Buhari Says He Suffered No “Scratch” In Kaduna Bombing

The former leader says terrorism is not based on religion or ethnicity

Former Head of State, and leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, has given more insight into how he managed to escape Wednesday’s bomb attack in Kaduna that targeted him.

Speaking to Governor Mukhtar Yero of Kaduna State who visited him Thursday, Mr. Buhari said despite being close to the centre of a huge blast that police say killed at least 15 people, he suffered no “scratch” although he had bloodstain.

The attack occurred near the busy Kawo market in Kaduna. A bomb-laden car rammed into the ex-leader’s convoy after trailing it for a distance, and unsuccessfully trying to overtake the escort vehicle to reach Mr. Buhari’s armoured SUV.

“When I came out of the car, there was blood on my dress, I don’t know how it came about because I don’t have even a single scratch myself,” he said.

“I saw dead bodies thrown all over the place. The security tried to move me to the other side because they were thinking maybe there is a another bomb and we just got one of the vehicles passing which picked me and brought me back home.”

Some reports say as much as 50 died in the attack.

Addressing Mr. Yero, the APC leader said the insurgency ravaging Nigeria is neither caused by religion nor ethnicity.

“This killings is neither ethnic nor religious,” he said. “So when they kill children in schools in the North East, when they kill students teachers, when they bomb churches, when they bomb mosque, when they the bomb motor park, when they bomb the market, where is religion there, where is ethnicity? This is terrorism and I hope the government will come to grip with it.”

Mr. Buhari said Nigeria can overcome terrorism.

“Nigeria is capable of dealing with this. We have dealt with a war scene in a civil war. For 30 months, we fought and we kept Nigeria one and God willing. We are going to keep Nigeria one,” he said.

“I hope that both the law enforcement agencies and you the chief executives of the state (referring to Governor Yero) will succeed in bringing lasting peace and security throughout the country and may God help us,” the former head of state said.

Governor Yero said the bomb attacks will not happen again.

“Unfortunately, because of the crowded town that we had yesterday, this things happened. We know that, by the grace of God, this thing will never happen again. We continue to do our best and to also continue to pray to almighty Allah. We are grateful to God for what he has done to us,” he said.

“This is very unfortunate and it is not supposed to be so, so we totally condemn this act and will like to also call on people to condemn it and at the same time to look around and ensure what is always around which the people of Kaduna state have always been.”


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  • janjaweed3

    general muhammadu buhari the great one , the leader nigeria needs , the emancipator , the just , the fearless , wherever you walk we shall follow . god will protect you and we the people stand by you, for you and with you.

  • Screw-em

    The fear of Buhari, is the beginning of wisdom. They can artificially shake the grounds you walk on but can’t shake your indomitable spirit. Allah decides when your number will be eventually called up, not the lilly-livered cowards seeking to hold on to power at all cost. Your protection is guaranteed!!!

    To follow up on the dead silence on the part of our so called “leaders”……why hasn’t the likes of the Oba’s, Emirs, Obi’s, Sultans, Governors, Ekwueme, Anyaoku, Legislators in both houses, NLC, Arewa, MEND, Oodua, MASSOB, the so called “captains of industry” such as Dangote, Dantatta, Otedola,Elumelu,Ovia, condemned this obvious attempted assassination of a former Head of State, but all remain mute in the face of what we all know will eventually consume everyone.?

    • Dr. ‘Rike Anibaba

      Please spare a thought for the 81 ordinary Nigerians killed in the same Kaduna attack. They are the real victims of Nigeria’s on-going Islamic Jihad. Terrorism is a neutral phrase for the horrors. When the motivation or objective of the attackers is factored in we get a full picture of an Islamic Jihad using terrorist techniques to overwhelm the federal republic of Nigeria. There’s no denying that Islamism, as a resurgent political ideology, is the enemy at Nigeria’s door. That is too obvious for dispute.

      • Screw-em

        @Dr……No right minded individual is oblivious of the collateral damage that accompanied this attack. The lives of the 81 innocent Nigerians lost are equally as important. Yet, none of the elites or organizations mentioned has raised an eye brow thus far. Sure does speak VOLUMES, don’t you think?.

      • moderate muslim = out of bullets

        islamic birth control = bomb strapped to ten year old child

    • redeem

      resident Goodluck Jonathan, Tuesday, sent a strong message to former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, pleading with him to spearhead the campaign to persuade members of the Boko Haram sect to accept dialogue, as a means of ending the orgy of violence in the North.

