LASU says no further reduction of tuition fees

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos

The LASU Public Relations Officer says the students should be grateful with the State Government’s offer.

Authorities of the Lagos State University, LASU, Ojo, on Friday said there would be no further reduction of the institution’s tuition fees by the state government.

Kayode Sutton, LASU’s Public Relations Officer, said in Lagos that the only reduction of fees already done was the final.

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State had on June 11 approved a 34 per cent to 60 per cent reduction on the institution’s fees, after an earlier increment.

This followed series of protests from the students and civil society organisations that greeted the new fees regime.

The university’s Governing Council had on June 20 released a breakdown of the new tuition fees which ranges between N76,750 and N158,250 for
Humanities, Education and Medical students, respectively.

Mr. Sutton said that the students and the university community ought to be grateful to the government for its magnanimous effort in
reducing the fees.

“As long as the school fee issue is concern, it has been resolved and that is the final decision from the government,’’ he said.

Mr. Sutton said that the management still permits payment of the new fees in two instalments; as it was with the old fees of 70 per cent initial payment and 30 per cent later.

“The new fee is quite reasonable as government also pay bursary to students to subsidise their payment,” he said.

The university spokesperson urged students of the institution to comply with the payment of the fees before closure of the portal.

“The portal is still open until further notice, taking into cognisance that there was poor network at some point which prevented the students from registering,” he said.

Also, the Dean of Students Affairs, Kabir Akinyemi, urged the students to be considerate with the government by accepting the new fees.

“They should comply to pay the new fee as directed and can systematically lobby for further reduction, if they so desire,” he said.

The new fees is a reduction of the fees as increased in 2011 from N25,000 to N198,000 for humanities and education, while medical students paid N350,000.

The news fees ranging between N76,750 and N158,250 for Humanities, Education and Medical students, respectively, was still not acceptable
to students union. The union insisted that the fee be reduced to N46,500 for returning students and 65,500 for fresh students as proposed to the governor at a meeting in April.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, LASU chapter, also urged the state government to further reduce the fee to N50,000 across board.



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  • “…The union insisted that the fee be reduced to N46,500 for returning students and 65,500 for fresh students as proposed to the governor at a meeting in April…”

    I think this is a reasonable fee the union is demanding considering the level of poverty in the country. A situation where governments across the country raise costs of services by one hundred or more per cent at a go should be roundly condemned. With the new government fee for LASU, even a civil servant earning N100,000 per month cannot afford the fee unless he has other sources of income. Many students will drop out if the government insists on a fee of N76,000 – N158,000. This will clearly show that the government is out touch with the real living condition of the people. If policy makers in government of Lagos state have plenty money, they should realise that not every family in Lagos state has the same opportunity. Majority of the people are struggling to survive the harsh conditions many years of government neglect and corruption brought upon the people. If the final removal of fuel subsidy (to which the state has consented) is carried out, the people’s living condition will get worse and many families will find it real difficult to pay even the N65,000 the union recommends.

    If Lagos state government cannot provide affordable university education to youths, then what else does it owe the people? Decorated roads? The government should realise that at the end of the day it is the students, their families and friends and the struggling people of Lagos state that will vote in the next election. APC should not cry if they lose the election. There is always a political price to pay for not listening to the weak and helpless voice of the masses.

  • Dan maikoko

    “Cowards die many times before their death…” The man (Kukah) died. No matter how much they try to twist and turn, Ndibe was right, you can see clearly that they are content with what is on the ground in Nigeria. To be able to say what he said and the way he said it takes much more than fear of Boko Haram, Kukah portrays an actual beneficiary of the incompetence and cluelessness on which boko haram thrives.
    When priests turn to praise singers, who else is in any doubt that Nigeria is “the worst piece of God’s real estates on earth”?

  • Xman

    The Bishop despite not having any children of his is one of the few millionaires around who benefit from the cluelessness we call government. I pray he reads peoples’ comment about him to know how he smells. He can deceive those that call him man of God as the Adeboyes, Oyedepos and the Reve Kings are deceiving Nigerians that are gullible. It is high time we knew these people are our enemies, and they are in fact men of satan not men of God. In actual fact, we are all men and women of God contrary to the gullibles that some are men of God while others are mere followers. Rev, go get yourself a brain if you haven’t gotten one, tell us where you stand, is it on the side of the people and God or on the side of the oppressor and satan?

    • Dorcas

      How are you sure he is not a biological father of some hidden children? You still trust these people?

