Chibok Schoolgirls: Nigeria Police, SSS say at least 276 still missing

Chibok school girls protest

The state police commissioner, Tanko Lawan, also said 53 of the girls had escaped so far.

‪The Police and officials of the Department of State Security, otherwise called SSS, in Borno on Thursday came out with an increased fresh figures on the missing secondary school girls.‬

‪The security agencies said the total number of girls abducted and still unaccounted for stands at 276 as against the 234 figure being mentioned.‬

‪They said they have compiled an official list of kidnapped students, which is more authentic than that announced by the school management.

‪Parents of the abducted girls had last week told Borno Governor Kashim Shettima that 234 of their daughters had been discovered missing after they had all registered complaints with the school management.‬

The school principal had, however, told journalists during the governor’s visit to Chibok that 230 students were still missing with 43 accounted for. Most of those 43 escaped from their abductors, the principal had said.

‪The police and the SSS, however, addressed a joint press conference on Thursday at the headquarters of the Borno State Police Command.‬

‪The state police commissioner, Tanko Lawan, who also said 53 of the girls had escaped so far, explained that their figures were more reliable because they were carefully collated from various members of Chibok community and those in surrounding villages who confirmed not having their daughters back home since after the attack, even though he said the figures could even be more.‬

‪“It is really difficult to say the actual number of girls that were abducted. This is because, students from other secondary schools within the catchment area were deployed to GGSS Chibok to write their final year examinations due to the peculiar security challenges in Borno State,” the police boss said.

‪“The students were drawn from schools in Izge, Lassa, Ashigashiya and Warabe A. and that is why after the unfortunate incident, there were various flying numbers as to the actual number of girls that were taken away.

“The fact is that the number may likely change, especially when parents from some of the villages come forth and report the disappearance of their daughters. Most importantly, it is not the number that matters because all the girls are very important and we have to find them.‬

‪”There is serious collaboration between various security agencies at all levels towards rescuing the girls,” Mr. Lawan said.

He,  therefore, called on parents and community leaders to submit names and identities of their missing daughters”.‬

‪The security agencies said efforts are being made to free the girls, even as they provided special telephone numbers “so that parents and well meaning Nigerians can call and give useful information that will lead to the rescue of the girls.”

He provided the numbers as+2348075897377;  +23481777309; and

There has been widespread outrage since the kidnap of the girls from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State on April 14 by suspected members of the Boko Haram.

Protests have been held across the country to demand the release of the girls.


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  • Akawu

    Only God the Almighty knows the truth.

    • emmy


      • MNA

        May God save the girls, return them safely to their loved ones, expose and destroy the criminals.

        • Night Crawler


    • Night Crawler

      You are right…

  • Night Crawler

    Already failing or TOTALLY FAILED, now i believe Jonathan is desperate and more focused on getting re-elected for 2015, since he is not even ashame to step down as he has consistently failed to protect the citizens, to make it worse he keep blabbering stupid blind promise that he will handle Boko Haram yet what we get is people dying under his empty talk. He obviously has no clue and 2015 with him will make no difference but things get worse. However this situation is top priority and immediate action inevitable. will be bad Nigerians to be feeling we were better during the military rule. in conclusion Jonathan should step off since he cannot protect us, enough of promise, promises is useless to us now.

  • Lawrence Agha

    No wonder the International Community and NGOs are not losing much sleep over this abduction of school girls in Chibok. The exact number of students being held in the Sambisa Forest keeps changing like sunlight through the trees. The Principal of the school was reported to have handed the girls over to their kidnappers who claimed to be Nigerian security officials. How absurd! So, the same principal don’t know the number of students in her school when the criminals struck? There is a gap between what actually happened and what is being reported in the press.

    • Night Crawler

      How did the school girls being kidnapped when the state is under state of emergency, GEJ knows the country is beyond his power, he should resign, when he knows he can’t make things come up in the country

      • joe

        That’s exactly what the “BORN TO RULE” wants to achieve. Force GEJ out of office. Fulani can never live peaceable without being in charge of authority: For him (Fulani)to stay out of power even in his locality is a taboo.

        • Night Crawler

          We don’t want any incompetent person as our president, if he can’t take Nigeria to greater heights, he should resign with ease, no one is forcing dumbo okay…

      • Afam

        Resign for who to take over? You abi?

        • Night Crawler

          At least sambo his there, i believe he can do better hypocrite

          • Afam

            Hahahahah very laughable now you have told us what you guys have in mind…Sambo the Hausa/Fulani …..Continue ur dreams…

          • nija pikin

            No, Afam point of correction sambo is half Igbos and half Fulani (Nnamdi sambo) so by extension power is remains in South east and north west chikenan problem solved abi, at least the Igbos will stop creating problem in nigeria they can use sambo to actualised their objectives.

      • Don mekus.

        Don’t worry,very soon the very people that started this problem will achieve their ultimate aim which is to return power to their region ! And that is the time that Nigerians will know the different….

