UPDATE: “Sheikh Zakzaky’s Son, 10 Others Killed In Nigerian troops, Shiite Muslims Clash”

Shiite muslims in Zaria
Shiite muslims in Zaria

Nigerian Shiite Muslims have accused Nigerian troops of killing 11 of their members and injuring 40 others in a clash between the group and soldiers in Zaria on Friday.

In a statement on Friday night, the group said among those gunned down were Mahmud, the son of the leader of the group, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, as well as a woman with a baby strapped to her back.

Ibrahim Musa, the editor of Al-Mizan, the weekly newspaper published by the group, said in a statement, “Reports reaching our news desk now indicated that some soldiers of the Nigerian army have opened fire on the tail end of the Quds procession held after Jumaat prayers in Zaria, Kaduna State.

Mahmud Ibrahim Zakzaky
Mahmud Ibrahim Zakzaky

“The procession, which took off from Sabon Gari Jumaat Mosque, reached Kofar Doka peacefully with no incident. However some soldiers attacked the procession [at the] PZ junction in Zaria.

“They shot Mahmud Ibraheem Zakzaky, but [his body] was taken away by the Muslim brothers. But several [other] Muslim brothers were shot by the security agents.

“As at the time of writing this report, there is no confirmation on the number of Muslim brothers shot or killed by the soldiers, but our [sources] say five people were killed. The Quds procession was held today peacefully in more than 10 Nigerian cities. Why the attack on the Zaria procession?

“[The] latest report on the attack by soldiers on Quds peaceful procession is that ten Muslim brothers were gunned down by the soldiers, among them Mahmud Ibraheem Zakzaky, son of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, and a Muslim sister with her child on her back. There are over 40 Muslim brothers’ casualties with different degrees of gunshots by the soldiers. The story is still unfolding, with reinforcement of soldiers coming from Kaduna, according to our news sources.”

The military did not respond to requests for comment. Defence spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, a Major General, did not respond to calls to his mobile telephone.

The spokesperson for the Kaduna-based 1 Mechanized Division of the Nigeria Army, Usman Abdullahi, said he would provide details later.

PREMIUM TIMES had earlier quoted residents who narrated how soldiers exchanged fire with members of the group who were on a procession around the PZ area of the town, in response to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Other residents however said the Shiite members were unarmed and that it was soldiers who opened fire on them as they moved through the city.

The procession, called Muzahara, is an annual ritual after the Ramadan, during which thousands of faithful walk around the city dressed in black.

This year, the Shiites dedicated the march to protesting the ongoing fighting between Israel and the Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

Residents reported prolonged gunfire that lasted about an hour.

One resident said he saw five bodies taken away from the scene of the shooting.

“I can’t really ascertain what happened, but I saw five unidentified corpse taken away from the scene,” the resident, a Shiite Muslim, said.

Another witness said the incident occurred when military personnel tried to force their way through the crowd of Shiite followers.

“Mahmud, one of Shiekh Ibrahim El-Zakzaki’s son is shot and the second son Ahmed was arrested and taken away by the security. Mahmood is however, not dead,” a witness, Musa Ali, said.

Residents scampered for safety after gunfire erupted, and shop owners closed for the day, Mr. Ali said.

Earlier, a witness had told PREMIUM TIMES that no life was lost in the encounter.

Zaria is the second major city in Kaduna State, and near the state capital, Kaduna, where twin bomb blasts killed more than 40 people on Wednesday.

The city is regarded as the spiritual centre of the radical Islamic groups in Nigeria.




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  • Is this statement true? That PREMIUM TIMES had earlier quoted “residents who narrated how soldiers exchanged fire with members of the group who were on a procession around the PZ area of the town…”
    Let investigation be carried out on what actually happened.

    • Adele

      The army must have a good reason for shooting. If the gunfires continued for one hour, as Premium Times, it cannot be true that the Shiite Muslims were un-armed. Nigeria’s security situation is too tense to be tested by persons seeking exemption as Muslims. The army takes the best decision in the interest of all Nigerians.

  • King Carlos

    Omo shey na soldiers be our problem in Nigeria ni? e dn even tire me sef, today boko haram killings, tomorrow fulani herdsmen, next tomr na soldiers. wetin dey happen sef? o ti su mi o

  • prisca adamu

    hmm na wa killings all d time

  • Umar

    Why would soldiers open fire on them if they conduct them salves peacefully, is PT a Shiites propaganda machine. There must be something wrong with them too even though Nigerian soldiers are brutal. It is the responsibility of PT to give people objective and unbiased reports but not to shift blames to one out rightly.

    • redeem

      they should have used mortars–and choppers to fire on the animals

  • Daniel

    Without true federalism, Nigeria cannot exist for long. Each region or state must have its constitution, so that those who wish to run 100% sharia or catholicism can be allowed.

  • Man_Enough

    at times like this the soldiers should have let the sleeping dogs lie.