  • Garden-City Boy

    Bishop Kukah’s case epitomizes the proverbial two-goat company, the one finding coco-yam favorite staple, while for the other it is yam…….or nothing. It does not surprise you that, before too long, the the two goats morph into a voracious yam-crop destroying twosome…..or coco-yam eating wizards. Either way, it is still bad news. With a lot of heads-up on his consecration as Sokoto bishop, Matthew Kukah began his calisthenic monkey-flips in good time. He aimed to situate into a caliphate environment that would soon be his domain for subservient assimilation in the mullah country. Being politically savvy, his lordship the Bishop understands the prudence in acting like the Romans when in Rome.
    It is not so much about sitting too many hours on goatskin, sipping fura da noonoo as it is with cultivating the same warped reasoning pattern as his Sokoto hosts; Matthew Kukah allowed himself to be assimilated into a domain views issues from the wrong end of the telescope, through a system of caliphate lenses. He is one naive man-of-God whose psyche is still infused with the juice of Buhari’s disastrous jackboot WAI era. Things are not made any easier when a whole bishop manifests a complex, feeling inferior to other Nigerians who happen to be abroad. If Ndibe were a “Ugandan, Rwandan, Zimbabwean or indeed, from most African countries, would he write this and still come back to his country?” And he Kuka brings this country to the low ranks of Rwanda, Uganda and Zimbabwe…….all countries we must lean from.
    This Bishop seeks to justification for the dictatorial awusa pylory of perceived opposition and critics of blundering, kleptocratic establishments presided over by perfidious, coup-making awusa rag-heads. Kukah and others like him have known nothing other than life as WILLING TOOLS in awusa hands which they still live. Decades of brainwash have emasculated a lost generation and a man such as Kukah -a Catholic Bishop- lost the testicular fortitude to confront awusa/fulani with charges of the genocidal carnage against the people of his Plateau State homeland, let alone blame them for Boko Haram. Okey Ndibe is easily the victim Kukah can pick on, because “If Ndibe were a Ugandan, Rwandan, Zimbabwean or indeed, from most African countries, would he write this and still come back to his country?”. The perplexing that the Bishop suffers the complex; he bears a deep grudge against Nigerians abroad and nurses a painful feeling of inferiority to Nigerians in the diaspora. It is, indeed, pathetic, to say the least that Kukah hates Ndibe’s guts that he virtually pronounced his own version of the caliphate FATWA by invoking and instigating state wrath on an innocent man and his legitimate views on Nigerian affairs..
    That is the extent to which Kukah’s generation has been brainwashed; the depth into which Kukah’s generation is ready to sink to avoid ruffling awusa feathers. He certainly needs the Sokoto Bishop’s position so bad he is so willing to mortgage his conscience and humane sensibilities. The intimidating arrogant swagger and raw impunity of the awusa gunslinger drove Matthew Kukah out of his wits. Those factors pander to a caliphate base Kukah must sink to appease awusa in order to keep his Bishops job. It was so dizzying how his overly vocal criticisms of the idea of the National Conference, sets him out as cheerleader the absolutism of deluded awusa nay-sayers.
    Bottom line: Should Matthew Kuka misconstrue the “ant” in Okey Ndibe’s columm, who knows how, due to deepening caliphate mentality, he would interpret “mustard seed” in Jesus’s parable of the MUSTARD SEED at a Sunday homily. This is not the same Matthew we all knew. He has gone nuts; his days as a Catholic reverend is long been over.

  • charlie

    I think Ndibe is overly sensitive to Bishop Kukah’s swipe at him and as a result he overreacted in his response. There exist a dichotomy between home based and foreign based Nigerians that must be acknowledged to be able to understand the misunderstanding between the two great Nigerians. Usually, Nigerians in diaspora are so frustrated with how things are done badly in Nigeria that they lash out by condemning every thing they come across not done to the standards they are accustomed. We want all problems to be solved overnight. More often we come across to the home based Nigerians as impractical, out of touch, arrogant, and frustrated people. This usually results in them tuning out our suggestions no matter how good. Amount the elites, the group Bishop Kukah belongs, detests us for they take our criticism of the system as us saying we are better than them. We are supposed to come to Nigeria and be awed by their accomplishments and we are to praise them for how wonderful they are, since that’s what the are accustomed to from the media and the sycophants that surround them . The only way to take ourselves out of the margin is to be more constructive and diplomatic in our criticism of the system. We need to acknowledge what’s good and be quick with giving credit when due. It only then that we can penetrate the system, which will allows us to make the changes we desire from within.

  • Mosaku 147

    He has always been a friend of any government in power. Smooth talker. Very deceptive man. We know how the bishop of Kampala dealt with idi-Amin and paid the supreme price.desmond tutu we know.who is kukah.
    His new found arrogance started from the day he was compensated with being the bishop of sokoto.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Bishop Kukah is like ‘kuka’ soup, bland, dull and sloppy! He has like many predecessors all over the world climbed on the back of religion to attain political influence despite their ordinariness. It is not difficult to see why this highly politicized and so called “man of God”, totally avoids criticizing BH when he lives in Sokoto; in the midst of Islamic wolves that occupy that region!

    Okey, continue to write as your conscience dictates; for when the likes of Kukah that lie with dogs, as most of these arrogated opinion formers do with the perverse politicians that populate our land, they act like dogs not only rabidly but flea-infested! I hope he will prefer the ‘dog’ word, to the use of ‘ants’ to describe his likes that run with the hare but hunt with the dogs! I have always seen him as one that festers his nest instead of speaking the word Of God. Forget him! An opportunist of first order!

