Heavy gunfire around presidential villa, SSS headquarters


UPDATE 1:Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and resident of the Asokoro District of Abuja where the SSS headquarters is located, Nasir El-Rufai, just posted the below comment on his Facebook page:

IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD: Exchange of gunfire still going on with helicopter gunship hovering over the Aso Drive neighbourhood of Maitama adjoining the SSS Headquarters.

Whatever this is, it appears more serious than an attempted jailbreak claimed by the SSS.
May God Protect the innocent and destroy the murderers, kidnappers and planners of genocide, Amen.

UPDATE 2: Another resident of the area, Femi Fani-Kayode tweeted:


Read our initial post below.


There have been heavy gunfire exchanges around the vicinity of Nigeria’s presidential palace and the headquarters of the Department of State Services in the Asokoro District of  Abuja in the past one hour, security sources and residents of the area said.

The expansive headquarters of the State Security Service, popularly known as Yellow House, is almost adjacent one of the remote gates of the presidential villa.

Residents of the nearby Aso Drive Area said the gunshots were either coming out of the SSS headquarters or the presidential villa.

A resident of the area told PREMIUM TIMES, “We don’t know what’s going on here. Heavy gunfire has been coming from the direction of the villa. The entire area has been barricaded. SSS operatives are scampering out of their headquarters as the gunshots get louder.

“Soldiers are now heading in the direction of the SSS headquarters with Armoured Personnel Carriers. Those of us living around here have been asked to stay indoors and not venture out.”

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati, could not be reached for comments.

But the spokesperson of the SSS, Marilyn Ogar, said the gunshots were triggered by attempted jailbreak at the Service’s headquarters by suspected members of the extremist Boko Haram sect.

She said, “What happened was that the suspects handlers went to feed the detainees here but suddenly they attacked him with their handcuffs, disarmed him and started shooting.

“The military was quickly called in before they could do any harm and that is responsible for the shootings you heard.

“It was an attempted jailbreak but it has been brought under control.”

It is however not clear how detainees, held in the highly fortified complex, got guns with which they shot at soldiers and SSS operatives for over an hour.

It is also not known whether there were casualties in the attack.

Military helicopters have now been deployed and are now hovering around the area.

A resident of the area, Yoosooph, tweeted as follows during the attack.




Another resident, Bashir Yusuf, tweeted:


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  • philip


  • sirjoka

    Am just hoping this isnt a ploy. Now its a jailbreak. Later the so called attack dogs of the president will say it was an assassination attempt by the opposition or its the boko haram trying to kill the president so that his fellow ijaw and southern compatriots will feel obliged to see it as another northern agenda to kill the president

    • Lanre

      Very intelligent comment. The whole story does not add up.

    • redeem

      Why dont u move 9ja with Tinubu quietly to yr south west without the SS or the Niger Delta-The population of Kuwait is less than one million–we the ijaws are more than that–Besides dont we have Ijaws in the south west-in Ondo, Ekiti ati lagos- where do the arigbo ijaws hail from in 9ja’? No wonder Awo was called a tribalist by the Ibos–i did not understand until Jonathan became president-Only then did i know why Awo failed-Now with yr Islamic party the Arewa Peoples Club -APC-who wants to reside with a group of human whose penchant for human sacrifice, knows no bound–what has Nigeria since her freedom achieved from the south west’ beyond human rituals that u still practice? Name the roads that Awo built for us in the SS-It wld not be too much for us to request that u show us one that money from cocoa was used to construct in the Niger Delta-Is Jonathan not been busy erecting roads in d south west-4 u-with oil revenue’? very ungrateful ritualist-Aware yr leaders like obj could not even build a single road in the entire SW for 8 yrs that he was president-busy sleeping with his sons wife-Lagos state was developed with the resources of the Niger Delta–not cocoa–u bastard-when real humans talk parasite like u who could not defend yr June 12 victory, also yearn to be identified with the crowd-like a monkey released into the wild now free-u yearn to insult d president-Again don’t u ever think some us want an election to take place in 2015–what we pray for is separation-not another regional voters card-wayo designed to steal our crude oil-again for another 54 yrs-let Bh kill Gej–that will be the end of 9ja–we are not scared to go to war-with any region-animals

