Bomb explosion rocks central Maiduguri

Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, has come under attack from insurgents believed to be members of the extremist Boko Haram sect, residents have told PREMIUM TIMES.

Two thunderous explosions, suspected to be from detonated bombs, were heard in the city at about 6:15 p.m.

The blast occurred at an area called Ngomari area of the capital.

Yahaya Adamu, a mechanic living in the area, told PREMIUM TIMES on telephone that “There is heavy dust and smoke everywhere now, and I am running home now to see if my family are safe”.

It cannot be ascertained immediately if the blast was targeted at civilians.

No one could also say if there are casualties yet. The spokesperson of the state police command, Gideon Jubril, could not be reached to comment for this story. His telephone was switched off when our reporter called.

PREMIUM TIMES reporter however observed that the blasts have triggered panic in the city with  residents seen rushing to their respective homes for safety.

The Boko Haram sect has in the past months intensified attacks on the northeast states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe, which are under emergency rule

It has been attacking security and military installations, including barracks and airbases at will. It has also been pummeling schools, towns and villages unchallenged and ransacking highways.

This week, it slaughtered more than 29 pupils at a government boarding school in Yobe.

As the litany of atrocities lengthened, President Goodluck Jonathan claimed the Nigerian government is winning the war against the insurgency.


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  • Datti

    Each time Jonathan wants to divert attention form himself or his government, these animals come in handy. This reminds me of the bomb blasts in Lagos during Abacha’s time – the bombs were planted by the government itself! How terrible could human beings be! The heart of man is desperately wicked.. . who can know it?

    • redeem

      May be it was Jonathan who organized these killings-below-in the North–u APC pig–u lie without having the fear of God-in yr rotten regional soul–was this BUHARI that u the Yorubas are dancing with in APC not with abacha at d time-Abacha was exploding the bombs-in lagos–animal
      1991 April In Katsina, several lives are lost. Sh?ite sect in Katsina led by Malam Yahaya Yakubu stirs up trouble. At the end of April, in Tafawa Balewa (Bauchi State) over 200 lives are lost, and property and 20 churches are destroyed.* 1991 October 14- 15 . In Kano, the attempt of the Izala sect to stop Rev. Bonnke from preaching becomes violent Thousands of lives are lost and property destroyed. *1992 February 6th and then May 15-16 Zango Kataf, Zaria, Kaduna State Communal clash becomes a religious clash, with lives and property destroyed Funtua (Katsina State). Kalakato religious sect assaults a village head. 50 lives are lost and property destroyed .*2001 October 12-14 In Kano, there are anti-American riots, because of USA intervention in Afghanistan

      • Adabara

        To be candid, Abacha was later exposed over plotting bombs. I believed the same things is happening. Why is that any time GEJ speak, next bomb blast?

        • Night Crawler

          Don’t mind him, his just trying to make f**l of himself…

      • Night Crawler

        Its not about APC, we elected GEJ to protect this country and he can’t meet up to standard, so he must resign, anyone who is weak is not capable of ruling this country, GEJ lacks leadership so therefore, he much resign so peace may reign in this great nation or able hands to wipe away BH

        • concernednigerian

          There is election in early next year. You can vote against Jonathan or even stand against him while those of us who can decipher what is happening in the far-North will vote for Jonathan. How come it is only in the North that bombs are exploding on a daily basis? Education is not ‘haram’ in the South. Deal with your problem. Jonathan cannot come into your house to settle your problems with your wife. Did you actually vote for Jonathan? Then how come Buhari had 12 million votes.

          • One Nigeria

            I am surprised at your comment: “Deal with your problem.Jonathan cannot come into your house to settle your problems with your wife”. Don’t forget he is leader of Nigerian people irrespective of their political, regional or religious inclinations.
            Is happening in the North because GEJ has an agenda there. Don’t be too myopic man!

        • One Nigeria

          you are absolutely correct

      • One Nigeria

        Come on man why abusing! Behave your self!

  • Nicholas Daniel

    Nigeria Football Referees and the missing FIFA world cup officiating consistently: A curse or ineptitude?

    The value and image of Nigeria football referee and refereeing goes beyond anybody’s love or hatred for the NFF refereeing Sector and Referee Committee or the usual pressure of people who are hardly better than the incumbents they purport to criticize since there are available facts of under-development, non-performance, non-productivity and insensitivity and statutory infraction against those in charge of referee and refereeing in Nigeria, which the NFF
    should be fairly and very patriotic attended to in the face of available genuine alternatives.

    Refereeing is intrinsically linked to the development of football. But in Nigeria, in term of service delivery, the noble profession has not sufficiently lived up to its billings as the beacon of hope for the game due to low-level-knowledge of the laws by those selected into refereeing sector. In the face of violation of FIFA extant guidelines on referee and refereeing, there can never be advancement because by FIFA and CAF has no such latitude to play cronyism with refereeing.

    How can an individual play prank, and take NFF for a ride for so long? He abused privilege against known versatile Nigerian retired FIFA referees (his contemporaries) in FIFA and CAF whom be knew has technical manpower to uplift refereeing in Nigeria. We continue to swim under his deceit all along, pulling wool on our faces, running down professional colleagues with high profile at home and abroad for selfish end, and despite his monumental failures in uplifting
    Nigeria referees, the authorities continue thumping him up ignorantly. In his obsession for power, he surrounded himself with cohorts who are half-baked in refereeing, they continue to worship and praise him and he became tin god of such. He ambushed his colleagues during his CAF referee committee appointment and used it to cripple whoever did not dance to his rhythm.

