Former Petroleum Minister, Rilwanu Lukman, is dead

Former Minister of Petroleum, Rilwanu Lukman

A former Minister of Petroleum Resources and erstwhile Secretary General of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, Rilwanu Lukman, is dead.

Born on August 26, 1938, he died about a month to his 76th birthday.

Family sources told a PREMIUM TIMES reporter in Kaduna that he died early Monday in Vienna, Austria.

Also, a source at the OPEC headquarters in Vienna, Austria, confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES on telephone that Mr. Lukman died at about 1 a.m on Monday in an undisclosed hospital in Austria.

“Yes, it’s true that Dr. Lukman passed on last night in a hospital in Vienna,” the source said.

The source asked not to be named because he was not authorised to speak to the media on the matter.

Mr. Lukman was said to have, for a long time, suffered from a yet to be disclosed illness.

Details of his burial plans are yet to be announced.

However, the source at OPEC said Mr. Lukman remains would have to undergo a formal documentation by the hospital in line with the Austrian law before being released  and brought back to Nigeria.

Mr. Lukman, was also the Chairman of the defunct Petroleum Industry Law Reform Committee, which later metamorphosed into the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, currently before the National Assembly.

He was a petroleum engineer who held several ministerial positions in both civilian and military administrations in the country.

He was Secretary General of OPEC between January 1, 1995 and December 31, 2000.

In his last tour of duty as minister, Mr. Lukman was, on December 18, 2008, appointed Minister of Petroleum Resources by the late President Umaru Yar’Adua, a position he held until March 2010.

He was born in Zaria, Kaduna State on August 26, 1938. He trained as a mining engineer at the College of Arts, Science, and Technology, Zaria (now Ahmadu Bello University), and then at Imperial College, London.

He earned a higher degree in mining engineering from the University of Mining and Metallurgy in Leoben, Austria (1967–1968); a degree in Mineral Economics from McGill University, Montreal in 1978, and an honorary doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bologna in Italy.

Mr. Lukman was appointed Minister of Mines, Power and Steel (1984-1985) by the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

In 1986, he was appointed Minister of Petroleum Resources and Chairman of the Board of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation till February 1990.

He was Minister of Foreign Affairs between January and September 1990 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Electric Power Authority (1993–1994).

From 1986, he served eight consecutive terms as OPEC president and was elected OPEC secretary general on November 22, 1994.



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  • Yusuf Ismaila


    • solomon

      He is a soulless

      • Onike24

        You are soulless completely devoid of breeding or respect.

        • HAMZA

          SOLOMON = Power, Wisdom, Intellect and Wealth.

      • Yusuf Ismaila

        Solomon I honestly don’t mind people like you. From your short response on this matter indicates that your home bringing is some how! Any supposed human that has no feeling for others in not human. I personally did not see humanity in your response. Be human please, death has nothing to do with politics, tribalism, sectionalism, religious jingoism and all what have you of bad behavior.

      • Dahiru

        May the Almighty GOD guide you, Solomon.

  • Johnson

    He died in exile after helping to run Nigeria aground

    • Wähala

      Na dia way!
      Think of Ado Bayero, the late Emir of Kano!
      Only shame in his career is he died not building the kind of hospital he died in Austria in Nigeria so he could die surrounded by family members and well wishers. Now, the Austrians are going to disregard Islamic rites and conduct an autopsy before releasing his corpse for burial… so much for internment within 24hrs!

      • Onike24

        Why would they conduct an autopsy?he probably died of the ailment that made him an inpatient. Rilwan luqman was a technocrat, every oil producing country that is a member of OPEC can attest to his ability. He does not own a private jet and would probably have said that the cost is unjustifiable. Not every one that served Nigeria is a thief,He was an able minister of petroleum resources, respected outside Nigeria and justifiably so. May Allah grant him Al Janna fidau.

        • Wähala

          The autopsy is just a technicality, pushing of papers. I didn’t say he was a thief, just that in his illustrious career he could have attracted that kind of hospital to his old Kaduna enclave so posterity will serve him right. I’ve met him in-flight to Paris severally and there’s no doubt he was a hardcore techie with respected abilities. Again, May His Soul Rest in Peace!