      • Mfon

        There is freedom of expression in Nigeria but please in your own interest avoid the realm of treasonable comments. There are three of you i will advice the Director DSS to locate arrest interrogate and prosecute you for treason in court you can prove insanity or drunkenness later. Please be civil. Nigeria needs genuine advice, prayers and policy implementation to transform. Those who cannot appreciate the efforts of this Govt are either genuinely ignorant or part of the opposition who want to maintain the status quo for their selfish gratification -masquerading as regional jingoist. Pray for your leaders they are doing a lot inspite of being undermined by opposition and foreign elements,don’t wish them ill cos it may boomerang on you-God put them there. Best Wishes.

  • Gotlieb Adebayo

    A very irresponsible comment

    • Adedamola Hazzan

      Why is my comment irresponsible Gotlieg Adebayo?…Is my comment any more irresponsible that a government and presidency who decided to celebrate some farcical centenary anniversary aftermath the cold blooded killing of young children? God forbid, if your child was amongst those unfortunate kids killed in their sleep will you still see my comment as irresponsible in the light of the government’s action after such atrocity? I can go on and on and show you the folly of your argyment but am sure it would be wasted on you because your comment already showed you are of very limited if any intelligence so i will not waste my time trying to prove myself too you a retard like you, it would amount to like putting lipstick on a pig…it would be wasted, go back to your miserable ignorant life and stop making inane comments on here!!

      • Gotlieb Adebayo

        Sorry if my comments is taken in negative ,but after reading your post,I really can see you have no sense of responsibility, so I don’t want to waste my time returning jabs with you..take care

  • BlackieUmukoro

    On a Sunday ?

  • Gotlieb Adebayo

    This is a reconnaissance mission,where pros and coins of security around the villa are monitored. Anyway I just hope the President and his family are save,else you can kiss good bye to Nigeria.

    • sodangimoments@simplesite.com

      It is sheer foolishness and Myopia to think that if and whenever Nigeria’s president is attacked, the end of Nigeria has come. Abacha died, Abiola died, yar’adua died etc any Nigerian prresident at anytime can die or get killed, but Nigeria will go on. No one person exists tthat is greater than the nation. Ehe!

      • Gotlieb Adebayo

        Well the President dying wouldn’t bring down the federation,but him be killed by some ethic bigot who have no plan for Nigerian but to rule and loot with impunity would definite set the nation on fire,a fire that I really don’t see quenching.

        • sodangimoments@simplesite.com

          My dear, when Nigerian presidents are killed as in Abacha’s case, we are simply told they died. So you will never know whether they are killed by ethniic bigots or patriotic Nigerians who wish Nigeria welll. If it happens again, it wiill be Business as usuall. By the way, there is no bigger ethnic jingoist than the current leadership. It takes one thief to know one. Hahahahahah!

          • Gotlieb Adebayo

            OK I accept your opinion but I don’t wish my President dead

        • I can’t wait to see whatever catalyst will happen to end the rot in Nigeria. Enough is enough. Of it is the death of the entire federal cabinet plus all residents of Aso Rock of Horror, so be it. We cannot go on this way!!

      • sirjoka

        Dude refer to my comment earlier above, I think you will see what I meant is possible.