  • A Bishop is not a Bishop because people call him a Bishop. I think a Bishop is only a Bishop to the extent he adheres to the sanctity of his office. When a Bishop stops being a defender of truth and the oppressed and begins to speak on behalf of the oppressor, then such a Bishop sets himself up for public rebuke.
    Bishop Kukah is fast becoming the Bishop of the government. There was nothing in the said article that suggested the writer was placing himself above Nigerians at home when he used the word “ants”. I think Okey was mild or polite to have likened the attitudes of Nigerian government to the death of Nigerian as if they were ants.

    The truth is that Nigerian governments (this one by far the worst) actually regard Nigerians as some lower specie of ants. Otherwise, how can we explain the persistent failure of this government to protect vulnerable communities in the North East from Boko Haram? Nigerians have been killed needlessly in Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Jos, Borno, Adamawa, etc. There are no records of these people. Government does not even mention them in public statements and functions. Do you keep record of ants?

    It took Jonathan 19 days before reluctantly agreeing to the abduction of the Chibok girls. While no trader can transport one hundred dead chickens over five kilometre distance without being detected by policemen and soldiers at check points where they collect money from people, Boko Haram disappeared with around 270 without trace! The Federal Road Safety Corps is compelling Nigerians to pay a whopping sum of thirty thousand naira for a new number plate. The list is endless. Nigerians are actually inferior to ants in the eyes of Jonathan and his men and that is why they don’t respect the people and don’t care very much about their lives.

    Bishop Kukah has the choices of either being an oracle of God to constantly remind government of their constitutional duties to Nigerians, or risk losing the saltiness of his office and become trampled under the feet of men.

  • The piece from both Bishop Kukah & Dr. Okey Ndibe only exposed the fact that they are human after all. For a while now, both gentlemen had made personal sacrifices for the common man and for good of the country through their continued exposition of the ills in our land. I believe we still need both men in this struggle for a better Nigeria. We cannot afford to lose either of them to our perpetual oppressors. I would however, ask that we use this medium to unite them, encourage them to see there difference & understand each other rather escabate it. Thank you all.

    • Omo Akin

      What sacrifice did Kukah make for Nigeria? He came into the limelight as communication director of Lagos Archdiocese under Anthony Okogie. Anthony Okogie was the one calling out the Government of that time on every missteps including suing Jakande over take over of private mission schools. What Kukah was doing then was actually the doings of Anthony Okogie. On the other hand, Kukah has always been a government apologist as the present CAN leadership has become.
      When people like Kukah, Braithwaite etc condemn people for criticizing Jonathan for the senseless killings going on in Nigeria, the question is this: who should we criticize? Who should we blame? Jonathan is the Commander-in-Chief of all the armed forces in Nigeria and he is paid to secure the lives and properties of every Nigerian. If he is unable to do the job for whatever reason, he can resign. For example, the President declared state of emergency in 3 states and in one of those states, the book haram people murdered about 50 High School kids in their hostel at night. What question did the President ask those army bosses and police big wigs in that state? As a matter of fact that was the second time of such senseless slaughter in a school hostel. If I am the president, I will hold the army bosses, police chiefs and other security officers there responsible and I will let Nigerian know what actions I have taken after apologizing to them. But our President will routinely issue a statement through Abati condemning the killing and vow to bring the perpetrator to book, and that will be end of the sad incident until another one occurs.
      I still remember the time of Etim Inyang was police IG when IBB turned to him at a publis forum and asked, “my friend, where is Aninih” It was a big embarrassment for the police chief and Lawrence Aninih and his police collaborators were arrested within two weeks. This is in no way to praise IBB (because he is partly responsible for this mess), but he demonstrated that holding the police chief responsible will produce result. Unfortunately, every action and inaction of President Jonathan is for his re-election.

  • Okache

    The man Kukah, because I do no think he deserves the appellation of a bishop. I read the piece by Okey Ndibe that the man Kukah alluded to in his speech at the illustrious Kongi’s 80th birthday lecture. I have come to know that it is not everyone that goes with the designation of man of God, bishop, pastor, etc that truly practice the teachings of Christ. I think the man Kukah decided to say things that would please his master in Aso Rock not the Master in heaven. I respect the man Kukah before but not now. He must retrace his steps. Most Nigerians at home also believe that the government is not doing much to curb the atrocities of the satanic sect Boko Haram.

  • OmoLasgidi

    Okey – Please do not waste words and be deterred by the like of Fr. Kukah…We can only remember what he was and used to be…however since he tasted the forbidden fruit of corruption and drank from Jonathan’s cup of impunity, he has joined the supporter’s club of the Friends of the Former President and the last man standing looking to “deal” with those who flushed or hounded his benefactor. For someone to refer to Jonathan’s “spectacular” achievement clearly shows whose side he plays/speaks. I will enjoin serious minded Catholics to raise a petition to Rome for him to be re-educated and re-indoctrinated on the Catholic value of compassion for the poor and not ex-Corrupt Government officials who robbed the country blind! Let the probe begin… at this point I will not be surprised if he benefitted handsomely from contracts…We will soon know how much $$$$ the prayer warriors were paid for Jonathan’s re-election! We dey wait….

  • ezimako

    I think Socrates should take the hemlock, he has corrupted the youth.A hood does not make a monk.He is a human who has turned full circle in the cesspool of corruption.I used to respect him until he defended graft…