Boko Haram hoists flag, takes over Damboa, as Askira villagers flee homes

‎The Boko Haram sect had in an early morning attack on Friday killed over 45 persons while also burning homes, shops, offices and vehicles


The extremist Boko Haram sect on Saturday mounted its flags in Damboa town of Borno state, declaring the area its exclusive territory, security sources and witnesses have said.

Damboa local government shares a boundary with the dreaded Sambisa forest the terrorists have converted to ‎a formidable hideout.

The Boko Haram gunmen had in the early hours of Friday attacked Damboa, 85 kilometres from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, killing locals and setting homes on fire.

Over 45 persons were killed while homes, shops, offices and vehicles were torched.

The gunmen later that Friday returned to launch yet another onslaught on the town at  the time residents were busy picking corpses of those killed in the morning and preparing them for burial.

Witnesses said during the second attack, the gunmen did not even spare women and children as they dislodged the entire town and hoisted their flags there.

The death toll is feared to have increased although officials say they are yet to ascertain the casualty figures.

A top security official in Maiduguri confirmed the Damboa attack and said flags suspected to be those of the Boko Haram sect had been hoisted there.

Soldiers are yet return to Damboa after they were sacked in an attack on the military base there about two weeks ago.

After the soldiers fled, the terrorists took over the highway leading to the town, residents say.

“There is no single person in Damboa as we are speaking now except the insurgents,” a member of the civilian vigilante group said.

The hoisting of flags in Damboa by the terrorists occured as information filtered in that residents of Dile, Huyum,  Lassa, Murtavu, Rimirgo and some  other remote villages in Askira Uba local government area are fleeing their homes and moving into Uba town in droves.

Security officials told PREMIUM TIMES the residents decided to flee following a threat letter sent to them by the Boko Haram sect that they would soon be attacked.

A member of the Vigilante Group, Civilian JTF, Abbas Gave, said, “The people are all  fleeing in response to a letter purportedly sent to those villages that they would also be attacked. So residents of about nine major villages are now on the run.”



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  • redeem

    RUSSIAN security experts are worried over the possibility of the All Progressives Party (APC) taking over the reins of government in Nigeria next year, branding the party a coalition of Muslim extremists.

    The thinking in Russian political and security circles about the future of Nigeria was made known by a former presidential and Kremlin adviser, Alexander Nekrassov.

    Nekrassov, regarded globally as a political analyst and commentator, made the disclosure in a celebrated editorial opinion written for the respected Al-jazzera news channel.

    He noted that the thinking in Russia was to support President Goodluck Jonathan to continue in office and, if necessary, to extend emergency rule in the North-East base of Boko Haram and postpone the forthcoming general elections.

    • Wähala

      Chump, since when did Russian opinion matter in Naija affairs? Russia is not a democracy, it’s an outlaw nation arming terrorists around the globe, from Syria to Iraq. A tyrant like Putin would love nothing more than see another tyrant (Dumbo) perpetuate his clueless rule over Nigeria. The issue is Boko Haram hoisting their flag in a sovereign nation under your moron’s drunken leadership… did Islamist terrorist Dudeyev et al, ever conquer any villages in Russia? Keep drinking, your life depends on it. Drunkard!

      • redeem

        @wahala-Did the Ibos not hoist their Biafran FLAG in Bayelsa ati Rivers state–during the era of Odili while Obj was president? Are the flags still there? Buhari, Kwankaso ati atiku are fulanis–and the presidential candidates of APC-The janjaweeds who hoisted their flag in Borno state are fulanis like them-that is why we have advised Nigerians to stay clear of the boko haram party-APC–its a party for the fulani janjaweeds fighting in boko haram–who are all fulanis-So if they can owe their allegiance to two flags that is the business of APC-Dangote did not make his money via BH-He has a choice-to make-with the sultan of sokoto-and their fulani brothers-Aware the Nigerian armed forces are split along tribal lines–fulanis support boko haram-that is not to say there are no good Muslims-fighting on d side of the FGN–THE SACK OF DASUKI-GUSAU AND IGP is paramount to removing BH from the fulani North-cause they cloned boko haram in their fulani enclaves-Putin like Obama won election in Russia-he was democratically elected-The Russian have stragetic interest in Syria to protect-they invested heavily in d oil industry there also-its their right-Mumu go look at what the US has done to the Palestinians-in the occupied territories-besides what war has the US ever won-From Vietnam to Iraq-are the islamist not back in Iraq killing Christians and forcing them to covert to islam-was the US not in Libya-Gaddafi wld have been alive today if Putin was president of russia-Russian has spoken in support of Gej–show us the nations that has come out to openly identify with APC-and the janjaweeds in boko haram–already the british are investigating links between APC and boko haram-cheers

      • Efe1

        My guy stop replying to redeem, he jerks off each time he gets a reply to his senseless, pointless and PDPiged post. Give him the silent treatment. The goat is not redeemable!

