‎BREAKING: Nasarawa lawmakers commence impeachment proceedings on Governor Al-Makura

Governor Tanko Al-Makura

Twenty of the 24 lawmakers in the state signed the notice.


The Nasarawa State House of Assembly has commenced impeachment proceedings on Gover‎nor Umaru Al-Makura.

The Assembly on Monday directed its Clerk‎, Ego Maikeffi, to serve Mr. Al-Makura with the impeachment notice for alleged gross misconduct and misappropriation of funds.

The notice was signed by 20 of the 24 lawmakers in the state during a sitting presided over by the Speaker, Ahmed Mohammed.

The 16-count charge borders on alleged extra-budgetary expenses by the governor.

Nasarawa has 20 Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, lawmakers and 4 All Progressives Congress, APC, lawmakers.

The governor is a member of the APC.

The notice of impeachment was agreed few hours before the visit of President Goodluck Jonathan to the state to commission a rice farm in Doma.

Details later…


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  • EMMY

    Madam people…You pple are just causing more problem for poor masses..Stupid lawmakers

    • gwangwala

      Who is causing problem to the common man? Those who steal money meant for common man good or those who try to stop them? Only a moron will pick the latter.

    • John green

      Any lawmakers that collects bribe because he wants to remove his own governor will soon suffer for the silly act and posterity will judge dem

  • banger

    APC should also wait for ayo fayose in ekiti, they should go ahead and create the new local govt, fayose can’t last till may 2015, they should boot him out too, its tit for tat.

  • Coco B

    So pdp now want to use impeachment to remove apc govs whereas their govs are busying looting,there is God ooooo

    • redeem

      yes let them impeach-him as fast as possible–there is no hope in APC—it all started with obasanjo–how can u have only 4 APC in a 24 memebr house and not use your brain–kick the animals out-

      • Coco B

        But gej shld not b impeech for all his atroscities and lootings?if nat Assembly start now,u will cry

  • Spoken word

    If they like they can go ahead and impeach all the APC governors and have a one party country. Then PDP will not have any excuses for their abject failure in this country.

    • Uju

      Impeachment is a legal means to topple an elected office holder when he goes astray. Al-Makura should face the panel if he feels his hands are clean . . . . . . but no, he would rather take to propaganda because he has loads of skeletons in his cupboard

      • John green

        Jonathan Is using such to save his own skeleton after long looting from his own end without any justification but pardoning series of looters in this nation. If people should start judging and crucifying, it shouldn’t be PDP whom have brought this nation to it knee

      • donwei

        Is it ONLY apc governors that are looters?. Confirmed PDP looters are in the majority.

  • Babatunde Olushola Saka

    PDP stop this forms of impunity…

    • redeem

      yes this is what the JANJAEEDS IN apc WILL say–no HEAD NO TAIL- as its usual with APC-follow follow club-which party was in power when Fayose was impeached in Ekiti state-(Oya explanate it for us–biko-)——–was he not impeached by thief obasanjo-of PDP-?-what about Alams the ex bayelsa state governor-Again was he not impeached by Obj–godown memory lane again–plateau state-governor-dariye-nko?-it not the same PDP government that impeached–him via the declaration of state of imergency—-lie lie APC ppl————-i begi carry yr yeye story to sharia reporters–it owned by APC–SORRY I PUT MISTAKE-FOR THIS ONE-b4 they black list Deri aka redeem again like sharia reporters did to me-cause APC asked to–cheeeeeeeeeeeers

      • John green

        You are confused guy who should be ignored because you are just a pig boy been played by PDP to come and cause confusion online. Your party will soon weep for the tsunami that will soon fall on them comes 2015. GEJ has no way again

    • John Matthew


    • redeem

      mumu u now call it impunity abi–when it was the turn of yoruba man obj–it was not tagged-by the yorubas in the south west-fine because obj impeached an ijaw man abi

    • Mck

      What do you think impunity means. The state assembly is exploring constitutional means to impeach the governor and you are there shouting, or whispering impunity.

