Enugu Assembly Says Deputy Governor Must Go For Raising Chickens in Govt. House

Onyebuchi Sunday... Impeached for raising chickens behind his official quarters

The Assembly also accuses Mr. Onyebuchi of obstructing the smooth running of government for disobeying Governor Chime

The Enugu State House of Assembly on Tuesday said the state deputy governor, Sunday Onyebuchi, does not deserve to remain in office for operating a poultry farm within his official quarters and obstructing the smooth running of government in other ways.

Twenty-two of the 24 members of the Assembly  had on Monday resolved to serve impeachment notice on the deputy governor.

Among the charges against Mr. Onyebuchi is the operation of a livestock and poultry farms within residential areas in Enugu.

According to the impeachment notice, the lawmakers said by a resolution they passed on February 12, 2013, the House “prohibited the maintenance and operation of a commercial livestock and poultry farms within residential neighbourhoods in Enugu Metropolis in promotion of public health standards”.

They said Mr. Onyebuchi declined to obey the directives of government’s officials who came to his official premises to monitor the resolution.

The notice read in parts: “Consequent upon the intimidation of the relevant officials of the government by the Deputy Governor in respect of the matter aforesaid, the governor of Enugu State (herein after referred to as “ the Governor via letters with reference numbers : GHE/CAO/31/239 and GHE/CAO/31/240 dated 24/12/2013 and 27/12/2013 respectively, directed the Deputy Governor to relocate the commercial poultry farm out of the premises of his official residential quarters , which is also within the general premises of the Government House Enugu and adjacent to the Governor’s office.

“The Deputy Governor further defied the directive herein and in a most discourteous manner and in utter disregard of the office of the governor, responded via a letter dated 8/1/2014, insisting that he would not relocate his commercial poultry farm from the premises of his official residential quarters.

“When the government through the appropriate Ministries and departments relocated the birds and cleared the premises of the noxious stench emanating therefrom, the Deputy Governor wrongfully deployed the resources and powers of his office as deputy governor to invite the press and openly castigated the government and her officials, thereby impugning and denigrating the authority and office of the governor and embarrassing the government.”

PREMIUM TIMES is unable to reach Mr. Onyebuchi as at the time of this report to determine whether the poultry farm the lawmakers complained about is indeed a commercial one.

The lawmakers also said Mr. Onyebuchi disobeyed the governor, Sullivan Chime, on several occasions thereby violating Section 193 (1) of the Constitution.

They specifically noted in particular that in March, the deputy governor refused to represent Mr. Chime at the flag-off ceremony of the 2nd River Niger Bridge, which was performed by President Goodluck Jonathan.

“The deputy governor persists in his defiance of lawful directives issued to him by the governor” the lawmakers said, adding that Mr. Onyebuchi’s attitude had affected the smooth running of the government of the state.

Section 188 (2) of the Constitution says, a governor or deputy governor may be removed from office when a notice of any allegation in writing signed by not less than one-third of the members of the House of Assembly –

Is presented to the Speaker of the House of Assembly of the state Stating that the holder of such offices is guilty of gross misconduct in the performance of the functions of his office detailed particulars of which shall be specified.

The Speaker then shall within seven days of the receipt of the notice cause a copy of the notice to be served on the holder of the office and on each member of the House of Assembly and shall cause any statement made in reply in the allegation by the holder of the office, to be served on each member of the House of Assembly.

Meanwhile, analysts have been pointing at Mr. Chime for allegedly instigating the impeachment plot against his deputy over other issues, including his ambition to run for Enugu East Senatorial District seat.

They allege the governor is rooting for his Chief of Staff, Ifeoma Nwobodo, to replace Mr. Onyebuchi after which she (Nwobodo) would seek the Senate seat to replace the incumbent, Gilbert Nnaji, in the next year’s election.


