Nigerian governors fighting me are not helping their states, Jonathan says

President Goodluck Jonathan [Right].

The President received an Anambra delegation.

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday berated state governors who attacked his office publicly. The president said such attacks were not beneficial to the governors, nor their states.

Speaking to a delegation of Anambra indigenes who paid him a courtesy visit at the Presidential Villa on Tuesday to inform him of the pending exit of the incumbent governor, Peter Obi, from office after his two term tenure, the president said a number of politicians were fund of abusing his office. He, however, did not mention any particular governor.

“A number of politicians feel that the best thing to do is to be abusing Mr. President, abusing the Federal Government and so on,” Mr. Jonathan said.

“If you are elected to develop your state, I think the best thing is to have good relationship with the centre; whether you have a pin or you don’t have but one day it will come. Wearing boxing gloves, jumping into the boxing ring to face Mr. President does not help the development of any state.”

Mr. Jonathan commended Governor Obi for demonstrating that “he is a person, very distinct and he was able to manage the State Assembly that was predominantly controlled by another political party and we never had crisis.”
“He has shown very clearly that he is a politician that believes in the people not for himself.

“We thank you for all these and on our own part, we promise that this relationship we have with Peter Obi, the same relationship we will also have with the incoming governor and deputy,” he added.

The Anambra state delegation thanked the President for his support to the outgoing governor, during his two term tenure.

The group urged the President to extend the same hand of support and friendship to the incoming governor, Willie Obiano, who emerged winner in the Anambra governorship poll.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, which comprised of leaders of both from the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, A.B. Nwosu said, “We humbly ask that you embrace him (Mr. Obiano), partner with him and assist and guide him as you have done with Gov. Peter Obi. For that, Sir we the people of Anambra State shall be eternally grateful.”

Mr. Nwosu, a professor, said that stakeholders in the state had mixed feelings about Mr. Obi’s “imminent departure because we know that in spite of all the political odds which he encountered while in office, his leadership and service to our people and indeed to Nigeria has been visionary, courageous, meritor, credible, exemplary and purposeful”.

Amongst other things the governor has done, Mr. Nwosu said, there is “no doubt in our minds that history will judge him (Mr. Obi) very well”.

“We equally know that Gov Obi would not have been successful if you had not offered him broad and very open support both personally and as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. For these Sir we say thank you immensely.

“We commend you, Mr. President, for your transformational leadership and for creating the political space and enabling environment which helped our beloved governor — your brother, friend and most ardent supporter– to shepherd Anambra from a pariah status to stability, civility, security, economic growth and to reclaim its niche as the Light of the Nation,” he said.

Mr. Nwosu, on behalf of the delegation, thanked the president for ‘all’ he has done for the state including the promise to flag-off the second Niger Bridge “which our people have long yearned for. Your compact and article of faith with the people of Anambra is a solid one. As you have cared for, and shown us much love, we too, shall reciprocate in equal measures”.

He pledged that the delegation would “continue to support your Government and its far reaching policies in the overall interest of our country, the more so when these are challenging times”.

In his response, the President said instead of the delegation thanking him, he should thank them for the role they played during the 2011 election.

“Really you don’t need to thank me, we are the people to thank you because we know the role you played for us during the election, not just delivering Anambra State; I’m not even talking about votes given to us but the role you played for us.

“You galvanized people across the country, just like the Principal Secretary said, there is no state you will not see Anambra person playing key role in the industry or commerce of that state. We owe you appreciation,” Mr. Jonathan said.

The president said he would be in Anambra on March 10 for the ‘ground breaking ceremony’ of the Second Niger Bridge. He said the ceremony had been put off “until we are fully ready, until the finances have been worked out. I would not want to go for a ground breaking ceremony and another two years, four years, another President would go there again for another ground breaking ceremony.”

He noted that whatever challenges were being faced by the country “is transient, very temporary, we will soon get over it by God’s grace”.

The Anambra delegation included the state deputy governor, Emeka Sibeudu; governor elect, Willie Obiano; deputy governor elect, Nkem Okeke; Obi of Onitsha, Alfred Achebe; former Anambra governor, Chinwoke Mbadinuju; PDP spokesperson, Olisa Metuh; and foremost constitutional lawyer, Ben Nwabueze.


