Kidnapped Chibok girls moved to Ashaka forest, Gombe – Source

Mothers of abducted Chibok Schoolgirls

“We have not, even for once, lost hope that these girls would be freed.”

The kidnapped Chibok girls have been moved from the Sambisa forest towards the forest around Ashaka in Gombe State, a top security official has told PREMIUM TIMES.

The security official, who sought anonymity as he was not authorised to speak, also denied the rumor that some of the girls were rescued on Saturday.

He, however, said there were high hopes for the quick rescue of the girls based on the ongoing cooperation between Nigerian officials and their counterparts from the U.S. and U.K. on the rescue efforts.

“It is not true that they have been rescued yet, but we noticed and observed movement of some of the girls from the Sambisa region towards Ashaka forest in Gombe state”, said the security personnel.

The officer added that efforts are being put in place to “carefully track” the abductors and get the girls freed.

“We have not, even for once, lost hope that these girls would be freed. This is a delicate matter which must be handled with all professionalism and absolute care”, the source added.

For almost a month that the over 250 girls were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, the Nigerian military has decided not to provide information on details of its rescue efforts.

The military has, however, said it is doing its best to free the girls.

In a response to PREMIUM TIMES enquiry on the reported sightings of the girls at the Gombe forest, military spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, said “this will have to be verified as no such information has been received. However, every information gets acted upon somehow.”

(Editor’s note: This story was updated to include the military spokesman’s reaction).


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  • clairvoyance

    Stop the showmanship bring back those girls. They were sighted in ashaka forest and what is holding u goons 4rm invading that place.

    • humm

      Its obvious that u lack knowledge of rescue operation.If they rush in without a careful plan, BH will kill all those girls, dummy.

    • seifagha

      Impatient is d greatest problem of this country, pple ar in hurry to be rich, in a hurry to get justice, in a hurry to get electricity, so they are in a hurry to get this kids back without considering the consequencies such an action and the impact it will unleash on the girls. Plss let the military plan their strategy and release the girls safely. Nigeria shuld stop pushing the Govt or military take hasty decision that will hurt the girls. In the same Almighty America, ladies were kidnapped and in captivity for over 20years before they were released, children got lost and up till this moment, some are still unresolved, so no nation is immune to terrorist attacks. Military pls do your best to get them out safely.

  • Ubanka

    Story. If you that knowledgeable how come you have not make any headway for the past five years?

  • max

    How did they travel from Bornu to Gombe with 276 girls? Did they use under ground train?
    I will state it again that no girl is missing this is my position till am proved wrong.

    • Dan maikoko

      You make sense in a narrow way. For example given that the strongest arm of the armed forces lied about rescuing the girls, wont you you also consider the possibility that there was no security forces such that BH can move trucks of girls around? Did you consider how the feed 270 girls? If they cook for them then the smoke alone is enough to expose their location.
      If we get back to reality Chibok is a special case of neglect and that secondary school served as the center for the whole local government area and some from neighbouring L.G.s. 270 is a reasonable number.

      • redeem

        the governor is lying–he knows more than he has revealed till date-because it was he that swore and wrote to WAEC that he was going to provide security for the gals-now he says he is no longer the chief security officer as a result of the state of emergency< declared by the president

        • Dan maikoko

          I will not dispute that but you should ask the question why WAEC will ask for security clearance from a state governor who’s state is under a state of emergency? Why wont WAEC ask the police commissioner or JTF? And when WAEC appeared two days before the kidnapping and there was no security there why didnt they act? This smells more like SSS claiming that the tape Otedola released about Farouk Lawan was recorded by them. If that was true then why did they not arrest Farouk? Or does SSS keep tapes of politicians in compromised positions for the purpose of blackmail? The truth is that the WAEC and SSS stories are an expression of the desperation of the president willing to use federal agencies after the fact.

    • concernedja

      Hi max. You are still displaying your blatant wickedness and heartlessness even though the whole world has woken up to the reality of the kidnap….something you and your sponsors tried to hide for so many days. The video of the shepopotamus making a buffoonery of herself and which had gone viral on youtube should be a shame to the Jonathan dynasty andvthe south-south. Wake up to reality, stop backing a horse with broken legs. Time is up for this village headmaster.

      • redeem

        Why should such be a shame to us ati the first lady—George Bush made more mistakes than the wife of the Nigerian president-but the yankees never poked fun at him-yes der is God-so what-did she lie about that-?-I wish the first lady will come out and repeat the same things again and again–yes der is God oooh Der is God–sharing the blood of innocent boko haram victims–are those involved in human sacrifice not sharing the blood of their victims in the south west–I begi

      • Truth

        Very true.