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  • Wähala

    Eccentric Gov. Chime, who once chained his wife to the floor accused of plotting to kill him, with his Nazi mustache must be the Hitler of Enugu politics… imagine, impeaching his deputy because the guy is against his fornication with a married Ms. Nwobodo. Tufia! Wonders will never end. If anybody deserves impeachment for fornication & abdication of duties for lengthy periods of time, it’s Gov. Chime. He-Goat! The wicked tout should have impeached his Deputy for raising fowl and refusing to dance Atiliogu last year, not now that the nation is agog with a bad gale of impeachment wind. Some people sef. Sometimes, I just wish I can gather all these Naija leaders and … them on fire! WALLAHI !!!

    • redeem

      Operating like another quiet He goat-your tuwo chinkafa-friend Buhari who locked up late Sam Mbakwe in his gulag while he went about opening the under wear of his second wife-

      • Wähala

        Did he open your mother’s pungent undie?
        Who made Dumbo’s babies? Certainly not obese Hippo bcos it will require an army to open her underwear.
        Omo ita. Oni isokuso… oloti. Drunkard!

        • Screw-Wähala ati nwa mkpi

          Pungent undie? Isn’t that repugnant coming from you? Why don’t you cut to the chase instead of resorting to unsavory remarks? You must gun down anyone who disagrees with your opinionated views, as if freedom of expression is reserved for you and your ilk.
          We live in the 21st, bruv – so get over the hate.


          • Wähala

            Yes! Coming from Deri, he needs it more than anybody else. His excesses get on my nerves. Same crap he wrote about late Prof. Akunyili and Baba Iyabo when news broke the lady had died. Sometimes, you have to climb into the gutter to swat mosquitoes… no one has monopoly on porno.
            Shaa, no offence meant to other readers, my apologies!

      • Shehu


      • Bunduma Mohammed

        He is one of the useless SA employed by Useless GEJ; the best is to ignore him as he is working for his stomach. His brain has failed to function that is why he reasons like dog.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      The same Chime who was overseas for how long when he thought he was going to die of cancer or whateverhis illness was?

      He got his second chance and now believes he would live forever?

      Time is longer than rope.

  • Lawrence Agha

    The people of Enugu State should resist this impeachment move against their deputy Governor. This is a gross abuse of power by Governor Chime. The Enugu State House of Assembly should as a matter of urgency withdraw their impeachment notice to the deputy Governor. The Nigerian constitution did not make provision for impeachment of political office holders based on fantasies and emotional state of political opponents. It is unbelievable that some of these men in power do not have any atom of honesty and ethical values that guides their actions.

  • Frank

    Never knew that Poultry farming is an Impeachable offence, Na wa oh for Politicians

  • Afamuefuna

    Deputy Gov Onyebuchi was an admin officer for Ike Ekweremadu, while Ekweremadu was the chief of staff to Gov Chimaroke Nnamani. In other words, he was the hand that cooked all those fraudulent books by Nnamani and Ekweremadu. For the past 7 years, he would rather take directives from those thieves who raped Enugu State than work with Gov Chime who did not only accept him as d-gov for his first but picked him for his second term. Onyebuchi, in serving his masters, sworn enemies of Enugu State, was an enemy of the government of which he was d-gov. I am surprised that Chime tolerated him for so long.

    • There Was a Country

      Just as Chime “Tolerated” his wife Clara for 5 yrs abi? …Those your “enemies” of Enugu State was the people that put your Chime there. Its only a matter of months for Chime to go…and WHAT GOES AROUND, MUST SURELY COME AROUND.

    • Gozie Gozie

      And who made Chime Governor? The same Chimaroke Nnamani that they all worked for.

      • Afamuefuna

        Did somebody make Chimaroke governor? Yes, Jim Nwobodo. By the way, does your point, if you have any, make it right for a d-gov to work against his own government and governor? Nnamani made Nwobodo his enemy a day after Nwobodo made him a governor. Chime kept Onyebuchi as deputy in his first term and picked him for his second term. Not enough reason for loyalty?