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  • Night Crawler

    No one is fighting you, but you and your expired PDP members who have internal crisis, stop blaming it on someone else…

    • John

      Are you for real? They are all lucky that Obj is not the president. They should thank God that GEJ is a complete gentle man.

      • Night Crawler

        When OBJ was in power, he makes lagos ungovernable for Tinubu, withdraw his security, he never paid him anything from federal, but Tinubu keeps doing his best, until they both left office, in GEJ’s case, his a slow poke, who lacks actions and a shoeless president who thinks he knows it all

      • Efe1

        Wet in obj for do? You and your slave mentality.

      • Barrister Brown

        It is people like you that don’t know their rights that canonize bestiality such as displayed by Obasanjo while in Power. Blockheads like you applauded when he killed people in Odi and Zaki Biam, which was very unlawful. Recall he ordered the sack of some Directors in the Civil Service then, but the Head of Service, Abu Obe, was very courageous to tell the Imperial President that he had no power to sack Civil Servants! So, OBJ had his way because people like you chose to be fools! Check out the State of Emergency declared by OBJ in Plateau and the ones in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa declared by Jonathan and tell the public which conforms with the constitutional provisions! OBJ succeeded in raping the constitution because docile people like you allowed it!

    • redeem

      Fashola has not shown any respect for the office of the president-since his installation by tinubu-Is tinubu hoping to have any from the SS show him respect should APC win–? Aso rock is not meant for Yorubas and fulanis alone-for your information-Apc via tinubu who is not even supposed to show his face in public for once-has managed to-create a very wide gap between the SS and the SW-with his certificate forging brain–and lying tongue-was that d type of legacy that Awo left behind for the Yorubas-?-tinubu has so twisted the brains of a political toddlers like Amaechi to the point that he no longer have any regard for the president–no day passes without amaechi abusing the president in d SW media–what type of rubbish is that-” In politics the more u work to vilify your opponents-the more sympathizers troop to his camp-That is why we have been calling for separation and anytime we do- they ask us why-because of our oil wells-abi

      • Night Crawler

        Fashola has not shown any respect for the office of the president, Yes i accept because GEJ administration is a crap… he has never archive any of his manifestos. Kindly backup your lies with all those trash you wrote up there, i don’t need to reply them because you are typing it out of hatred

        • Omo Baba

          “…..he has never archive any of his manifestos” which manifestos? did he has any?

      • Steve

        redeem, you would have made some valid points if you did not end up arguing from uninformed point of view. In what way has Tinubu or APC widen the gap between SS and SW. If your state governors decide to be armed robbers rather than develop your states, is that the fault of SW again. Assuming Amaechi is a bad governor, which I know is FALSE, he is only one out of all your thievery governors and appendages of the president. I daily wish that Nigerian ruiners, masquerading as rulers will allow the country to split one day….

  • Truthnodeydie

    So Mr President needs to be informed that Mr Obi will soon vacate his office, who will Mr President inform when his about to leave office in 2015? This sycophants will destroy you My president, they want to turn you into a god that you are not. Please learn from the experience of king Herod in ACTS 12 : 21-23.

    • redeem

      He is being appreciated for showing respect to the office of the president–the seal of authority and not the person of the president-monkey no fine but him country man like am

      • Ide4u

        If GEJ has a brain, he should have known that Obi’s trip is an orchestrated plan to divert his attention from the massive loot of Anambra State Treasury

  • Comfortkay

    President GEJ you will never stop making me laugh with your statement. If any President said that he is being abused it means something is wrong somewhere.
    You are elected on the platform of PDP and you are suppose to be a President for all Nigerian and this you failed to do. I rest my story.

  • NaijaMindOfChange

    No body wishes to fight with you but you are the one fighting people, lying to your friends who trusted you. It’s a shame. Until you are finally dropped out from power come 2015 then you will know what you have done to yourself, Visionless president.

  • esaulogbon

    The man talks like a child.

    • Wale

      He really need a teleprompter, Obama uses it, why not brother Joe.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      When I read these statements credited to the President, my first reaction was “oh, gosh, not again. Why does this man do this to us?”

