SSS operatives storm firm conducting poll on Osun election, arrest officials

SSS Officials

Operatives of the Department of State Services, alias SSS, on Friday descended on the corporate headquarters of a Lagos-based research and marketing firm, holding its staff hostage, ransacking its offices and premises and whisking away three of its personnel, witnesses and staff of the company have told PREMIUM TIMES.

TNS-RMS, based in the Ojodu area of Lagos, is a full service research agency founded in 1980. It offers market research and marketing services for organisations and multinationals in West and Central African sub-regions.

Our sources, who asked not to be named for fears they might be arrested, said the operatives arrived the company at about noon on Friday with a search warrant.

“They just came and said they have a warrant to search our offices and premises,” a witness said. “They did not say what offence we committed or what they were looking for. They remained on our premises till past 4 p.m. ransacking files and scrutinizing computers.

“At the end of the day, they took away our chairman, Kareem Tejumola, who is over 70 and three other staff members to their Lagos state office in Shangisha.

“They were released around 10:30 p.m. on Friday and asked to report back on Saturday for further interrogation.”

Another staff member said shortly after the operatives began their search, they started asking questions about the opinion poll the company was conducting on the forthcoming August 9 governorship election in Osun state.

He said at a point, the staff members were asked to put together all the questionnaires administered and the data collected in respect of the opinion poll.

The operatives took the documents, and at least two laptops being used for the analysis of the poll away, the source said.

The spokesperson of the SSS, Marilyn Ogar, could not be reached to comment for this story at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday.

But a source in the Service confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that the operatives were dispatched to the company to confiscate documents relating to the opinion poll. He asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak on the matter.

“We got instruction from above to stop the company from releasing result of its survey. We are told the result of the poll was going to indicate that (Rauf) Aregbesola would win the election. Government does not want that kind of poll at this time.”

The Osun governorship election is scheduled for August 9 and both the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] and the All Progressives Congress [APC] have been accusing each other of trying to rig the election.




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  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Nigeria has been turned into banana republic by jonathan. using SSS, the Army, the Police to rig elections at will.

    • redeem

      @Wahala-No Nigeria has been turned into an ibo state–Biafra to be precise–go and declare yr republic if not happy—with her——————–na by force———–animal

      • Tonnero

        It is now confirmed……… Your madness has reached the market place.

        • redeem

          what about yrs wahala–a disgrace to the ibo nation–that is what u are

  • Wähala

    Nigeria’s corruption has permeated every industry and institution, the “results” could be bought but…
    more importantly, it could trigger unwanted violence if such preemptive announcements are made with regards to the likely winner if he loses at the polls. Opinion polls could be conducted online if need be, but Nigeria is unsophisticated for such and does not need the distraction at this time of high tension spurred by widespread insecurity in the country.

    • redeem

      @wahala—-when will u start using yr brain–Go and find out why Sharia Reporters blocked ordinary me from posting comments on their web-site–That is a media outfit-not even a government institution–sharia reporters is a media house–the forth most powerful estate at the realm of affairs globally after the 3 tiers of government–comes the PRESS-i mean those who are supposed to uphold-and protect one of the most importants cardinal points which led to the establishment of the United Nations- Freedom of speech and Association-Yet in Nigeria we have a media outfit-refuse to allow views that does not conform to the ideas of the janjaweeds in APC-I just posted a comment seconds ago–this is what I got-(We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Sahara Reporters.) And u have the guts to challenge a government agency for doing their job?Your Madness is really getting out of hand–
      The company foolishly admitted that they are a marketing firm-not an NGO-Meaning they were hired by APC to sow the seed of discord by planinting fake figures in the minds of Nigerians–such that would lead to another Buhari like post election riots in OSUN STATE- Similar to what led to the murder of more than 1,000 9jas and 11 youth corpers-in the Fulani North–Only an insane outfit such as the one which was sealed up-can attempt to heat up the polity with such rubbish-When APC pays sharia repoters to black list or gag folks like us from posting comments u dance around-when rogues like Nyako are indicted u abuse Jonathan-but forgot that the same APC once took Nyako to court-under ACN for rigging them out in adamawa-state———————-animals

      • Wähala

        No research is necessary to know you’re a public nuisance…
        No self-respecting news outfit will allow your copy-n-paste rubbish air forever…
        No one reads/reacts to your comments seriously bcos your bias is like night-n-day…
        Sahara Reporters is a media house alright, but they have a moral duty to keep their readers focused on topical issues which your “mandate” is to distract from. SR is like the Catholic Church, they never solicit for new members but welcome serious worshippers… kapisch?