        • redeem

          i dont need a response from refugees like wahala who like tinubu does not know where he hails from in Nigeria-today he is Ibo–the next day Fulani-Jonathan can walk from aso rock into his family home-Tinubu would first take u to lagos then osun–later to togo–cheers-

      • Shehu Monguno

        Please explain, what makes Russia an outlaw country?

    • Guguru

      Are you referring to the same Russia that has been
      bilking Nigeria of millions of dollars in their 30 years construction
      project of Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mill that is not yet finished till
      this day?

    • Guguru

      You sound so s+upid. Are you referring to the same Russia that has been
      bilking Nigeria of millions of dollars in their 30 years construction
      project of Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mill that is not yet finished till
      this day? You are listening to a pariah nation that brought down an aircraft filled with 70 children only 2 days ago?

    • Onike24

      The same Russia that supported Ukrainian separatists who just shit down a civilian plane carrying innocent civilians killing infants children men and women, 295 passengers? Russia is a rogue state, ruled by a shameless thug

      • redeem

        what evidence do u have to show- that it was the Russians that shot down the Malaysian airliner-Besides-why did those working at the control tower divert the plane towards the war torne areas of Ukraine-what was the pilot doing in that zone? There are ample evidence to show that Surface 2 AIR MISSILES were fired by the US backed rebels on the day the planed crashed- Again tell us what the russians stands to gain from such an exercise-those who would achieve something from the mass murder of members of the global human family is d US–and not d Russians——————so the culprits are the yankees–similar to the story of the smoking gun over Iraq–concerning the weapons of mass destruction—which were never found——but because Saddam Hussein must die in accordance with the dictates of the Jews-some excuse has to be found to enable the US invade Iraq———————-I can now see why u align self with the janjaweeds in APC—cause u have -no brain–very shallow in thought-and deeds like the janjaweeds in APC ati boko haram–the Russians have spoken against the janjaweeds in APC-that is the news—cheers

        • Onike24

          Thank for showing how much of a brain you possess, awe inspiring brain

      • Shehu Monguno

        Onike, on the 3rd of July 1988, Iran Air Flight 655 (IR655) was shot down by a United States of America warship the USS Vincennes on the Bandar Abbas-Dubai route, which resulted in the loss of life of 290 innocent civilians from six nations including 66 children. There were 38 non-Iranians aboard. I have not heard any one called the United States of America a rogue nation. About Russia supporting separatist, did the United States not invade Iraq on the lies of weapon of mass destruction? Did the United States not support the over throw
        of Gaddafi? 2 years later, is Libya not a failed state? Is the United States not supporting rebels in Syria? Have over 150,000 Syrians not died?

        • Onike24

          Two wrongs do not make a right! But I agree, there seems to be a different rule for the west and one for every one else! It’s funny but my husband has said the same thing in your post over and over since since Thursday !

          • Shehu Monguno

            WASHINGTON, July 20, 2014 – International investigators will need time and unimpeded access to determine the facts surrounding the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Admiral John Kirby said today. Mr. Onike in his post categorically put the blame on the Ukrainian separatist

          • Onike24

            I think it is quite clear that the Ukrainian separatists are responsible. Are you saying the intercepted communication where the downing of a bird was discussed is made up? This is not the first time the separatists have downed a plane that they assumed belonged to the Goverment in Kiev. They have done it before! The only caveat I can concede is that Putin probably does have influence with all the rebels, but he was happy to let the whole world believe that he did, just to irritate the west. Also the british prime minister wrote an article yesterday in which he said that if Russia does not change its attitude to Ukraine, then the EU has to change it’s attitude to Russia. Lastly I am woman and why would the rebels be tampering with evidence, if they know nothing? I am not interested in the many follies of the west, infants and whole families have been wiped out, that is more important than politics.

