National Conference approves rotation of presidency between North, South

Confab also recommended the creation of 18 new states in the country

The National Conference on Thursday adopted a recommendation of its Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Government for the creation of 18 new states in the country, as well as for the rotation of the office of the president.

It specifically agreed that in the spirit of reconciliation, equity and justice, an additional state should be created for the South East zone, which currently has only five states.

If the Federal Government accepts the recommendation, the country will have 54 states with nine in each of the six zones.

The Conference also accepted the recommendation for the rotation of the presidency between the North and South and among the six geo-political zones while the governorship seat should be rotated among the senatorial districts in each state.

The Committee co-chaired by Ike Nwachukwu and Mohammed Kumalia had presented its report on Monday.

They said the subject of state creation had remained a huge political issue in Nigeria.

“The Committee examined the reports of the National Political Reform Conference and the report of the Presidential Committee on Review of outstanding issues from recent Constitutional Conferences 2012 (the Belgore Report) and after wide consultations and extensive deliberations and in the interest of equity, justices and fairness,” they added.

Some of the proposed states approved by the Confab are Apa from Benue State, kainji from Kebbi, Katagum from Bauchi, Savannah from Borno, Amana from Adamawa, Gurara from Kaduna, Ghari from Kano, Etiti from South East, Aba from Abia, Adada from Enugu and Njaba-Anim from Anambra and Imo.

The others are Anioma from Delta State, Orashi from Rivers State, Ogoja from Cross River State, IJebu from Ogun State and New Oyo State from the present Oyo State.

The Conference is to later determine the names of the remaining two other states and their capitals, which are to be created in the South-South and South West zones.

The Conference, however, noted that any new states to be created should be economically viable or potentially viable and should have human, natural and material resources. It also resolved that that a new state should have minimum population of one million persons.

It rejected an amendment that said the National Assembly by resolution passed by a simple majority or membership should approve the merger of states and that the merged states shall exist as a region.

The Conference agreed that there should principle of zoning and rotation of elective offices at the federal and state levels on the basis of excellence, equity, gender justice and fairness.

The Committee had recommended that the Electoral Act and the Constitution of Political Parties should provide Principle of zoning / rotation of elective offices at the federal and state levels on the basis of equity, justice and fairness

The Conference rejected a single term of six years and a unicameral legislature for the country.

The Conference accepted a recommendation that there should be quarterly question time for the President and question time for ministers at the legislature to enhance accountability.

Meanwhile, a Civil Society Organisation delegate, Femi Falana, opposed the adoption for the creation of 18 new states.

“Having regard to the several resolutions of the National Conference on the need to reduce the costs of governance, I found the recommendation for the creation of additional 18 states rather contradictory,” he told journalists after the plenary session.

The conference resolutions are not automatic laws and would only be submitted to the president, who could then propose them as bills to the National Assembly.


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  • Oleku

    Lies. It will never happen, never will power return to the north. The Mohammedans will never have control over what comes out from my ancestral backyard–my oil is my oil–my wealth is my wealth–not common wealth like the oiless wazos wants us to believe–the presidency should be rotated among the countries who contributes most in the running of the continent ati Nigeria-period. Any nation that feels such agreement is not tenable should declare it independent state now or shut up–parasites must have no say in that country–the unproductive west and the barren north are parasites and a burden to the oily SE and SS–as a matter of fact the capital territory of continent Nigeria should be no other place but either Enugu, Yenogoa, Owerri or Port harcourt–move the capital NOW. Nonsense

    • Truth hurts

      Who just let out the lunatic. The owner of this strayed dog need to look for the chains ASAP.

      • NwaMbaise

        Oga Truth Hurts, I think you are the lunatic for not allowing Oleku air his views. When groundnut pyramids or cocoa and palm oil plus rubber were used to build our economies, were the FARMERS who produced these crops not paid? Were these produce taken from them by force, and may be given 13%? WEre the regions not allowed to withold 50% of the export values of these crops. Have a re-think you strayed cat.

        • Chief Okorodudu

          Have you had your medications today?

          • Ojukwu Chukwudi

            He forgot in ogogoro joints, but i have koboko, which is also good for people like him.

    • Musa

      Go and hold transformer and die

    • Garden-City Boy

      That’s a great point. But only God knows what they men by North. There are Six Geo-political zones and the blind, wise men and women at the National Conference prefer to bandy North and South. That means, for every one tenure of a Southerner, the Northerner has two. That one no go work…..ko bosi.
      It would be suicidal to ever have an offspring of a wild barbaric clan to come anywhere near the Presidency. The level of impunity we experience now will be child’s play compared to what it will be with an awusa man as president. Never again……that is not going to happen! Of course awusa people have a choice to go on with their islamic kingdom of AREWAGHANISTAN where they may have their awusaman president and be free to behave in any savage manner they want. But here in this country? Iro ni! No way.

