Chibok Schoolgirls: Muslim cleric says forced marriage is anti-Islam

Islam is not in support of forced marriage, which the insurgents claimed to subject the abducted girls to.

An Onitsha-based Muslim cleric, Hanafi Anasalatu, on Thursday, said forced marriage was not part of Islam or the teaching of Prophet Muhammad.

Reacting to the abduction of school girls in Chibok, Borno, Mr. Anasalatu told journalists in Onitsha that what the insurgents purported to have done with the school girls was abominable to Allah.

He said “Islam is not in support of forced marriage, which the insurgents claimed to subject the abducted girls to.

“Islam is a religion which spelt out rules and regulations on how men and women should conduct themselves in a peaceful and respectful manner.

“It is a complete way of life that respects human feelings and that of the custodian of an underage person, especially as it concerns marriage.

“Forced marriage is extremely bad and offensive, which Islam never agreed with.’’

The cleric, who is also the Chief Imam of Yoruba Muslim community in Onitsha, however, noted that the entire scenario of the abduction had been turned to a political gimmick.

“Where are the sponsors of these insurgents or gunmen? Why is it that none of the people behind the atrocities has been identified?” he asked.

The cleric urged governments at all levels to assist security agencies in rescuing the girls.

More than 200 school girls of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno, were abducted by members of Boko Haram on April 14.



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  • TruthSayer

    Rubbish!!! When will all these hypocrites face the fact that their religion is fundamentally flawed..

    You are claiming to despise forced marriage, yet your prophet married a nine(9) year old girl, where were you when Yerima the paedophile was going about marrying under age girls and also divorcing them, he backed his actions with the tenets of your quran and you all supported it.

    Devilish worshippers of a devilish god people who all live in the stone age.

    • layol

      it is rather unfortunate and illogical for any person especially a Christian (who are among those reffered to as people of the book in holy Qur’an) to make an insulting remarks against prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h). He is the last messenger of God who came With holy Qua’ran as a comprehensive revelation to attaura, zabura and injil (bible). If u dont believe in him as a prophet of God you should respect him as a leader of muslims who are your fellow mankind. Doesn’t it amuse you that whenever people like you insult our prophet and the Qur’an, Muslims don’t reciprocate to insult jesus? Do you think it’s out of fear of xtians? It is only because Jesus (Isa a.s) is a respected prophet of God whom Muslims highly regard and obliged to believe by virtue of been a Muslim. Jesus and mary the mother of Jesus were mentioned more than Muhammad (p.b.u.h) in Qur’an. An entire chapter dedicated to Mary in the holy Qur’an (surat maryam), you can search and read a transted version of the Qur’an online. This will provide you a better picture so that you will view islam in good light and not the activities of some mischievous or misguided ones. Was adolf Hitler not a xtian? the operator’s of baby factories in s/e Nigeria not xtians? The kidnappers in both s/e and ss not xtians? Armed robbers, looters, liers, prostitutes that are xtians are they serving god or Christianity?

      • Angryman

        Sorry , I beg to differ
        The Jesus in the Quran is not the same as the Jesus in the Bible
        The Jesus in the Bible rose from the dead
        Never heard that Jesus of the Quran rose from the dead
        I think the muslims have the wrong person

        • eniolataiwo

          An angryman neva uses his brain.

          • Angryman

            And you that is not angry why don’t you use your own

        • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

          As a christian, it is important not to judge, Jesus was born of a virgin, Jesus strengthened with the Holy Spirit, Jesus was given revelation by Allah(God), Jesus taken bodily into Heaven though the Quran does not believe he was crucified but it believes that Jesus was a miracle worker. Most importantly, Quran talks about Jesus’s second coming. The difference between christianity and Islam is very small and as such we should not fight our selves over our choices.

          • Angryman

            Sorry , I have not said anything judgmental
            I have simply cited one difference between Jesus of the Bible and that of the Quran
            And you have further confirmed my position
            Jesus of the Bible was crucified and rose from the dead as previously foretold
            We therefore are speaking of two unrelated personalities
            The difference between Christianity and Islam is as between day and night
            There is no comparison between the two
            I agree with you there shouldn’t be any quarrel between us ; the only problem is that it is Islam that has been fighting Christianity with a view to exterminating it

          • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

            How do you convert them if you see them as evil already, Jesus came for evil doers and not us who have been saved. Having hatred was not what a through christian should have for lost soul. Apostle Paul prosecuted the christian but when he was converted he took the gospel to the world. Angryman, the Lords Resistant Army is fighting Muslims in Uganda, DR Congo, Central Africa Republic. All those Muslims fighting Christians are not true Muslim.

