Tinubu accuses Jonathan, PDP of contriving Nyako’s impeachment

Bola Tinubu

The former Lagos governor said the president’s actions are capable of destroying Nigeria’s democracy.


A leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, has accused President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of contriving the impeachment of the governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako.

Mr. Nyako, a member of the APC, was on Tuesday impeached by the State House of Assembly, which found him guilty of gross misconduct.

His deputy, Bala Ngilari, resigned his position even though he was not found guilty by the seven-member investigative panel set up to probe him and his boss.

In a statement on Friday, Mr. Tinubu argued that Mr. Nyako’s crime was not the false allegations contained in the articles of impeachment, but his decision to join the APC as well as his letter to the Northern Governors Forum, accusing Mr. Jonathan-led government of genocide against the North.

He alleged that the Presidency was rattled by the two incidents.

“The Presidency and the ruling PDP forcefully had their way in Adamawa. Governor Nyako has been impeached. Nigeria’s constitution suffers violence. Democracy has been setback”.

“Under the constitution, a governor can only be impeached for ‘gross misconduct.’ For the PDP, Nyako’s crime was not the false allegations contained in the articles of impeachment. To them, his gross misconduct was leaving the reactionary PDP to join the progressive APC.

“His misdeed was to exercise his constitutional right of freedom of association and political expression by leaving their corrupt
assemblage and joining the party that just may represent the best hope of rescuing Nigeria from its present descent into authoritarian darkness. Perhaps, Governor Nyako’s greatest sin is his temerity to speak truth to power albeit in a courageous way,” Mr. Tinubu said.

The former governor of Lagos State explained that the impeached governor on two different occasions gave an unvarnished insight into the Boko Haram menace and the insecurity engulfing Northern Nigeria.

According to him, at the Institute of Peace in Washington DC this year when he visited with other northern governors, Mr. Nyako placed the blame for the Boko Haran insurgency on the Mr. Jonathan presidency.

He added that the former Adamawa State governor followed it up with a detailed letter to the forum of the Northern governors in which he accused the Mr. Jonathan led government of genocide against the North.

“This rattled and unsettled the government, the APC leader said.

“Repeated attempts to have Gov. Nyako withdraw his letter and apologize to the President failed. From the moment he wrote that
letter, he became a marked man.

“The government savaged the governor through the media. This kangaroo impeachment is government’s way of punishing Nyako. The plan is to use the contents of the letter he wrote to the Northern Governors as a basis to try him for treasonable felony and eventually sentence him to life imprisonment.

“Nyako’s frank, if rough-edged, letter concerning the security situation apparently infuriated the monarch of Aso Villa who has
become so arrogant as to believe no opposition against him is justified, thus he has the liberty to impose his brand of injustice to
crush those who oppose him.”

Mr. Tinubu alleged that under Mr. Jonathan’s watch, Nigeria is gradually descending to fascism, adding “We must all act now before it consumes us all.”

He argued that in impeaching Mr. Nyako, the PDP abused the constitution and that the governor’s removal must be seen completely as political move to punish his and deter others from leaving the PDP.

According to the former Lagos State governor, the impeachment was a sanction imposed against political freedom and freedom of expression.

He added, “It had little to do with alleged financial or other wrongdoing. A view of the alleged charges against him reveals that his
purported wrongdoings revert to when he was still in the PDP, some dating back three years.

“His actions were known to the House of Assembly then. While he still adhered to the PDP, there was no talk of misconduct. Upon leaving the PDP, his actions suddenly became the meat for impeachment.

“There is only one thing new which was not then present. The governor’s political party affiliation changed. In the PDP mind, his
party change transmitted him from the list of those to be praised to the list of those to be persecuted.

“He gave green light to this move and winked approvingly as his minions poured cash into the pockets of the pliable Adamawa State Assembly members who would do their bidding.”

Mr. Tinubu recounted that Mr. Nyako was impeached the same day the PDP governors and National Assembly members scurried to Aso Villa “to endorse another term for their king is no accident.”

