National Conference in disarray as North walks out of consensus building group

National Conference in plenary

A major crack that may truncate the ongoing national conference has emerged, with delegates from the Northern part of the country alleging betrayal, rejecting some decisions reached at plenary and walking out of the consensus-building arrangement instituted by leaders of geo-political zones, PREMIUM TIMES can report today.

The National Consensus Building Group, which had three members each from each of the six geopolitical zones, was formed to reduce bickering and rally members across regions to support popular recommendations of the Conference.

Documents obtained by this newspaper indicate that Ijaw leader, Edwin Clark; a former Minister of Finance, Olu Falae; a former Minister of Communications, Ike Nwachukwu; a former Minister of Information, Jerry Gana, Chairman of Daar Communications, Raymond Dokpesi; and a former Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Coomassie, were the initial conveners of the forum.

The membership of the group was soon expanded, with the leaders of the zones nominating three delegates each from their zones to form what became the National Consensus Building Group, which has so far held a number of meetings at Mr. Dokpesi’s Daar Communications Complex, Asokoro, Abuja.

During the meetings of the group, a decision was taken to compile and tabulate all recommendations adopted by committees of the Conference into a single document for ease of reference and to serve as working document that could be used to build consensus.

The document, which was titled, “Terms of Agreement of the Six Geo-Political Zones,” a source closed to the caucus said, was circulated to all members of the group and leaders of the zones.

But an influential northern delegate, Auwalu Yadudu, who was part of the National Consensus Building Group and who claimed to be speaking for other delegates from the North, has now disowned the consensus-building group and its document, while also serving notice that the north was pulling out of the arrangement.

In an undated letter to Mr. Dokpesi, one of the conveners of the National Consensus Building Group, Mr. Yadudu accused other members of sidelining the north in drawing up the consensus document which is now being referred to as “fake constitution”.

Mr. Yadudu wrote, “Recall that this group has been convened on the direction of the leaders of the geo-political zones to look into the recommendations made by the Committees set up by the Conference with a view to cultivating the consensus of all delegates around contentious issues so as to facilitate their smooth passage at plenary.

“We have reviewed the above titled document. Following this, I have been directed by the leaders of our respective states and their critical stakeholders to bring to your attention the following as our response to both the idea of consensus building and the content of what has been circulated.

“Our delegations welcome and remain available to participate in the consensus-building process or effort that is conducted under an environment of mutual respect, which is genuinely inclusive and carried out in good faith.

“It is a well-known fact that the document circulated and the ‘agreements,’ ‘conclusions,’ reached have been drawn up and vigorously canvassed by some zones in concert to the exclusion of delegations from our states and other vital stakeholders.

“We view them more like ‘terms of surrender’ than proposals for discussion. We observe that the document conspicuously contains many vital issues not at all discussed or even recommended by any Committee.

“It seeks anticipatory approval for many other recommendations not yet considered and, rather curiously, ignored issues in respect of which the Conference has come to a decision at plenary.”

Mr. Yadudu went on to state that the authors of the document, without consultation, and in total disregard to the sensibilities of other critical stakeholders, went ahead to determine the number of states to be created and their names.

He went on to say that northern delegates would seek an official explanation from the leadership on why the document bore the Conference emblem and whether the leadership sanctioned the “conclusions” contained therein in line with the Conference rules.

“In view of the forgoing observations and reservations we have expressed regarding the ongoing consensus building process, I wish to state, with regrets, that our representatives have been directed to take no further part in the process,” Mr. Yadudu concluded.

On Saturday, Mr. Yadudu, reiterated that position in a statement he issued rejecting all the recommendations of the Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Government.

He alleged that some of the controversial issues approved at plenary were lifted out of a document he claimed was not prepared by a Conference committee.

He also accused the Conference leadership of bias, alleging that there was calculated plan to adopt all the recommendations made by the consensus-building group.

The statement reads: “The Northern Delegates Forum met on 3/7/2014 and reviewed what transpired at plenary. After an exhaustive review, delegates adopted the following resolutions:

“We note that decisions have been arrived at in total disregard of the Procedure Rules, 2014 in respect of issues such as removal of the list of local governments from the constitution, local government councils financing, adoption of state constitution and a motion to adopt referendum and state constitution.