    • redeem

      that was how OBJ allowed sleeping dogs to lie in boko haram until it grew to this level –now they kill at will and u are here saying the army should allow sleeping dogs to lie again abi–we allowed sharia–and called it politcal sharia–dont worry it would soon go away–that was what obj said- until it gave birth to boko haram–is nigeria the only country with a muslin population in africa–when we call for fiscal federalism u say-nooooooo–resource control noooooooooo–remove—–land use decree—————–the north would say naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—-but to protest in support of the arabs in saudi arabia——————–yes—-mumu

  • GbemigaO

    Here we go again, beginning of another terrorist group to avenge the killing of the leader’s son. Why shoot anyway when they were not violent.? Why do a procession during this tense time in the north? #another Boko haram born

  • Mannir Ibrahim


    • redeem

      u deploy rats–and pigs to quell the protest

  • Ade

    More investigations should be done.why the army just open fire like that ? may be some protesters are shooting too.why protesting on an issues going on in a very far away countries ?both palestine and istreal doesn”t even care about Nigeria.why do you care about them.let them solve their issue and we too should face our business.we have more than enough nigeria problem to protest NOt the issues in far away countries

    • redeem

      Only a mad insane pig would ask for an investigation into the death of that pig-have u asked for an investigation to be conducted on the number of humans killed by boko haram–who asked for an ivestigation when akaluka an ibo trader was beheaded by sanusi who is today an emir in kano——-How——–can these donkeys protest over an issue that does not concern Nigeria–when we have our own boko haram-The other day more than 500 Nigerians were killed because of protest over the US in Afghanistan–so hundred of Nigerians had to be killed———-how many fulani elites raised their black flags–to condemn the mass killing of children by fulani herds men in southern kaduna————the army should not even release the body to his father–who is also a murderer———-pour acid on it the same way abacha poured acid on the face of kensarowiwa——when yusuf was killed by the police–the sultan of sokoto had the guts to say those who killed him should not be released on bail——————-Nigeria does not belong to a group of fulani economic migrants—its owned by all of us–we cannot remain aloof while fulani ati now kanuris according to them murder fellow 9jas while the sultans and emirs only concern is how to stop resource control–and organize matches top achieve their own selfish end with bok haram

  • solomon

    What are you people saying. So soldiers should allowed cowardice to have their way because they are Muslims and northerners when mosop is killing daily.

    Who with his right senses will allow such movement at time like this in the bloodied north.

    It served them well

    • redeem

      yes–the soldiers should be allowed to have their way–they were not protesting the killing by boko haram–that is not their concern -but the one which is hundreds and hundreds of miles away from 9ja-Nigeria is not an islamic country–its a secular nation-did syrians also protest–animals

  • redeem

    Kudos to the soldiers for a job well done–no need to bury him–dump his rotten remains in the deesert for the vultures-to devour————–do we know the number of humans that the father sent to their early grave——in the name of allah’ we have pur own war at home instead we have some fulanis match in protest against Gaza–if that is not madness then tell me what it is–nonsense———–

  • Ioseb Vissarionovich Dze Jugha

    Must people have to show their ignorance with useless comments…..why cant u just keep quite in matters you are ignorant of….The peaceful protest march had been taking part for the last 30years by the shia follwers all over the world against the illegal occupation of palestine by zionist israel….it take place every last friday of ramadan by all this shia ummahs, yet some idiots are yearning why are they protesting now…..anywy as those accusing them of protesting for gaza, i know you will not understand because its only human beigns will understand how the gazans are suffering with 960 deaths and 5579 injured in just 17 days, WHAT IS THEIR CRIME? they want the siege against them to be lifted, they are fighting back occupation by illegal settlers yet idiots will open their dirty gutters and say they are islamist……these protest have been done in all the major cities in the world, from london to newyork, from moscow to sydney yet the idiots are asking nigerians why they are protesting….A human dont have to be a muslim or arab to condemn what israel are doing all, u need to be is a human with heart,
    As for the useless soldiers that shoot the innocents,this kind of stupidity and unprofessionalism gave birth to the menace of boko haram (where it started with you fools killing 18 of their members), over the years we learnt that you guys are only good in bullying and killing the innocents while you ran away and desert your post from hearing the gun shots of your brothers in crime Boko haram

  • longben

    Never ceases to amaze me how these terrorists always have a sad story to tell anytime they are beating over the head for some common sense. “A woman with a baby strapped to her back”, Eyaaaah!!!!! Palestinians are busy weeping and wailing for the international community and the UN to find a way to stop Isreal cracking their terrorist skulls while themselves are busy lobbing thousands of missiles into Isreal from inside schools and mosques, what hypocrisy is worse than that?.
    Those secret tunnels they dug from their miserly strip into Isreal were meant for what?? steal apples and oranges from Isreali orchards i guess! Let our dear friend Zakzaky lick his wounds, go back home and learn to obey authority next time. He is not the owner of Zaria

  • Sally

    Islamism is the worst political ideology in world history. Christians and moderate
    Muslims must pull together to defeat Islamism in Nigeria. The first step
    to defeating it is to vote against Islamic political parties at all
    elections in Nigeria. That is what Egypt is doing now, to save their country from
    rabid Islam, by going further to ban Islamist parties outright. Ditto, Saudi Arabia bans the Islamic Brotherhood
    in their own country. No Nigerian is more Muslim than the Saudis or the
    Egyptians. As a matter of history, Saudi Arabia is the divine headquarters of Islam (as a
    religion) and Egypt is the intellectual capital of modern Islam (as a religion). In both
    countries, Islamism is banned along with the Shiite Muslims. Nigerians should borrow a leaf.

  • Fred Jacob

    where were these trouble maker when those girls in the north were kidnapped, what has kaduna or north of your country got to do with Palestinian Protest.. hypocrate problem makers… these are not truly islamic . ignorant and stupidity!¨how many Palestinians protest during the bring back our girl? . i trust 9ja government they will not tolerate nonsense from ignorant trouble maker like these group. now i guess the government have given them real reason to protest now..