Two Weeks After, SSS Releases Two Islamic School Teachers Arrested In Aba Mosque Raid

SSS Officials

“The SSS told us the soldiers were just doing their job and that after their investigation they were convinced that we were not planning anything bad. They also asked us to be vigilant and report any strange thing in our area to them.”


The Department of State Services, alias SSS, has released two secondary school teachers who were taken into custody on July 7 after soldiers raided the Aba Central Mosque and the residences of some Muslims in the town.

The soldiers also arrested the Chief Imam of the mosque, Idris Bashir; his deputy, Mohammed Hassan; and eleven others over allegation that they were stockpiling guns and planning to manufacture bombs in their mosque and residences.

Those arrested were later taken to the 144 Battalion Barracks at Asa where they were grilled and released after extensive search did not yield any weapon or dangerous materials in their homes or mosque.

Two of them – Abdulrahman Sani and Abubakar Abdulmajid – were however detained.

Both are teachers at New Horizon Academy in Aba. The school is owned by the Aba Central Mosque.

But when PREMIUM TIMES contacted Mr. Bashir on Tuesday for update, he said Messrs Sani and Abdulmajid had been released.

Mr. Sani later explained that after detaining him and his colleague for two weeks, the soldiers transferred them to the SSS, which released them after its investigation.

“The SSS told us that the soldiers were just doing their job and that after their investigation they were convinced that we were not planning anything bad,” Mr. Sani said. “They also asked us to be vigilant and report any strange thing in our area to them. They asked us to come back next week to collect some of our items that they confiscated when they arrested us.”

PREMIUM TIMES understands Messr. Sani and Abdulmajid were taken away by the soldiers because they saw some bottles of chemicals at the science laboratory of their school.

They were then accused of planning to use the chemical to manufacture bombs.

Mr. Bashir, the chief Imam, had told PREMIUM TIMES the bottles of chemical were used for practical studies by students of the school.

“The bottles were not hidden and were kept aside in the lab because there were only five students offering the subject and three of them are already married and the other two appear to have lost interest in the subject, so the bottles are even empty,” he said.

The spokesperson of the SSS, Marilyn Ogar, could not be reached to comment for this story. She did not answer or return calls to her telephone. She also did not respond to a text message sent to her by one of our reporters.


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  • Gideon Orkar

    Before IED became very popular in Nigeria. A science teacher in Barkin Ladi had a an explosion in a chemistry lab. He claimed it was an experiment that went wrong. Funny thing was that it was during vacation period. People of Aba be vigilant as that is all I can say

    • Hassan Suru

      Experiments may go wrong and some chemicals may explode when in contact with other chemicals and some even when they are exposed to open air. It has happened several times when I was in secondary school. Maybe you did not study chemistry that is why you find an explosion in a lab so difficult to understand.

      • Gideon Orkar

        Ok na. We believe you, especialy when there are no students to see the experiments

  • redeem

    These are all lies –the thing again is that –we have Ibos who are Muslims–they are the ones who are supoposed to run such Mosques-in their states-The place is one of the cells for boko haram–the trouble with our security operatives is that they do not even understand how these boko haram cells operates-every fulani boko haram fighter that arrives the south east–is first housed in these Mosques in the South–that is their homes-for a long time to come-After which they are made to go into a trade-they will go about selling dirrent items until its time for them to answer the almighty call from shekau-2 kill-I laughed when Kwakanso said the people are from Kano-its a bloody lie–they are from Niger republic- Chad among other states in the west african sub -region-Real natives from the North do not travel much–never–These migrants have a very big network–go to niger republic and see their citizens with our national ID cards-and passports–issued to them by the fulani elites operating like a secret cult in the fulani north-Some of them only travel to Niger republic when the farming season is approaching-but all of them speak hausa–which is the language spoken in Niger republic by even the fulanis-in boko haram

    • Ibrahim

      First of all, I think your theories are quite far fetched. Be that as it may, there are certain holes I will pick in your comments. Firstly, these BH characters are from everywhere and are not only “Hausa / Fulani”. Secondly, the epicentre of BH is in the North East, Borno to be precise with their leader being Kanuri, which is not Fulani or Hausa in anyway. However, the distinction does not really matter, evil is evil.

      Try and understand that as a muslim and a Nigerian, I condemn their activities, which not in line with the teachings of Islam. It is there in the Quran that there is no compulsion in religion. Hence this totally negates everything these guys stand for.

      Thirdly, if you say that Imams in the south east must be south east muslims, then what will you say about the thousands of south east clerics in the north? As long as you are fit to be a cleric, it does not matter your extraction. Secondly, any one is free to setup a religious house be it a church or mosque and can be led by anyone fit to lead.

      It is quite obvious that you have pure hatred to anyone Hausa or Fulani. I am fulani and my best friends are from the southern part of the country. The people I call my family are Igbo, Delta and Yoruba and yes Christians. We all grew up together and nothing can separate us.

