Boko Haram invades Mafa Village, Borno, kills 32

A Borno Senator and a witness confirmed the attack.

Gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members on Sunday night attacked and killed at least 32 people in Mafa Village, some 45km east of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, officials and a witness said.

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the villagers had been forewarned of the attack and many of them fled their homes about a week ago.

The warnings were allegedly handed down by Boko Haram members via leaflets dropped around the village.

According to the Senator representing Borno Central, Ahmed Zannah, the gunmen not only massacred the hapless villagers, but also razed down the entire village.

Mr. Zannah told journalists that two police officers died in a bomb explosion targeted at an Armoured Personnel Carrier while they were trying to evacuate injured victims.

“I have officially received a detailed report from my constituents in Mafa that 29 people among which was a woman died during the attack. Two policemen also died this morning as they went to evacuate injured people,” the senator said on Monday.

A resident of Mafa, Modu Yuraim, who survived the attack, told journalists in a telephone interview that “We have performed the burial of 32 persons, among them was a woman”.

Mr. Yuraim said the attackers came in various vehicles at about 8 p.m. and began to shoot sporadically. He said most of the houses, which were of thatched roofs, caught fire.

“They have set on fire the entire village, sparing nothing. All houses, all shops and government buildings were razed down completely; we have been devastated beyond what one can describe,” he said.

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the attack, which started at about 8 p.m. lasted over five hours; a development that left many wondering why it took security officials so long to arrive the village which is just about 45km away.

“I was reliably informed by my people that all the soldiers in Mafa fled during the attack because they could not stand the superior weapons of the Boko-Haram,” he said.

Mr. Yuraim added that apart from the houses that were burnt down, the gunmen also burnt down seven trucks loaded with goods, as well as other vehicles.

The chairman of Mafa Local Government Area, Abubakar Zulum, said the loss suffered by the people, apart from the 32 lives lost, were worth billions of Naira.


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  • Na wa ooo…This is a siege!
    In a country where there is are Military and Policemen!
    There is more to this than meets the eye.

  • arewethishopeless

    How many more brother, sons and uncles need to be killed or maimed before we remove this incompetent thief in Aso rock? How many more mothers, sisters and daughters need to be raped, kidnapped or killed before we wake up and do something?

    A government that cannot protect its citizens has no business being in power. Is poverty not enough for this inept government to inflict on its people? Now they add painful slaughter and no one says enough is enough. Do we really believe that this can go on and on without personal
    repercussions on each and everyone of us.

    The time is NOW to remove Jonathan. National Assembly remove this inept government before victims begin to seek retribution to all involved in the injustice they are suffering. No nation can allow mass slaughter to be the NORM in people’s daily lives ….

    Or must we wait for this madness to reach Abuja before you act?

  • Garden-City Boy

    My thing is as long as they keep the barbarism in house, it’s okay…very okay. That’s the way awusa people always wanted it. They have nobody else but themselves to blame. The elite mullahs want it ungovernable, …they got it ungovernable as the chicken have come home to roost. And so be it in the name of allah.

    • Dan maikoko

      If I was president and a group of southern elders declared that they will make Nigeria ungovernable, and they go ahead and create a terrorist group like Boko Halal, I will arrest them, prosecute them, line them up and shoot them! That is the stuff presidents are made up. But a president who is helpless in the face of terror and mass murder of his citizens does not deserve the seat. And yes we will blame the president because he alone has everything needed to end this carnage. He has the army, the police, the SSS, the NSA, the NMI, the customs and immigration etc. if force is needed; he also has unlimited budget if money is needed. He also have the powers to call for a SOVEREIGN national conference and allow those who want to leave to do so.

  • Ahmed Abubakar

    Boko haram are the soldiers of allah. They are just carrying out Allah’s wish. Muhammad also killed so many innocent people. So the they are emulating Muhammad.

    • Sensitive

      You are a complete monster. You cannot be classified a human being. How dare you make such inhuman assertion? May your family suffer the carnage and pain as the innocent children , women and men have been made to suffer. You are definitely not a Muslim but a barbaric bastard. May vulture feed on your flesh and that of your family.

    • Dan maikoko

      Lets put the record straight not for you Ahmed but for others who do not know Prophet Muhammad. He specifically forbid the use of indiscriminate weapons, you must have control of your weapon and its direction while you fire. Bombs in public park or where they might hurt an innocent person is therefore forbidden. He forbid the killing of women, children and old people who dont bear arms during war. He forbid the destruction of trees, crops and the killing of animals during war. The Prophet forbid these even if your opponent has done these to you.

      • Danjuma

        Forget about what Mohammed said. This is a man who never led by example. What was his profession or the profession of his followers? Was it not Armed robbery and plundering of caravans? His other preoccupation was women and little girl kids. Check out this example:

      • Danjuma

        This person never lead by the kind of exaple you are giving. He said one thing and dis another – like killing and plundering of caravan and all the rule of terror in Medina such as the following:

  • Myson

    I have said it before, you cannot stay at Abuja looting
    people resources and send poor military Boys to go and stake their life to fight
    Boko Haram and you think they will achieve positive result. What is happening
    with Nigeria soldiers are microcosm of Nigeria society in general. Nigeria government (Three tiers) , Nigerialegislators, NNPC, Nigeria Civil Service, Education, judiciary, Police, Banking, Nigeria society etc all shows the same characteristic we are witnessing
    with regard to Nigeria soldiers deployed to fight Boko haram. They always abandon their core duty in essence of self. Nigerians always says because America soldiers could not defeat Taliban in Afghanistan and Alqada in Iraq, that Nigeria Military will never defeat Boko Haram. What they will never tell you is that if Tliban attacked American Base, American soldiers will never run away. Instead they will defend their base till the last man. American soldiers will never know in advance that Taliban is coming to attack a town in advance and allow them to gain
    access to the town, talk less of allowing them to operate for 8hrs unchallenged.
    My point is that if something is not done differently, Boko haram will defeat
    Nigeria Military. If Boko defeat Nigeria Military, they will deep Qur’an to the Atlantic
    Ocean since that’s what they are fighting for.

    Also if our soldiers are not ready to fight Boko Haram, even
    if you equip them with latest armors more than American soldiers, it will not yield any
    significant positive result. It may be a good way for BoKo haram to acquire
    more sophisticated arms as Nigeria soldiers will abandoned it while fleeing. If the soldiers in the war front do not want to confront the Boko haram, President Jonathan will continue
    to change commanders and strategy and it will not yield any positive result.

  • Timi

    “I was reliably informed by my people that all the soldiers in Mafa fled during the attack because they could not stand the superior weapons of the Boko-Haram,” he said.

  • Excisionist

    Change the National Security Adviser

    It is wrong to blame GEJ for the insecurity in the country, especially in the North East Zone. The national security adviser (NSA) has been mandated by the president to do all that is necessary to stop the mayhem. But is he loyal to the president or to the Northern Islamic Oligarchs? I think he

    The NSA is Army Colonel Dasuki (rtd) whom I suspect is a Boko Haram and together with other Boko Haram members in the army are frustrating the effort of the army and endangering their lives. He is also working for APC and Northern Islamists in a coordinated assault to make the president seem weak. It’s all part of the program to bring the presidency back to the Islamic North. In doing this they are willing to sacrifice the blood of innocent civilians, including innocent school children while their own children are safe abroad.

    How long will ordinary northerners stand this evil.

    It is time to change the totaliy inept and compromised NSA Col. Dasuki. For his replacement the president may consider Great Ogboru, Colonel Anthony Nyiam (rtd) or Prof. Saliba Mukoro.