      • solomon

        I hope he is entitle also to 72virgins to start fucking otherwise he will be sexing the late emir through the an-u-s-

        • Wähala

          Sorry, I don’t deal with porno-minded retards!
          You’re too childish for intellectual dialogue, this is my last response to your comments henceforth. Sick soul!

          • Onike24

            Well said

          • HAMZA

            …..therefore read neither the Quran nor the Bible………

        • HAMZA

          The question of 72 virgins is for the lazy discussants: and the discourse is always advanced in order to portray Muslims as lovers of women. Yet they would not talk about ‘flowing rivers of honey, milk, binge and alcohol in paradise’. The topic of ’72 virgins as well as that of flowing rivers of binge and alcohol in paradise’ are mere allegoric phrases. Afterall, any ‘MAN’ who would not like virgins in paradise must have a ‘dead wood’ – and there are no ‘dead’ ‘woods’ in paradise..

      • HAMZA

        Yeye praga mental!!! What is the essence of autopsy? You are as illiterate as you think and reason. Autopsy is done for a purpose and in the most necessary of circumstances. The Late Emir Ado Bayero, died of a well known cause (known to both the family and his doctors). His dead body therefore needed no any autopsy. Afterall, Ado was a Muslim: He had different religion, believe, culture, norm and values quite distinct from yours. It is arrant nonsense to expect all (and even people that have different background as you have) to behave like you would do!!!!!!!!

  • Candido

    What happens to all his money and private jets?

    • Wähala

      He had no private jets, in fact, he severally flew coach on Air France… unlike Diezani!

    • Onike24

      He had no private jet. He was a technocrat of the highest order, he was not avaricious at all

      • Mosaku 147

        You forgot to add that if not for him Turai Yar’adua would have turned herself into the president of Nigeria. Worst still,she would have shared the entire oil blocks in one day.
        RIP Dr Rilwan Lukman.

      • HAMZA

        May he rest in perfect peace!!!

    • HAMZA

      Late Lukman, Late Dikko and the living Danmasanin Kano were the likes trained by Sardauna. They are simply fine administrators and excellent technocrats. They may have money for the day-to-day up keep: they do not accumulate, and yet are never extravagant!

  • Ken

    He died without achieving his dream of relocating PTI from Warri to Kaduna

    • Wähala

      He was a fossil who stayed too long in Government…
      Typical aboki mentality that all belongs to them, and all must be controlled by them…
      Lived in a massive mansion in Austria, died wasting our commonwealth. Shaa, May His Soul Rest in Peace regardless his antics!

      • solomon

        Their wicked allah has failed them all

        • Onike24

          You are beneath contempt. A man dies, you say Allah failed them. What an idiotic statement to make! I am certain you are one of the minions directed to polarize Nigerians along religious lines, you will fail abysmally. What utter nonsense? Rilwanu luqman was respected by every OPEC country, a billion Diezani is not equal to half of a Rilwanu Luqman.

          • Mohammad Alkali

            Thank you !! Some people are just illiterates, why the curse ? Common, behave like a civilized human being with respect to all religions.

        • Wähala

          …and who failed Prof. Dora Akunyili?

          • solomon

            Dora was a bastard like obey ezequisele

          • Wähala

            Who failed Dora was my question… deal with it!

          • solomon

            Her occultic believes in juju and Okija powers.

            She is rotting in hell as well as their coward emir

          • HAMZA


          • solomon

            They all dies in abroad and their private parts used for experiments by those wicked westerners doctors anti Indian babalawos

      • HAMZA


  • Orubu Kevwe

    Behold the Petroleum Minister emeritus is gone…Behold he who sought to relocate my PTI from Warri to Northerstan is gone… and Saints Abacha & Dikko wait to receive him on the other side. Spiusssshhh…Nonsense.