    • Wähala

      Stop spreading false information if you have nothing to contribute. US Legislators just passed a resolution on the kidnapped Nigerian girls, the UN issued four statements on the missing girls; UNICEF, an NGO, also issued a statement to that effect… the Principal was undergoing a medical check-up in a nearby town when her daughter informed her of the kidnapping, she never handed over the girls to the kidnappers! So you see, your comment is full of sh*t and irresponsible given that this is a traumatic issue to the mothers, with serious national security implications for the rest of us. So, be careful what you say!!!

  • Gideon Orkar

    A few years back a Kenyan politician said Nigerians dont have the ability to count themselves and was attacked. The man was 100% correct.

    FFS how many girls were kidnapped? Publish their names instead of this joke. Granted the Gov does not command troops but can he not do something as simple as providing a verifiable figure of those missing?

    • Night Crawler

      You are right, they says its 234 now its 276, which one are we going to believe… Our president is incompetence, he needs to resign so capable hands can take over

      • Gideon Orkar

        You expect the President to go into Chibok and start counting abi? it is ok

        • Dele

          We expect the president as usual to go for his Skelewu dancing competition. As if he can count!

        • Wähala

          Why can’t he go to Chibok and console the mothers? But he wears military garb on Army Day as C-in-C… this is the time to earn his medals!

          • Gideon Orkar

            dont worry wait for GEJ to come and wear kondom for you before you do your wife

          • Wähala

            “…before I do your mother” (you mean) while you pass me the toilet roll.

      • Wähala

        Shut up dia! This is not Sanusi counting our missing billions, we’re counting humanity here and one life is as worthy as yours. Akpethesi !!!

        • Night Crawler

          Exchanging insult is not my thing, i am just everyone who reads my comment, that GEJ is incompetence, his government is corrupt… We need a competent leader who can take Nigeria to greater heights

    • Wähala

      Is the Governor in charge of security under a State of Emergency? He has visited the school, ask your moron to follow suit. What’s in numbers, we want them back, biko!

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Conspiracy theory is evident here

    • Wähala

      First, you didn’t believe Sanusi bcos of numbers, now you don’t believe the numbers… but unlike our missing $20bn, the girls are human beings and their wailing mothers want them back, shikena!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Show their face and identity. The changing numbers are simply confusing. Not to border, boko haram would soon tell us the number of girls the captured Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Wähala

          It’s not Boko Haram. If na dem, Abu Shekau for don claim responsibility. Dumbo and his ND militants are my suspects… the girls will soon tell the world if na Aboki abi na Aborigines. This is one crime too many.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            The inhabitants of Sambisa forest are known to be your brothers, hence they say the girls were forced to convert to Islam before marrying off by their captors who charged N2,000 per head. Modern slavery in hawusa land Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Wähala

            Wonder why the escaped girls are yet to speak to the press? Why has None of them told anyone about their ordeal? The four brigades Dumbo is massing up to assualt the ghosts he called Boko Haram are only going there to wipe out the girls, and then he will claim Boko Haram killed them… mark my words!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Simply sick, see your native doctor
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Wähala

    One girl is too many!
    Regardless the numbers, to me, one kidnapped girl is just too many… if you consider the fact that the Chibok round-up is not the first time the ragheads have snatched our women and children while politicians point fingers of blame. We want our girls back, chi kena! The US just passed a resolution seeking urgent action to release them; UNICEF is hollering for their safe return to their traumatized mothers; Ba Ki Moon and the UN Security Council have issued four (4) statements for urgent freedom for the girls… yet, our leader has not addressed the mothers with updates on his efforts thus far, has not visited the burnt-down school, has not offered rewards/incentive for information leading to the search & rescue of the girls, has turned deaf ears & blind eyes to women’s demos calling for concerted action to find the girls. Instead, he’s telling the World that Nigeria is not a poor country bcos Dangote is among the richest 25 People in the world, that Nigerians are among the top 10 private jet owners in the world… thus, Nigeria is not poor country. A thousand bullsh*t on May Day is misplaced priority. Odeku President indeed… mugu miss road!!!

  • Ugoharris

    We have not heard the last of the actual no of missing girls. Everyday, they manufacture new numbers, 18 days after the alleged abduction.

    • vlase

      Just like your ancestors keep changing the numbers of dead igbos during the civil war. We didn’t ask for pictures or names as proof. Bigoted fools.
      It will come back to haunt you bro, it will surely come back

  • ayobami

    claims,No girl is abducted,time will expose the antics of the
    hausa-fulani desperadoes,if the building housing the student’s records
    were razed down,then the dubious principal should be made to approach
    WAEC for the records,they can also approach the state’s ministry of
    Education for their records and pix.Only fools will believe this
    Nollywood script. I foresee these fake lairs giving up by saying one
    mallam or sheik negotiated their release in the next few day