“The chairman refused flatly to recognize several members who had indicated intention to raise a point of order in respect of the method of arriving at decisions by voice vote. This is contrary to Order XI which provides as follows: All decisions of the conference at plenary and committee stage shall be reached by consensus or in the absence of that the chairman shall at his discretion adjourn proceedings to allow for further consultations, in the event of failure, to reach a solution it shall be decided by a vote of three quarter majority.”

Mr. Yadudu further alleged that the Conference Secretariat was selective in its decision on the amendments to be taken, adding that amendments suggested by some key Northern delegates were ignored.

He accused the leadership of deciding on a different outcome against what was voted for by delegates when questions were put to the house.

“We consequently call for the rescissions of all decisions of the Conference arrived at plenary today, July 3, 2014 in total disregard and violation of the Procedure Rules, 2014,” Mr. Yadudu said.

This breakdown in relationship among delegates is coming barely two weeks to the end of the conference and ahead of the consideration of the report of the Committee on Devolution of Power, considered by many as the most important at the Conference.

A delegate from the North, who requested not to be named because he was not authorised to speak on the matter, told PREMIUM TIMES that majority of Northern delegates have agreed to boycott the Conference if it continues to adopt recommendations that negate the interest of the region.

A delegate representing the Newspapers Publishers Association of Nigeria, Ishaq Modibbo, had on Monday drawn the attention of the conference to media reports, which he said, questioned the integrity of the Conference leadership.

Mr. Modibo had said two reports by Daily Trust newspaper accused the Deputy Chairman, Bolaji Akinyemi, of lobbying Northern delegates to pave way for the smuggling in of a demand for a new Constitution in the Conference final report.

He also drew the attention of delegates to another publication in a section of the media suggesting that the leadership of the conference was trying to force a geo-political zoning arrangement on the country.

“Mr. Chairman, I want to urge that the leadership should come out and clear its name from the allegations contained in the newspaper reports,” Mr. Modibbo had said.

The motion polarized the Conference and pitched delegates from the South and others from minority groups in the North against their counterparts from the core North.

Against calls by Southern delegates, including Sergeant Awuse from the South-South and Mike Ahamba from the South-East, vocal Northern delegates like Haruna Yerima and Mr. Yadudu insisted on having Mr. Akinyemi clear his name on the floor of the Conference.

To douse tension, the Chairman, Idris Kutigi, called all those who had something to say about the alleged smuggling in of a fake draft constitution into the conference, to speak up.

At that point, Mr. Akinyemi, Ibrahim Coomassie and Raymond Dokpesi, who were all mentioned in the publication, explained their roles in the raging controversy, after which it became clear that the leadership was innocent of the allegations against it.





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  • Obi John

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. The nothern delegates can go hug transformer.


    The man Yadudu is representing the Fulani north–if they yearn to pull
    out so be it–the confab should go on without them–the fulani north
    should be told to stop behaving like spoilt super brats-in Nigeria-they
    are free to relocate to Chad or Niger republic where most of them hail
    from-d 6 GEO policatal zones should go fly their own flags at the UN
    period-we should stop pretending as if we are one-NATION-ONE DESTINY–NA LIE–we are not

    • Garden-City Boy

      ………there is also Camerooon to go to as well. Remind them about that.

      • Omo Oodua

        You forgot Mali and Sudan….

      • green

        God has destined Nigeria to be one and nothing wil seperate us no matter what.talking about seperation no part of this contry wil do without the other. as all meaning nigerians we shoul talk peace and what wil bring us together.

        • Garden-City Boy

          You want to be glued to people who dread you like plague, despise you, hate you with extreme passion for your barbaric misconduct? You want to know your destiny? Your destiny is AWEWAGHANISTAN. You always wanted ARABA and you got it on a platter. Nobody shares destiny with a wild, barbaric, leprous clan.