“This was orchestrated to appear that all the wind is at the PDP sails and that the APC has been stalled by PDP strong-arm tactics. They want to create the impression that all is well and that the president rides high on popular acclaim. But there is a large crack in their wall,” he aid.

“Because they profit from and love the wreckage they have done to us, the president and his subordinates delude themselves into believing the average Nigerian also loves them for the damage they have caused.”

The former Lagos State governor also stated that after over three months of avoiding the parents of the abducted Chibok girls, Mr.
Jonathan was shamed by the visit of a heroic teenager from another land, Pakistan’s Malala, into agreeing to meet them.

“However, after being shunned for months by the President’s cold indifference to their plight, the aggrieved parents refused to be
party to the President’s slick public relations game.

“The parents shunned the man who would not meet with them when they wanted to meet him.

“He only decided to meet them to gain publicity. The parents saw through his uncaring charade. They decided not to add themselves to the farce.”

According to Mr. Tinubu, in the universe of Mr. Jonathan’s political hacks and courtiers, the president could do no wrong because his pockets “are deep and seem never to run dry.”

“For him, this is popularity and legitimacy. But if he truly wants to gauge how the people of Nigeria truly feel about him, he would
seriously consider why the parents boycotted his meeting. These parents more accurately represent the mood of the nation than do all the processions of politicians who come to the Villa to lay themselves at the feet of their monarch.”

The former governor said Mr. Nyako’s removal from office was a temporary and costly victory because it revealed “more and more the undemocratic heart of the man who rules over the nation.”

He said Mr. Jonathan now justified his “illegal and immoral acts” by claiming that any show of dissent or opposition to him was the product of partisanship and thus not to be seriously considered”.


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  • Clay

    Saint Tinubu, would you tolerate the irresponsible and rascal way Nyako treated and abused President Jonathan. Tinubu you think the whole world don’t know how you handled and still handling Lagos? The politics of APC is to rubbish and abuse Jonathan. You think that by shouting hysterically and crude propaganda you and your APC can hoodwink Nigerians into believing you?, NO. In as much as there is little or no difference between APC and PDP; Nigerians prefer a lesser devil in PDP than the white painted sepulchre of which inside is full of dead man’s rotten carcass which is APC. There is more in store for you, lord Tinubu.

    • Garden-City Boy

      Well said!

    • Psalm 35

      May God bless you richly

    • BlackieUmukoro

      God forbid, why call him lord tinubu, the thing is satan tinubu please

    • Oluwale

      What Tinubu did to Mrs Kofo Akerele-Bucknor, his erstwhile Deputy in Lagos, is worse than what Nyako just got. And Mrs Bucknor alleged offences were nothing close to Nyako’s.

  • Scrutiny

    This guy should really have kept quite- except there is something he knows is in the offing and try hard to preempt. Otherwise, he is a bad advert for his party at the moment. He probably doesn’t also realize the low ebb of Nyako’s public rating. Worse still was his letter to northern governors that has been widely condemned. If Tinubu is suggesting here that the letter was appropriate, then he is doing himself no good

  • gymer

    This TINUBU no get sense at all. Era of false propaganda is gone. You will all pay for all your sins against this nation. Ole!

    • redeem

      Nigeria will remain “ungovernable” for Jonathan: There are now strong indications that the effort of the military and other security operatives against these undesirable elements in our society may not yield the desired results soon as some very powerful persons in the government are bent on making sure that the country remains “ungovernable” for President Goodluck Jonathan.

      These people are not prepared to co-operate with the federal government to find lasting solution to this menace, rather they have continued to fan the ember of religious and ethnic crisis by all means.

      Nyako imports Fulani mercenaries: Adamawa state which is one of the states presently under emergency rule declared by the federal government would have presumably been considered the less attacked among these three states by the Boko Haram insurgents. But now the state might be gearing towards a full blown war soon, if not properly monitored by the Nigerian military with the spate of the influx of the Fulani mercenaries allegedly imported and hired by Governor Murtala Hammanyero Nyako of Adamawa state into the state for reasons known to only him. Adamawa State with all the advantages of a border state is presently being used as a launch pad for both the Boko Haram insurgency and the Fulani mercenaries to attack and destabilise Nigeria.