      • Barnett Ofume

        This the childish entreaty in Ukraine. This writer is dreaming because now you can say this in the Niger Delta Region which is exiting the nation of Nigeria after further mess in 2015 – Dr. Phillip C. Ofume & Associates

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Our security agencies, have been penetrated, by religious sentiments, hence this shameful security breach. Catch the BH rebels, kill them or charge them to court. The more you keep them, the more sypathy they will draw from their brothers in the milotary, and who will eventually fake a jail break. GEJ, where are you

    • nija pikin

      Johnny is under madam leave’s bed drummed you know it’s weekend what do you expect

      • BlackieUmukoro

        It is his right to be in madam’s arm
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Death to BH everywhere. Kill don’t arrest them, as the avowed enemies within will set them free

    • Adedamola Hazzan

      Is Boko Haram stronger than the whole of Nigeria> Do you want to tell me that Nigeria, one of the richest countries in the world is incapable of dealing with some ragtag insurgents? Are you trying to say the government is doing all it can to apprehend these infidels and bastards? With all due respect, opinions like your’s and others on this site is why Nigeria will NEVER BE GREAT AGAIN….accepting mediocrity and embracing it, in civilized countries ministers will be called to resign for speaking out of turn, but in Nigeria young kids are killed in cold blood and people like you will blame everybody but the most culpable, and we wonder why the politicians get away with murder every day, how will they not, when the electorate expect NOTHING of them except for them to loot our treasury dry..smh!!!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        The rag tag rebels are aided by the well trained officers within
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Adedamola Hazzan

          Is that not still part of the overall failure of the govt?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Of the saboteurs within, you mean?
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Adedamola Hazzan

            Yes BlackieUmukoro….its blatantly obvious some members of the ruling echelon are part and parcel of Boko Haram, so what use is our intelligent unit is infiltrators can kill promote the killing of ordinary civilians and they are hapless to do anything about it….don’t we have a counter terrorism unit, don’t we have spies and moles that can infiltrate the Boko Haram and expose them? Of course we have all these and we are able to do all this but the people involved are either too powerful for the govt to apprehend or the govt is just not up to the task of ensuring the security of it citizen..a disgrace if you ask me

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Yes, a disgrace to those blinded by their faith, to bring down this country. They shall never succeed Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • alert

            No the govt have not failed but you have failed the govt with your lack of ideas

        • boss

          This is jumpsuit. I need to be convinced it is not planned. How can the staff feeding dangerous well trained clowns be armed? Why should the guy go therearmed? Deliberate! Afterall the conference is not going on as hopped or planned so another plan B need to come to play….mtswwww

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Yes, you see what I am seeing
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • lawsonojeme

        Ademola, cool temper. 100 years of Nigeria is a fact not a fiction Jonathan made. Boko haram is also a reality that pleases only a damned soul. If anything,100 years of history has taught us that no one achieves good with bad. Violence has not paid Nigeria or any country for that matter. Cool temper. We oceans’ of positive words & action over many years to come through our rut.

        • Adedamola Hazzan

          Well said David, thank you

        • Adedamola Hazzan

          But do you agree with me the president could/should have forfeited that celebration? I keep asking everybody on here the same question and noone is ready to reply, WILL JONATHAN CONTINUE WITH THE PLANNED CELEBRATION IF HIS CHILD WAS AMONGST THOSE POOR KIDS KILLED IN THEIR SLEEP?

          • alert

            That is his constitutional duty whether the child, wife,brother or whosoever is involved he will still go ahead and carry out his function mr

      • alert

        I cannot make any sense from your comment, though I have one question for you. Pls kindly mention any president in the world that have completely eliminated violence in his or her country……. Mr resign at any little fault.

        • Adedamola Hazzan

          Your blaise and ignorant assumption is shocking to say the very least..are we now so immuned to abhorrent acts like killing of unarmed children in their beds by militants we qualify such dastardly act as ”LITTLE FAULT”? ….Where in sane civilized countries political lives and ambitions has been sacrificed and ended for a small thing as parking ticket….boy oh boy, i will end this discussion with you now because i can clearly see you are NOTHING BUT AN ANIMAL who deserves to be banished into the wildest forest…..where is your humanity? Am sure you are some kind of murderer, if you can dismiss the killing of people so effortlessly it must mean you are nothing but a killer yourself…maybe even a ritualist too..i hope you rot in hell, that is where your likes are suppose to be, get off my comment and go and wash yourself, brainless child killer and ritualist

  • opeyemi duke

    I pray for our security men that God give victory and protect those staying in the neigbourhood. (Amen)

    • alert

      God bless you my brother

  • opeyemi duke

    I don’t really think its patriotic to wish any member of the family death. Put yourself in their position.

