BREAKING: Sanusi floors Nigerian govt; court awards him N50million damages

Sanusi lamido sanusi
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

A Federal High Court in Lagos has restrained the Nigeria Police and the Department of State Services from arresting or harrassing the suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido.

The court also ordered the DSS to release Mr. Sanusi’s passport to him immediately while also awarding the embattled CBN boss N50 million in exemplary damages.

Mr. Sanusi’s passport was seized on February 20, as he arrived the Lagos international airport, hours after he was suspended as CBN Governor by President Goodluck Jonathan.

He was briefly detained as well.

Mr. Sanusi, in separate suits, had challenged his suspension, and asked for enforcement of his fundamental rights as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.

The court, on February 21, granted an interim order, restraining the respondents from arresting, detaining, or harassing the applicant pending the determination of the substantive suit.

The interim order was sequel to an affidavit of urgency filed by the applicant on the same date.

On Monday, the court adjourned to April 3 ruling on the preliminary objection raised against the restraining order by the SSS and the police.

The court has now ruled, saying the government and its agencies have no basis to arrest or harass Mr. Sanusi.

The court also frowned at the seizure of the CBN Governor’s travelling documents.

During the hearing of the rights’ suit, on Monday, the respondents – the Attorney General of the Federation, AGF; the Police; and the SSS – made different claims.

The agency SSS said it was investigating Mr. Sanusi for allegedly financing terrorism.

The SSS’ counsel, Moses Idakwo, said Mr. Sanusi’s interaction with SSS officials did not last for up to an hour and did not constitute a violation of his rights.

He said the provisions of Section 6 of the National Security Agencies’ Act empowered the Service to impound the international passport of suspects pending the conclusion of investigations.

On Monday, however, Mr. Sanusi’s counsel, Kola Awodehin, accused the SSS of falsehood in its new claim against the bank chief, saying the agency had no shred of evidence.

The counsel to the AGF, Fabian Ajogwu, had objected to the suit, urging the court to strike it out for want of jurisdiction.

Mr. Ajogwu argued that the provisions of Section 254 (c) 1 (d) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) ousted the court’s jurisdiction to entertain the suit.

He noted that the case before the court borders on the applicant’s employment, saying that labour -related cases are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the National Industrial Court, NIC.

“Section 254 (c) 1 (d) of the Constitution vests exclusive jurisdiction on the National Industrial Court, with respect to civil causes or matters touching on employment, labour or industrial relations.

“We respectfully urge the court to hold that it has no jurisdiction to entertain the reliefs sought by the applicant,” he said.

The counsel urged the court to strike out the suit.

Mr. Ajogwu also argued that the applicant should not, by the suit, seek to restrain the respondents from performing their constitutional duties.

He argued that Mr. Sanusi was being investigated based on the FRCN’s claims. He said the suspended bank chief was being investigated in accordance with the provisions of the law, which the respondents had a statutory duty to perform.

Citing the dictum of retired Justice Niki Tobi of the Supreme Court in the case of Adeniran vs Alao, Mr. Ajogwu submitted that a perpetual injunction would be everlasting and could not be granted by
a court of law.

“The applicant’s suit is basically an action to shield him from the machinery of administration of justice, which has been kick-started by the respondents,” Mr. Ajogwu submitted.

While the AGF said Mr. Sanusi was being investigated based on the FRCN investigations, the police said it was not investigating the CBN boss.

The counsel to the police, David Abuo, said nobody ever reported Mr. Sanusi to the police.

He, however aligned with Mr. Ajogwu, saying the case should be struck out as it seeks to bar government agencies from performing their duties.

However, responding to the respondents’ preliminary objection, counsel to Mr. Sanusi, Mr. Awodehin submitted that the court was vested with the jurisdiction to entertain the suit.

He argued that the suit had nothing to do with the terms of employment of the applicant or industrial relations, since it was not a case of the applicant against the Central Bank of Nigeria.

He argued that the applicant never sought an order of perpetual injunction, adding that the reliefs he sought were qualified.

“It cannot be suggested that the applicant is restraining the respondents from performing their duties, but they must be restrained from doing so without due process of the law.

“The seizure of the applicant’s international passport by the third respondent is a derogation of his freedom of movement,” he said.

Mr. Awodehin also argued that the different submissions by the three respondents showed that laws were being violated in Mr. Sanusi’s treatment.

“The first to third respondents give conflicting reasons as to the complaint made against the applicant.

“This conflict goes to show that they acted without due process of the law,” he said.

The counsel also argued that the SSS’ claim of financing terrorism was bogus.

