Kano Blast Kills Woman, Injures 8 – Police

Kano return

A woman was killed by a powerful blast that ripped through a central park in Kano Thursday, the police have confirmed.

Eight people were injured in the attack that targeted travellers at the Sabon Gari park, the police said.

The police spokesperson for Kano State, Magaji Majiya, said the explosion was caused by a bomb that targeted travellers.

“The blast was actually a bomb blast. The bomber hid it inside a Fridge and placed the fridge on a cart, and detonated it close to a luxurious bus,” Mr. Majiya said.

The affected bus with registration number KTT 164 XA is owned by Ifeanyi Chukwu Industrial Services, he said.

He said the bus was loading passengers heading to Port Harcourt at the time of the blast.

The bombing came a day after two explosions killed more than 40 people in neighbouring Kaduna State.

It was also the second time the Sabon Gari park would be targeted by bombers.

A blast in March 2013 killed more than 60 people, amongst them travellers and hustlers.

Majority of residents in the busy Sabon Gari suburb are non-natives of Kano State, and are mainly from the southern part of the country.

The police spokesperson, Mr. Majiya said the State Commissioner of Police recently held a meeting with officials of the motor park where issues of enhanced security around the park was discussed.


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  • larry

    We as muslims are peaceful ,we only bomb infidels and we do not bomb believers during ramadan ,islam means peace , islam is the fastest growing religion in the world .Ramadan kareem to every body .LOL..

  • Okey

    Though, we are yet to hear Boko Haram speak on the incident, I am quite certain that one APC chieftain in the North East, Mr Babachir David Lawal, will clarify that the bomb was planted by President Jonathan who wanted to kill Southerners who wanted travel to Port Harcourt to see the APC wonder kid in Rivers State.

    • redeem

      May the heavenly Father have sympathy on yr rotten Ibo soul-which for His Grace- is not even supposed to be allowed to mix with members of the human family on earth here-what is the difference between the views expressed here by u-and this satanic act by boko haram-Was Jonathan the president when Akaluka yr Ibo brother was beheaded by Sanusi in Kano? When Pastor Ijeh was murdered by the leader of boko haram late Yusuf–Again can u in yr right Ibo senses-give us the number of Ibos killed in the fulani North by boko haram since 2002? Happily for us, most of the victims murdered by the bastard Islamic cows from the fulanis emirate-are Ibo men and women-Aware the Ibos never ever trouble their souls over the killing s of their kit and kin in the north–Even if the entire population of Ibos in the north are killed-They will still rely on Oby the lady Gaga of APC-to call on Jonathan to return the chibok girls he kidnapped-from Borno state-instead of calling on boko haram to stop the killings-
      If the socalled Islam is the only religion on earth-my plea to Allah is never to allow them vultures spread the satanic virus near my people-in the SS–its a cursed religion-where are the obys ati the Falanas and bakares–supporters of the janjaweeds in APC? Why are they not on the streets of Abuja with their hashtags- to protest against these murders-The killing by boko haram- will never end until the Human remains chewing bastard Ibos like Okey-who instead of spitting on the face of boko haram-is alleging that the bomb was planted by Jonathan–i have said it severally that the SS–will remain slaves to the tripod unless they secede–the fulanis..ibos and yorubas are prentending to love them-only because of the sweet crude oil-no more no less…election or no election–time for us to quietly say good bye to each other-with a hand-shake

      • ige folorunsho

        General Azazi has said it all. PDP is behind boko haram. No matter the propaganda we can never be fooled. All these bombings are just means for Jonathan to justify the one billion dollars he asked for which he will use for 2015 elections. Except you choose to deceive yourself APC came into being last year. So that means ACN, CPC, ANPP all came together to support boko haram by forming APC. Does it make sense to you as a person? Meanwhile boko haram has been in existence even before Jonathan came to power. By APC causing mayhem and killings in their strongholds like yobe, borno, kano where they expect to get many votes in 2015, is it not politically naive if truly they are behind boko haram?
        Let us be sincere with ourselves, killing in the name of religion in nigeria has a very long history in Nigeria but the boko haram type of violence is clearly a political one. Mark my words, once Goodluck wins in 2015, boko haram will stop before 2019. Nobody can imagine PDP will stoop to this level of evil just to remain in power. If you still believe APC is behind boko haram I beg you to please write a personal letter to Goodluck to please release the names with proof of those that are in APC behind boko haram. Enough of his cowardly and propagandist insinuations from his bark dogs okupe and abati. Cheers.

