Boko Haram kidnaps two prominent Emirs


The extremist Boko Haram sect has kidnapped two first class traditional rulers in Borno state – the Emir of Uba, Ismaila Mamza and the Emir of Gwoza, Idrisa Timta, security officials aware of the incidence have told PREMIUM TIMES.

The two emirs were seized by gun-wielding insurgents at 10a.m Friday near Shaffa while they were travelling to Gombe to attend the funeral of the Emir of Gombe, Shehu Abubakar, who died on Tuesday evening at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, where he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

The two abducted emirs were elevated to First Class traditional ruler status only in January.

The Borno state government is yet to issue an official statement on the abduction.

The abduction came 46 days after the Boko Haram sect whisked away over 250 schoolgirls from their dormitories in Chibok.

Over 200 of the girls are yet to be freed.



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  • JI

    Please add Emir Kano and Shehu of Bornu to your kitty, bastards!

    Better if you can also add Sultan of Sokoto

    • bawa

      To what benefit? Please reduces the tempos of your hatred.

      • Aminu

        God dey

        • israel amulum

          Nobody should support evil.this is bad news

          • israel amulum

            These emir are real heroes.they did not abandon their subjects in the heat of battle.they could have gone to maiduguri or abuja for safety, but they chose to stay.may
            they be delivered safely in jesus name

      • Nib

        The same benefit of killing southerners in northern Nigeria, go figure.

      • JI

        You hate my people, you disrespect them, you steal what comes from their land after so much pollution, you refuse to accept their ideas, you short-change them in Federal employment, you use false and fake population figures to gain advantage of them and you want me to sweet heart your people ?

        This is the time for all Southern Nigeria peoples to vent their anger!

        Let us help a drowning man to easily go down the waters.

        • Hope

          Are you now saying it’s the handiwork of the southerners in retaliation? So .BH is for the southerners? We now get you.

    • gfunk

      Add your sinning son of a bitch father!

    • Lanre

      Chai!, Chai!!
      Daris God o, daris God o, daris God o.

  • Amos Emmanuel

    what a pity

  • Bros

    Don’t be an extremist IJ. I pray Nigeria gets out of this mess

  • Bishop

    #Bring back our Emirs.

    • Wähala

      You should’ve made that, #BringBackOurEmirs!
      Relatively though, it’s sad to make a joke of the main issue, those girls really deserve their freedom by now. Na Dumbo carry dem…

      • Derick

        Wahala is just a school boy probaly a teenager or in his 20s. He does not know much. He just cannot see beyond his nose.He is always subjective and always against Jonathan govt. I also believe Jonathan is weak but he didnot put himself there now. Is it not Obasanjo/Doctrine of neccessity/Nepotism/… that landed him the job? Did he just walk into Aso rock and declare himself president. Is he the smartest person from Bayelsa or from the entire south south? The boy fail to realize that there are some forces against this country that only preayer can solve. Imagine Jonathan becoming president of all people. Imagine Shagari becoming president instead of Awolowo. Imagine Tafawa Balewa becoming prime minister of a new country as it then was, when Dr Kwame Nkuruma from Oxford University was produced by Ghana.
        * *Highest Number of Dumbo and cluless Nigerian leaders- North
        Shagari, Tafawa Balewa
        Both of them are as Dumb and clueless as Jonathan.
        Buhari himself is in that category.

        …Oya Wahala fire back!

  • Kruz

    Very soon they will start kid napping Governors, former governorsand former president. Please Make IBB, Nyako and Danjuma priority on your list.

  • Spoken word

    Damn. We are getting to the point of no return.

  • ali

    Oh Allah You know who these people are, You know where they are,all know who their cohorts are, destroy them from top to bottom, free all their captives safely and return them back to their families.

    • Nib

      Too much blood in your land…sorry. You think you will only kill southerners as you wish and continue as if nothing happened? Now its part 2 #bringbackouremirs# Murderers!!!!

      • Troy

        What is the difference btw you and BH? Animal!

        • Nib

          What is the difference between killing of innocent Nigerians in the north all these years? Where was the outrage the whole time the killings kept recurring? Demented idiots.