          • salako

            As barbaric as your farther that sleep with his kids your ashawo mother go sleep with neighbour , is a disaster being in country with people like you. oloshii

          • Garden-City Boy

            What else goes through the minds wretched mullah….except rotten sexual acts…..rape, pedophilia, abduction of children you rape as your ultimate prize from your demonic allah. That is all what you are about. Now tell me: are you awusas wild and barabaric, or are you not.Answer with a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. Don’t be shy. ,

    • b

      What is so special abt Nigeria, every second u ppl will be talking bad abt d north remember dat d oil u are bragging abt, it was groundnut and other cash crops from d north was used to initiate the oil factories if u don’t know,so after 24 hrs drinking agogoro with u nd ur parents what do u know, except kidnappers, armed robbery, baby factory etc. So what is there in d south south, and the likes of dat thief chairman Allemeseiger, James ibori, Mrs BMW, and oga at d top Mr no shoes thus are ur mentors, so Al these threats of dividing let it be what is there in Nigeria.

    • Othman


  • Ejovwoke

    Yadudu and his backers are the problem with this country

  • Better Life

    They should also know that Nigeria has expired since 31/12/2013. Everybody must go its own way there’s no two ways about it. This northerners should know that their time is up.

    • mariana

      na wa o. look who’s talking. is it you people that cannot live together as one dat are asking the country to split. what do u have to survive. u derive all our needs from we northeners. u even prefer staying in the north than your own states. One cannot even go to his village and show his riches, one of his uncle,brother or even mother will just cast juju on him. u guys cannot live with each other everybody including u knows that

      • ifebuche

        R u high on something? How can u turn facts upside down so blatantly? Maybe this is what your selfish leaders imbibe in u. Terrible.

  • ayoyo

    Do they think that they can force northern minorities and middle belt people to go along with them?

    • Fulani Nomad

      Why not? After all its in there own interest to do so. Should they play the ostrich card, then the results of this unpopular moves knows no bound.

    • deri

      Time for the bluff by the FULANIS to be called off//when examined against the backdrop of what is happening in Iraq, kenya and Somalia/these fulanis who are not in the majority in the north yearn to have power and control of the entire fulani north//there is no state u do not have a fulani emir or governor/from kwara state to adamawa//state//now their plan is to take control of plateau and benue via boko haram//hence the ongoing killings//they will meekly arrive a state with some few cows//and plead to be given land to hide their stolen ir cows from the west african subregion///and b4 u know it//they have installed a sarikin fulani/ati hausawa//only for him to be turned into an emir hours later by the fulani elites/

      • Abu

        Please every1 lets speak like patriots. Every tribe no matter how small has a say in the Nigerian project. Lets stop criticising any group, lets use words of unity.

  • Adelove5070

    What I want from the comfab is to aggree on The UNITED STATES OF NIGERIA (TUSON) what I mean here is that the strong center be demolished.

  • Spoken word

    It seems like Nigerians like using our differences as a negative and not as an asset.

  • Wähala

    If their Southern counterparts cannot negotiate in good faith, then, the North has every right to reject any kangaroo committee’s recommendation. Frivolously carving out another 18 states and taking unilateral decisions without consulting the North is arrogant and in bad faith. Enough of their wasting our common wealth in an exercise that will amount to nothing, the Confab will not achieve any tangible goals. Names like Edwin Clark, Ike Nwachuckwu and Dopesi are simply not trust worthy names to go into negotiations with, no wonder they’ve betrayed the Northerners…

    • ilebaami

      So you think that Clark, Ike and Dokpesi made all the affirmation at plenary that adopted the States and all what you call kangaroo? You seem to have time to hop around threads spreading wahala and little light. What a waste of bandwith or airtime as the case may be.

      • Wähala

        Obviously, you’re not far behind me on those threads. Who doesn’t know that fossil Clark acts as if he’s the Shadow-President? Discuss the topical issue and stop chasing after me… Clown!

        • ilebaami

          You still don’t make sense of the majority at plenary adopting these things that betray your North. Your parasitic Northern aspirations are dead. No more minority north to host the parasite. The Islamic North can jolly well walk out, but they won’t !

          • Efes

            As the north is walking out of consensus, it has to be assured that it is walking out of Nigeria. North wants all Nigeria to stick to a political structure of 36 states whereby northern soldiers proliferated states in the north, at the expense of the south.

