North gets largest part of British support to Nigeria, UK envoy says

Mr. Pocock says, “We work very closely in particular with Kano state because we believe that the institutions of the state under the leadership of the state governor give results and the results are what we are interested in.”

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Andrew Pocock, has said that 60 per cent of British government’s donation to Nigeria goes to the Northern part of the country.

“60 per cent of the British development assistance that we put into this country comes into the Northern Nigeria”, said Mr Pocock, adding that this is because the United Kingdom is deeply concerned about the development of the region.

He disclosed this on Tuesday during the graduation and presentation of empowerment grants/facilities to 1,907 youth and women trained on horticultural skills and home-based trades by the Kano state government. The event was held at Government House, Kano.

“We work very closely in particular with Kano state because we believe that the institutions of the state under the leadership of the state governor give results and the results are what we are interested in,” Mr. Pocock said.

“The example this state gives today is unanimously important – gathering of graduates who have been empowered on vocational training particularly in the agricultural area. It is good to see men given professions and I have to say it is particularly good to see women being empowered in this way.

“It is solid truth of developmental economists that where women are given a chance to own a sustainable living, the health and wealth of their families and of the communities and of the states massively improve.”

The British High Commissioner congratulated the state government and beneficiaries of its empowerment programmes, expressing the hope that the state would soon be able to overcome its security challenges.

Speaking during the occasion, the state governor, Rabi’u Kwankwaso said N210 million was spent on the programmes, explaining that the beneficiaries include 500 (11th batch) youth trained on poultry farming, 400 (4th batch) trained on aquaculture, 132 (7th batch) trained on livestock, 275 (1st batch) on horticulture, 600 (6th batch) youth and less privileged women trained in home-based trading.

Mr. Kwankwaso appealed to beneficiaries to make good use of what is given to them as capital in order to be self-employed and eventually employ others, thus alleviating poverty and unemployment in the society.


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  • Wähala

    With just N210 million, Gov. Kwankwaso was able to train and empower 1,907 pauper…
    While with N210 billion, the NDDC was not able to complete just one project in the year 2012-2013…
    Meanwhile, with N53bn, the Amnesty Program has nothing to show for the annual budget that dwarfs that of Defense…
    Talk about parasites and their burden on Nigeria… Lazy & Ogogoro-loving Aborigines, not Aboki, are our only problem.
    Kwankwanso for President, biko. Even the Brits can attest to his astute leadership.

    • Uzoma

      The only problem is you forgot the “Lazy & Ogogoro-loving Aborigines” you berate also own the oil. If that doesn’t entitle them to N210 billion, plus the N53 billion NDDC annual budget, I don’t know what would. The truth is if Kwankwanso and Kano are beginning to do something about the millions of kids that they had in the past not given any reason to look forward to the future, then it’s a good thing for everyone and the nation. We must all congratulate them ask them to do even more.

      • Wähala

        Just shut-up dia! There’s more oil in my state than in some backwater states…
        That does not make Ibos in my enclave dependent on government handouts. We work hard for living!
        On average, Ogogoro-loving Aborigines make more unwanted babies than Northerners so, Go-siddon!

        • Patrick Ebeleike

          Shut up you are not an Igbo man, I think you are a gorilla that ran away from the jungle. There is nothing like IBO and you call yourself Igbo.

          • RICH


    • Patrick Ebeleike

      The British made the north lazy so what do expect them to do. You are lazy, illitrates and backwards regardless of the British people do. With all the money in Nigeria unless you stop being lazy you cant achieve anything even with British help. As for Amnesty programe who cares, it is their mone any way they can get it. Go get your own you jealouse abokis.

  • Muhideen Laide

    Ofcourse, i know! The Brithief sees the Yoruba as their major competitor.

  • Dorcas

    Kwakwanso for President.

    • Clay

      When kwankwaso becomes pre-what??, but God forbid; if ever it happens what you get is kwashiorkor in the north.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    How many states in Nigeria has Mr Pocock visited? His statement is tantamount to a person just placing pins on a map he knows very little about. The UK can decide to help any state in Nigeria but, please, let’s not muddle up the criteria used. The UK has a right to like Kano but please don’t feed us the info that Kano has been the state producing results.

    • Wähala

      Do you need to visit all the states in Nigeria to know which Governors re working for the people?

  • Agu Nwoke

    No surprises here. Britain has always backed the North, which did not want independence, against the South, which fought for independence and to stop the British from stealing from Nigeria to develop Britain. The history books are filled with how the British fuel crises in Nigeria and support the North to dominate the South politically. There is no news in your statement, Mr High Commissioner. You back the North to further Britain’s interests.