      At times, silence is golden, Mr. President.

      • ilebaami

        I marvel at your self righteousness. You really think that you are more intelligent than GEJ. I am sorry for your type.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          I marvel at your ability to bark like a baboon.

          There is a vacancy at the Aso Rock zoo for two wild animals – have you considered putting in an application for yourself?

          The post will pay more than you’d get as a paid sycophant.

          Don’t feel sorry for me. Consider your lot first.

    • Omo Baba

      too childish!!! He just confirmed he should be abused.

  • Ikechukwu_67

    Must all Governors support the president? Just imagine president Obama making such statement…This is a ‘Wonderful’ President I tell you. …

    • esaulogbon

      It’s a symptom of acute inferiority complex.

      • Voice4change

        You are absolutely right. The shoe less man is suddenly showing off his Bata shoe.

      • John

        It is rather those governor who will leave their state and abusing the president that are having inferiority complex.

    • John

      No governor will ever abuse Obama.

    • John

      No governor will ever abuse Obama.

      • Steve

        John, listen to news before you make comments. State Governors, even Senators daily criticised Obama OPENLY and in the media. Nigerians should grow from this backyard village mentality……

      • Efe1

        Abuse? Do you see govt as a petty biz?

  • Praise

    He really doesn’t talk like a president. I weep for this country. Young ones were killed on their beds recently and here is our supposed father of the nation still politicking around. God will judge this man.

    • Mark Nsikan

      wich is actually d problem with us…we keep waitin for God tu judge dem,wile dey sit dwn and pass judgemnt on us every day….dey keep fuckin us nd we keep prayin…..ok oo…we av been made a laffin stock by these tivs cos dey no dat all we say is…..may God help us….may God punish dem!!

  • Truthometer

    It’s time for Jonah the Dumbo to go back to fishing. Nothing has ever been presidential about this cartoon character. His character is dubious. His vision is zero. His hands are soiled. His mind is feeble. His heart is full of wickedness. He is more of lootocrat than democrat. His cluelessness is legendary. He is a symbol of everything that is wrong with Nigeria. God, why this infliction?

    • PureNigerian

      You nailed it dud.

    • Dan maikoko

      Best description I have ever read of this unfortunate appendage of Nigerian history – GEJ!

    • Oweja

      His statement revealed a heart set for vindictiveness. OMG! A president can hardly be worse!

    • ilebaami

      If you have any truth in you the first line should have been that he should go back to his oil Ijaw man is President by popular vote and a Tinubu wants to unseat him and allocate oil blocks. You are clowns that insult GEJ.

    • ilebaami

      You should have said that he should go back and drill his oil blocks. You want to rubbish the man whose oil you feed from. Folly.

      • Mark Nsikan

        wich oil?…d one we are queing for now abi?….with d high price tag abi?…dumbo!!

    • Leslie

      Guy,may the good lord bless you for your comment.Best analysis of Dumb Dumbo I’ve ever come across.Right on point man.Thanks

    • goodluck obi

      This description is so apt that nothing needs added.

    • mal

      Flawless description of GEJ….

  • Richard Nwabuzor

    This is a hogwash from the President of NIGERIA. I am aware a lot of us saw how President of The Gambia addressed the gathering at the centenary celebration.Mr GEJ should start behaving like a statesman not politician that talk from both sides of the MOUTH . OBAMA is criticized everyday by the common man on the street and no offence, because it is democracy

    • Mark Nsikan

      some ppl dnt undastnd dat

  • odia

    This is a veiled threat.. A power-drunk statement.

  • Wähala

    @Deri Orbuka aka redeem:
    Read the Port-harcourt Degree (Ph. D) English of your clown prince and you’ll understand why he’s truly a Kindergarten President. He just pisses me off whenever he opens his mouth. Boi-boi Peter Obi visiting him with stooges and all he can think of is Governors abusing Mr. President abi. They abuse him because he is owing them and short-changing their states’ monthly allocation from the federation. account, shikena. Dumbo is a crook with leprous fingers in every jar. Oloshi ni. Drunkard!