      • Lanre

        You are worst than animal. Someone pray for intervention of God, instead of you to say amen; you are insulting him.
        Who knows knows if you are BH, that is why you cannot say amen.
        Amin, Amin, Ase to your prayer Ali. We need people like you.

        • Nib

          treacherous fool like you, as if all the prayers in this world will stop the blood of all that have been murdered in most cruel of all ways, in their own country, without being at war, when they cry to Allah for vengeance. Anyway, I normally don’t reply deluded pious idiots like you.

  • pat

    May God help this nation.

  • Dorothy

    These emirs we are shiering… there is godu oooooo! Yeye country, run by criminals… A place where hoodlums are kings, dont expect any hope.

  • Wähala

    Were they travelling on Camels? What happened to their security detail if they’re “First Class Emirs”? Well, I guess they’re first class catch now. Meanwhile, a terrorist thug has been arrested who boasted that he will soon be released by “powers that be”…that, he was arrested and released 3mos ago. Guess who’s the power that be? This is another organized crime by the powers that be as there’s no doubt the PDP is behind all this Boko Haram carnage. Waiting for Maku ati Metuh to come and claim APC is behind the kidnapping of First Class Emirs… wouldn’t put it past them!

  • Dorothy

    PDP should be held accountable for the evils befalling our country. PDP has destroyed this country. PDP wants to unleash terror on states governed by the oppositions since they know they can never win in those states. The same way they are planning terror in the south west by imposing confirmed criminals as their governorship candidates who are well known thugs.Nigerians should wake up… these evils being planted by PDP will soon consume this country.

    • Who cares

      Akuarapa people like you should not comment on issues like this because you are so dumb. Is Buhari a PDP man ? is Atiku and all your imams PDP people instead of advising your religious leaders to teach you guys morals, peace and tolerant to other people and their religion you are here talking rubbish when this fool are busy bombing Churches and killing innocent Christians noon of you fool came out to condemn it now your Stupid Emirs are missing here you are talking nonsense,

      • Dorothy

        The truth hit you in the eye… shameless people. “dis bloodu you are sharing…” yeye dumb people. God will soon flush you people out… you have brought enough shame and ridicule to our nation.

        • Omo Oodua

          You Northern killers brought this shame and woos upon yourself!

  • Mr. P

    Nice one I’l say. These are the supposed custodians of Islamic knowledge. The moral failure of their students/subjects which resulted into Boko haram is as a result of their failure as leaders and elders. Leadership without responsibility is criminal. I still feel dejected that majority of the so-called religious people would never learn from this unfolding events. For how long shall we continue to subscribe to this fraud of humanity called RELIGION, which only succeeded in breeding discord among humanity.

    I wish more Emirs are kidnapped.

    • Abba

      U r an idiot son of a bitch

  • theY

    lol. Nigerians and prayers. Delusional folks. God ain’t cong down to do shit. We have to fix our problems ourselves. Funny that these folks fight against western education yet have no problem using weapons or seeking medical technology developed by this education.

  • Ahmed Arsenal Abubakar

    Looks like the emir of Gwoza was killed

    • emmanuel

      Good to know, soon they will kill one of those governors too

      They never knew when they used mercenaries from neighbouring countries for population census and elections that same people would be wild when Boko Haram imports them for assistance.

      They now turn against those who brought them in. Do you expect someone who was chased away from Mali be civil or recognise anybody? Those ones are just doing their thing with their Nigeria collaborqtors to keep going until they are sent back.

      • YouAReanIdiot

        Good Sir, what did the kinapped have to do with Boko Haram?
        Or are you one of those that think ALL Northern Governors including some traditional rulers are involved? In your feeble mind their must be one monolithic cabal in the north and no individual thought or ideas.

        Ladies and gents, behold the failure of the Nigerian Education system!


    boko haram go ahead and kidnap all the emirs in the north. they are behind this ugly killing

  • ayomi

    May be these emirs should have as their body guards Fulani hersdmen

  • Daniel

    I think it now unavoidable for the Northerners to support President Jonathan in defeating Boko Haram. Those who said they would make the country ungovernable must repent in their own interest.

    Politics should stop, while true patriotism prevails.