          • Shehu Monguno

            Onike, REALLY? we now know better than the Pentagon an organization that has the technology, the man power and finance to carry such investigation. The pentagon on the 19th of July 2014 had said that the other aircrafts shot down by Ukrainian separatist were shot down with hand fired missiles which has a maximum range of 10,000 meter and the Malaysian airline aircraft was flying at 33,0000 meters hence the question of who shot down the Malaysian airline is still very open

          • Onike24

            Well the Brits also have the organizational and financial ability to do the same, you can be sure that MI5 is all over it but let us be patient, I remain unconvinced. The fact is that the kremlin may have supplied a more sophisticated weapon, we know that there are surface to air missiles that can attack at higher altitudes. Only time will tell. But with all the evidence tampering going on we may never really know the truth and that is the real tragedy, that people have lost loved ones and may never know why. I have to work after this posting, it’s Monaday morning! Peace

          • Shehu Monguno

            Onike, the British MI5 is a baby compared to the Pentagon that is why the United States is asking that the Europeans to invest more and get more involved in their own security. Yes, the Kremlin might have supplied a more sophisticated weapon to the Ukrainian separatist, but as at today only Russia and Ukraine are known to posses the suspected weapon involved the SS-11 Buk surface to air missile. Tell me why the Ukrainian army could not have shot down the plane to make Russia and the Ukrainian separatist look bad? When the link to the Ukrainian separatist is established I will consider the evidence. As we speak now even the Pentagon in the fore front of the investigation have said they need time and access to determine who shot down the plane

          • Onike24

            There is always a possibility that the act was carried out by Kiev, that is impossible to rule out, however until there is evidence of that, the evidence available now, is that the separatists carried it out. Also as I keep saying why retrieve the black box if their hands are clean. Finally the Dutch are exceeding cautious people but their Prime Minister has been vociferous in his criticism of Russia. Why? As I said to my Husband would you be so dubious that Russian is responsible, if your wife and children were killed in that plane? I don’t think so, corruption of previous Ukrainian regimes have made the truth difficult to ascertain a bit like Nigeria!

          • Shehu Monguno

            WASHINGTON, July 20, 2014 – International investigators will need time and unimpeded access to determine the facts surrounding the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said today. Speaking to Pentagon reporters, the admiral noted there is “strong evidence” the aircraft was struck by a missile during flight.

            “We are still collecting the facts, and international investigators need to be given the time and space to do their jobs,” Kirby said. “But clearly, as … [President Barack Obama] noted just a short while ago, we see strong evidence that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was hit by a surface-to-air missile at an altitude of about 33,000 feet, and that the missile was launched from a location near the border that is controlled by Russian separatists.”

            This incident, Kirby said, obviously occurred in the context of a conflict fueled by Russian support for Russian separatists in Ukraine that has included arms, materiel and training. The admiral noted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel reiterated to Malaysian Defense Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein during a call this morning that the United States is prepared to assist in an international investigation, and that both agreed the investigation must be credible, transparent and unimpeded.

            All parties in the vicinity of the crash site, Kirby said — Russians, pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainians — must agree to an immediate cease-fire to ensure safe and unfettered access for international investigators, the integrity of all potential evidence and the recovery of remains. “As we investigate who did this and why,” he said, “this terrible tragedy underscores [the need] for Russia to take immediate and concrete steps to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine and support the Ukrainian government’s plan for a ceasefire and peace settlement.”

          • Onike24

            This is rebel controlled area, Putin also unlike his usual self has been rather quite and is only today that we are getting any sort of response from Putin! Russia should have made attempts to deescalate the tensions. But he had his own agenda.

    • Dan maikoko

      Your kite has been blown off the sky by Wahala and co., fly another one, your pay depends on it.

      • redeem

        @wahala go read my response to the rubbish u posted-animal

  • GbemigaO

    I bet that Dambia town was full of Christians !

    • Efe1

      And your Christian president did nothing to protect them.

  • Omo Oodua

    This is the kind of news Premium Times will always like to report, even if it eventually turned out to be untrue. Premium Times , we all know has turned out to be the media partner of APC and Boko Haram who always report about how the Boko Haram are winning but will never report the defeat and casualties suffered by Boko Haram. Am sure these evil people in PT will always pray for this war against terrorism not to end so they can continue to benefit from it, but surely God is greater than you and will surely crush and defeat all of you evil doers.