Northern group submits bill seeking registration of southerners

The group believes southerners are destroying the North with alien vices.

A group known as Concerned Arewa Citizen on Monday submitted a bill to the Kaduna House of Assembly seeking a law for the registration of southerners in Kaduna and other parts of Northern Nigeria.

The Kano-based group stormed the Kaduna Assembly with the Bill and covering letter, jointly signed by its President, Audu Bukarti, and Secretary, Sanusi Sadiq.

It urged the Assembly to pass the bill as quickly as possible.

“No southerner wishing to enter the boundary of the north shall be permitted to do so unless such is duly registered with the appropriate authority.

The group, which had earlier submitted a similar bill to the Kano State Assembly, also wants southerners, either residing or willing to enter the north, to register within 10 days.

According to the group, the law, if passed, would protect Kaduna and the North against terrorism, armed robbery, baby factories, pipeline vandalism , kidnappers and other activities allegedly carried out by southerners.

The group pointed out that the north is suffering from most of the evil vices bedevilling it  because of the haphazard entry and exit of southerners who it said have infiltrated the region.

Part of the bill submitted to the Assembly reads: “This law may be cited as the Kaduna State Registration of Southerners and Allied Matters Law 2014 and shall come into force on August 1st, 2014.

“No southerner wishing to enter the boundary of the north shall be permitted to do so unless such is duly registered with the appropriate authority.

“Every southerner desirous of entering the northern boundaries for the purpose of residence shall give security in such amount as the appropriate authority may be prescribed and shall supply such information as the authority may reasonably require.”

The Speaker of the Kaduna Assembly, Shehu Tahir, who received the letter and the proposed bill, assured the group that the House would look into the matter raised in the bill and do whatever is necessary.


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  • tolu

    you can see what orji of ABIA state has turned nigeria to… I don’t know what the ibos or olisa metu stand to gain by dividing NIGERIA along religion and ethnic line in this 21st century they ‘ve forgotten that their kinsmen are in every state of the country..

    • Dorcas

      Yibos always think they have brains… but their brains worth less than a penny.

  • Lawrence Agha

    Premium Times, should be held responsible for reporting this as a piece of news. The duty of any media house worth its name is not to report people’s fantasies, but, what any rational mind will consider newsworthy. Some ill-informed group of individuals seeking cheap publicity have come up with an ignoble idea that is a negation of what the Nation stands for, and here is a supposedly news outfit giving them undeserved echo.

    • Audu Dakas

      When it was initiated in the south, it wasn’t ignoble, but now that the north has echoed it, it’s ignoble. Better tell the dumb “President” we’ve in Nigeria to stop dividing the country because of his evil ambition that’ll not benefit the country.

      • Joe

        To your tent O Israel. We northerners destroyed Nigeria with our religious fanatism. We couldn’t find the demarcation between religion and politics. Even if Nigeria breaks violently through war, which I believe is possible, the remnants will remain to go on.

      • Nwa Aba #Lets Break Up Now

        our strategy is yielding
        they should introduce visa
        Nigeria already divided just matter of time it will melt away

    • Wale Reze

      You are just a hugely demented tribalist!!! When Easterners wanted to register Northerners in the South East it was newsworthy abi??? Your lack of objectivity would be the end of you if you don’t change……

  • john omonaija

    is only a southern fool will live in a useless place called northern Nigeria

    • MonamiAK47

      Can imagine how many fools u breed down there considering their present numbers and how they keep coming in droves.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    “According to the group, the law, if passed, would protect Kaduna and the North against terrorism, armed robbery, baby factories, pipeline vandalism , kidnappers and other activities allegedly carried out by southerners.”

    I just have to laugh.

    Didn’t know the vices above carry the same weight as being slaughtered or bombed.

    As much as I think they have a right to register “southerners” the same way “northerners” are being registered outside of the North, they could, at least, be more subtle about this.

    Perhaps, it is time we start to look at seriously implementing the ideals of federalism instead of these tit-for-tat silliness.