    He was there for 26yrs…a period during which the Petroleum Industry was criminalized. $12.7b Dollars disappeared with IBB as President. Till date, no single individual from the North speaks about it. But when Sanusi mentioned that a mere paltry N20b was missing, it became an issue that they will speak about bcos the Petroleum Minister is not from the North. Nonsense!

    Appointed Petroleum minister for the 3rd time @70. Na only him qualify? Spiuussshhhh….But what happens to my oil blocks that he cornered for himself? This is the only thing I am interested in.


  • Dorcas

    A looter is dead!

  • solomon

    Another vulture just departed hell he goes.

  • sir Oscie


  • Garden-City Boy

    Still in the culture of cowardly white-feather display…….”those who” do these…….”those who” do those ……and “those who” do everything else. What nonsense! When shall we ever begin to call the spade a spade. The mileage we gain is massage the antediluvian ego of an uncouth arrogance of a specie who act with raw, deadly impunity. We hide behind the our gutless choice of adverbs such as “THOSE WHO” and “PEOPLE FROM A PARTICULAR SECTION OF THE COUNTRY”. Sometimes they say “OUR MOSLEM BROTHERS FROM THE NORTH”. It is all idiotic hogwash. Whoever needs wild barbaric islamic zealots as brothers? We must say it as it is….IT IS AWUSA…period; the beating about the bush must stop.
    An insidious disease deserves drastic treatment, otherwise it continues to fester. A bunch of barbaric criminals cannot be characterized just with some limp innuendos that create the wrong perception that they are the apex predator of society. By their misbehavior, the clan of obligate parasites has effectively marginalized itself into a fringe, isolated, minority outcast that needs to be quarantined. Tell me any community of this country awusa people have not offended and alienated with their culture of barbaric butchery? Check out the insult when deranged, leprotic, senseless mullahs muster the affront to brand rest of us KAFIRS and INFIDELS whose throats must be slit to appease a demonic deity. And insane, Godforsaken mullahs must determine how we live our lives.
    A southerner is President and they flagrantly unleash their militant Boko Haram on us, cheering every round of carnage they inflict .on Southerners and Christians. Guess what it will be like when we let awusa man into ASO ROCK. The Garden-City Boy joins Femi in chanting “NO MOORE”. But we must begin to call the spade a spade. Our patience with awusa has worn thin, and they need to be told the lesson straight from the shoulder. Time for beating about the bush is over.

  • eniolataiwo

    Common ffk, you are such a poor student of history that only fools will be deceived by your hate filled rhetorics.pls where was Israel before 1948. I av heard so many prophetic bullshits about ur new found love bt the world is aware nd for the record, confusing hamas with isis, boko haram , al qaeda etc is a lame and silly research. Most importantly, ffk should tell us why Israel ceased to exist before 1948

  • wode

    I find it very disheartening and inhumane that somebody like FFK can still come to the public to try to justify the callous acts of the Israelis on the largely civilian Palestinian, mostly children and women despite the global condemnation of the indiscriminate brutality. I can’t imagine that somebody can descend so low and result to sectionalism and religion to try to explain a situation where the whole Gaza is fully occupied by the Israelis killing at least one child every hour sparing no place, including the UN schools which should have been the last resort for the helpless civilians to hide their heads.

    There is no where in the world where the kind of Israeli invasion would bring any lasting peace, except to breed an unending bitterness, hatred, and further conflict. It is quite glaring that this author has lost all sense of human-touch and empathy. Nothing could be so unfortunate.

    • Daniel

      Look at the historical perspective and stop being worked up… Does Hamas have the right to fire rockets at their will and expect no response from Israel?

      Come back home,would you stop going to school because Boko Haram says Western Education is sin?The conclusion,to me , is commonsense.

      • Dan maikoko

        What response from Israel? So if Hamas fires rocket at Israel then Israel should respond by killing all people in Gaza. If boko haram wont let you go to school by planting explosives then the Nigerian government should kill all in borno state.
        It is better to set free a thousand criminals than to convict an innocent man.