    • Psalm 35

      Impunity ? Your brothers record has not yet being broken yet even though your brother was impeaching with 6 members against 21 like he did to Joshua Dariye and DSP Alamieyieseigha

  • Moses Musa

    Let the Governor answer them to the best of his ability, if they are dissatisfied let them go ahead, dais God oo

    • John green

      The worst is about to hit PDP in 2015, they believe what they are doing now will save their head but obviously it won’t because people are more wise conpear to the goodname been used to decieved the common man

  • John Matthew


    • Spoken word

      wish you will call for the impeachment of your president with the same vigour.rubbish and nonsense

  • Integrity group

    Nigeria oh Nigeria…
    They have ripped you apart
    All in the name of money politics
    Where did we get it all wrong?
    Was it the foundation?
    How can we remedy the situation?
    How can the common man in Nigeria find his voice?
    The elite class has perfected a plan to keep the ordinary Nigerian in poverty…while they share our common wealth.
    How can the ordinary Nigerian understand his rights without quality education?
    How can a common man vote according to his conscience when he can’t afford a half bag of rice?

    It is a simple plan by the elite to keep majority of the citizens uneducated and poor so that they could continue to remain relevant in the society

    May God heal Nigeria

  • Ay

    PDP and Jona are busy causing unrest in many States all in the name of Politics and his Igbo brothers are busy supporting him??? We wait and see where all these lead us… The wait wont surely be long again

    • BlackieUmukoro

      Igbo phobia

  • Psalm 35

    Sometime ago a weeping woman somewhere in Abuja shouted diarisGOD ooo,people were laughing at her in unison. Now we know there is God


    I de Laf ooo! yawa don gas for APC head.

  • Rommel

    And when will impeachment proceedings be served against president Jonathan?the man is the root cause of the whole insecurity in Nigeria,while Nigeria burns burns,never removed his leg from gas,now that the smoke is clearing,we can see the hands that are throwing the stones

  • kamal

    I wonder y some people tend to consider that biased and so idiotic fool calling himself redeem, he got nothin to say but d display of his nonsensical thinking.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    He gat to go, he is a fulani herdsmen. Their inhabitant is in the bush, he has no business being in governance. He is gone


    The well deserved political tsunami against apc is just gathering steam and they are crying! What will they do when it peaks?

    • Psalm 35

      When it peaks ? They will go into oblivion, let me paint a picture: – Under the cover of darkness,vermin congregate under dark alley ways,holes,pits and all sorts of hidden platforms but when light is shone into their midst they all especially the rats and cockroaches run for cover.That is the powerful effect of light and light has been shone bright into the darkness called apc



    The greatest treats to WESTAN CIVILIZATION IS
    POPULATION, The game now is: Radicalisation of Islamic sects which don’t
    represent authentic Islam, they thrive on confusing people. They spend billions
    making terrorists and millions killing them. This they do to control power,
    media and economies. Unfortunately here in Nigeria The NORTH WAS CHOOSEN for

  • Isiagwo

    Once, they said someone was “clueless,” didn’t they?

  • ejo-Paris

    Nice move, they are calling Oga Jonnah series of names now is fighting back and the good thing about the president is that his following due process to impeach them not like Obj time, we will all see who will laugh last, I pray that God will continue to give the president knowledge and wisdom to fight his political enemies. …..Amen

  • robo

    Take by ‘impeachment’ if you can. Fly the alleged impeachable crimes’ in any state in Nigeria the Governor will be found guilty

  • NaijaMoneyOnline

    This is getting Serious….I blame APC they are the cause of all these happening in the country… That serves him right

  • Jamie’s Airspace

    PDP is on the offensive against the APC trying to reclaim what it lost… Chai. They have reduce APC to rubbles. Where are those who refered to GEJ as a dumbo?… This man is a silent assassin… Smart guy