    • Adedamola Hazzan

      Opeyemi Duke, i did not make the comment lightly and neither was it made it in a fit of anger; my comment was well thought out and clinically and concisely made; to put my comment in a nutshell, if Jonathan or any of his family or govt officials loses a close family member, relative, children etc to a Boko Haram attack then they too will feel the pain, anguish and emptiness thousands of innocent Nigerians who’s family has been lost to the Boko Haram insurgents are feeling…will you celebrate your birthday or anything for that matter a week after your child( GOD FORBID) was killed in cold blood?

      • Tope

        Irresponsible comment. you are a shame to humanity, Adedamola

        • Adedamola Hazzan

          Is that the best you can come up with Tope? Is that the limit of your English language? How long did it take you to write that one comment, possibly 2 hours? I just feel sorry for your parents, money they used to send you to school would have been better spent on other things like a car, at least they will derive a measure of satisfaction from its use…Go and read a book and brush up on your knowledge maybe you will learn to debate and stress your point without been abusive, you waste of space

      • Access

        You are a bomboklat that reasons with his anus….if Jonathan do!! you will say he has done it wrong, if he does not do!! you will shout say him no do anything. Am sure one day somebody will deficate in your palour you will shout its Jonathan. ewu!!! english teacher way no get brain…

    • Adedamola Hazzan

      BlackieUmukoro…i did not make the comment lightly and neither was it made it in a fit of anger; my comment was well thought out and clinically and concisely made; to put my comment in a nutshell, if Jonathan or any of his family or govt officials loses a close family member, relative, children etc to a Boko Haram attack then they too will feel the pain, anguish and emptiness thousands of innocent Nigerians who’s family has been lost to the Boko Haram insurgents are feeling…will you celebrate your birthday or anything for that matter a week after your child( GOD FORBID) was killed in cold blood?

    • Sword of Damocles

      is it patriotic/moral of the president & the ruling elites to completely loot the people of a poverty enmeshed country?

  • Mani_Kay

    Please pay close attention to the details and wording of El Rufai’s tweet and you find that it is easy to discern those he refers to as “the murderers, kidnappers and planners of genocide”.

    For El Rufai, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Buhari and many others ……….. the Federal Government (under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan) are murderers for killing Boko Haram members in combat.

    They regard the detention of arrested members of Boko Haram as kidnapping while they see FG’s just action to bring an end to Boko Haram as genocide against barbaric Islam and against the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani.

    From the tweet you can feel the pain of El Rufai that FG has taken control and is having upper hand towards the foiling of a planned attempt by Boko Haram members to escape from FG’s detention facility.

    I am also sure that El Rufai is fully in the know and very involved in the the planned attempt to escape.

    El Rufai’s tweet reveals this much.

    • Wähala

      Shut up dia, read other accounts and you’ll know there’s a full-scale gun battle going on there. It’s no Boko Haram, and if it is, hope they get your client and end your crumbs picking days here. This is a military coup playing out no matter how they describe it in the end. Sha, I’m hopeful a Rawlings has finally woken up sick of your moron’s looting, soon we will know. Either way, na bad news for Dumbo and your ilk. Thieves!

    • Yibo

      What you and your master have been unleashing on Nigerians of northern extraction is coming to hunt you.