    • Patrick Ebeleike

      And see where the got the north. The north should learn and get away from the cunning white man. I live here and I know them, they are in the north for a reason just to exploit.

  • Clay

    Mr Peacock (Pocock) has said it all and of-course we knew it. The British was the architect of the geo-ethno-political problem we have in this country. It was their criminal ingenuity that forced the north, the people who were not ready for independence upon the rest of the country. The British manipulated the census then to favour the northern region simply because indirect rule worked in the north and not in eastern region. The British knew that eastern and western regions were people on the go who want to take their destiny in their hands. The co-opting of northern region into this forced marriage was a criminal scheme to slow down the political and economic developmental stride of the western and eastern regions. They knew it will take the northern region to perpetuate their interest in this contraception called Nigeria. The British does not want challenge; they want people who will depend on them for survival. They sowed hatred and misgivings to the north against the rest of the nation. The British provided logistics and supplied armaments that tilted the civil war against Biafra. In spite of all their criminal manipulations against nations they colonized what is their political and military strength in world politics today. Most of the times you find the Britain trailing the opinions of Americans, Germans, Russians and even Chinese. That is why everybody was happy when OBJ nationalized all British investments and assets during apartheid struggle. Nigerians are better off with Americans than the brutish (British). Who wants them in the south anyway.

    • Annon

      Mr. Pocock says, “We work very closely in particular with Kano state because we believe that the institutions of the state under the leadership of the state governor give results and the results are what we are interested in.”

      You tribal bigot people/nations do things with reasons, not with warped minds like you do in Nigeria which has destroyed your country beyond repairs. wake up from your slumber, if you can.

  • Derby

    Na waoo. Nigerians never cease to amaze me!

  • redeem

    When the Brits talk about the North–they mean the FULANI NORTH- its not the entire North-where the Nupes-Tivs ati Gwaris among others-have no say–Its only the Fulanis who have managed to impose their authority on the rest of the North–Now those who resist–are being slaughtered by boko haram and fulani herds men-The question is how many of the aids-often tied to the apron strings of the fulani janjaweeds have ever been allowed to pass unto the people of North Central or Southern Kaduna-we have 2 governments in place in Nigeria–One for the Fulanis the other 4 d down trodden masses in the SS including Gej-I am yet to see a single aid from the UN or Western countries sent to the Mosquito infested creeks of the Niger Delta-since 1960-When we plead with the Fulani North that the Land Use Decree which Obj introduced to steal oil revenue and land from the people of Otta-be dumped in the dust bin of history-it was the fulani north that said No–to the SS delegates at the national confab–who later gave in to the evil demands-of the fulanis-that the land uswe decree should never be touched–So that they could use it to take over native lands in the North–From Borno to Plateau ati Kwara state-Those who allege that the oil revenue from the SS is meant for the use of the fulanis alone–need to have a rethink-Its a must thast we have resource control-else separation be seen as the only answer-to our quest for freedon–Those who yearn for a revolution in Nigeria for the fulanis–are free to pursue their regional revolutionary ideas via sanusi-No trouble–or fulanis like dasuki-buhari, elrufai–ribadu-Ciroma, Junaid–kanti bello–atiku, dangote–with no known family history in Nigeria-who often abuse and look down on the rest of nigeria and the president-on behalf of APC and the janjaweeds in boko haram-that the yankees ati d brits cloned to destroy the SS-4 d tripod-cheers

  • igbiki

    Yeah, why not. The north is the slave-master’s lackey anyway. And the north is at the beck and call of the british colonialists forever, till the end of time and for all eternity.

    The starry-eyed british slave-drivers are still romanticizing over their lost vassal which they plundered with the active help of the leprous born-to-rule feudalists.

    The problem is, both refuse to see or acknowldge the fact that Nigeria has changed and that the pockmarked leeches, vultures and parasites are not ever going to return to power, NEVER.

    And any overt or covert machinations by the monarchists to return the irredentists and retrogressives truants and loafers to power will set-off a Yugoslavia like tsunami of war only machted by the horrors of Biafra, Somalia, Kongo, South Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Give them the MOON, th SUN and all the STARS in the cosmos, rapacious Northerners will never be phased. The ABACHA LOOT syndrome is endemic in a clan with an obsession plunder, pillage and devastate whatever comes their way. The British initiative will not even move the needle in the metrics of these people’s lives…..just a waste of time and resources. On the other hand, the British earns the alienation of the Southerners in a venture that is patently discriminatory. Brotish interest in Shell Oil may suffer the backlash from this misguided venture. The British don’t need to be reminded that Nigeria’s oil fields are right in Southerners’ backyard, not in the arid scrub North they court.