  • Tina Hanis

    I would say kudos to the group,call them what you want,i think it is high time Nigerians understood the implication of actions which are clearly divisive

  • Dorcas

    Gone…. gone… gone… It will be in history that Jonathan is the worst president to rule any country.

  • Johnson Omale

    Things are gradually getting out of hands. Who can pull this country out this mess?

  • True Nigerian

    Ok na! So the US Prophecy is moving closer to fulfilment. So the next question is where do the boundaries begin? From where does the separatist’s north begin? From the South-east and South-west axis, should Kogi be regarded as the place where the boundary of these dreamers’ north begins? If the answer is yes, then where exactly in Kogi are we talking about? Is it from Lokoja or is it from the thin lines immediately after Obolo Afor in Nsukka, Enugu? From the South-West axis, if the boundary starts from Kogi, would Okene be considered as the starting point or immediately after the Yoruba-speaking part of Kogi? Otherwise, does the boundary start from Kwara where some of my good friends there are likely to consider themselves Middle-Belters rather than northerners? Or is it Jos which now finds it hard to even decide where it stands in the debate. Is it the Northern Christian minorities that would jump if they were offered a chance to be part of Biafra or Odua Republic?

    Methinks the comical sponsors of this amusing bill must have thought that the North starts and ends with Kaduna – that is, Kaduna North for that matter. Southern Kaduna people are likely to think otherwise. Wouldn’t it have been easier to sponsor a bill that seeks to register all Southerner’s in Kaduna? I dey laugh o!

  • GodBlessNigeria


  • redeem

    over 99.9 percent of the Norterners in the south are not Nigerians–Most especially those in the south west are from Niger republic-and Chad——From this rubbish its now clear that most of those-who claim to be from the core North are all foreigners——-and I stand by my words-most if not all of them——-are from the west african sub-region-sadly the main issues troubling the soul of the nation has been left to the whims and caprices of the confused fulani politicians—-in sokoto–the activites of boko haram which led us to this point-is not attracting any comments–Fulanis have mobilized to say southerners must be registered–Are the southerners the ones involved i the kidnap of the chibo girls–are they the ones killing non fulanis in the north–via boko haram–same old shakara

  • Broodyn

    Nigerians should be careful especially in these
    times. Yes, there is the security issue at hand and we need to be cautious but
    taking that caution too far is bad and does not speak well of you as a
    NIGERIAN. One Nigeria.

  • En

    Jonathan is a disaster to Nigeria!

  • Naijagogoodagain

    Nigerians deserve their leaders! We deserve GEJ. Because we are generally corrupt, religious but Godless and ignorant people! If you don’t believe me wait till 2015. Jonathan will still win because we are that retarded.

    • ‘Lola

      This is the home truth, untainted!

    • ‘Lola

      Dear Professor Pastor Osibajo, this is one of the most honest piece to be proposed by a non-Muslim about a Muslim in Nigerian History; may God increase you in knowledge and heighten His guidance on you for
      your effort. I am a Muslim and I perceive uncle Aregbe 95-100% as you have presented him.

      You will kindly help us further sir, to clarify with the Revd. Ladi Thompson’s MI and Omoluwabi Network regarding the alleged Boko Haraam’s Islamization agenda now that Oshun state has recently witnessed arrest of Christians in suspected attempt to bomb a Church which would have successfully
      announced Islamist Boko Haraam presence in Yoruba land of my uncle, Sheikh Ogbeni Aregbe.
      Also the supposedly “Hijaab Muslim Woman” nabbed as suspect in the bombing of Buhari’s Convoy in Kaduna has been unveiled to be an adult Christian Man before publicity interlude of silence! Information gaining ground also suggest that Maitatsine’s Marwa was facilitated in his foreign/oversea’s studies by CAN shortly before he came to launch the Maitatsine crisis in the North!

      So, what is the agenda of Christians working or bombing as Boko Haraam Islamists?