    • Garden-City Boy

      That midget, El-Rufai, is a quintessential awusa demagogue. But, you’ll be surprised how they come yelling “one-Nigeria, Not tribal politics….religious polarization, islamist are marginalized” and all that shit. These awusas see everything through the lens of moslem absolutism -buhari mu ke so, kawai.
      Characteristically, therefore, El-Rufai prefers to reason it from the orifice between the two lobes of hos shaggy-haired butt. No matter how educated an awusa man claims to be, he is not the type of animal to be rusted with objective reasoning, or tolerance and accommodation for others. El-Rufai exemplifies it: curbing Boko Haram is “genocide” while the slaughter of Southerners and Christians should be the regular run-of-the-mill.
      The same awusa people caused the Nigerian Civil War, murdering over 3million Igbos in an idiotic drive to give us today’s “peace, unity, justice and happiness. Again, while the murder of 3million Igbos by barbaric awusas is no genocide, the military campaign to curb intransigent terrorists they brought is genocide. You can then appreciate more the turps-turvey workings of the awusa man’s warped mind.

    • Seriously

      Wendell Simlin, you’re here too?

  • callstar20

    I am truly ashamed to inhabit the same country as the shameful El Rufai. His comment as usual is self serving. The attack on the citadel of our democracy must not go unpunished. At least it does not look like a military coup. However, this episode has stripped away the sense of security around the presidential villa. This is a wake up call for the security services

    • nigerian

      Wetin Mr Rufai talk wey una de crucify am na?
      I’m not a fan of his but can’t see the reason for the venom. Ah ah!

      • Kunle Alebiosu

        El Rufai made a careless statement during the attack on the SSS headquarters, he said nay God save the innocent from the murderers and kidnappers, apparently referring to the BH as innocents, the sss who kept them as kidnappers and the govt as murderers who wants to commit genocide, to me it is the highest level of insensitivity to national security coming from somebody of his caliber, am highly disappointed in him

        • WRITER

          Read the post again please.

    • Naijagogoodagain

      You are ashamed of being in the same country as El Rufai………. But you are not ashamed of being in the same country as GEJ, Oduah, Diezani alison-madueke, Asari, Reno Omokri, IBB, OBJ……… You amaze me !

      You called Aso Rock your citadel of democracy………. How could that be? Explain to me. Coup plotters build that place; so how is it citadel of democracy? We have GEJ occupying the place right now; he is a civilian ruler and has no idea what democracy is all about as you could easily see from his actions and in-actions so far! What we have in Nigeria now is not democracy it is just civilian rule!
      When we are fully ready for Democracy , every stakeholder will need to dialogue! Not the national sleeping conference we have right now!
      The time is very near when 160+ million people shall rise against their oppressors

      • callstar20

        Aso Rock is where the presidency of Nigeria is located. Therefore it is the fortress (citadel) of our democracy. So what is democracy in this context? Democracy constitutes the elected government of the people, underpinned by the rule of law. Indian, Pakstani, US, EU democracies are all different in their democratic constitution. Ours is relatively imperfect, but new laws are being enacted by NASS and the all the state HOA. What we have today is Nigerian democracy. We continue to pray that the days of the maximum ruler is gone for ever. Jonathan has continued where Yar Adua and OBJ left the stage. Thank GOD that Jonathan is not throwing his weight around as the commander-in-chief. We must task Jonathan to re-visit the so called ‘dividend’ of democracy project, where every stakeholder is meant to enjoy the dividend.

        • Naijagogoodagain

          Nigeria does not have any fortress of democracy! If you think any of the occupant of that citadel got an iota of clue what democracy is; you must be kidding me! I like your term “Nigerian Democracy” ! That is exactly what we have! Another word for it is LOOTOCRACY . Does an average Nigerian sees Aso Rock the same way an average American sees the White House? GEJ is just a civilian ruler nothing more! This guy has no ideological leaning whatsoever ! Just continue to believe in your GEJ but I am sure deep down you know he is as corrupted as the rest of them, and until the people of this country actually rise up against their tormentors there shall be no development!

        • Alllison

          Aso Rock is not and never a fortress of democracy rather it is the power house for perfecting organised crimes against humanity under the chairmanship of a person who hates the north .Similarly the Aso Rock apart from aiding crime and criminals is also a catidal for deception,destruction, deregulation, despotism, distabilization,disunity and disintergtation and all the dirty things.