      Similarly, Jonathan asked Buhari to emulate the role he ( Jonathan) played by going to meet militants in their vast hideouts in the Niger Delta to plead with them to lay down their arms and accept the general amnesty granted by the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua on June 25, 2009.

      Jonathan and Buhari

      Jonathan said he expected Buhari to lead the way in persuading the Boko Haram insurgents in the North to stop bombings and enter into dialogue with the Federal Government with a view to ending the violence in the region, which is threatening to disrupt the economy of the region and Nigeria.

      The President, who sent the message to Buhari through his Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, accused the former head of state of making false allegations against him during his interview in London last week.

      • Screw-em

        @ Deri aka redeem, Because Buhari “refused” the politically deceitful urging of Dumbo in your response to dialogue with the insurgents in the North, you are therefore suggesting that he
        deserves this failed attempt on his life?

      • Dan maikoko

        When governments fail then the people talk. Nobody is having the confidence to even discuss what the authorities can do about this terror. We are all thinking and talking about what the Obas, Emirs and Dangotes can do. This is a frightening situation.

      • M Ajonye

        Jonathan was part of Yardua government Infact as his number 2 man. What’s the role of Bihari in his government? It is called opposition and you can’t call opposition leader to negotiate for the success of your government mr dumbo….if you can’t do what you’re elected to do the resign!!!

      • Wähala

        Shut-up dia! Buhari is not his Vice President, he is the opposition. Asking opposition to do your dirty laundry, then turn around and blame them for not doing a clean job is called, “set up” and Buhari refused to bite that bait. Didn’t VP Sambo meet the top hierarchy of Boko Haram in Saudi Arabia who gave him their telephone numbers which he later passed on to Sen. Ndume? Why has Ndume’s case stalled? It’s bcos Sambo is the BH in Dumbo’s Cabinet and the PDP are behind the insurgency for political purposes.

      • Shehu


      • janjaweed2

        when jonathan wants he will stop the BOKO HARAM PERIOD , for now his minions have advised him to step up the insurgency.

        • redeem

          is he now kanuri or fulani

  • Dafe


    “We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against Christians in Nigeria. We
    are fighting against the Christian President – Goodluck Jonathan – and all his
    Christian brethren. We are not fighting an ethnic war. Those saying we are fighting

    an ethnic war are telling lies to the public. They try to brainwash the people.

    We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against the Christians.
    We are fighting against the Christian President Jonathan and his Christian brethren.”

    ……….………..Abubakar Shekau (Leader of Boko Haram)
    [December 28, 2013]


    • redeem

      Major General Muhammadu Buhari has asked the Federal Government to stop the clampdown of Boko Haram insurgents, saying Niger Delta Militants were never killed or properties belonging to them destroyed.

      Buhari who spoke on Sunday on a Liberty Radio programme, Guest of the Week monitored said accused the government of killing and destroying houses belonging to Boko Haram members while the Niger Delta militants get special treatment.

      The former dictator said that unlike the special treatment given to the Niger Delta militants by the federal government, the Boko Haram members were being killed and their houses demolished by government.

      While accusing President Jonathan of failing from the beginning to address the security situation in the country, Buhari said he has never been in support of the state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa state.

      According to Buhari “what is responsible for the security situation in the country is caused by the activities of Niger Delta militants. Every Nigerian that is familiar with what is happening knows this. The Niger Delta militants started it all.

      “What happened is that the governors of the Niger Delta region at that time wanted to win their elections. So they recruited the youths and gave them guns and bullets and used them against their opponents to win elections by force. Unquote– Is this the type person with wisodm–a man who double speaks b4 he thinks-A man who locked up Sam Mbakwe and went for his second wife-all his talks are besed on gossips

      • lycos

        Henry Okah, currently being held in jail in South Africa, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that he received a phone call from a “close associate” of Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian president, telling him to urge the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) to withdraw its claim for the bombings, which killed at least 10 people and left 36 others injured on the 50th anniversay of Nigeria’s independence.

        “On Saturday morning, just a day after the attack, a very close associate of President Jonathan called me and explained to me that there had been a bombing in Nigeria and that President Jonathan wanted me to reach out to the group, Mend, and get them to retract the earlier statement they had issued claiming the attacks,” Okah said.