      Investigations carried out by PowerSteering News Magazine revealed that no fewer than 500 Fulani mercenaries trained in Sudan were imported into the state and are camped at the border village of Typsen in Toungo Local Government Area of Adamawa State on the instruction of the state governor. The Fulani men are kept at the expense of the state government, fed, well taken care of and paid a stipend of about N50,000.00 each monthly by the state government with the tax payers’ money.

      According to our source, the Fulani men are well taken care of, fed thrice daily, well dressed, kitted, armed and equipped for the assignment for which they were brought in. The source further said that all these things and many more are funded through the village head of Typsen. The method is systematically applied to most villages where Fulani tribe are minorities but with Fulani men as village heads.

      • janjaweed2

        respond to these first

        1 poorly trained, totally ill-equipped, given only uniform soldiers and are killed
        by their trainers in Nigerian Army training centres as soon as they
        arrive in the Nigerian Army camps being used by so-called Boko-Haram
        insurgents. Virtually all the Nigerian Army soldiers killed/murdered in
        these operations so far are of Northern Nigerian origin

        2 Mr. Henry Okah, the convicted leader of MEND also stated under oath that
        he was being put under pressure by the administration to implicate
        senior Northern elements such as IBB and Buhari as financiers of Boko
        Haram terrorism.

        3. Clearly the victims of the Administration’s evil-mindedness are
        substantially Northern Nigerians. The administration is bent on bringing
        wars in the North between Muslim and Christians and within them and
        between one ethnic group and another or others in various communities in
        the region

        4 ,“these organized kidnappers must have the backing of the Federal
        administration for them to move about freely with abducted children just
        as those who convey ammunitions and explosives from the Ports to the
        safe-houses of so called Boko-Haram in the North”.

        5. security manning checkpoints on the road to FGC Buni Yadi were given orders to stand down for the same convoy that massacred students in that school , why

        6. while the airport in maiduguri was being attacked a fully kitted and armed unit was nearby refused to respond forhours while operation was ongoing

        7. amnesty international has confirmed that security both in abuja and in maid wer in formed FOUR HOURS from the start of the CHIBOK GIRLS kidnapping and refused to respond
        8.Unongo (former minster power and steel)said on the day it happened there
        was a stampede in the village that Fulani men were about to attack the
        villagers and forcibly convert them to Islam. He said upon hearing this
        he didn’t believe it because for more 100 years the Fulani and Tivs have
        been co-existing peacefully.
        Nonetheless, he instructed the village vigilante group to summon
        courage and arrest any person among the anticipated marauding party that
        comes to the village. The vigilante men were successful in their
        He further narrated that upon their arrest, the soldiers were handed
        over to the police, who took them to Adigbo town. “Eventually, they were
        taken to Makurdi. And that was the end of the matter”, as nothing
        was heard again about the saga which shook Jato-Aka residents and left
        Unongo himself with a huge loss on his business and other private


  • BlackieUmukoro

    Wwe need not look further to know that tinubu practices janjaweed deadly politics. He should be charged along with nyako for aiding and abetting treason. Boko harm personified and APC is haram through and through

  • Omovudu

    All Progressives Congress (APC)