  • Citizen

    True federalism or regional autonomy remains our best solution. A weakened central government will help the region to grow and stop urban migration. Creation of state is not our problem. If you like make every local government a state it won’t solve the problem. The oppressed today will turn oppressor tomorrow. There will always be a minority and majority in every new state. Equity, fairness, fair and credible, corruption free electoral process are the right solution. It is a pity our elders can’t see this or they just being selfish.

  • asy

    this old people are very confused and un ethical in their reasoning

  • Truthometer

    Bunch of idle and clueless people.

  • True son of the soil

    Lord have mercy 18 additional state?

  • Rommel


  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Confused people. States ko, states ni.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Present a minority report. It is not enough to call a press conference or address pressmen

  • ayomi

    Poor people of Southern Kaduna, still no state of their own.

    • simon tor gideon

      How can these conffussionists recommend for creation of states on the basis of land mass and poiitical influence of top politicians?how can you create Apa state with a poulation of less than 1/3 of Benue state simply because you want to impress the senate president and leave the Tivs with one state when presently they have over 2/3 of the population in the state?Why not bring all the Tiv people from Benue,Taraba and Nassarawa states under one umbrella and create 2 states for them because of the land mass and population and this can go a long way in ending skirmishes that presently exist between these people and their neighbours?

  • Jason

    So called national conference truly a waste of scarce funds on shameless gerentocrats . Sorry about our dear country.

  • Patriotic Dom

    Lol one of the biggest joke of the national conference…. Eighteen more states when some of the existing states are glorified local government and their governments cannot even compete with my town union heads interms governance… Regionalism is the answer… True federalism… Resource control which will lead to competition amongst the federating units…. The state in Nigeria as it stands now are only federal units thus an extension of the federal government with enormous power at the centre… That is why each coming presidential election will never seize to sound like preparation for a civil war… Let’s go back to the regional structure that the colonial Masters left… It will increase efficiency and improve the economic fortune of this nation…. The navy, immigration service, custom, should be controlled by the federal government while police civil services should be controlled by regions…. I know our northern brothers will be hostile in such arrangement because they only think about the sweet crude forgetting that one day science and technology may return crude oil to where it formally belonged… That is making of candle…. 30 years from now, electrically driven cars will be so improved that the use of crude oil and oil products may become so boring…. Let us diversify our economy…. The herdsmen that murder people daily can even become the main stay of northern regional economy… Imagine when northern Nigeria becomes the largest producer of beef and diary products in the world… Imagine when northern Nigeria becomes the largest producer of groundnut, millet , tuber crops in the north central states of Benue and kogi…. Imagine when northern Nigeria starts supplying China and India with all the spices they need tomatoes… Crude oil will only become a second fiddle…. Those mentioned agricultural can only live the north with the best economy in Nigeria and the most friendly ecosystem devoid of pollution but rather a pure sustainable energy. Northerners have their destiny in their own hands…

    • redeem

      returning nigeria to the old régions that the british handed ovr to us–abi-Fulani-North–Eastern region–Ibo–abi then western region for the Yorubs no be so? Madness of the highest order-see the trouble with Nigeria—–greed–when we have 6 Geo political entities–some still yearn to return the country to the path of death–thieves–master slave arrangement–all depending on the ever falling revenue base of the SS again-less the ecological troubles

      • Tonnero

        Never thought I would agree with you but this time I do.

        I return to Awo’s work on Federalism: states or regions or whatever you want to call them should be created along lines of language which is the thing that creates the most cohesion amongst people (in today’s Nigeria, stealing may come a close second-LOL). In that event, the major ethnic groups should form a state EACH i.e. one for the Yoruba, one for the Igbo and one for the Hausa Fulani (one might look at the differences between the Fula and the Hausa and ask whether they should be together or whether each is large enough to be on their own. The northern and southern minorities will then be formed into states with serious consideration given to ethnic, language and cultural affinity. There are potentially 4 states for the minories with two each in the south (western and eastern minorities) and two in the North (Nupe, Igala, Igbirra etc to the west and tiv, jukun etc to the east). However, there might be more as the Kanuris to the North East are probably large enough to form a state. Resource control should then be applied with taxes paid to a central government that will then support the less endowed states amongst us. However, it is becoming clear that these committees of the conference do not seek any inputs from the general public and only reflect the narro views of the people in the committee. Creation of 18 states or reversion to the old three regions are both non-starters and will fail.

        • ikennaokorie

          In the last tour of the 36 states by the constitution review committees, it was unanimous that new states be created. It is certain that a few persons’ opinion on Nigeria and restructuring the polity can not define what can be done in Nigeria.
          If you look closely, you may realize that creating such large number of states as recommended now goes a long way to cover the interests of the ethnic minorities in Nigeria. At best, administrative costs can be constitutionally trimmed down by cutting the number of political appointees each state can have.
          We have seen how attachment to proceeds from crude oil cannot allow Nigerians return fiscal federalism.resource control to the country.