“The allegation against the applicant as to funding of terrorism is an afterthought by the respondents which is not backed by facts, as there is no reasonable suspicion that the applicant committed any crime,” he said.

He urged the court to dismiss the preliminary objection and uphold the case of the applicant.



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  • JI

    What a way to end a shody report?

    The cash and carry thing cannot stop the DSS, while the FG goes about appealing the judgement. Let Sanusi spend part of his loot on corrupt Nigerian judges!

    • Lucky

      I pray one day you shall be accused falsely, and no one shall fight for right. Imbecile.

    • yahaya

      JI, were ever the appeal will be, the truth will always prevail!

      • Night Crawler

        You are right…

    • Night Crawler

      He never stole any money, any case FG file against sanusi, they will never win it…

    • Nigerian

      Between Sanusi and Diezeni who is a looter? Or Are u from Niger Delta? I would understand more.

      • Amin

        Nigerian, thank you very much for this reply to the selfish and lost JI

    • tunde

      @ ji pls go and beg sunusi to give you some of the morney and take it to your cripple mother.

    • Naijagogoodagain

      You can say that because you are never really going to get into any positions of importance! Otherwise , you will appreciate when justice is being served! So you think what they are doing to SLS is okay? It flies in the face of any kind of natural justice.
      If GEJ is sincere why is Oduah and Diezani not prosecuted?

    • PureNigerian

      What loot Mr. ignorance?

  • Yibo

    This fraudulent government has received another embarrassment. What a shame!

    • Night Crawler

      Thats what they are capable of, lying and looting of public funds

    • redeem

      The beheading of Gideon Akaluka, an Igbo trader in 1995, who was alleged to have desecrated the Koran, may soon surface again at the ongoing National Confab going by threats issued by a group from the South East. Akaluka was arrested based on false charges over the use of the Koran as paper nappies to clean up his child. After he was imprisoned by the police, a group of Muslim Brothers-led by Sanusi broke into the jail,killed him, and walked around the city parading his severed head. But Akaluka’s lawyer had before his murder, managed to obtain an affidavits which showed that his client was not at the compound at the time the said offence was committed.The woman said to be responsible for the offence was later discovered not to be his wife. Sanusi was put in jail for 2 years by late Abacha-after the murder-while others were executed. His grand father had earlier been involved in the theft of state money and it appears stealing runs deep in the history of the family

      • mallam

        You are making all these lies against sanusi and his father becouse of their enviable status in the society. Who knows how many attrocities you and and your obsecure father committed but no body cares to discuss about it becouse you are alredy too low and too ordinary.

        • redeem

          was he not sent to jail by Abacha-tell us why he went to prison for 2 yrs-may be for drinking beer

      • bigge

        how do you know that it is Sanusi that make such allegation against the man. Please think well before you post anything you don’t know.

      • salako

        And your father only know how to drink ogogoro from morning till evening while your stinking mother goes to the farm and do the work your sisters goes to lagos for hussling.

  • Peter2000

    Enjoy your fake judgment, you must end up in Guantanamo bay.

    • Seriously

      Are you sure you don’t have mental problem?

      • Adrusa

        No need to ask him, he is mentally unbalanced.

    • Night Crawler

      Hate is eating up your brain, he will also win the case for accusing him of sponsoring boko haram, meanwhile Reno Omokri is still there for forcing fake letter linking him to BH…

    • Naijagogoodagain


    • Rash 78

      I think by the time the truth prevail, yourself , your godfather and your godmother (Diezani) will end up in the prison worse than kiri-kiri and to your dismay sanusi will be in his living room. You will go even if you dont steal for your ignorance.

      • ModyHH

        Sanusi’s living room? Or did you mean Sambasi forest? You must be joking.

    • Wähala

      Yesterday, you were enjoying your fake judgment by egunje Judge, Ademola on the 37-APC defectors. What goes around…

  • Wähala

    Translation of the judgment is, Mlm. Sanusi is more credible than Dumbo… meaning he’s more believable. So, where’s our missing $20bn? Enough of the distractions. Where’s our money?

    • Night Crawler

      Its true oo, they are trying to bring up confusion so we will forget the missing $20bn

      • ceweeco projects

        U must be on drugs, do u really think SLS will go free. The huge sum spent on fake legal services before his disgrace from office must be vomited. Servicing the Judges before time with CBN money will not help him in the long run. Failure is out of phase and not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. At times it is folly to hasten at other times, to delay. The wise do everything in its proper time. Stay off drug and be alive, stay off the Janjaweed team. What’s troubling is that the APC to defend SLS are weakening the ethics process.