    They make it news when they
    are victims let’s look at Tinubu, the face of ‘progressives’ in Nigeria,
    Nyako Impeachment: What Bola Tinubu Did
    To His “Disloyal” Deputies. APC Governor Murtala Nyako was Impeached
    some days ago by PDP led members of Adamawa State House of Assembly.
    Many observers including the opposition APC has been pointing fingers to
    President Jonathan and the PDP for being the mastermind. However, let
    us go down memory lane and analyse the “Deeds” of Former Lagos State
    Governor and APC leader Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu towards his estranged
    political subordinates- Specifically His Deputies. 1. AKERELE BUCKNOR
    KOFOWOROLA: She was a Senator and Was elected alongside Bola Ahmed
    Tinubu in 1999 on the AD platform. In 2002, she declared her Interest to
    vie the 2003 Lagos State Governor seat against her boss. Bola Tinubu
    was infuriated, he lobbied the Lagos State House to commence
    impeachement proceedings against her. Buknor resigned her position as
    Deputy Governor, she also left the party, Alliance for Democracy. That
    was the last we heard of her politically. 2. Mr. FEMI PEDRO was picked
    by Bola Tinubu in 2002 as Buknor’s successor. Jointly, they won 2003
    Lagos Governorship election. After the formation of Action Congress by
    majorly sponsored by Atiku Abubakar and Tinubu, Pedro Signified interest
    to succeed his boss like others in the 2007 Guber election. Then
    Governor Tinubu told all the contenders to support the Candidacy of his
    Chief of Staff, Babatunde Raji Fashola. Pedro was adamant, he defected
    to Labour Party. Next was IMPEACHMENT against Pedro by Lagos State
    House. Sensing that he couldn’t survive the impeachment moves, he
    RESIGNED his position as Deputy Governor of Lagos State on the day he
    was to be IMPEACHED. However, Governor Tinubu refused to collect his
    Resignation Letter…Few Minutes later, the House IMPEACHED him for
    “Insubordination and Gross Misconduct”. Bola Tinubu OPENED the floodgate
    for Political Witch-hunt. He was the FIRST Governor Since Lagos History
    to Have 3 Deputies within a Span of 8 Years. Why is His Party

    • paul preston

      thank you for your insight and sense of history,in Nigeria it is always them that do wrong where we do no wrong even if we kill.Tinubu and the rest of his group are hypocrites that is why they are not given any attention by nigerians that is why we want GEJ to improve on some areas like response to issues affecting employment and job creation

    • Clay

      You are just wonderful. Am sure this is not dictatorship and impunity. A man who installed his daughter against the will of traders as leader of market women and men. Lagos is Tinubu’s theater and he can play any how he wants and likes.

  • djay

    PDP Vanguards.

  • TopeLamas

    To d few dump one dat think Jonathan has done anything reasonable for nigeria stay long in ur dream land, wake up to reality nd gt dis gud for nothing human out of aso rock, with all things happening he doesnt v a solution, nigerians deserve better pls

  • TopeLamas

    Our trusted lawmakers v failed us, dey sold deir right for money dey v failed nigerian who voter for them, Mr president u will live to regret ur action. Nigerian r tired of shameless govt.

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    I HAVE A DREAM, that one day APC will tell Nigerians what they will do different if they ever come in to government.
    Just pick one sector and tell us how much it will cost and duration.
    BUT all we get is Jonathan is bad, as if it makes APC better or even good.
    I don’t care how many journalists are in Tinubu’s payroll and those of them satisfied by Mgbati sentiments.
    Osun election will be decided by ordinary Nigerians, who do not care about ugly Nyarko and his poorly written letters.
    We will answer Tinubu on August 9. And on that day, international and independent observers will give their verdicts not APC media.

  • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

    Tinubu impeached his two Deputy Governors Mrs Kofo Akerele Bucknor and Mr Femi Pedro during his eight years reign as Governor of Lagos State. Therefore, he doesnt have the moral credentials to talk about removal of Nyako from office. Tinubu is politically intolerant of others.

  • Omovudu

    These Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Janjaweed, Aggrieved Peoples Congress APC and their leaders should stop accusing others whenever they are out smarted in their own game and stock in trade. They had hardly gotten the House of Representative majority after the defection of members from PDP when APC leaders called on their members in both Houses not to approve this year´s budget and that, it´s members should start compiling GEJ impeacheable offences to make room for his impeachment. Now, the reverse is the case and they are crying river. Yeye dey smell!

  • adetolure Taiwo

    If those three operating state of book haram governors can be removed in office, I am quite sure that book haram insurgence will ended

  • Musa Goni

    Some of Projects commissioned under GEJ’s administration and compare it with past Nigeria leaders.

