Borno government officials, Principal say military lied about rescue of abducted school girls

When Boko Haram attack villages, they raze it.
When Boko Haram attack villages, they raze it.

There is controversy over the rescue of abducted school girls in Borno with the state government and the school principal faulting the military’s claim that most of the pupils have been freed

The claim by military officials in Abuja on Wednesday that 107 abducted girls of Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) Chibok were freed is a huge lie, Borno  government officials, the management of the school and residents have said. 

The Principal of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Asabe Kwambura, told PREMIUM TIMES Thursday morning that the military’s claim was false. 

“There is nothing in the military statement that is true about our abducted girls,”  Mrs. Kwambura said. “Up till now we are still waiting and praying for the safe return of the students; all I know is that we have only 14 of them, and the security people especially the Vigilante and the well meaning volunteers of Gwoza are still out searching for them.”

She continued,  “The military people too are in the bush searching. So we have not received any information that they have gotten the students yet. So let it be clear that all the information passed on the media by the military concerning 107 girls is not true. 

“I, as the principal did not tell any body any figure on released students other than what our Governor, His Excellency Kashim Shettima had informed the media.”
The Principal said she was contacted by the military headquarters in Abuja yesterday and some person was asking her to confirm the number of girls released.

 “I told them that I don’t want to be seen to be contradicting myself on that because what the governor said was what we know about; and I told them there may be additional rescue of the girls, but up to this moment we have not received any of them apart from what we had before,” the principal said.

” What the governor said is still the true picture of the whole issue and that information given by the military is totally wrong.” 

The military spokesperson at the Defence Headquarters, Major General Chris Olukolade, had Wednesday issued a statement  claiming that 107 abducted girls were freed; adding that only eight of the girls were still missing and the military was searching for them. 

He also claimed that a member of the Boko Haram sect that participated in the abduction was also nabbed by the military. 

Borno state Governor, ashim Shettima was also quoted by  the BBC Hausa service this morning faulting the claims of the military.

He  reportedly said, “We have recovered 14 of the girls and we have announced a N50 million reward for any credible information that will help us get our girls released and rejoined with their families.” 

PREMIUM TIMES also enquired from a top official of the Department of State Service (DSS) in Maiduguri who ordinarily should know about the rescue of the girls.

“We have no such information apart from the 14 that escaped; if there is anything like that, no one would want to hide it from the media; may be the military have their own intel on that, which we probably are not aware of for now,” he said. 

Some relatives and parents of the abducted  girls said they were not happy with the way the military “is misleading the world about the innocent girls”. 

A female senior Civil Servant with the Borno state government, who requested not to be named said, “What kind of nonsense is this for God sake? Why are they playing politics with the lives of these innocent girls; I had just called some of my relatives in Chibok and they told me none of the girls had been released apart from the 14 that escaped back to town. We hope the military is not doing some thing funny with this very sensitive issue”.  

When contacted late last night, Mr. Olukolade insisted it was the principal of the school who told the military that only eight girls were now missing.


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  • United Ola

    Military military

  • Dodon Doya

    It is time for someone to be held responsible for this kind of misinformation. Even though we all know it will be impunity like always as far as this govt is concerned. We pray God save the innocent.

  • Gbege

    So if, as Olukolade claimed, it was the principal who informed the military of those now free, what did we get from this corrupt and ineffectual force: “we freed them”!

    Some of us who naturally suspected that can’t be true were attacked by Wendell Omokri and his clones.

    • Ahmed

      Just imagine! A Gen. getting information from a traumatized woman as to how many girls were rescued by his troops in the battle field. But for the gravity of the situation at hand, I would have laughed at his statement. That is how the Fed govt use to lace the pages of newspapers that the NA has killed scores of terrorists, they have lunched this and that offensive in Sambisa forest, bla bla bla when in actual fact nothing of such.

  • naijason

    I can’t blame chris olukolade he’s acting on d script given to him by his superiors in Aso Rock to tell the populace. I bliv one day we’ll get away from ds crazy set of people occupying the leadership roles in d country.

  • Friendsofnigeria

    Mr president ,write a letter to late General Abacha ,the most patriotic president Nigeria had I know he is not happy with what is happening to his country ,If he is alive this matter must have been buried by now ,may his soul continue to rest in peace Amen

    • Night Crawler

      Even dead abacha is better than living GEJ

      • Ahmad

        Haba Night crowler. Even at that i feel that u are insulting late Abacha by comparing GEJ with him.

  • emmanuel

    Let us wait till midday to know the true state of things there. There seem to be something funny either on the side of the military or the State government/ the principal.

    Go back to why the students where in school as at when they were abducted?

    • Kumleng

      Writing there WAEC exams.

      • growthengine

        I feel the decision to write WAEC under the prevailing circumstance in that area should have been well thought out. Perhaps other special arrangements should have been made by the school and WAEC to write the exams at another safer centre in Jigawa or Kano. The risk of loss of life is not worth any exam.

        • Lincon

          I think so too o

        • growthengine

          @Ibrahim, that the region is crawling with soldiers does not make it safe. It is crawling with soldiers because it is a war zone. You do not want children to write exams under cross fire.