        • salako

          u dont even knoo wat to say moroon!

        • Night Crawler

          The court is their, why don’t you go and file the case to court, instead of making noise in premiumtimes forum

  • Mani_Kay

    TRUTH >>> “The applicants suit is basically an action to shield him from the machinery of administration of justice which has been kick-started by the respondents, Mr Ajogwu submited.”

    FACT >>>> Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is the Emir of Thieves World-Wide …. a very powerful one. He is also member of the Association of Powerful Criminals aka APC.

    Criminals like Sanusi never submit themselves willingly to the machinery of administration of justice ….. they resist such with the last drop of their blood. Remember James Ibori, El Rufai and Femi Fani-Kayode.

    Nigerians must be patient ….. it may take sometime but Sanusi like James Ibori will eventually face justice..

    POINTER >>> It is difficult to understand the reason for the so called N50Million exemplary damages.

    So many Nigerians including late Chief Gani Fahwemmi, Chief Femi Falana and many others have had their passports seized by our Security Agencies forcing them to go court for the release of their travel documents …….. there is no record anywhere to show that the Courts in addition to ordering the release of their travel documents also awarded to them a whopping sum of N50million as exemplary damages.

    What does this tell you ……… this judgement was written in the bedroom of Bola Tinubu by disgraced and retired Justice Ayo Salami.

    • Night Crawler

      I will always say it, i don’t know if its saw dust, smoke bomb or gun powder that split into your brain that makes you think upside down, why can’t FG with the case, remember GEJ haven’t refund the missing $20bn, Diezani is still there, Reno Omokri, Okonjo Iweala, Irubebe and other people who loots public funds under the name of dumbo…

    • Aderemi Adesokan Alao

      The problem with the truth is that it remain the truth even if it is disbelieve by Muzi _Kay or everyone.

    • Mani_Kay

      Notwithstanding, there is one thing I like about this judgement ……. there was no delay in the hearing of the case and in the delivery of judgement no matter how fraudulent.

      But compare this to the case of PDP versus the FIVE Governors that defected to APC . ‘

      The case was filed by PDP since 2013 and it was assigned to Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Abuja High Court

      Please Read On ……………

      SALAMI ??????

      I would like to bring this to the attention of Nigerians because justice delayed is justice denied.

      I hope Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Abuja High Court has not become another Justice Ayo Salami that was working full-time for APC >>> Association of Powerful Criminals.

      I am saying this because it is difficult for anyone to accept the fact that Justice Gabriel Kolawole has been dancing around the suit the PDP brought against the five PDP Governors that defected to APC.

      The proceeding in the suit commenced since January 27, 2014 but as I write this comment Justice Gabriel Kolawole is still dancing around the ISSUE OF SERVING THE HEARING NOTICE TO THE DEFENDANTS.

      We are now in April 2014 ……. and Justice Gabriel Kolawole is still dancing around the issue of hearing notice.

      Is he not aware that justice delayed is justice denied ???

      APC and the defecting Governor’s sensing they have a very, very weak case and are likely to loose are doing everything to stall the hearing …… time is running ……. why should Justice Gabriel Kolawole allow them to have their cake and eat it ??? Has he become another Justice Ayo Salami ????

      It is the height of ridiculing our Judiciary for them to say that well known Governors in Nigeria cannot be served hearing notices at the shortest possible time …. what a joke !!!

      Nigerians must insist that Justice Gabriel Kolawole must enforce the commencement of the hearing of the suit proper and also ensure that the case is concluded without further delay.

      • Wähala

        On a day like this, a responsible person keeps the golden rule: remain silent. But your miserable live depends on crumbs so you have to fend for your mouth. Sanusi is not Abu Shekau… Wendel Simlin is. It’s all a charade to decimate the North before 2015 and it will fail regardless your crass hatred. Today, the world have been proven right, Sanusi is being persecuted for blowing the horn on your moron. Ende !

        • OAMEN G

          I think the judge did a good job. Seizing of SLS’S international passport is a grave abuse of fundamental human right. By seizing his passport, you have infringed on his movement for many weeks, which is equal to imprisonment without trial. Let them go to the court of JUPITA, Sanusi will still win.