        “They wanted to blame the attacks on northerners who are trying to fight against him [Jonathan] to come back as president and if this was done, I was not going to have any problems with the South African government.

        “I declined to do this and a few hours later I was arrested. It was based on their belief that I was going to do that that Jonathan issued a statement saying that Mend did not carry out the attack.” Al Jazeera 2010

        • redeem

          That was a great job Jonathan did–meaning he never sent them to bomb abuja-added to the fact that the said statement was made by Okah–and not Jonathan—————Unlike Buhari who vomited his-mumu- and-who among the fulani ati now Kanuri elites was able to reach out to boko haram to plead with them to withdraw the callous statement they made on the said APC sponosored kidnap of chibok girls-in his case Buhari said government should stop the killing of boko haram fighters-and the destruction of their homes in Borno-Would he have said that if he was not behind them–some tell me the ongoing killings by boko haram–are being done by kanuris–well tell that animal that boko haram is not a kanuri fightingg machine–its fulani———————–buhari is fulani———and said the same thing in Ibadan—–that the Yorubas should stop killing his fulani tribes men-in the south west-unknown to us –it was the fulanis who—————-were doing the killings-cheers

          • Shehu


      • Shehu


        • redeem

          @wahala-u don change name to shehu now

          • Shehu


  • Mani_Kay

    How can Buhari suffer a scratch when the attack was staged by Buhari and APC ?

    • He was scratching his halal hemorrhoids…

    • mani kay 2

      prosper no more and scratch to death! Amen

  • Ken

    So where are those saying his can was sprayed with bullets? Why didn’t she shooters get him when he got out his car and boarded a private car? Meanwhile, the security people that took him to safety are not working for the federal government? For those blaming the government, if they really wanted him dead he would have been six feet under by now.

  • Islam Haram

    # You are a coward for coming out alive. Are you not a Muslim? What are you still doing in this materialistic world. 77 time 7 virgins are waiting for you in Saudi-Arabia(Islamic heaven). The girls are desperately in need of trust worthy and an Islamic man like you. Coward!

    Death to Buhari and Islam.

    • Shuaib

      Wherever you may come from suggests that a resource is wasted in raising you to become irresponsible element of this magnitude….characteristically a chimpanzee. Nonsense and unwholesome Islamaphobian!

      • Shehu

        Shuaib, What do you expect from a baby factory product. He lacks morals.

    • Jika

      This is no surprise coming from a product of baby factory.

  • Wise Head

    If the Northern elite want to end Boko Haram, it will end tomorrow. They will, for instance, reveal where Abubakar Shekau is hiding, because, I doubt, if the Shekau fellow has ever slept in Sambisa Forest for once! That is, if he ever goes there. He must be hiding in the luxury of one mansion in the North East or even outside the North East and surrounded by dainties and tender, beautiful women and swimming in boundless pleasure, while the idiots he has callously brainwashed are blowing themselves up in the hoping of getting 72 virgins! The Northern political elite cannot swear that they do no know where the Chibok girls are being kept. They should tell themselves that terrorism as political tool is no longer working; it has instead become counter-productive, and painting them and their religion in very bad light, which they would never be able to remedy. Who knows who the next victim may be? When you unleash a bloody-thirsty, barbaric creature like Shekau, no one knows who might fall into his net.

    • Yunus

      He is hidden at Bayelsa State Government House

      • Dodon Doya

        No! Aso Villa.

  • S.A

    How would he suffer any scratch when its all stage-managed. Wasn’t that the plan? who is fooling who?

  • Somi

    Buhari definitely wasn’t affected with any scratch because he’s the masterminder of the whole incidence. Playing the role of the main actor in a movie for us all now.

  • NazirJos

    Shame on you GEJ. All your plots are failing and so your administration will soon fail in the election.

    I think OBJ was mistaken when he accused this administration of recruiting snipers, I think it was actually bombers were trained.

    • Chiefk

      This is not the first time nor the last time that a dog will attempt to bite the owner or master

      • NazirJos

        Dogs are those who just a hundred years back were nude and live the savage in their deep swamps and jungles.

  • Shehu


    • Fizzlebee

      All you fellas pointing at PDP and the president, have you sat down to think how come a bomb attack will happen allegedly targeted at Gen. Buhari just a few days after a think tank in the UK published a report on the connection of APC to Boko Haram? Think about it. This might just be a ploy by the APC to shift the blame from themselves to the president.