  • kayode Olufade

    If the President made such a statement it is very disturbing because what he means is that, States whose Govenors are at loggerheads with him and his administration will not feel Fed Gov’t presence. This is shear arrogance and shows a loss of priorities. The President was voted by the majority of Nigerians (except he now wants us to believe he was RIGGED into power); some of which reside in such states the President has descibed as hostile. The president should be thinking nationally, he should be thinking NIGERIA, not selfishly. This casts a dour light on the present administration because it connotes that you have to be an ASS KISSER to get anything from this Administration. Hostile Governors might be acting rashly but the President is supposed to be more matured and let the performance of his office speak volumes for him. There is noting like a WORKING President who has the hearts and minds of Nigerians, working his ass off and having Governors pick at him; such a president will have the backing of Nigerians and make such Governor look stupid but then trying to bend hostile Governor by causing confusion in their states instead of winning/ reassuring the confidence of Nigerians in the Fed Gov’t is arrogating powers to nothingness but silliness.

  • Peter O Elofusim

    In Anambra state,the interest of the state is superior to the interest of any political party.We may be APGA in the state and on the national level ,we oblong to the government in power.It may be APC ,PDP,or Labour Party

  • Mani_Kay


    Unfortunately, the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani think that
    the Yorubas will be so foolish to allow them ride on their backs back to Aso
    Rock …. they would surely meet their Waterloo with the slippery Yorubas who
    have never voted and will never vote for any Hausa-Fulani as President of
    Nigeria no matter what.

    Counting from independence in 1960, Nigeria is 53years and a
    few months old. And from independence in 1960, the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    and the Yorubas have together ruled Nigeria for over 50 consecutive years from

    At the end of their over 50 consecutive years rule of
    Nigeria it is not in doubt that they left a terrible mess.

    The Yorubas and the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani have ruined
    Nigeria for 50 consecutive years. They must allow the South-South, South-East
    and the Middle Belt/Christian North a period of 50 consecutive years to fix


    This is what it should look like for any civilized,
    hardworking and productive people. Ndi-Igbo and Ndi-Anambra in particular have
    displayed world-class democratic principles despite the fact that they have
    never tasted the Presidency since independence in 1960 unlike the Northern
    Muslim Hausa-Fulani and the Yorubas.

    I hope the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani will learn a lesson
    or two from Ndi-Igbo …. but I doubt because the lazy cow-brain born-to-ruin
    Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani who erroneously think they alone are born-to-rule
    Nigeria forever have no capacity for learning. For the Northern Muslim
    Hausa-Fulani there is no life outside Aso Rock ….. they think that they
    cannot survive without occupying Aso
    Rock and fueling corruption.

    The Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are so desparate to occupy
    Aso Rock that they are now using Boko Haram to kill their people including
    harmless innocent school children ….. all just to give the false impression
    that President Jonathan is weak and must be replaced by one of their own in
    2015. Yeye people.

    FINALLY, I will like to assure Ndi-Igbo on behalf of the
    South-South that will surely have our back presently and in 2019.

    Ndi-Igbo kwenu !!!

  • Amina

    What do you expect from them after you had disappointed them.everybody saw the election of governors on TV how votes were counted.we all no that Amaechi won nd what did you and Tukur insisted at Jang should lead the govs.Now can I ask you if heavens had fallen since Tukur left?That was the beginning of PdP and since then they have not been able to gather themselves together.You don’t destroy the the house you build.So PGA Jonathan no need to comment on govs.i remembered they went round ,consulting elders to talk to you.sycophants around you were telling you noyto bother that PDP will not miss them.You and Tukur caused this .

  • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

    Can Mr President boast of having delivered of 25% of what Kwankwaso, Shema or Lamido did for their states?

  • ihatesycophant

    That’s tyrannical statements. We’re no more in Military regime that
    every administrators must be subjected to the whims and caprices of the
    Head of state. Every state is autonomous in itself and not to be remote
    control by the president in anyway. If Obi and Mimiko are doing boi-boi,
    never expect others to do the same. The two are commiting anti-party
    activity and if they have strong party heads, they would have been
    suspended. Can any PDP Governor try to link up with APC Governor and the
    president would not request for his suspection by its chairman. For
    record purpose, APGA and LP would not be more by 2019. Pls write that it your diary.