        • Okey

          Both of you goofed. Common satire that is plain bedeviled your e*pty skulls. You are certainly a proof of the fallen standard of our educational system. Pity !

        • redeem

          these are the types of silly comments that often gives room to boko haram and the janjaweeds in APC to murder innocent Nigerians-Boko haram is just takin g advantage-of the quest of the elites-in APC to sink the present ship of state under the control of Jonathan-Sadly u admitted in yr post that boko haram was on long b4 Jonathan became president–As a matter of fact the Islamic sect did not start bombing hours ago–they have been killing 9jas since they came out in 2002-under an ANPP govt in Yobe-Its terrible the types of advisers the president has–how can u ask for 1b to fight boko haram in an election year? Poeple are right to say he needs the moeny to fight for re-election—these are some of the reasons why i have been calling for the sack of dasuki–ati gusau–the man is just wasting the resources of the ppl of the niger delta for nothing–Gusau and dasuki-the house will not approve the money–let boko haram kill all of us–the pity of it is that there are patriotic soldiers doing all within their limited powers to fight boko haram-while the parasites sit at home chopping awoof oil money in the barracks

      • Okey

        The man beyond redemption, common satire that is plain bedeviled your e*pty skull and exposed your very miserable self. You are certainly a proof of the fallen standard of our educational system. Pity !

        • Okey who?

          Did I hear you say fallen educational system? That must be rich coming from a clown like you who can not string two correct sentences together. Perhaps you should revisit you initial posting.

          • Okey

            redeem, … and the later posting ? By the way, if “two sentences” are “correct”, must they be strawn together. Sure, if you could not make out a direction from a simple satire, you wouldn’t know any further …

          • True Nigerian

            Okey, I’m laughing off my head here. Hahahahaha! Totally in stiches! Hilarious!
            Redeem’s zealousness makes him so out of place sometimes – no, not sometimes; all the time. Hahahaha!

          • Okey

            Easyyyyy bros.

          • Okey who?

            Satire? Give us a break geez!!! Satire gone bonkers you
            mean. Please save yourself from further satirical suicide. Those who have
            earned the right to be called intellectuals do not go about blowing their vuvuzela
            from the rooftops. Anu-ofia!!

          • Okey

            Master of expletives and inmate of the gutter, if you could not make out a direction from a simple satire, sure, you wouldn’t know any further …

          • redeem

            Bros we all make mistakes once in a while-dont be too hard on him–cheers

        • redeem

          i am really sorry about it–Did not take my time to read yr piece–thought it was from wahala–pls accept my apologies-

          • Intrepid

            You this creek urchin, try not be overly impulsive when insulting the IGBOS. We owe your people no dime. ALWAYS LOOK BEFORE LEAP, DERI ORBUKA.

  • Obi

    I’m Ibo, and i’ve seen what is going on. I work with a lot of muslims, and it exposed me a little. They’re really calm and all so i really dont know where boko haram is coming from. I try not to be tribalistic in these matters as these killings have been forcing me in that direction. Its really a Power tussle over Politics and Oil, PDP and APC. i might be wrong but i feel the Northern elders created this monstrocity and no longer have control over the situation. We can only wait for 2015 to come and protect our own; Ibo, Hausa, Yoruba, South-South: God put us together for a reason and we have been living off each other for centuries. I hope this doesnt finally break us though, Amen!

  • Fizzlebee

    This menace Should stop. I see no reason for this fight. It’s so saddening. I pray the military catch up with BH and end this for good.