  • Aliyu Abdullahi

    What a shame to federal government as insurgents start their operations from far borno but gradually getting closed to number one house in Nigeria. No mercy for BH …

  • Eurofighter

    Very well said my friend. I even hope it is a coup to remove this clueless bandit that is presently holding the nation hostage

    • nija pikin

      We will welcome a coup even if it is done by rubben or doyin am sure they will not be hearthless like Goodlooks and his frog eye chief sweethearth I pray it will be a sentinary coup.

  • Wähala

    And maybe, it’s a military coup getting put down, hope they don’t succeed and especially, that no lives are lost. Ogar is a career liar, that’s how she claimed innocent squatters her goons murdered in an uncompleted building were Boko Haram. This is a coup attempt, I’ m certain. Stay tuned!!!

    • 0racle

      Guy free me! Coup indeed! Have you ever heard of a localized coup attempt. Any coup attempt would have simultaneously struck at multiple power bases.

  • nero

    From remove farming villeges to Aso Rock! What a transition of terrow!

  • UnapologeticallyYoruba

    Dude, Be careful about this kind of statements. Even if you are very bitter about the handling of the BH Killings thus far, remember their is no anonymity on the Internet. Just a word of advice!!

    • Adedamola Hazzan

      Thank UnapologeticallyYoruba…Going by your screen name am sure you will understand this….Ta ba so, a ma ku, ta o ba so, a ma ku…if we talk we will die, if we don’t talk we will die, so why not talk? Truth hurts but it must be said, if it happens to them or one of their’s maybe they will take decisive actions to wipe out BH at last!!!

  • Harrison Adeyi

    The SSS spoke person (marilyn ogar) has not come out the truth about the gunfire exchange in Abuja. Hw can detainees on handcuff disarm an sss operative to escape from jail,This is a big lie sss spoke person pls come out and tell nigerians the truth…….

    • 0racle

      who said they were handcuffed?

  • Hassan Lawal

    This to me is a very good development,please BH guys let them feel what ordinary Nigeria masses feel everyday.@ Adedamola,l appreciate your frankness on this topic.

  • Whatever action will pull down this present cabal system in Nigeria is welcome. I am not only morally supporting such action; I am willing to fund and participate. We cannot abandon our future and our children’s future to political bandits in the name of religious sentiments and ethnic loyalties. Let us fetch embers to burn down this Babylon!

  • Ola

    This your statement is a very dangerous one. You’re publicly calling for the death of the family members of the president and you think you’re anonymous on the internet??? Think again. You can be found out and it is wrong to wish human being death. The members of the first family are not the sponsors of BH.

    • Adedamola Hazzan

      Ola, i take your point on board and its well appreciated…i know the first family are not the sponsors of the BH, the point a lot of you are conveniently overlooking is the impact the killings are having on the families of the victims and the total lack of empathy continuously showned by the government…my main gripe is going ahead and celebrating a farcical centenary celebration same week over 50 children were killed in cold blood, kindly answer this question Ola, will Jonathan go ahead with celebration if his child was amongst the dead?

      • Mfon

        If the objective of the BH sponsors was to scuttle the Centenary Fiesta, then I support my President calling their bluff. Even those who want to return to Cameroon Adamawa is a Freudian slip God exposed where they migrated from.

  • Enemona

    Lie, lie lie!!! How can Boko Haram detainees elicit such a heavy response from our military apparatus? If this is true then it would have taken the military at such a strategic location as Asokoro just minutes to silence them. But when has there been a ‘high-security’ prison at Asokoro, does that make any strategic or tactical sense? This, in my view, is nothing but a military coup or a ‘staged’ one to get some members of the opposition locked up.