            Examine the outcome of the conference so far, regarding creation of more states, north even got favoured most. Because by creating more states and making the central govt more powerful, north is most favoured. What most people in south wanted was fiscal federalism/regional governance system. North is insatiable in this Nigeria experiment, let it go now.

          • Wähala

            Did you read the full report before making unsolicited sycophantic views?

          • Wähala

            Your views are published pro bono on Punch, the Confab is dead without the North’s input. You and I know that much. So, biko, quit lying to yourself… Go-sidon

    • deri

      Papa Fulani/Mama Ibo/is here again with his doggy food for thought

      • Efes

        Na Wahala be that. Often he is on “speed” while making comments.

        • Wähala

          Yet, your sister reads every line that I write…
          Why not get her off my bed before worrying about Deri Oloti… amu yo!

      • Wähala

        Papa… Aborigine
        Mama… Kalaka
        Nationality: Aborigine Republic of Sou-South (caution: not on compass!)
        Migration… Came to Nigeria carrying Lord Lugard and his luggage on their heads
        Education… Contaminated riverine education paid for by Amnesty Program
        Pastime…. Ogogoro gulping, munching slimy snails, women and booze
        Politics….. Sycophancy. Ijaw Fundamentalist. Apostle of Do-or-Die politics, etc

    • Garden-City Boy

      Nobody needs awusa opinion in the polity anymore. Awusa is only but a fringe minority tribe of barbaric beings, as we speak. They don’t really count. It is either they take it or leave it….nothing to argue about.

      • Wähala

        Talk is free…
        Gra-gra is easy once your brain is floating on cheap ogogoro… Sapele Water!

      • AK

        Hey moron Hausa’s would forever remain your leaders. If you don’t like that go and hang the transformer.

        • Garden-City Boy

          …..just as awusas lead now……from behind? From now on, that is the best we may allow them. You don’t like it?…… then .AREWAGHANISTAN welcomes all you wild , barbaric awusas.

      • salako

        mumu na dem they control oga at the top

    • RICH


  • igabi

    It is really wrong for decisions to have been taken by voice votes because it was clearly decided at the start of the conference on a procedure for arriving at decisions. That agreed procedure was itself arrived at after long tedious discussions. Hence, every member of that conference should have insisted on following the right procedure and if it is only delegates from the north that are insisting on following the right procedure then they are the only delegates following due process and should be commended for that. Voice vote has absolutely no place in that conference.

    Doing the right thing is the solution to our problems and not insulting remarks from individuals using pseudonyms on the internet

  • Garden-City Boy

    Everybody knows that the National Conference would would not achieve its main objectives and would end in disarray. awusas have never been into anything good and they came too the Conference with the same idiotic mindset. Congenital rapaciousness gets in the way of any rational reasoning of the awusa man. In a good anticipation of this script, the South is functioning as a bloc and can now call the awusa bluff. We all know that any attempt to correct the inequity that feeds awusa greed is the red meat awusas need to act up like crybabies.They fall back on their idiotic, anachronistic tantrums and blackmail now working against them.
    Without knowing it, awusas have accomplished one thing over the past decade: self-marginalization. Having alienated every other community across the country with their puerile shenanigans, awusa has relegated themselves to the rank of fringe, lone tribal savages without a constructive voice. The clan is now a minority without support from any quarters. It is like the fall of the Roman Empire, a fall it never recovered from.
    Awusa people destroyed whatever clout they ever had with their barbarism, criminal impunity, thievery and arrogance and deprecation of other communities. These are migrant aliens originally from Niger, Chad Northern Cameroons and Mali. They have proved themselves to be absolute ingrates who have more than abused the goodwill of the gracious host. The demonic tribe have more than overstayed their welcome and need to go back where they came. We shouldn’t even get into negotiations or arguments with total strangers who sneaked in illegally and behave in primitive ways.
    The South now is at liberty to move on and has every legitimate reason to do so. The Babangidas and the Abdulsalams pull the fraudulent “doctrine of settled issues” from the sidelines, instigating the truncation of the National Conference. We are not joined to the navel to awusa and must not encourage their perennial misbehavior by even listening. They have their options; war or peace. can be a war. Whichever it is, the South says one thing: bring it on. The lesson of the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC is still fresh.

