is why the piety and religious arguments won’t impress intelligent minds anymore.

      I am a Christian, but Nigeria is not a Christian or Muslim nation. It is a callous enclave where most followers of the faiths have absolutely no regard for the only things that are common to both faiths – morality, conscience, humanity, empathy and love.

      UAE is ruled by Muslims. How about that? I say to you how about that? If the visionary Princes of the UAE gets their hands on the amount of money that Nigeria has seen even before the first oil drilling ever happened in UAE, Nigeria’s smear-campaign Christians like you would have experienced your Christian faith better than you are experiencing it in Nigeria now where churches and mosques are being shut down left, right and centre because of bombs whilst the police and the army routinely collect bribes on the roads. Have you ever heard that a policeman in Dubai is collecting a bribe on the roadside? Isn’t that a muslim country?

      I have not even mentioned Japan that worships Bulls and Cows – the third largest economy in the world and lives in the epicentre of earthquakes, yet rarely loses human lives to such humongous seismic threats. And it has no oil, but its citizens are among the most respected people around the world.

      Now, look at your thinking pattern: Osun people should vote out Aregbesola simply because he is a muslim and they should vote for Omisore – an undisproved suspected murderer – because he is a “Christian”. What does Christianity mean to your rusty intellect and decrepit conscience? If not that faith is a personal thing, the picture you are painting with your horrendous logic is enough to make me denounce Christianity.

      It’s time to shut it, my friend. I mean time to shut the ignorant mouth of your illogical religious brain cells.

      • Jujubeans

        @True Nigerian…you are so on point…and these same Naija policemen will get down on their Knees at night and praise God for a “fruitful” day on the road. Whilst Omisore must have praised God for “destroying” his enemy. i.e. Chief Bola Ige,

      • Benny Hills


    • Usman

      whatever, it is enough of religion thing, we need competent leaders

  • Fred Okonofua

    Yorubaland looks to me like a land of thugs and illiterates nowadays. It is a pity that Awolowo’s dream has been killed by the riff-raff in ACN, APC and PDP, all of them without exception, being utterly useless to better-educated Yoruba people who have stayed away from party politics to avoid association with riff-raff. The field is now left open for the likes of a refrigerator repairer (Raufu Aregbesola) and a plea-bargained drugs-runner (Bola Tinubu) to pontificate on ‘true federalism’. How hath the Yoruba fallen!

  • True Nigerian

    Anyway, if I were Omisore at this critical hour, I wouldn’t go to any live debates where the words “Murderer, Assassination sponsor or blood-stained hands” could be mentioned publicly.

    May justice be done for Bola Ige, Dele Giwa, Olaitan Oyerinde and many others. May the murder sponsors and their hired killers of innocent people in Nigeria not know peace until they die. May their households be destroyed like the lives they have destroyed and the hearts they have broken.

    May justice come to Nigeria. And may the eyes of Nigerians be opened to see that, in a country where power is high-handed, it is simply senseless, self-defeating and callous to keep voting for murderers and suspected murderers. May God’s own justice visit Nigeria, a nation in which there are so many religious people who have no regard for ethics, fairness, morality and good conscience.

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    Iyiola Omisore is the culprit behind the assassination of a serving attorney general of Nigeria and minister of justice,Chief Bola Ige,and nemesis shall finally caught up with the murderer/killer of Chief Bola Ige, who thought he can now move around scotfree with the presidential power in control of his political party,PDP.PDP is a nest of killers and cesspool of looters,thieves and embezzlers of our national commonwealth.Shameless PDP in government in Nigeria for fifteen years with no security of life and property for average Nigerians,endless power outages,death trap roads,archaic healthcare while Mr and Mrs Ebele Jonathan frequently travel to Germany to receive modern medical attention.Millions of our graduates and youth wallow about major cities streets searching for non-existent jobs.Future is bleak for Nigerians with PDP president Ebele Jonathan as crimes grow.

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    @Fred Okonofua:May shame be your portion in Jesus name by saying Yorubaland looks like land of thugs.For over fifty decades that your forefathers have been trooping to Yorubaland as their Mecca in order to work,attend schools and live a better life,they never stop coming to Lagos,Ibadan,Abeokuta,Akure,Oshogbo etc.Descendant of the unscrupulous fellows and criminals.

  • Usman

    they have nothing to tell people, they are just candidates of godfathers, they don’t even know why they are vying for the seat, how would they be there? that is exactly what happened in 2011 general election, when the clueless of the candidates failed to show up except questions were forwarded to him, you can’t lead when you can’t sit with your opponents to debate on issues, it is left for the Osunites to decide.

  • Dorcas

    Omisore’s thugs killed Tolu Adeosun in Ilesa on Friday, unleashing terror on people they claim they seek their votes….

  • Femi Aribisala, your “Jesus” healed you of gun-shot wounds within a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME but you keep forgetting to tell us how long the miracle took.

    2 days?

    How long?

  • bunmi

    This clearly shows Femi has partnership with the devil. He taught him how to lie and hate other people. The spirit of God is forcing him to some confession.

  • Prince Adewoyin

    It’s unfortunate that most of our Christian bros (like Olayiwola Adepoju from
    Ile Ife) do not love their fellow Muslim bros the way they love
    them. It is a sin for a Muslim to become a Governor in Osun? What, for
    Heaven’s sake, brought about Islamic agenda?! Is Omisore too bringing
    Christian agenda? Ironically, Aregbe’s cabinet is dominated by
    Christians and I am sure if it were the other way round, osun Christians
    wouldn’t accept this. When Oyinlola governed Osun with a Christian
    deputy, no Muslim raised an eye brow. Without an iota of doubt, Osun
    Muslims are far more matured and civilized than the Christians in the state.