    There is no doubt that the Aminu Maigari-led NFF has being doing it best, but on referee and refereeing, it best is not good enough. One expected that useful lessons learnt on how Stephen Keshi turn around moribund national team for better (which today is one of the best in the performance sheet of the board be extend to save the institution of refereeing in this country so as to address the lapses which continue to impede Nigeria referees’ progression globally. For me the real question is why FIFA persistently rejects Nigeria referees in her major tournaments despite being gloriously blessed with potentialities. A gift that has value, the problem is not with FIFA, it is our own making for refusing to do it right.

    Misplacement of FIFA extant guidelines on refereeing must be definitively decided for refereeing to triumph since it goesto the heart of the world football governing body and imperative in building a virile football refereeing institution within the national association. Nigeria lost an opportunity to assert her leadership in African referees and refereeing due to an individual pecuniary and myopic self interest which culminated into the recurrent embarrassingly sad situation where FIFA and CAF assignments for high profile matches is distanced from Nigeria referees. As at today, no Nigerian referee is in the elite list of FIFA and CAF referee as we found it impossible to get a referee team since 2006.

    The sector prefers rightly or wrongly selected stooges who are willing tools for personal interest which make FIFA list for badge to be doctored annually in favour of their puppets. They referees adorn and worship them while the NFF seems to be in the dark because the sector has
    being turned to cult of a strongman, a religion around those in power, an apostasy in the holy temple of NFF power. They were ready to sacrifice refereeing at the expense of national image before the global football family.

    The NFF need to insulate referee and refereeing from undue Nigeria Referee Association (NRA) executive’s control. NRA can only suggest, give opinion when call upon to contribute, it cannot lord refereeing to its whims and caprices. It was unexpected of the Nigeria Referee Association executive to explore the ‘little larcunas’ in the NFF of ‘Nigeria factor’. Control of referees and interpret the scope of refereeing sector in accordance with FIFA guidelines is the NFF sole responsibility. That is what is applicable in England, US, Brazil, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe to mention but few football federations. Exploring larcunas is the system is expected of charlatans and opportunists.

    The NFF board, therefore, should rise to their responsibilities by working in tandem with FIFA, CAF and other developed football countries. It is not enough to continue blaming and accusing Nigeria referees for non-performance, they cannot perform beyond the knowledge imparted by their trainers who ill-informed.
    These opportunists, at the NFF Refereeing Sector, either as Head of Refereeing Unit or Referee Committee did not belong to the 21st century refereeing of a very serious and developing national association. As a people, we like to be deceitful in a bid to abuse privilege. It’s in avoidance of infraction of the refereeing sector that FIFA entrusts its member nation with
    institution of referee and refereeing.

    Powerful egos vrs Referee development:
    In Nigeria referee and refereeing temple of sycophancy, nothing indeed is sacred. There are first class match official worshippers of power who will deploy their refereeing first class brains in
    the manner Jezebel contrived things to crush Naboth, just to assuage the ego of the powerful man of power. Such people are in the top gear in Nigeria football refereeing, convincing the football authorities that to merely uses ‘Nigeria factor’ the NFF is covered, since FIFA envisaged and recognized that there will be differences between associations. That was being clever by half, it is not about the technical manpower, or retired referee versatile professionals, but
    the refereeing institution in Nigeria.

    Knowingly or unknowingly, NFF, by this short cut in our system, would not meet FIFA desire on referee development because FIFA is of the opinion that some basic principle MUST strictly adhered to. Referee specialists are required to man these sensitive positions within NFF. Every retired referee is NOT a referee specialist, no matter how close to the power that be. Like a very distinguished referee expert and high ranking retired FIFA badge referee opined: though,
    Nigeria referees has come a long way, yet we have a long way to go to catch up with the world officiating.

    The NFF cannot afford to fail Nigerians in this patriotic duty for FIFA world Cup of 2018. Discerning millions of Nigerians ardent football enthusiasts are left in no doubt that NRA executive is more of political godsons of cabal who cannot and should not be trusted with refereeing sector if we are to forge ahead. They are more convinced that the NFF action on unceasing rejection of our referees is less than altruistic to development of our game. NOW is the time for our referees to commence our journey to 2018 FIFA world cup officiating because
    refereeing at the world cup is long time programme.

    NRA position should be well spelt out to put a stop infiltration of referee and refereeing with mediocrity. There are other areas of interest in our football where they can be effectively utilized and showcase their intellect sufficiently. Definitely, not refereeing which is knowledge driven. Vicious circle of many years lays credence to this fact.

    Referee specialists position in the development of the game is a sacred one for obvious reasons. No matter what the situation is, the procedures prescribed by FIFA should be religiously followed in appointing whosoever is to be appointed into refereeing sector. Definitely, ‘Referee Association’ and mediocrity is not in the benchmark because referee committee is designed only for technocrats.

    Next on the list publication is NNL and its ‘operational disability’ in Nigeria

  • Adabara

    Since service chiefs was sack and replaced Boko Haram intensify. what do you think is happening? Do we think this is not the work of Government? GEJ, sincere dialogue is best option.

  • Adabara

    Since service chiefs was sack and replaced Boko Haram intensify. what do you think is happening? Do we think this is not the work of Government? GEJ, sincere dialogue is best option.

    • Night Crawler

      why will you give a dialogue for terrorist, they will still come back and ask for more, he should conquer BH or resign because he lacks leadership

  • Night Crawler

    what’s going on in Maiduguri, we are not in a war zone, if GEJ can’t put an end to BH that means his aiding them

    • One Nigeria

      It’s a glaring fact that GEJ is aiding. So sad!

    • Patriotic Dom

      this guy cant you just shut up and stop saying trash… GEJ has become your obsession… if you don’t no what to say you keep quite… thanks to GEJ who gave us this freedom of speech such that every media outlet has become a mere vomitorium for unprincipled scallywags like you..