    • AYGN

      Why will the principal lie when she is as traumatized from the abduction of her senior students writing an external exam. What about us the parents and relations of the children abducted? Are you saying we know our daughters were rescued and we are still saying they are not???
      Let me tell EMMANUEL,if the chief security officer of the local government said nobody was rescued ,if the member of the state assembly representing the area said its a lie, if the secretary of the local govt. said it’s not true or not to his knowledge ,him being son of the soil and right there,if the the affected parents are saying it’s not true and in fact right now many of them are still in the bush searching for their daughters ,then tell me who is not telling the truth. If they were truly rescued shouldn’t the governor be informed or told,or the local govt chairman,or the school,who will I turn call the parents to come for their children ?
      Please don’t insult us. There is nothing funny from the part of the principal. She is also a daughter of the soil/ place and will never play games with this matter. Our people are not known with that tendency.
      I don’t wish this type of thing happen to any community. You don’t feel our pain so please say nothing if you have nothing to say. We are trusting God to save these very young innocent girls.

      • growthengine

        Sorry about this, we share your pain.

      • Adam Noma

        You made me shad tears. May the almighty Allah come to the salvage of these innocent souls.

      • tiger

        Money! Tons of APC blood money. Mislead d shallow Yariba General and deny later

  • patrick

    PDP trash!! We freed them indeed. Acting on information allegedly provided by the principal instead of intelligence from soldiers on ground. This goes to confirm that nothing is being done to rescue these poor kids. We are in God’s hand.

  • Aygn

    I said it this morning,it’s a lie. Am from the area receiving updates every now and then. If the authorities have nothing important to say about this issue the most HONOURABLE thing is to keep quiet than feeding the world with lies.

    • bugwu

      Why didn’t you say this yesterday

  • Spoken word

    If a Government can get an award for being the most inept government ever, surely GEJ’s government will be the undisputed winner.SMH

  • clairvoyance

    Devils and demons incharge of dis con3 decieving n been decieved. Dis one put a dent to ur claims as well dat d military did dis n dat, 4rm gworza,sambisa n izhge all are lies reeling out aso rock script 2 depopulate d north useless pipo. Nicompoops

  • Amaka

    The over zealous Ruben Abati again! His time in the Aso rock of propaganda is running out, maybe. How a one time journalist became a master of forgery because of money is still a poem.

    • Night Crawler

      Him and reno omokri has nothing to say, they keep accusing opposition party, they will be exposed soon

  • Lanre

    This was what I wrote yesterday. Nigeria needs men of integrity, now more than ever.
    [And the lies continue. How was it possible forBoko Haram to kidnap students at a school that was recently opened for exams;with all that is going in that region; with a state of emergency? I hope the little girls used for the propaganda have not been abused and that they are truly safe. By the way, what are the names of the girls kidnapped and the ones freed?]

  • Ubanka

    The military can do only one thing to convince Nigerians of their claim. Invite the press and hand over these children to the governor of Borno state in the presence of their parents.

  • save9nja

    now d hole world can see how our militry always lie about things bein said by soldiers in d battle front,dis officers no nothing dan telling lies to gorverment,all dey think of s how to make money nothing els dat s y we are having problem in d sucurity dis days

  • ogbologbo

    It is obvious that BH – these Sons of Satan are not prepared to wait until Aljaina for their 72 virgins! It is obvious their modus operandi is to abduct innocent people (esp. children) as human shields and cause disaffection between the citizens and the armed forces due to collateral damage from shelling BH locations! As a matter of urgency, the State Government should look for ways to temporarily evacuate citizens from the theatre of war, with the FG also providing assistance. The FG and SG are not singing the same tune anymore, finger pointing and buck passing, while BH is having a field day. They need to close ranks if they are to defeat the SoS and liberate the people who are wasted on daily basis. This is a wake up call for our leaders and they need to stop playing politics with lives of innocent people!

    • M Baba

      I think BH can be likened to those gay cardinals at the Vatican who also cannot wait to have their women in heaven, rather they are busy assaulting helpless little children by having anal sex wit them in the name of religion, u beta be seroius!! it is said that ‘he who lives in glass house should neve throw stones’…. nonsense

      • Okokobioko

        You are decidely a moron, M. Baba. Have the gay cardinals in Rome abducted any boys? Bloody terrorist!

  • TafidanDogonDaji

    It’s no news to hear lies from the government on the nation’s security inadequacies.What a continued shame!

  • okibx

    It must be BBC HAUSA Abi??? With all the media houses here. I smell a ‘BIG RAT’ here.
    GEJ will be President come 2015, no matter how and where you guys like or go, to discredit this
    government. Time will tell and those behind all of these will one day be known.
    The land will vomit them all, cos of the blood of innocent Nigerians.

    • SOS

      It does not matter where u come from and what language and religion u support, it is right conscience that u ought to develop. I don’t have sentiment for any politician that has failed the people in many respect. With due respect, Jonathan has failed in most respect. He didn’t bomb nor kidnap anyone, but he has failed to provide security. He didn’t steal all the wealth, but he has failed to persecute his cohort. He didn’t create unemployment, but he has failed to secured jobs. People go out of job when electricity varnishes. We aren’t comparing him with any past leader, but we are saying he has failed to meet his own targets he sets by himself. Why will he grades himself as success where we have experienced, in his time, the highest rate of crime, unemployment, corruption and terrorism. OKIBX, you amaze me cos you are only being sentimental or you might have benefitted directly from his government. But, be a good citizen by thinking about the welfare of all, not just ur well-being and those of ur family. You cannot live forever, so act well cos it is better to write your name in the sky than in a sheet…………SOS

      • okibx

        SOS, you are entitled to your views, this is a free country. I have just aired mine.
        I repeat again,”Time will tell and those behind all of these will one day be known”.

  • Ahmed Bala

    Right person can begging to join us in our thinking of whether there is any thing like Boko haram gang. I think some people are playing game