      • max

        I think the almighty US and all the world powers are here to help. Yesterday they stated that their priority now is to establish the circumstances leading to the kidnapping and to know how many girls that are missing. That the whole world reacted to this scam will not make it to be true. I can raise an alarm through twitter and the whole world will react to it and it is as simple as that.
        I will continue to hold my view that no girl is missing till am proved wrong.

      • cbb

        I doubt if u re a nigerian, u re 2 babaric and more like a hoodlum

      • cbb

        Not urs dis MAX dumb ass

    • Issei mean this girls were not taken away on that day from there school?if your answer is yes, I will respond

    • cbb

      I doubt if u re a nigerian, u re 2 babaric and more like a hoodlum

  • Rommel

    Even the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia is not amused by the activities of the AREWA through their militant wing Boko Haram,the old man said yesterday that Boko Haram is a group set up to smear the image of Muslims,it is a shame that this is Arewa’s contribution to Islam

    • Wähala

      Your logic is warped. Why would Muslim AREWA set up a group to disparage Islam, their religion? If you had common sense you would think of who would benefit from blaming extremists thus, set up a group to carry out carnage and point fingers at others. Late Azazi’s comment would have guided you to the right devil… same Lucifer who bombed Nigeria on Independence Day and blamed AREWA for political dividend. Abegi, remove that cap, you have no head for strategic thinking… Get Drunk!

      • Truth

        Spot on!

    • Truth

      Nazi animal.

    • Dan Chibok

      Hunk of meet. Olodo

    • Okey

      “from the security official that sought anonymity.” ? you can believe anything.

  • okeke

    @Concernedja and @Dan Maikoko, both of you are talking trash. @max made a valid point which I made too immediately I saw the heading of this news piece. How on earth could Boko- Haram move 200 girls a second time, first from their school to Sambissa forest, then from there to Gombe without the knowledge of the security agencies again and when it ought to be extremely difficult to do so, given the international attention it has received?

  • redeem

    at least u tried to get the views of the military on the story-that is good–but its time they are told to keep these types of stories to themselves-we do not need them–it only helps to distract us from our set goals–the forest must be burn down

  • Michael Kwakere

    These people are behaving like clowns.they are not serious at all! All they know best is to discuss strategies on the pages of newspapers.

    • Okey

      “from the security official that sought anonymity.” ? you can believe anything.

      You didn’t read Gen. Olukolade’s response ?

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  • Adam Noma

    Security details should quickly move to secure Bajoga-Gombe bridge.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      It won’t happen, sadly.

      Hopefully, BH would not get to it before our soldiers get to walk halfway to the bridge.

  • Tunde


    • Okey

      Yes, ojaree! so that Nigeria will instantly become one united country, permanently and forever and you will enjoy oil money to no end, build 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th – 1000th mainland bridges to your eternal delight and glory.

      • Mosaku 147

        How many bridges has he constructed in the SE and SS since he became president? I am very sure that if you are left to manage this oil yourselves,there will be civil war between you guys in less than a year.
        I can assure you that nothing will happen on the 2nd niger bridge before he leaves office next year because like others before him they know that is the only project they have used time and over again to deceive you.

        • Okey

          Your very fine points are the only reason why I wholeheartedly support that he be impeached now, now, now, so that you enjoy “one Nigeria” and “peace” to the fullest.

          • redeem

            is it because of Jonathan that u have not been enjoying peace in Nigeria–Perhaps Gideon Akaluka was beheaded by Ijaws-if that is what u mean–and not Sanusi-why are u people scared of separation–have u not enjoyed the awuf oil enough? From 1958 to 2014

        • redeem

          the consortium put together to finance the onitsha bridge were assembled by Ibos not ijaws–so if the project fails don’t blame the president

          • Mosaku 147

            So what you are saying is that ibos should blame themselves if it fails.ummmh.

          • tsunami1earthquake

            O, come on, don’t be ridiculous! Are the Ibos the builders of the bridge or the federal govt? The fed govt cannot choose the contractor and then allow the Ibos to direct financing of the project. Please, let’s be realistic!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Does it mean that Nigerian soldiers and mobile police are scare of Boko Haram militants despite the trillions of naira Nigeria spends on the soldiers?Why can’t the soldiers go after the Boko Haram insurgents to the Ashaka Forest to confront them? Are they not soldiers?
    Shame! Nigeria army requires urgent restructuring and re-positioning of its personels, to be well trained with modern warfare tactics and modern weapons.Nigerian soldiers are complete disgrace by being scare of Boko Haram insurgents.