      • debbeljo

        @Mani_Kay:disqus, Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. -Ephesians 4:29

    • Gezawa

      Shut up mr. Wendell simlin, a dumb ass like you that cannot cover up his hypocritical lies. Its only in Nigeria that you will still have the effrontery to continue in your position. Oloshi

    • Rash 78

      Ignorance of facts……. What a shame? It obvious to see those that cannot think and analyse by themselves but believe a lie even if its clear its the truth. @Mani kay, try and find facts analyse or get sumone to analyze for you if ur head cant do it before you say d trash you are sayin……

      • redeem

        Same old thrash-from Tinubu Square in Lagos–did Sanusi request for damages–over the seizure of his passport-hours ago APC was all over the place insulting the judge that asked the turn-coats in the house who decamped from PDP to APC to vacate their blood stained gbomor gbomor–seats-APC also went on to sponsor stories alleging that the head of their boko haram wing in the house-led by Dan Fulani Tambuwal, had gone to court with his deputy-to challenge the said ruling-well it turned out to be a lie-the duo denied ever proceeding to the Appeal Court-to over-turn the verdict-Now we have another alawada judgement from the office of Buharis Post and Telecoms-P&T telling us that an unnamed judge has awarded 50m of my oil money to Sanusi-for only God knows what-It was not the government that took Sanusi to court–Sanusi it was who dragged the present administration to Alhaji Tinubus court–so what is the shame in all theses alawada APC dance? That we are hearing from d prince of Kano pillars. Nonetheless Sanusi will go to jail–no mater what-so it was with the judgement passed unto Ibori-I almost forgot he hailed from d SS–see the difference between an untouchable Fulani Prince-and an ordinary Itsekiri rogue from d Chevron water side in Warri?

        • Rash 78

          While sanusi is a king now, the itsekiri rogue is still in prison cos he is found guilty. If not becos u r not educated and cant tink right i wuldve argued wit you. But tell the person paying you or your brother in the villa to take the sanusi to court and lets see.
          As for sanusi, he has done the civilized thing and he won, plus he is now a prominent emir in the world, not just Nigeria. Unlike the chiefs in the creeks.
          Time will tell.

      • Dasannu69

        @ 78 Rash… Mani_Kay is just like his father…. stop wasting your time he will never understand

      • salako

        Do you think a dropout will have anything important to contribute?

    • boomerang

      @Many_Kay some day you will handle position of authority or a government appointment and God will allow you to be rubbished. Am not a fan of SLS but am sympathetic to disgrace metted on him by agents of government because he blew a whistle about missing funds.

      • ModyHH

        Position of authority indeed! Sanusi had an annual budet for the central bank which was as high as that of some state governments. The difference was that while state governments subjected themselves to parliamentry oversight, Sanusi went on a spending spray for mostly Islamist causes and thought he was answerable to no one, not even to the central bank board. And when he was being chased, he ran to Lagos where his friends hat a willing judge in waiting.

    • okwu

      You are on point. This is just the begging. Such a judgement against somebody accused of terrorism.

    • Verdict

      @Mani_Kay:disqus … aka Reno Omokri … you will never know peace. As u have made the suffering of millions of Nigeria your own source of happiness, so shall the wrath of God visit you sooner than later. The blood of those who die on daily basis through hunger, anger and insecurities in this land shall ask for revenge on you and your entire generation. So shall it be.

      • PureNigerian

        I love your sermon brother. Mani_Kay will never no peace in his life time.

    • ModyHH

      That is the beauty of democracy in the present dispension. Even a fraudlent and extemist islam banker like Sanusi can go to a not less fraudlent court and have his 3 minutes of fame.

    • nija pikin

      He is a student of Ebele school of criminal technology but it seems he will not collect his certificate since he insist on the stolen 20billion

    • debbeljo

      Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. -Ephesians 4:29

    • Waziri

      You can die please, it is on record forever Sunusi has defeated his enemies in the court of first instance. What happens to Odua and Dizeani? Shame to antagonist of justice.

  • Night Crawler

    GEJ and his expired PDP members can suspend an innocent man, but cannot suspend the truth… GEJ should also refund the $20bn he swept under his carpet

    • PureNigerian

      GEJ is a known thief. Remember he was second in command to Alemesia as deputy, and Alemesia was one of the biggest thief in the history of Nigeria. Guys, do think as second in command, GEJ just sat there why Alemensia was steaaling and ho got nothing. Why do you thing GEJ pardoned that rogue Alemensia. GEJ is a thief period

      • Night Crawler

        Don’t mind them, looters giving looters awards, using presidential pardon to release looters as well

        • Spencer

          Am so sick of ordinary Nigerians, you kill in the name of religion, you fight because of tribe, you hate because of gender. Only if you can read your mind out loud to your ears before you realize that Mutallab who got Sanusi his plum job while his own son is in U.S prison as well as Dangote are still friends with GEJ, IBB, OBJ, Buhari, Clinton Obama, etc. When rich & powerful friends are fighting over loots. Ordinary Nigerians are their battle grounds. As for and my family, we are going to party at each of the looters grave.