      It is unfortunate however that virtually all public / official and freely available information about Islamization agenda allegations are prepared and circulated by those brutally commited to Global De-Islamization
      and mopping-up of whatever is left of Islamic values and civilisation even in
      Muslim villages and homes, vehemently insisting on stripping Muslims of Islamic ideology and faith.
      WE ARE ALL COMMITED TO GIVING HUMANITY THE BEST POSSIBLE. Even if some have judged Islaam bad/evil and unpresentable before knowing/learning; I have always wondered why George Bush or Obama will not honour debate invitation extended long ago by Iran’s Ahmednijad to publicly present views on world happenings for all to freely consider and decide in a fairly and robustly informed manner! Vatican did not honour Ahmed Deedat’s friendly invitation for joint public dialogue till he died!
      Peaceful public and intellectual interactions between Religions have helped Europe and Islaam is soaring steadily therein inspite of black campaigns. Are some people afraid of something in Africa? Can this not be the reason why Terrorism may be sponsored, coordinated, and acted on behalf of Islaam to polute atmosphere against Islamic fragrance that may remain stubborn for millennia or rubbish all funny ideas?

      I watched Channels’ TV broadcast of possibly last UN Security Council Israeli/Palestinian “mediation” not too long before Israel improved in “Zionist righteousness” to commence the killing of all Palestinians Children, women, et al. The public heard only the Israeli presentation before the Nigerian Professor of Security Council enclave read the prepared “UN’s advisory Judgement”. And the Yorubas say “Agbejo enikan dare, agba osika ni”!

  • abeem

    It is because corruption is in the DNA of most Nigerians that few Naijas actually speaks out to condemn the evil.

  • Jika

    May God bless this country with more citizens like Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

  • dudu

    Dear Prof. may your pen never run dry. This is a powerful piece that all well meaning media should make available to the downtrodden citizens of this country, kindly use your good offices to ensure that this important message is not limited to Premium Times platform alone. With citizens like you acting as a guard of conscience for the society, Nigeria can be a better place. God bless you

  • BlackieUmukoro

    These materials would be useful for APC presidential campaign as what is on ground is how to evacuate Aregaba from govt house. One last thing Aregba has not been the governor since 1999

    • Reminisce6

      The stench that was transported from Abuja since the past few weeks was so hazardous that people of Osun themselves took matters to their hand to evacuate the toxic materials and uploaded them on the bearers (Obanikoro,Jelili and their uniform agents,Fani Kayode,Uba and others).They should be arriving at the ethno/religious divisional depot anytime soon.

  • TrueNja

    Prof. Osinbajo you’re a liar. Ogbeni is a sinking ship. Is he the only Muslim governor in South West? Why we Yorubas are not accusing other South West governors? Any responsible government should not bring religion into government (there must be separation of religion and state). Why didn’t you advise him not to bring religion into his government? Osun people don’t be deceived by this article. Vote wisely tomorrow and say no to religious bigotry. We Yorubas are one and no one, I repeat no one can use religion to divide us. Yorubas are cosmopolitans we don’t need Boko Haram and ISIS in Yoruba land.

    • dudu

      You see, you should bury your in shame, Aregbesola has shown who he truly is with the acceptance of the votes of the people, make amends and retrace your steps and be better enlightened. you this PDP apologist and hate disseminator

  • TrueNja

    Dear Prof. Yomi Osinbajo, your party APC and your Ogbeni have based their campaigns on calumny, bickering, mud-slinging and character assassination against Iyiola Omisore that he murdered Bola Ige. He, Omisore was acquitted by the Nigeria court on the murder. As a SAN and pastor at RCCG what steps did you take to caution your party against character assassination? As a true follower of Christ and a Pastor (if truly you are) you need to speak and write the truth nothing but the truth. Osun people please vote wisely tomorrow as Ondo and Ekiti people did.

    • Adaba o naa ni a nkun’gbe…

      Responding to this post will make its comment more popular (sic).