  • Ocholi Okopi

    One thing for sure is that Ndi Igbo will NEVER smell the Nigerian Presidential chair let alone sit on it. When the time comes religious differences will be set aside. Nd Igbo should take note of Northern solidarity in the current confab.

  • igbiki

    54 leprous, leecheous and non vaible states all waiting for fedetal allocation from oil money? Just like Niger Republic which cannot pay the salary of its workwers without waiting for a bailout from Nigeria.

    If there was no oil in Nigeria, I dont think Nigeria will have up to 4 states.

  • The conference is recommending a merry-go-round democracy.

  • Patriotic Dom

    GOVERNOR Murtala Nyako’s hopes of stalling his impeachment dimmed significantly yesterday as the Adamawa State High Court, Yola, dismissed his bid to stop the House of Assembly from continuing with the process until the determination of the substantive suit.

       In his ruling, the state’s Acting Chief Judge, Justice Ambrose Mamadi, dismissed Nyako’s application on the ground that the lawmakers did not violate any part of section 188 of the 1999 Constitution as amended. 

       He said the application was filed to pre-empt the action of the Adamawa House of Assembly on the allegations of gross misconduct made against the governor by the lawmakers.

       Coming barely 24 hours after the lawmakers asked Justice Mamadi to constitute a seven-man panel to investigate Nyako and his deputy over allegations of gross misconduct, the judgment has ended the governor’s battle to escape being investigated.

       The House of Assembly two weeks ago served a notice of impeachment on the governor and his deputy, with 20-count charges of gross misconduct on the governor and six on his deputy. However, Nyako fled the state to evade being personally served the notice, thereby prompting the House to serve the duo through the mass media.

       The eight-page impeachment notice contained 20 allegations of gross financial misconduct running into several billions of naira. Nevertheless, counsel to the plaintiff, Kanu Agabi (SAN), who was represented by Ayo Akam, said the ruling did not affect the substantive suit before the court.

       However, the Adamawa State Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Tahir Shehu, who described the ruling as welcome development, said the judgment has cleared the air for the lawmakers to continue with their constitutional responsibility of overseeing the activities of government officials Murtala Nyako’s endless troubles…. I got this news from vanguard and want to show it to my fellow premium timers…

  • John green

    That’s our national treasury that has been wasted for the past three month all on such rubbish and silly requests. Is this not the same clueless demands and gathering for the betterment of the nation?? Is this not the thinking and reams fo your so called president which he believes is going to move the nation forward, please permit me to ask that didn’t he see all this coming before as a president?? If not, he’s seriously confused because BOLA TINUBU saw it coming and went on air to call all nigerians attention. If he sees such coming, it meas he delibratelly called those delegates to just come and share in the national cake when he knew it’s not going to work.. That’s the level of stupidity that our president can display. 2015 is a determinant factor for him

  • cuatom Daniel


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  • King

    Let just seat n watch the day you will debate on the issue to be submitted by committee on devolution of power .if u people fail to adopt regionalism n resource control, your four months of staying in d conference is just a jamboree

  • Gran puba

    Why stop at 54 states. Make it a rounded 776 states to represent all the local governments in Nigeria. This is what u get when we put the expired politicians and tired but not retired leaders under one roof with some youths whose priority is the N4m a month stipend.

    60% of the existing states are over leveraged with bond liabilities and do not the capacity to be called a vested state.
    Biggest joke for now. Hope this doesn’t go beyond the conference doors.

  • nija pikin

    This is the problem of having a misfit as president I am ashame to call this man my president the most worrying part is I voted for him in 2011 I still can’t forgive myself up till last week one of my neighbor that I also convince to vote for him with his entire family always blame for the misrule of the president

    • NwaMbaise

      Ninja kid, what has President got to do with this? WAs he one of the delegates that voted on the report of the committee? You are sooo hateful. Tone it down. It might be your turn to govern Nigeria one day!

      • John green

        And who nominated most of the candidate for the conference, if not the president, are they not all PDP or sympathisers of the party???

  • ikennaokorie

    In the last ten years, this is the second time Nigerians decided that a sixth state be created in the southeast are, it is for political correctness.
    Alternative is to return fiscal federalism/resource control to Nigeria.

    In the southeast, people also need to be sincere and avoid arguments abut the location for the proposed sixth state. Reason: Today’s southeast is from old East Central state which was divided in 1976 into Anambra and Imo states.

    Anambra state was further divided into the states of Enugu (now 17 Lgas) and Anambra (now (21 Lgas). At the same time Imo state was also divided into the states of Abia (now 18 Lgas) and Imo now (27 Lgas). The last and fifth state in the southeast – Ebonyi (now 13 LGas) – was carved from Abia and Enugu states.

    Therefore, naturally and justifiably, and considering the factors of equity, viability, population, cultural affinity, a sixth state in the southeast ought to be carved from between Imo and Anambra states (proposed Anim state), or from Imo state alone (proposed Njaba state of 12 Lgas).