        • redeem

          @bagana I of abriba–We are talking about a media house being objective-d need for it to arm itself with a genuine effort to be an honest broker when it comes to news between the janjaweed in APC ati PDP. Every dog on the block except yr janjaweed head, knows that journalism is about playing it straight without favoring one side—–as Sharia Reporters often does-with the president-its sweet news- when it comes to APC-bad news–when it involves the president-
          In Journalism–when facts are in dispute, regardless of your own views about Jonathan or preferences for the janjaweeds in APC-u try to be objective–cause facts are sacred–so u move to the source of the info-to enable u create a balance-Not sharia reporters-Theirs is cut and nail-then tag it citizen journlism–its fake-janjaweed journalism–
          Every 9ja knows SR is not a neutral umpire-Did u not see Sowore an Arigbo Ijaw man from Ondo state- call Jonathan the worst president on earth? Yet the same man would block yr comments-then begin to fume and fret like u are doing-when u challenge their janjaweed ideas ati insult on the president-But allows Wahala to advertise fake custom auction sale of tokumbo cars-which u and yr 419 team- often post on the web-There is no law which says one should not lift and paste views to back up an arguement-on d web–Does Sharia Reporters not lift articles from other news sources such as PTand splash them on their web-site mumu? See why i say u have little or no brain’?
          I cannot sit idly by and allow mental cases like u ati sharia reporters-do stories that are pure propaganda materials-Such as the articles Sonala and co-pen 4 SR-By masquerading as purified born again journalists for APC. SR is like a an Italian Mafia outfit-working for APC-u disagree with them-and u are dead-blacklisted-Why block me if I was not a thorn in the flesh of the janjaweeds in APC ati sharia reporters-? Often wonder why it took them so long–after the damage has been done–by me-I LAUGH–Have u ever backed the views of the president for one second-monkey-apart from being a confused Ibo ati fulani manu–mama Ibo papa fulani-place of birth abagana-cheers

          • Gideon Orkar

            I dont visit Sharia Reporters again. I dont waste my time as it is a watering hole for mumus

          • redeem

            thank u my brother–they are into janjaweed journalism-for APC

          • Seriously

            Gideon Orkar & redeem, what are your plans post 2015 elections? You know PDP will stop paying you after the election is over. Hope you’ve already started applying for real jobs. Greet your boss Wendell Simlin for us abeg.

          • UYI111

            Why do u people thinks that others opinion are base on monetary values rather than principles ?even when it”s obvious that apc only exist on the pages of newspapers with no clear principles even their flag colour was dellibrately made to with PDP colour to deceive the northern voters

      • Ayo

        Stomach infrastructure (every one that is redeem’s new name) why are still going on about this Sahara Reporters thing abi you too have nothing to say like Omisore ???

  • Nnamdi

    So an ordinary opinion poll to help define the direction of voter preferences will trigger a police attack again? This is beyond belief. How do you plan electoral responses without pooling? This administration must be careful how far it wants to use security resources like the DSS to support the effort to destabilise opposition politics which is a central factor for the development of a virile democracy.

    • redeem

      @wahala——-go and find out why Sharia Reporters blocked ordinary me from posting comments on their web-site–That media outfit, is not even a government institution–sharia reporters is a media house–the forth most powerful estate at the realm of affairs globally after the 3 tiers of government–comes the PRESS-i mean those who are supposed to uphold-and protect one of the most importants cardinal points which led to the establishment of the United Nations- Freedom of speech and association-I just posted a commnet seconds ago–this is what I got-(We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Sahara Reporters.)

      • Ayo

        Rubbish – redeem, Reno Omokri or stomach infrastructure (by the way, that is the new name I have just given you) I repeat, address the issue and stop beating about the bush!!