    • itire

      how u speak like dat. how can soldiers be afraid of what they signed for. can a doctor carry out a successful operation without tools. when i say tool i do not mean cutlass though can also be used but not for a successful one. you dd for the money meant to equip d military. modern equipment Boko Haram has BUT do we have? they capture our soldiers and kill them like chiken it is a painful death to die. daeth without honour. but in a situation where u are given d best like US Army. you die with pride and hope to come back again to life as a soldier.

  • barr

    Boko haram activities are exposing the weakness of the Nigerian state. Recruitment into govt agencies, nay Nig military, is never done on merit. They do patronage recruiting. Now the politicians that have their children filled everywhere in the military cannot fight. They can’t fight bcos their parents and godfathers remote control them. They can’t fight bcos joining the military is now a political post. The military are having challenges bcos there is unity of purpose. Soldiers have different interests: those who working for their masters to bring down the govt; those who are making money from the violence; those who are moles and working for islamic terrorists from among the soldiers; those who are fighting for the born to rule mentality; those who want the military to takeover power in Nigeria; those want Nig stagnated so long as their region profit from the skewed federal structure. Time will reveal everything either now or later

    • Bala R

      Barr,do you that all the service chiefs serving today are Christians,80% of the SS and the Director Gen, Controller Gen of Immigration are all Christians? I think all these mentioned above are fighting to promote the church.

      • Thepeople

        Leave out tribal politics and religion, face the issues. What barr is trying to tell us is what we truthfully know, the military is not fit for purpose. Most of them if asked cannot define their role in the society. Their recruitment was political and not based on merit, hence they are not the fighting force they are suppose to be. Their ogas at the top have only one interest, like the politician to steal off the military budget. That leaves the foot soldiers with out training, without equipmments, devoid of their allowance, low moral, no discipline and therefore scared to face a determined, highly motivated, equiped, and well resourced Boko Haram.

        • redeem


      • redeem

        name the service who are from the SS–MONKEY

    • SML

      Barr, you forgot to mention those Christian extremists, Oritsejafo like among the military who majorly do the killing to destroy north.

    • redeem

      who are people enjoying the quota system is jonathan tribesmen

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Story story. Always sighting their alleged movements, but to action to counter the moves. Our army tire me ooo

  • kastro

    Let d nigerian media spare us these falsified. And unverified truths. I’m inclined to believ some of u (media) pple are actually working for d benefactors of these insurgents to spread fear n promote d boko haram fools so as to mke political gains for ur sponsors. We that are enlightened in security issues knw such operations are done with utmost secrecy so as to protect the lives of those girls n the military personnels. If d military invade d forest as some of u wish dnt u feel d boko haram wul kill d girls? And d same u pple wul turn round to castigate jonathan for ordering d slaugther of innocent pple. Pls spare us this ur unproffessionalism and bias reporting. Whenever d gals are found which wul be soon we shall all see n welcome them back. Pls dnt jeopardize d mission by ur reporting

  • Mosaku 147

    Nobody has cared to ask how they got to ashaka Forrest from sambisa. Did they trek,jog or use trucks.what is the distance from sambisa to ashaka. Where were the troops when they taking the girls to gombe? Or is it that they have been in ashaka all along and our military in their usual dumb selves did not even know?
    Na wa! May God help us.

  • The American Marines are coming…….. Now that the Chicken has come home to roost, Boko sponsors are all gunning for the exit. The Sultan, Emirs, Buhari,Northern Governors are singing different tunes. Suddenly a Boko abduction negotiator has surfaced. GEJ is dead right that this global effort will bring an end to terrorism in Nigeria.You will be surprised that the Americans will stem Boko, without necessarily pulling a punch. For a start, the American Ambassador and USAID, at their individual meetings with the Northern Governors Forum, have given the marching orders, that the game was up. We must however commend our Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, for lending his hard earned reputation to the Nation,by bringing our seeming helplessness to global attention. It is positive that Goodluck will be the obvious beneficiary of this international intervention. He however needs to build on these, to the nations’ benefit.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    This may be readings from some satellite. But it appears there is some roadway from Sambisa forest all the way to the Gombe forest. That’s interesting.

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