      Although we are all entitled to our opinions, I will sit back and respect your opinion as much as I disagree with you. However, I think it is best we work towards solving these problems most especially creating jobs for our population, educating our people better, fighting intolerance, protecting women and children and most of all choosing the right people to public office who should work for the people and not vice versa.

      Thank you.

      • Wähala

        You just wasted your time watering stone, the guy is an “extremist sycophant”…as I describe thugs like him and Asari, et al. He’s so bitter with hatred nobody but Ijaw matters. Forget him, he’s a well known internet tout and GEJ apologist. Disagree long with him and watch his eccentric reaction… you’ve been cautioned!

        • redeem

          Did I invitation u to my abode—–with your dual personality traits ati ID–one Ibo the other Fulani-the third Kanuri——–now————-

      • redeem

        u see PT did deleted my response to u–twice -yesterday ati this morning very sad-cause they and the janjaweeds in APC cannot stand the truth –ati sharia reporters-and Punch–but deri aka redeem will not give up the fight to right the wrongs done–the SS-For freedom is our goal-not the impostion of fake religious ideas imported from the house of the saudis——————-cheer-

        • redeem

          Kolkormodor–Shekau is fulani born in Borno–state–And had his parents name after Shekau village-these things can only fool some few disgruntled elements–U said the fighters in boko haram are Kanuris-I laugh–Then why has Boko harma been claiming responsibilty for the Bombing in Jos–which has left thousand of natives dead–Was Jos LGA created for the borms or the fulani settlers-U mean to tell us its Kanuris who are doing the killings in southern kaduna—-Benue———ati Plateau state abi—? Buhari is Fulani-did he not ask government to stop killing members of boko haram-ask yourself why-he made that callous statement-?-what is the business of Kanuris with Fulanis-Dont u know at yr age that fulanis kill or declare war on their perceived enemies by proxy? Why are all the emirs in the core north fulanis-From Adamaw to Kano ati sokoto? That is why the average fulani man would tell u that-d real natives from the north have no brain-very empty-hence the need for the fulanis to control their thought process for them-They see themselves as the only wise people in the entire north–how many kanuris are fighting to be presidents of Nigeria-? -look at the list–all of them fulanis- Buhari- El rufai- Ribadu-atiku–kwankaso–Lamido—-gusau—–ciroma-junaid——sanusi—-dasuki–show us the kanuris among them–Aware u will soon tell me Nyako who has been importing fulanis from the west african sub-region to fight with boko haram is also a kanuri——

    • 2015 president

      Redeem, are you ready to do your duty to your father land ?

    • Wähala

      Lies because you’re disappointed with the wild goose chase abi?
      Well, some of these security people are actually well-trained and cannot be tainted by Marilyn’s lies. Why did she turn off her phones, wonder why? Igbos are not racists and any Muslim can run his legitimate business with “local content character” embedded in it, we’re no regional Ijaw bigots like you drunks. The freed men are teachers… shikena!

      • redeem

        Yes sadly for us the victims of all these boko haram bombing in abuja-shopping Mall-Nyanya motor park are Ibos-One of the best methods initiated to check illegal demonic migrants from the west african sub-region is the registration of these people-which the foreigners among us like Kwankaso kicked against-Even when the National ID scheme was initiated-it was Buhari who first siad NO to the the project–cause he is not a Nigerian–like Tinubu a Togolese who is parading himself as a Nigerian from Mushin—stateless—-that is what he is–At least Jonathan knows the village he hails from–we see Mama accompany him to church–she did not adopt him–See why we have not been able to transform our societies-with 9 former heads of state in Nigeria??????? Its because-most of our leaders from the north are not Nigerians–any who is named after a village in the fulani north–strayed into the place from Niger republic ati Chad-

    • Shehu


      • redeem

        then why did Premium times delete my response to u

    • Hassan Suru

      This guy, I salute you, u are a real talker, unfortunately, U know very little. Your brain is filled with worthless garbage.


    True talk. Our security forces need to understand boko haram in the context of Al-Qaeda operating in the West African sub region. When Iran starting shipping sophisticated arms to this group our security forces out of inexperience and naivety missed the clue in apapa wharf and treated it as a consignment meant for Gambia. Similar incidents abound, until the damage has been done before people begin to wonder. Nigeria still has strong bilateral relationships with state sponsors of terrorism, like Iran, Turkey etc. our problem in this country is that we are not proactive. We wait until something happens before we use a fire brigade approach. Left alone, the issue of registration of northerners in the southern states was the best proactive initiative that has ever come out of some good heads in the south. It could be condemned, that is understandable, but that is the best approach to forestall the boko haram evil in the south.
    They ( the Talibans, whom boko haram are) take time to incubate, amongst the people. After you have forgotten about them, and taken them for granted, that is when they strike.
    The golden rule is that treat every Muslim as a potential terrorist and follow them in the south where ever they go from now onward. It is only through such close marking that they would be discouraged from incubating and breeding their evil genie in the south and wreaking havoc on our collective sensibility.