  • Paului

    You are using the word of Golder meir as a lunch pad to a disjointed article on the current travails in Gaza Strip. But you failed to understand that all the quoted words from all the Israeli leaders is nothing but lines of grandstanding words as usual. Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians. It is irrelevant what Israel did on handing out Palestinian lands to them . Palestinians does not control their borders.Everything in Gaza Strip is controlled by Israel.These unfortunate people are totally blocked from trading with the rest of the world. These draconian steps amounts to declaration of war on these 1.2 million Palestinians .people. Only your conscience will judge you as to what made you have such a hatred for Palestinian people based on all your articles. Hamas is totally different from Isis or boko haram. Hamas aim is to free Palestinians from the torture from Israeli government. Boko haram and Isis is pure religious forceful impositions on people. If Israel wants to live in peace With her Palestinian neighbors, giving back the lands it took from the Palestinians and settlements are the most logical solutions that has been endorsed by the rest of the world, in respective of all the misquoted verses from the Bible. Thanks.

  • Dan Fulani

    This man thinks these killings in Gaza is the same with killing the Hausas. What he doesnt know is that most of Pelestinian leaders and the followers are Christians.
    He can comfirm this from Hannah Ashirawi their permanent rep in the UN. Yaser Arafat’s wife to is a Xcian.

  • salako

    FFK Still the old bad guy,somebody that has never been to church.

  • Reminisce6

    A few months back this pathetic fellow was chanting about giving him an ‘Oduduwa State’,before he was eventually rehabilitated back in the PDP mud ,and it leaves me wondering how his posture against Muslim/Islam can co-exist with Yoruba Musiims within that context.With this grandstanding against Muslim/Islam what could the blood of a Yoruba Muslim worth to FKK within the context of an Oduduwa State?Quoting glowingly the views of characters of the extreme wings with such admiration to justify the consistent slaughter of women and children in the name of security speaks volume of,how indeed evil,it is when BH commit atrocities against innocent Nigerians but cool with FFK when Israeli slaughters innocent women and children in Gaza.When it comes to who is committing acts of terror and what their victims looks like it appears there are different standard applied to justify one against the order.One thing though is not disputable:The God you constantly invoked,albeit hypocritically,is not a God of injustice and every soul shall surely stand before him to render account of his deed without any intercessor.

  • Jones

    Axis of political betrayal and ‘weed full Christians’. Their likes betrayed the grand betrayer. Betrayed Abiola, Kudirat, Shonekan, Nadeco, Shameless members of any government in power.

  • Ayodeji Otiti

    With due respect, this article has absolutely failed to separate the wheat from the chaff. The Israeli-Palestinian question is not a religious war, or are religious battles; and should not be seen as a Jewish-Islamic creed end-of-the-day conflict- it is purely a question of Israeli occupation of the occupied land; the suppression of the Palestinians and the practice, and the continuation, of apartheid in the land of Palestine. Indeed it has more to do with a section of cowed people (Hamas) telling the subjugator that it has had enough and could not take anymore- in particular regarding the seizure of the Palestinian land by the Israelis and the expulsion of three million Palestinians during and subsequent to the 1967 war. The three million Palestinians that the state of Israel has adamantly and consistently refused to grant the right of return to their homeland.

    Please, I am not an expert on the Middle East studies. However, the fact concerning this Israeli-Palestinian question is so open and available at every point of current, modern global discourse that no effort needs be made by anyone to know the true fact. The ISIS issue in Iraq, or in Syria, or wherever it is doing its own signature Boko-Haram carnage on Christians and Shite Muslims alike should not, and must not be confused with Israeli-Palestinian issue. I have yet to hear the killing or maiming of an Israeli by a Palestinian being linked to propagation of Islam or Muhammed. Have we forgotten that Palestinians are not hundred percent Muslims? We have Christians among them- we make the same mistake in Nigeria telling ourselves that the North is hundred percent Muslims.