          • Night Crawler

            Thats why they keep milking the country dry, we must stop them from suffering the poor citizens of this great nation

  • Aderemi Adesokan Alao

    Round one. I feel good.

  • Chris

    The truth will always prevail, either now or later. But for those of u cruxifying Sanusi u will all be put to shame @ the end.

  • Ayo Yussuff

    Chei…if u are rich or ” a whistleblower” u can get a court injunction restraning the police from arresting u….What then is the job of the police if they cant arrest suspects…..God dey sha!!!!

  • solomakinovich

    The power-drunk fools ordered arrest, lied in court and forgot the Judiciary is independent. Sanusi should now sue them for libel for calling him Boko haram sponsor.

  • Canada Boy

    Sanusi will surely carry the day on the long run. It will just be like the case between Ribadu on one hand and James Ibori and his other criminal elements on the other hand , which included the then siting AGF, Andoaka. But where are they now? By early 2011, when Ribadu was standing as a presidential candidate, James Ibori was cooling off in prison custody. Jonathan and his comrades in crime will surely pay for what they are doing now.

  • Arabi

    Kudos! to this judgement. Shame on GEJ n CO

    • Night Crawler

      Their are more on the way, they will all fail to all the plot against Sanusi

  • Amina

    Not surprise.i said yesterday that it was because he discovered the artrosities going on in nnpx.The truth will always prevail.Let us leave Jonathan alone.2015 is around the corner that he wl know where he belong.intead of giving jobs to unemployment.he set up Sure P to make money for many people ar benefiting the program.Nigerians are highly disappointed.its not about region or south,south or north and south or east and west.corupption,corruption everywhere .This is the worse leadership ever.electricity is worse now.unemployment is there,insecurity is rampant school children that there parents are not politicians are being murdered like chicken.We need a change. thank God Sanusi is freed today.only God knows who wl be the next victim tomorrow.Jonathan is supposed to use critics accusation to perform.

  • max

    This is to teach our SSS lesson when they are dealing with a terrorist. The sss should have shot at Sanusi two legs instead of going for his passport.
    That was how the SSS man last week went to serve a terrorist breakfast and nearly lost his life.
    SSS should mount serious surveillance on Sanusi now that his terrorist brother have granted him N50,000. This money can go far in acquiring some AK47 for boko haram.
    Anyway thank God that the court declined in granting Sanusi perpetual injunction he prayed for. Which means he can be arrested anythime the police or SSS want to smoke his ass.

  • Lanus

    Hmmm….I thought the SSS had learnt their lesson from the embrassement they suffered when their spokesman was struggling to rope The High Chief Raymond Dakposi as the sponsor of the independence day bombing

  • Sanchez Chibueze Aniamalu

    The battle has just begun.

  • bigboy

    Wat I’m more concerned abt here is dis , why is it dat petroleum minister, aviation cld still nt cme 2 out 2 defend all d accusations lebelled against dem atleast let dis government be reliable 4 1s since sanusi cld do such? It has always been d FG dat has always stood 4 dem.

  • bigge

    u see the truth has come to light. when we said, there is no fire without a smoke, Sanusi was called Boko Haram. This is the same thing that happened to Stella Odua when people are talking she bought vehicle worth $25 billion. the government is just embarrassing the innocent people. please my country people ask them where is the missing $20 billion NNPC fund.

  • usman Abdul

    So now what are they saying about the missing $ 20 millions ?

  • Spencer

    Am so sick of ordinary Nigerians, you kill in the name of religion, you
    fight because of tribe, you hate because of gender. Only if you can read
    your mind out loud to your ears before you realize that Mutallab who
    got Sanusi his plum job while his own son is in U.S prison as well as
    Dangote are still friends with GEJ, IBB, OBJ, Buhari, Clinton Obama,
    etc. When rich & powerful friends are fighting over loots. Ordinary
    Nigerians are their battle grounds. As for and my family, we are going
    to party at each of the looters grave

  • Mo’

    It is true that the late father of SLS embezzled tax payers money and was sent packing by the then Emir of Kano in 1962 but that is not the issue on ground now. Our question is where is our missing $20 billion? only SLS and GEJ know where the money is…..

  • Brown Mark

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  • Anisey Mary

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  • Cheney Williams

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