    • sizzla sizzlajr

      Thank you for setting the record straight.

    • green

      You talk of war if war breacks up people like you wil be in the thing you shoul know is that some of us in the north actually voted for GEJ. or do you think that left for the vote of the south alone GEJ would have become the president? You are miopic in thinking people like you should be in Benin RPL not in Nigeria. We in Nigeria we love our self no matter our defferences.

      • Garden-City Boy

        “……… some of us in the north actually voted for GEJ”. Total awusa hogwash. Even then, whome did the majority of you vote for. You make this false claim to to make us forget that you formed yourselves into rampaging almajiri groups to slaughter Southerners and Yout Corp workers to protest Buhari’s loss to Jonathan? Is that the barbaric way to give support to a candidate you voted for.
        Look, man, we have seen more than enough of you awusas. Good for you to come to the full realize that you toxic wastes are simply hanging onto Nigeria by your claws and very close to loosing grip. If you don’t put the breaks on your arrogant misbehavior we will make the loss of grip quicker, and there is nothing you ass-wipes can do about it. You should be thinking of going back to Chad, Niger and Mali where you pests came.
        And listen up, jackass. Talking about war, the Garden-City Boy has seen it all. You don’t mess with a Biafra War veteran seeking a chance to teach awusa people a modern-day sad lesson. Babangida boasted a while ago that he was ready to don his uniforms again, anytime, to fight Southerners. If we missed in 1969, we are not going to miss this time around. What the people of CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC can do, we will do better in Nigeria. No kidding.

        • salako

          try it you useles unproductive animal.

    • nija pikin

      I have said it before and will say it again this bastard called jonaharam is a bad news to all Nigerian’s he is the one dividing Nigerian’s thanks to OBJ’S letter we now know the real boko haram

  • Ugo


    • nija pikin

      #Nigeria is my country! #biafra is dustbin of bad history!

    • salako

      Place where the inhabitants can never live as one people, im 100%sure your brothers living in the north will never come back to that nonsense you call BIAFRA for fear of being kidnapp and rituals

  • osogbo

    Why are they creating states in the first place? There is no logical reason for further creation of states which is mere duplication of government agencies. Nigeria is over governed. Abount 95% of Nigeria resources is used in running the government leaving almost nothing for development. Governor will be paid, deputy governor will receive pension, members of assembly will get cars and housiing allowances, civil administration will gulped up resouces for redundant workers etc. The existing states are already borrowing to keep afloat. POLITICIANS LOOKING FOR AVENUE TO CREATE SPHERE OF INFLUENCE WHERE THEY CAN RULE AND STEAL.

  • hamza ibrahim baba

    Yeye de smell!

  • deri

    We are unable to post your comment because you Deri have been blocked by
    Sahara Reporters**They killed freedom of expression//then later blame
    Jonathan//after gagging us for APC //what a shame

    • akpos1

      …just as it was difficult or impossible for the Disciples to cast out the stubborn demons of epilepsy, so also it will be difficult to conquer cast out media demons who are alien to free speech & freedom of expression. Therefore, just as the Disciples were advised, the demons of anti free speech in some media houses can only be cast out via prayer & fasting. So, before posting on South South Reporters, make sure you engage in some hot spiritual exercise of prayer & weeks of fasting. ..all the best brother …and don’t be discouraged.

      These parasites from the savanah MUST we weaned from my SS & SE resources.

      Long live the SS/Delta Republic

  • Felix Ogugbuaja

    Majority carries the vote. They must come to terms with present realities.

  • Efes

    Nigeria is not amenable, break the country up, before it is too late. 12 northern states had already drawn the boundary of their new country with sharia criminal codes. What are southern politicians waiting for?

  • Danas Kalu

    We never taste happiness in perfection, our most fortunate successes are mixed with sadness.