  • True Nigerian

    Strangely, Jonathan, the greatest beneficiary of democracy, simply can’t stand the sight of democracy; and some people say Nigeria is being transformed by Jonathan. Question is, transformation from what into what? One of the miscalculations of leaders in stagnated developing countries is the erroneous thinking that transformational development and growth can be separated from institutional development and rule of law. Jonathan is going to leave office with the conviction that he has done so much for Nigeria. Yet, he will look back and suddenly feel angered and frustrated by relentless description of him as a woeful failure. Eventually, he will angrily stop reading newspapers just like his godfather Obasanjo did few months after losing his treacherous third term plot.

    Even scientific opinion polls are no longer tolerated by Jonathan’s government and his shamelessly skewed State inSecurity Services (SiSS)? Na so the thing don reach? No be this same opinion poll wey them dey conduct before elections in almost every part of the world? Okay o!

    • redeem

      U are a fake unpatriotic Nigerian-happily with a biafran passport–(We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Sahara Reporters-That is Sharia reporters for u-working for APC—in a democracy–where we are supposed to be free to air our God given views-But not Sharia Reporters–that claims not to know a thing about freedom of speech————In a country like Nigeria-at war with itself———haba malam—Not to talk of government———sharia reporters does not allow me post comments–it was Punch that started it–for 6 months—then out of the blews they lifted it—May BE because APC was no longer paying them to gag me- now sharia reporters–so whatt do u call that type of censorship— in a democracy-political -censorship- for APC abi–Jonathan is the greates leader to walk the surface of our rotten earth-The firm admitted to be a marketing organisation-meaning it accepts jobs from APC to sow the seed of discord–such as the chibok nonsense–which APC is using to smear the president-score cheap political points-with the lives of the poor girsl who may be hiding in fashola s house-for all we know–CHEERS

      • True Nigerian

        Hahahahaha! “Oga Jonathan is the greatest leader to walk the face of our rotten earth”. I am vomiting here! Hahahaha! Indeed, an earth (country) in which a horrendous leader like Jonathan is considered the greatest must be beyond rottenness indeed. In fact, that earth is already decomposed, which probably explains why that earth is increasing spiralling into abyss and flowing with the bloods of innocent people whilst their government denies ever seeing any bloodbath.

        Oga, Redeem o! everyone knows now that you are another pseudonym for Reno Omokri’s multiple internet personality which he (i.e. you) uses to rubbish his father’s name for his (your) mediocre boss. Everyone knows who you are now. That you continue to spew your unintelligent posts everywhere is just another evidence of the unthinking nature of Jona’s government. Oga Jona and his advisers keep on paying and working with propaganda machines that have been undone, exposed, discredited and totally ineffective.

        By the way, can’t you write two independent sentences without piecing them together with hyphens and dashes? What university or secondary school did you attend, and who taught you there? I hope you are not one of the unlucky kids who were taught by Mummy Peshe Jonathan. Nigerians have not recovered from the shock of the news that our national mummy was actually once a teacher at one of Nigeria’s bedevilled secondary schools. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I no dey laugh o!

      • Ayo

        redeem or Reno Omokri or whatever you chose to call yourself – why are you going off point here? why don’t you address the issues raised by True Nigerian above instead of beating about the bush?

        • True Nigerian

          That is the nature of his posts everywhere, which betrays his true intentions – to divert attention from the truth if he cannot challenge that truth. That’s what he is paid to do and that’s the modus operandi of all other Jonathan’s online warriors (cowards who are cheap enough to be hired to praise failure). Redeem(also known as Deri Orbuka, Deri the redeemer, Reno, Wendel Simlin,) is doing the job he is paid to do. We all know who he is and why he does what he does. Don’t even bother about him.

    • uduakomiri

      Nigerian is being transformed by Jonathan. Yeah into a jungle

  • Danas Kalu

    Why PDP’s Omisore, LP’s Akinbade absent at Osun Governorship Election Debate are they shy to tell the people of Osun how they would achieve their program if at all they have any? They are not competent. They do not have any program for the state. Why wouldn’t Aregbesola lead the poll. Na spirit go lead-am?

  • UYI111

    Because the security services did something doesn”t mean it was GEJ it could be anyone trying to cause disaffection it could even be the Osun state gov and apc