    1. 125 Almajiri Schools in 13 Northern States

    2. 27 Special girls school

    3. 12 New Federal Universities

    4. 34 new NCE awarding institutions

    5. 101 Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and development

    6. 10 Million increase in Basic education enrollment (UBEC)

    7. 75% Increase in O’Level credit pass in Math and English

    8. 100 Innovation Enterprise Institutions licensed

    9. 7000 lecturers sponsored for post graduate studies home and abroad

    10. 51 Polytechnic laboratories rehabilitated

    11. Doubled increase on Education allocation

    12. 104 candidates scaled the final hurdle
    (First Class Graduates) for Presidential scholarship award and were asked to
    apply to study in any of the top 25 universities in the world approved for the
    scheme for their Phd.


    1] Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State. —North Central.

    2] Federal University, Lokoja, Kogi State. ——-North Central.

    3] Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State.– North East.

    4] Federal University, Wakari, Taraba State. —-North East.

    5] Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State.-North West.

    6] Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State.——-North West.

    7] Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa State. —South South.

    8] Federal University, Ndufe-Alike, Ebonyi State.-South East.

    9] Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State.——-South West.


    The following roads
    are either reconstructed of nearing completion:

    1. Apapa – Oshodi Expressway

    2. Benin-Ore-Sgagamu Highway

    3.Enugu-Portharcourt Dual carriage way

    The following roads
    are undergoing dualisation:

    1. Kano – Maiduguri Road

    2. Abuja-Abaji-Lokoja Road

    The following is
    fully done:

    Oweto Bridge across River Benue

    The Following Roads are fully done:

    1. Onitsha-Owerri Road

    2. Vom-Manchok Road

    3. Onitsha Head Bridge – Flyover (Ojukwu Gateway) which Gov Obi did and got
    federal refund

    The following roads
    are under construction or reconstruction:

    1. Onitsha – Enugu Road

    2. Lokoja – Benin Road

    3. Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

    4. Mokwa-Bida Road

    5. Akure-Ilesha Road

    6. East-West Road

    7. Sokoto-Tambuwal-Jega Road

    8. Enugu- Abakaliki- Cross River Road

    9. Ogoja – Ikom Road

    10. Vandekiya-Obudu Road


    The following bridge was concessioned to Juluis Berger and early works have
    commenced: Second Niger Bridge


    1. National Aviation Master plan and Road map was developed and is being

    2. Air Safety – INSTALLATION of cutting age navigational aids and Instruments
    Landing Systems, including runway lights and Total Radar Coverage (TRACON)

    3. Airport Infrastructure – For the firdt time in three decades, ALL 22
    federally owned airports are being remodeled and renovated

    4. Cargo Airport – 16 airports close to nation’s food baskets designed to
    transport perishables.

    5. New Terminal for 5 International Airports at Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt,
    Kano and Enugu.

    6. Certification – US Category 1 Certification attained.


    1. Under GEJ, Nigeria has two
    automobile industries manufacturing vehicles, Innoson in Nnewi and Nissan in

    2. Nigeria exports cement


    1. Mortgage – The Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Corporation was set up to
    enable 200,000 affordable mortgages within 5 years at affordable interest rate.

    2. Over 61,000 housing units have been built in six geographical zones.


    1. African Nations Cup (last won in 1994)

    2. Fifa U-17 (Last won in 2007)

    3. Word Athletic Championship 4 medals (No medal since 2000)

    Rail Transport:

    Over 15 years, Rail transport has been
    deserted, it took GEJ less than 2 years to put it back on track and commissioned
    6 New Air-condition Trains in Lagos last

    1. Lagos-Kano Rail

    2. Kano-Maiduguri,
    under construction

    3. Lagos-Portharcourt

    Under construction:

    1. Kaduna-Abuja

    2. Abuja axis

    Privatised PHCN and Power Generating Plants undergoing constructions in different

    Nigeria became biggest economy in African overtaken South Africa.

    Sentiment Apart and don’t be bias, Which past Nigeria President/Head of state has recorded these in 3 years?

  • Broodyn

    rubbish. Your political reign has come to an end.

  • Blessing

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