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  • Mahmoud Lawal

    Hate on dude, you are fully entitled to your brash, obdurate and opportunistic opinions. Divert the issue as much as you can, the simple deduction is your hate-filled mind will only consume you as you spread lies, deceit and subterfuge in defence of mediocrity and evil.

    • justice

      You are definetly of the old north. Hence your pain as Femi dish out this truth. Your infantile diatribe will not remove anything from this brilliant essay. Served cold by Femi.

  • Babatunde

    Thank you very much Sir for your in-depth analysis of events in Nigeria. Your use of data to support your opinions is nothing short of amazing. In a country where data is a taboo, you bring out the truth to the chagrin of the uneducated. To those who cannot stand the truth, too bad, the train has already left the station. If you don’t like what Dr. Aribisala is talking about, bring out your own data to counter his argument. Otherwise, look in the mirror, the problem of Nigeria is staring back at you. No abusive or curse word please.

  • Ogom

    “The kidnapping of the Chibok girls is part and parcel of a cynical plan by some Northern elements to embarrass the government and militate against Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election plans.”

    I couldn’t read beyond the paragraph above.

    No one, except the most hardcore Jonathan apologist would actually believe this. No one with an ounce of decency would express this kind of pathetic conspiracy theory publicly, especially with the girls still missing after 3 months.

    Congratulations, Mr Aribisala. You have reached a new low. A few more essays like this and you will snatch the crown from Fani-Kayode.

  • Garden-City Boy

    That is Femi Aribisala, my only beloved Son i whom I am well pleased. Hear ye him. But he appears blind-sided to certain aspects of the old NORTH parasites- their history of barbaric impunity and coldblooded, genocidal propensities. It is not hard to trace the Boko Haram carnage to the OLD NORTH who, driven by this “# bring back our Northern Domination” mentality, unleashed the endless, barbaric carnage on an innocent society.
    My Son also forget to mention that this same devil’s incarnates of the OLD NORTH masterminded and orchestrated the 1966 pogrom and the genocide that followed in its wake -a holocaust that took over 3million Igbo lives. They fuel the campaign of islamic jihadism, and gleefully savor the death and injuries to victims.

    And these monsters of the old North are to pay. The Old North resume is far from complete without the inclusion of their bloody past.

  • Jezebel

    I never cease to marvel about the low analytic level of Dr. Aribisala’s positions on public discourse. For a Phd, and scholar for that matter, your views are often interesting but very simplistic and devoid of a “big picture” perspective on this geographical expression called Nigeria.

    For your information, at every stage of Nigeria’s historical epoch, the hegemonic class cuts across tribes and religions, though one tribe may be the dominant partner in the coalition. You have rightly pointed out that there is an old North and a new North. What that suggests is that there is an interest to protect which transcends being born in a geographical locale. Therefore ascribing Nigeria”s political outcome to regional domination is too simplistic and cannot withstand logical reasoning.

    You will elevate the level of debate in this country if you look at issues beyond the prism of tribe and religion, but from a “class” or “interest group” perspective, as you learned in your 101 class 40+ years ago. Northern domination relied heavily on the support of other regional elites who are of “like” minds. Similarly, as we witness and continue to witness in contemporary times, the current South South hegemonic bloc is not destroying Nigeria alone, it is acting in cooperation with people of like mind from all regions. Ditto the current destroyers of Yoruba values in the South West. You must be of like mind to belong to the hegemonic/dominant class, not necessarily born into a tribe or region.

    I find your articles interesting, but they lack the analytic rigour expected of someone of your education and experience.

  • Garden-City Boy

    That is Femi Aribisala, my only beloved Son i whom I am well pleased. Hear ye him. But he appears blind-sided to certain aspects of the old NORTH parasites- their history of barbaric impunity and coldblooded, genocidal propensities. It is not hard to trace the Boko Haram carnage to the OLD NORTH who, driven by this “# bring back our Northern Domination” mentality, unleashed the endless, barbaric carnage on an innocent society.
    My Son also forget to mention that this same devil’s incarnates of the OLD NORTH masterminded and orchestrated the 1966 pogrom and the genocide that followed in its wake -a holocaust thattook over 3million Igbo lives. They fuel the campaign of islamic jihadism, and gleefully savor the death and injuries to victims.
    And these monsters of the old North are yet to pay. The Old North resume is far from complete without the inclusion of their bloody past.