    • Lanre

      From everything I am reading so far and putting all the accounts together, I think you might be right about it being staged. The next stage is the usual sympathy/solidarity visits to the President from peace loving Nigerians. Starting from the National Conference Members, Traditional Rulers, Former Heads of State, Association of Friends of Mama Peace, Neighbour to Neighbour led by Stella Oduah, Association of convicts pardoned by Jonathan led by Bode George……. No sorry…. Diepreye Alamieyeseigha……….

  • David

    I wonder why Gej wil allow our security agencies to arrest and detain this Islamic bastard call boko haram.if there are been killed immediately;these nincompoop wouldn’t have try to jail break. My able President think very well on these my advice. To avoid any reoccurrance also a means of discouraging others that want to join the jihad.

    • 0racle

      Because alive and “properly” handled they can give useful information on their sponsors.

  • Handel

    It is no more a secret that some disgruntled elements had plan to overthrow the government and the epicenter of the plot was the SSS hq. unfortunately this plot has been foiled. the security apparatus should carry out a comprehensive investigation to fish out all those involved in this plot

  • arewethishopeless

    Must have been an attempted coup ….

  • Lanre

    This looks staged.From everything I am reading so far and putting all the accounts together, The next stage is the usual sympathy/solidarity visits to the President from peace loving Nigerians. Starting from the National Conference Members, Traditional Rulers, Former Heads of State, Association of Friends of Mama Peace, Neighbour to Neighbour led by Stella Oduah, Association of convicts pardoned by Jonathan led by Bode George……. No sorry…. Diepreye Alamieyeseigha……….

    • akpomedae1956

      @Lanre, you hold the same opinion as me. I can smell rats all over the place. Don’t forget that Al-Mustapha is out and about, and on the President’s side… The phantom coup of Abacha supervised by him is still fresh in the memory! Let’s see how things unfold…

      • Lanre

        Thank you Akpomedae. Nigeria is a very dangerous enterprise. Not meant for the faint and weak-hearted. Idiagbon, Abiola (Moshood and Kudirat), Ken Saro-Wiwa , Alfred Rewane all learnt the hard way. Tentacles and Binoculars activated, lol.

  • Stevereal

    All these gramas will not solve the problem of this country. First and foremost what we should be asking is judiciary reform. Our judiciary is the problem, cos nobody is greater than the law.

  • max

    Even Elrufai is afraid to mention the name boko haram. He was raining curse on kidnappers when he knew that it was boko haram. I don’t like reading anything about Elrufai.
    Premium Times should know that Elrufai has mental problem. The man is very brief and smallish this made him to hehave like kids in his size. Everyday on Facebook he exchanges words with kids.
    However, our security men should sit up and afford all these security lapses.
    I have said it here that all boko haram suspects should be wasted. That there members keep making attempt to secure their release is enough evidence to kill all of them without trial.

    • alert

      Once Nigerians start to pay less or no attention to people like elrufai this country will be good….. His a smallnthing

  • Omoluabi Lagos

    Please leave El Rufai alone! He is not the only BH mole that is walking around free in Naija. If your government lacks the intelligence and guts to concatenate and execute judgment just get ready for the days of our captivity is not far. Long Live El Rufai the future Emir of Abuja!!!!!!!

  • alert

    Please the military should kill these B/H nonsense right away.. I hope to hear that large number of them died not arrested this time

  • Excisionist

    I contacted Abuja from where it was confirmed that it was an
    attempted jail break and not attempted COUP. Life has returned to normal
    or there was no interuption to normal life in Abuja in the first place.

    Boko Haram detainees should not be kept near the presidential villa. A
    maximum security prison should be constructed near a crocodile infested
    island in the gulf of guinea and there they should be kept. But as a
    temporary measure, they should be moved to Kirikiri prison

    El-Rufai and Fani Kayode should be investigated for attemped coup and tried for trison.

    • Sword of Damocles

      I know what “treason” means(GEJ & his looting MOB), but “trison” , I gonna need an explanation on that. I see you r a human with mental disability. people wey dia eyes dey open, but no fit see . me tink sey na myopia wey they de call am

    • WRITER

      What is ‘trison’? Go back to school please.