  • Danas Kalu

    Instead of protesting for a mandatory presidential debate and other important bids rejected by the lawmakers we are here chasing shadows abusing each other. It is then there will be no changes. Say yes for presidential debate. WeWantDebate.

    Why cant the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria debate his opponent in the next election?. We have all heard about the so called transformation agenda of the government that has turned Nigeria into the largest economy in Africa; so why can’t the President come in front of the country and explain how he grew the economy to that STAGE?. Is our President shy?…Can someone help us with answers?. WeWantDebate Don’t we know the importance?

  • akpos1

    Where is my South South Republic? Parasitic nations of the West & North of continent Nigeria no go let person see road. They contribute more of confusion, bloodletting, amala politics, cowardice etc

    But lets be serious, what does the North contribute to continent Nigeria? Sports men? Intellectuals? Musicians? or Suicide bombers?

    The SS Republic is not ready to continue to grant aid to the North.

    Long live the SS Republic

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      I hope you’re not saying that GEJ abducted our girls as compensation for the so called oil blocs.

      • akpos1

        Come shine my shoe

        • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

          DO YOU HAVE ANY?

  • AK

    Well done Yadudu & co for exposing this fake document being peddled as consensus arrangement. All along we northerners have suspected a hidden agenda, now our suspicion has become reality with this fake document being circulated with the official emblem of the confab. Over to you leaders of the conference we are waiting to see your next action.

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    •C300 N500,000
    •Peugeot 606- N500,000
    •Peugeot 407-N400,000
    •Peugeot 406- N350,00
    •Peugeot 405- N300,000

    •Honda Civic cars – N350,000
    •Honda Accord – N400,000
    •Honda CR-V – N520,000
    •Honda Odyssey – N620,000
    •Honda Pilot – N750,000

    • Nissan Murano -N800,000
    • Nissan Xterra jeep – N500,000
    • Nissan Sunny sedanN350,000
    • Nissan Patrol SUV – N500,000
    • Nissan Civilian 30 seater bus – N900,000
    • Nissan Pathfinder SUV – N700,000
    and lots more.

    • Range Rover – N1million
    • Rover 630i – N350,000
    • Rover 620i – N300,000

    • Infiniti QX57 – N850,000
    • Infiniti QX56 -N820,000
    • Infiniti FX45 -N800,000
    • Infiniti FX35 -N750,000

    MODEL/YEAR OF MANUFACTURE……….1996 t0 2010
    PRICE………………Rangingfrom #300,000 to #700,000.00 SELLER COMMENT-
    The car performs well, non accident, non salvaged, clean titled confirmed.


  • tony

    Dis so called conference or confluence or wat eva will all end as a total fiasco.mark my words.nothing good will ever come out of it.all we have there at d conference is a conglomeration of vultures.only after their pocket.shame SHAME SHAME on them all.
    IsBBip tony

  • OcuppyNigeria

    That’s what happens whenever the north is being sideline which is not a common occurrence, but they are always happy to sideline all te geo political a zones while making the big decision that concerns the interest of all Nigerians. Stupid set of people, who did stupid Yar’adua consulted before reintroducing Nigeria into ICC without considering our democratic rights. You people created more states I the north to be able to benefit more than the southerners in allocations, you manipulated census and everything. Now is the time and whether you like it or not it’s Southerners’ time to right the wrongs and if you are not in line with it I dare you to walk out of Nigeria as you purportedly walked out of the consensus building group.

  • Excisionist

    Pleading with the Hausa/Fulani Islamists is
    a waste of precious time. They prefer Sharia to the constitution. They will
    never agree to withdrawal of Nigeria from Islamic organisations. They will not
    return Christian schools but instead they will continue to use federal and state
    money to astablish fondamentalist Islamic schools. They will always count their
    cows, goats and chicken as part of their population. Corruption, killing and
    destruction is part of their culture. They believe that Fulani herdsmen have a
    right to feed their cattle on farms.

    The only way to save Nigeria from
    crashing is to EXCISE THE HAUSA/FULANI states from the country. As long as they
    are part of Nigeria all kinds of woes will keep befalling the country. They
    will, worst of all, continue to shade blood and frustrate any plans of