  • dogo

    The old North was the one crying marginalisation in military appointment, during the era of Gen Obasonjo because Gen Victor Malu from Benue was Chief of Army Staff, Admiral Ogohi, the Chief of Defence Staff was from Kogi State and Air Marshal Isaac Alfa, Chief of Air Staff was from Kogi state. The cry of Northern marginalisation in the military persisted until the Old North was asked if Benue and Kogi are part of the no longer part of Northern Nigeria ?

  • Nuga A

    This man write up is full of total sentiment and baseless point.You are very bias and surely working for the Govt of the day without criticizing both parties but always choose to talk negative about APC and in supportive of PDP when it is very glaring the hardship the present political party is making the country to go through because of their lack of idea and leadership quality.You need to put sentiment aside in your write up


    One interesting fact about Aribisala is that he is a man with many abilities. Aribisala has the Ability to fall into a trance during which he hears mysterious things and sees strange visions. The vision of an emerging ‘new north’ and a stagnant or fading ‘old north’ was revealed to him in the early hours of Tuesday this week. He was shown in the vision, according to him, that an old north are the sponsors of the #Bringbackourgirls campaigners and are also holding the Yoruba people in slavery. Like his previous visions, this one lack details and the divine source of the vision. So it is not clear at the moment whether the vision is of a divine origin or a product of Aribisala’s transient cerebral dysfunction, the type usually caused by untreated high grade ‘spiritual’ malaria.

    Some people who have read the vision testified that it lacks useful details except people from some corners of the country who, for whatever reasons, are ridiculously susceptible to be deceived by strange visions. Many of our brothers from the south east and south-south are usually allergic to facts. All that is needed to stir up ‘intellectual anarchy’ among them is for any writer to use words like APC, Janjaweed, Boko Haram, Tinubu, Buhari, Atiku, #Bringbackourgirls, north, 2015, etc. They immediately go into spasm and display an unimaginable level of intellectual poverty whenever they see any of these words, especially if dishonest people like Aribisala use them.

    Aribisala told us of a ‘new north’ without bothering with details. He just mentioned few names and believed that is enough for everyone to believe his strange vision. What is the nature of his “new north”? Is it a geographical entity with defined boarders? Where are the borders? Are states like Taraba, Kwara, Kogi, Benue, Plateau, Kaduna part of his “new north”? What are boundaries of his “old north”? If Aribisala’s ‘new north’ is not a geographical entity then what is it? Are they some kind of ideology- and economic-linked affinity groups? Who are members of the groups and their backgrounds? Is Bamanga Tukur a member of the ‘new north’? Have members of the ‘new north’ never stolen massively from the country’s treasury? Is Muazu the current PDP’s Chairman a member of the ‘new north’? The fuel subsidy thieves across the country, are they all members of the ‘old north’? Will there also be a vision of a ‘new and old south’? Or Aribisala’s gods are not interested in the south?

    What concrete evidence can Aribisala show to support his claim that the #Bringbackourgirls campaigners are being sponsored by the ‘old north’? What is the nature, scope, channels and magnitudes of the sponsorship? Who are the principal beneficiaries of the sponsor among the #Bringbackourgirls campaigners?

    When, how and who are responsible for selling the Yoruba’s into ‘old north’ slavery. Who are the principal actors in the annulment of June 12 election? Are they all members of the ‘old north?’

    Aribisala should understand that plausible statements are not always true unless supported by evidence. Dishonest people try to use plausible statements to deceive people that are susceptible to deceit. I think this is what Aribisala has done – using lies to deceive people because the people can be deceived easily.
    If Aribisala does not provide evidence, his article remains a mere imagination and is ABSOLUTE NONSENSE.