          • Angryman

            Sorry, I have just seen your comment
            By saying “us who have been saved” you indicate you are a Christian
            I am not sure whether your response is meant for me or someone else
            And can you dispute what I have said
            We are here discussing Jesus of the Bible and that of the Quran
            If you as a Christian take them to be the same person then you don’t understand what they mean by their Jesus
            Take crucifixion and resurrection out of Christianity and what do you have left – they are cardinal to Christianity
            Did I in any of my posts give the impression that I hate muslims
            When you hate someone , you want to do him harm
            I don’t hate them , but I hate their hate for Christians and their hypocrisy/pretence – just as God loves sinners but does not love their sin
            I am not sure the Lord’s Resistant Army is fighting muslims in Uganda
            I think they are actually fighting Christians, their name is just a nomenclature
            It has always been the muslims fighting/killing Christians for no just cause
            You sound more like a muslim when you say those fighting Christians are not true muslims, because that is what they would like us to believe
            Infact, I think it is the other way around

          • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

            I don’t need you doubt what i am, All i am saying is that we should as christians respect the other religion and allow them worship whoever they want and have the love of God to have them converted. LRA are doing exactly what the boko haram are doing in Nigeria and that is my point. For you to convert someone of the religion, you need to know about their religion and appreciate its peculiarity and that is where i speak from.

          • Andy

            Sorry, but it is clear that you know nothing. Go and do a good research. Islam is anti-Christian. The reject the fact that Jesus is the Son of God, they reject the Holy Spirit, they reject the resurrection, the very fumdermentsls that makes you a Christian. The faiths are miles apart except these fumdermentsls of the Christian faith mean nothing to you. That the Quran acknowledges Jesus is a strategy for deception because Islam was not connected to any religious order and come about 600 years after the death of christ. So, documentation wise, on what basis do it render an account of the life of Jesus. On revelations? Or documented history that it has no connection to being 600 years apart?

            Force is everything about the religion, any follower who converts must die, non believers or infidels as they call it must die and children can be given into marriage at young tender ages.

      • Dr.Dan

        Did the prophet not marry a nine year old girl? In fact he married her at 6 and the marriage was consummated at 9. if a man of 40 sleeps with you nine year old daughter won’t you kill the person yet U are celebrating your prophet.

        • InnocenceOfMuslims

          Point of correction ! Aisha was 6 years old when Muhammed “married” her. At that time also banditary and armed robbery was their way of life. For instance, check out Asma bint Marwan

    • layol

      May God be merciful to you if you are among the repentants or curse you are among the arrogant that follow the path of pheroe.

  • bigboy

    Islam preaches d word of God and dose same words re nt mandatory if u want 2 disobey dem its a free world, wat is at stake here is dat every muslim knws dere is day of judgement… D day u account 4ur deeds.And anybody who contradicts wat d book says ll surely account 4 it… So d issue of force in any circumstance has nvr arise in islam, dat is 2 whom dat believe nt even disbeliever so it is a choice and definitely no 1 can wipe sin, carry or judge any1. So evry1 stands 4 his deeds period.

    • Agbomeji Olushola

      Seek d right knowledge if u want 2 situate issues in Proper Context , marriage has nothing 2 do with Age :d physique appearance can proof odawise and Aisha case was 9 AND 11 but not 6 N 9 as u claimed. 2ndly some1 said islam is about crises ;was Adof Hitler a Muslim? What about d Crusades 1st in. 1096 led by Walter d penniles in Bulgaria whr muslims were massacred, next crusade by emperor Alexius Commenus who ravaged muslims in Asia n killed dem ,what about d crusade led by conrad iii N Louis VII of France 4rm Antioch laid siege 2 Damascus killing thousands of Muslims we will keep counting on N on. What u xtains desire is 2 see everybody convert 2 xtainity and dis will be a complete illusion. B/H is an extremist just d way u have it in yur Religion as well ;I have a sticker on my door which reads knock n say “Salaam alaykum” meaning Peace un2 u ;but he came in without d phrase n started preaching d gosple which I know more dan him ;is dat an extremist? If book is haram truly in Islam ,how come we have muslim professors in physics ;medicine ,Lawyers that are Senior Advocate etc…. Letz be objective an see issues 4rm an Objective angle….a good question have bn raised, Layol said don’t u ponder 4 1c why we never abuse Jesus christ (isa). A-S ,not out of fear but bcoz He’s a Prophet of God N not HIS Son as u misconstrued

  • Tell that to the dogs,You don’t need to convince the world about peace if indeed you have peace, All over the world terror is associated with the religion of Islam and quoted directly from the Koran as an injunction by Mohammed, Your beloved Shekarau held the Koran and quoted war and terror against Christ and that is what Islam is all about, To confuse the world and make men twice the children of hell. Islamic Terror is the contradiction that the world would live it and we don’t need your ignorance to change the facts registered on the minds of mortals about the evil which Mohammad spread. Only Jesus Saves. Remember He said “I am the way” Mohammad never made any boast of knowing the way. his name even ended with MAD

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Forced or arrangee or govt sponsored marriage is well embeded in the islamic faith. Their way of life, so what boko is haram is doing is in tandem with their religion