    Hamas did not come out of the blue. It came as a by-product of the 1987 intifada and its primary objective is to liberate the Palestine from the stranglehold occupation by the state of Israeli. While it also envisages the creation of an Islamic state in the to-be-liberated land of Palestine, this aim or side objective of Hamas cannot , and should not, be seen as a proselytization directed at Israelis or propagation of Islam in the Judaic land. We must note carefully that Hamas Islamic agenda is to be limited to the yet-to-be-liberated land of Palestine. Its aim, therefore, should be seen as focally to liberate the occupied land of Palestine- particularly in the context of the gains of state of Israel in the 1967 war.

    Many UN’s resolutions, 45 in total as of 2013 by the UN Human Rights Council, condemned the state of Israel in no uncertain terms concerning its relationship and grossly inhumane treatment of the Palestinians. Israel has time and after time discountenanced and totally disregard many UN’s resolutions asking it to do the right thing concerning the occupied land and ill-treatment of the Palestinians. The US (the arch-supporter of Israel) and hypocritical others around the world continue to confuse issues and continuously claim that Israel reserves the right to protect itself. No one should ever doubt the fundamental fact that the state of Israel reserves the right to protect itself from its belligerent neighbours. However, is it impossible for us to ask these questions: is the state of Israel in possession or occupation of something that does, and should, not belong to it in term of land or territory? Has the state of Israel being guilty of violation of both civil and human rights of Palestinians in any way whatsoever, particularly in relation to the property it is holding and continues to hold as per UN resolution illegally? Does the state of Israel believe that three million Palestinian refugees have, as a fundamental entitlement, the right of return to the land where they were evicted in 1967? Does the state of Israel genuinely, honestly and sincerely want peace or expect peace to manifest itself in the way and manners it has been conducting itself concerning the Palestinian question- particularly concerning the continued building and development on the occupied land?

    President Obama was very strong, during his first term in office, on the position that any solution to the Palestine question must be addressed in the context of the 1967 borders. He clearly saw that as a way to procure peace for the Middle East and the Palestine. But what it is today? He has been co-opted. And his then strong pronouncements that favoured equity, fairness and justice on Palestinian question have since been diverted to shout the mantra “Israel reserves the right to protect itself”. A thief steals, he is now enjoying his loot and the owner is shouting violently that the stolen property should be returned, and here we have an army of hypocrites shouting that the thief has the right to keep the loot as well as violently repel any attempt of the owner to claim his property back. Are we indeed playing politics with un-comforatable truth and calling it justice and right of self-preservation for the might in monopoly of arms, harm and dread?

    The passage attributed to Barrister Akin Ajose-Adeogun contains a very important fact: “That this has also, unfortunately, resulted in some injustice and
    suffering for the Palestinians, cannot substantially be attributed to
    the emergence of the Jewish State. As we can see, once again, from the
    events in Gaza today, the primary cause of Palestinian suffering, even
    during the British Mandate, is the egregious leadership shown by Palestinian leaders.”

    Barrister Ajose-Adeogun admitted that Palestinians are suffering injustice. However, he did not see any connection between that suffering and the hands of the state of Israeli. To him, the injustice should be laid squarely at the feet of the “egregious leadership” of the Palestinians’ leaders- e.g. Hamas. Unfortunately, Barrister Femi-Fanikayode did not tell us whether the historian-lawyer, Ajose-Adeogun, did explain how the Palestinian-leadership is by its own hands causing suffering and injustice to the people it claims to lead. Could it be the refusal of Hamas (or radical and moderate Palestinians) to accept the status quo? That is the acceptance by the Palestinians of non-return of the three million Palestinian refugees to their homeland; or, the acceptance of the fact that there could be no two-state solution, but one, which is mega state of Israel, with its vassal- the land of Palestine and its people; or, the acceptance of continued building of homes and structures on the occupied Palestinian land by the state of Israel, whilst telling the world that it is serious with peace negotiations (how can you say you are serious with embracing peace when the substance to determine the peace is constantly being depleted and destroyed by you?); or, the continued acceptance of ghettoization of the Palestine and its Palestinians, and shutting them out from their own land by building massive walls round and encircling them that has resulted in willy-nilly making Israelite journey every time Palestinians have to travel or move from one strategic point to the other on their very own land- it is like this: say, you want to go from Iddo area of Lagos state from Idumota; you cannot go straight on the bridge linking Idumota to Iddo side of Lagos, either by riding or walking to the Iddo side (because a humongous wall has been erected to forestall that straight route to your destination), you must have to back track and go via Ita-Balogun, Marina, Victoria Island, Lekki enroute to Epe to get to Shagamu, Ikorodu and then to Palm-grove, Yaba, and Oyingbo to finally get to Iddo. The foregoing sounds truly a hyperbole. However, it is a true glimpse of what Palestinians go through daily concerning their routes to places in Palestine, which have been disrupted by the humongous Israeli walls that keep them in like walls of gaol.