  • Mike Ibezim

    Posts like some of the ones I’ve read here are clear indications why Nigeria has remained a troubled state….

    Patriotism doesn’t exist in the Nigerian dictionary.
    Ignorance and terrorism have a lot in common. They’re both faceless until manifested….

    Weep my beloved country…

  • Just Say it as it is

    It’s a trying and tumultuous moment for our nation, we seriously need divine intervention and liberation from the multiplicity of encumbrances bedeviling our beloved country Nigeria. The diabolic strong man over this nation must submit to the divine authority of the Almighty. Nigeria must be free from the shackles of blood sucking demonic entities and personalities. The harbingers of evil must be rooted out and loose their grip over this nation. Let all who believe say Amen. So shall it be. God help Nigeria.

  • Just Say it as it is

    Fellow Nigerians, we should not loose hope neither should we despair. We must believe that the plans and purpose of God for our country must be accomplished despite the challenges, to the youths let us be law abiding God will surely reward our labour of love, sacrifice and patriotism. God will surely raise a deliverer, a liberator for this nation. To those who have held our beloved country in bondage through acts of corruption, wickedness and atrocities, the God of mercy is the same God of judgement. He will pour His wrath and indignation to punish wickedness and oppression as He pleases and when He pleases. Surely the Almighty watches over His Own. Peace be upon our Nation, God help Nigeria

  • Tualey

    Am sure Boko haram mallam hell Rufai and randy Fani Kayode should be investigated. Am sure there are some Boko Haram spies living in their houses who have been spying on the SSS hqtr and the Presidential Villa. How could Hell Rufai and randy Fani Kayode tweet what didn’t actually happen or maybe they were trying to tell us what we didn’t know about the incident. These two bastards should be arrested and silenced once and for all. These people together with Premium Times are among the deadly conspirators against this govt and GEJ should do everything within his power curtail their deadly activities. These two elements from the pit of hell may have a pre-knowledge of what happened hence, they started tweeting immediately the heard gun shots not minding what might have caused the gun shots. If it was a coup attempt (which i pray it wasnt) , then the hausa/foolani should be prepared for a full scale war. this is not 1966!

  • Garden-City Boy

    That was E–Rufai doing a prolog for a military putsch he had wished was on the offing. The jumpy, gloating, reaction suggests that subterranean activities aimed to actualize the intended objectives of the 81-page public incitement is still in the works. It is no coincidence that the professional attack-dog, Abdulateef, who it was that authored the 81-pager, and El-Rufai were out there comparing notes and sensitizing their peevish sympathizers through the social media on the “dawn of a new day”. While El-Rufai yells Allahu Akhbar, Femi Abdulateeef sings alleluiah,…. Jonathan is is being “overthrown” at last….as planned! Who knows what Sannusi Lamido Sanusi was saying?
    The comments of these two miscreants should be a wake-up call for the administration. The FG must revisit the Obasanjo 81-pager. We need to know actions taken so far on the investigation of this President on charges of recruitment of ‘snipers’ to hunt down 1000 political foes on a watch list. We want to know the progress made with re-opening investigations on high-profile assassinations in the previous regime(s) murders and keep these guys under surveillance. Not until that bantu pygmy from the Congo -El-Rufai- is sent back where his ancestors came, the 7-stone mullah will continue to stoke mischief.

  • Bode

    This animal called redeem is a negative man. We are talking of national security here and you are insulting Awolowo and the yorubas. I am sure you are even a bastard in the Ijaw land.

  • Sani

    I am honestly scared!!! something very serious has gone wrong somewhere!!!!!!!!!!! May Allah save the innocent.

  • Ig Bond

    With the use of hi-tech integrated approach, and a good
    team, I’m certain the girls can be found….

    I can think of more than one approach to solving these
    miseries, only need to be heard.

    I,m sure there r moles and snitches who are well paid all
    round the policy makers…

    I know for sure ,We can always trace a smoke
    back to the fire……