      • Shehu


      • Jika

        I think you need to refer the appropriate Nigerian authority to the existence of this report so that they can peruse it appropriately. I am amazed that you are so certain that if the general were the target of the attack, there was no way he could have escaped!!!!!! You seemed to know how Boko Haram operates. Please share with us how much more of this terrorist that you know.

  • Shuaib

    Incredibly unbelievable! Nigeria can’t be one. Northern leaders stop deceiving yourselves thinking Nigeria is one. The British hypocratically joined the unjoinable nations to form a timid and foolish Naija in 1904 for their administrative convinience only….not out of sincere desire to amalgamate the willing nations to oneness. Bayajideria ( Northern region ) shall be a better place to live as a nation if secession finally materialised.

  • Fizzlebee

    This is my theory. Hypothetically ofcourse, A party that has ties with a terrorist organization and might be their sponsor, finds out that some international body is about to expose the link. So they devise a strategic plan to shift blames from themselves to the ruling party so a to damage the party’s reputation. So they come up with a brilliant plan. Let us wake up one morning and say something terrible about the president. Let us finish him with grammar, while he is considering replying us, let us arrange a near death experience for one of our strong men and then the blame the president and his party. People will think he did it and he will lose faith in him.
    The above might just be the scenario of what actually transpired.

    • Jeffrey

      That should be the reason why dumbo confessed he has boko haram members in his personal government and granted them immunity to keep killing Nigerians right ?

  • Ahmad

    For this attack on the General to take place two days after he has attacked the GEJ docile government for its inaction against BH and using the armed forces for political victimization of the opposition, is too much of a coincidence. This is a government that is allergic to the truth and can do anything nasty to silence the opposition. I think Late Gen Azazi would have perfectly explained this coincidence but unfortunately he was silenced for ever.

    • Goza Gozza

      your line of thought is well rehearsed by all APC mongers. I won’t follow you on it and most Nigerians won’t go down that road of fallacy and lies. If APC wants to woe Nigerians , they had better show them a better ideology. Doubt they have any up their sleeves.

      • Ahmad

        How could you have followed me when you have been thoroughly brain washed and your thinking faculty programmed and remote controlled such that you can’t make any analytical or critical thinking. This is why we call you people ZOMBIES

  • Fizzlebee

    My condolences goes to all the families that lost their loved ones that are not being recognized.

  • Omo Oodua

    APC is surely the mastermind of Kaduna deadly bomb blasts. Tinubu should be investigated for these deadly atrocities. Buhari may have been targeted so as to pave way for the emergence of Atiku as the Presidential candidate of APC. Buhari recently threatened to pull out of APC if the agreement signed between CPC and ACN was not implemented. The agreement says ACN will control the structure while CPC gets the Presidential ticket. But the coming of ATIKU into APC has jeopardize everything with the N5billion deal struck by Tinubu and Atiku for the APC Presidential ticket to Atiku. Tinubu and APC tend to use the Kaduna Bomb blast to achieve two things: firstly, to eraze the impression people have about APC as the sponsor of Boko Haram, and secondly, to eliminate Buhari in order for Atiku to be given the Presidential Ticket. The DSS should therefore hold Tinubu responsible for any harm that comes Buhari’s way.

  • Jeffrey

    Nigerians should please advice Jona to list, arrest and prosecute the boko haram members he confessed are in his personal government instead of granting them immunity so they can keep killing Nigerians unabated.

    • NazirJos

      That means he will arrest and prosecute himself and his cohorts. Do you think that’s ever going to happen?

  • ND

    A sane person is now talking in the midst of all this madness. A good piece


    Opposition does not necessarily imply members of the opposition party. We all know many PDP big wigs, particularly from the north, are only bidding their time. Indeed Jonathan has many enemies and opposition from within than from without. The home enemy is more virulent and deadly than the outside enemy.

    Government must follow up the identified sponsors including the CBN man and hand them over to neutral global investigators. There are more things Davis said, which add to his credibility. For example the case of the 60 chibok girls who were about to be released as a gesture of good will but for some powerful men, who were expecting some money from the process sabotaged it. Shehu Sani sometime ago alluded to this hope, which up til now has not materialised.

  • Osogagba

    Ya salam Alh Jaafaru. Very well said.