    Negotiations after negotiations, the state of Israel has shown a wanton disregard for honesty and the peace it continuously says it wants with the Palestinians. From all indication, Israel wants only its own peace and on its own terms- a dictated peace settlement (gun to the occiput pact). It does not want to de-occupy the occupied land. It wants to continue to build houses, businesses and industries and many other things on it with a view to permanently claiming it as Israel’s. Yet, it wants the Palestinians to be happy and be joyous with the state of things as they have always been and continue to be in the way the state of Israel wants them. How does one build peace from this fraudulent, insincere approach?

    The return of Sinai Peninsula was the consideration Israel paid for normalization of peace and friendly relations with Egypt courtesy of Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty of 1979- a sequel to Camp David Accords of September, 1978. The peace and friendly relations have remained intact since then, not even the brief incursion of the Muslim Brotherhood into the Egyptian corridor of power was powerful enough to upset the more than three decades peace pact. The questions are: Does the state of Israel sincerely and truly want peace with harmony on the Palestine question? if the state of Israel is truly sincere with wanting and in need of peace with the Palestinians (forget Hamas) why has it not shown it by absolutely by stopping building and development on the occupied land, and sincerely promising to remove the settlers and structure (as Ariel Sharon did previously) from those areas that had been built and occupied by Israeli-settlers?

    In my opinion sincerity and honesty on the part of the state of Israel will go a long way to defuse the continuous and intermittent state of anarchy and chaos in the Palestine, and will readily ensure the building of robust rapport between Israelis and Palestinians, which will eventually bring much needed harmony and peace to the Middle East-Palestine polity.

    The tripartite conflict of Christianity, Islam and Judaism has nothing to do with Israeli-Palestine question. Neither should we link ISIS’ jihadist carnage across the Middle-east and Persian threshold to the Palestine question. Palestine question is purely an issue of righting the wrong a people has suffered and continued to suffer with its continuous degrading and dehumanizing abuses, which has now turned a section of that people to believe that there is a virtue with honour in death than in suffering despoliation and disgrace.

  • Enemona

    Femi Fani is as guilty of the same thing he accuses Hamas of – “Religious bigotry”. It is not limited to people of certain faith nor race. Things should be put in perspectives and people should be treated as they come on the content of their character.

    FFK has failed totally to understand the issues involved in the middle-east crisis. As usual, he has chosen the simplistic but dangerous approach of seeing things from the myopic religious standpoints. Shame this is the kind of people we call leaders and I am forced to believe this is how their thinking go at the highest level of government.

    We have people who have brains but lazy to carryout rigorous analysis of events and issues, people who have been blindfolded by irrational religious considerations. What faith people like FFK believe in does not matter, what they call themselves doesn’t also (Christians, Muslims,Hindus etc), they are simply divisive, myopic and self-obsessed bigots. I believe if FFK was a Muslim, he’d also be in support of BH. Any doubt why we are in this state? Our so-called leaders are lazy in thoughts, they lack the rigour to carryout critical thinking.

  • Enemona

    Here goes the Nigerian Jew, the Jews don’t even think highly of you nor your religion and you you are frantically trying to defend them. Analyse this issue from a fair mind and as a public commentator not as a christian or a muslim.

  • obinnna77

    Femi and his wrong-headed, shallow waffle.