You are petty, APC tells Jonathan over comment on Borno governor

President Goodluck Jonathan at a presidential media chat

Opposition party asks president to apologise to Borno people and Nigerians over his threat to the state governor
For condemning the Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, over his recent comment on the strength and operations of the Nigerian armed forces against the Boko Haram in Borno State, President Goodluck Jonathan has come under attack from the governor’s party, the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The opposition party said Mr. Jonathan’s response to the governor’s remarks was unwarranted, un-presidential and petty.

Mr. Shettima had claimed after a visit to the president last week that Boko Haram were better armed and motivated than the armed forces, adding that the military, as presently constituted and armed, could not defeat the insurgents.

However, during his media chat on Monday, Mr. Jonathan rebuked the governor for making the comparison in such a manner, saying the statement was “unfortunate.”

The president noted that no matter the frustration he was faced with, the governor should not have made the comment.

“The issue of the governor of Borno State, the statement is a bit unfortunate,” Mr. Jonathan said. “I don’t expect a governor to make this kind of statement and if the governor of Borno State felt that the Nigerian armed forces are not useful he should tell Nigerians, I will pull them out for one month whether he will stay in his Government House,” Mr. Jonathan said.

“But if he thinks what he said is correct then I will pull out the armed forces for one month. A governor should be mindful of what they say. Yes, there are issues, but no matter how frustrated you are, you don’t make this kind of statement.”

The president, however, denied speculations that he was planning to appoint a military administrator to replace Mr. Kashim.

In a statement by its interim National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed on Tuesday, the APC said Mr. Jonathan was wrong to have threatened, no matter how subtly, to withdraw from Borno the troops who were battling against Boko Haram insurgents.

While asking the president to apologise to the people of Borno and to all Nigerians for the ‘presidential indiscretion’ and the threat, it said it was clear that he (Jonathan) did not have a full grasp of what was expected of him as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

”Mr. President, your most important duty as President is to ensure the welfare and security of all Nigerians, irrespective of the criticisms you may face or whether or not they voted for you,” the party added.

“Therefore, you are not doing anyone a favour by performing that duty. It is the role you swore an oath to perform.

”Also, even if you feel that the Governor should not have made the statement he made, it is incumbent upon you, as the President and the father of the nation, to take the higher road, instead of choosing a public forum to air your grievances.

“Wittingly or unwittingly, Mr. President, you have played into the hands of the insurgents who must by now be gloating at the discordant tunes in government over the battle against them.”

Using the president’s exact words to the governor, the APC said ”A (President) should be mindful of what they say. Yes there are issues, but no matter how frustrated you are you don’t make this kind of statement.”

The party said based on the anger exhibited by Mr. Jonathan while commenting on Mr. Shettima’s statement, it was justified in its call on the president not to go ahead with his reported plan to remove the governor and replace him with a military administrator.

It said, ”President Jonathan should know that a leader cannot afford to be taking decisions on the basis of a perceived slight or criticism, because such decisions are most likely to be wrong and counter-productive.

“He should also use his enormous powers as President for the benefit of the people, not to their disadvantage.

”By his threat to pull out the troops from Borno for one month, he has further victimised the good people of the state, who have been at the receiving end of the senseless attacks by Boko Haram. A retraction of his threat and an apology to the people will be a good starting point for Mr. President to make amend.”


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  • Embee

    The sooner somebody told this clown called our president he is not doing the people of Borno State any favours by deploying soldiers to the state, the better. Does he think because he is C-in-C, the Nigerian armed forces contititute his private army which he can whimsically send to or withdraw from operations? This pathetic man has clearly lost the plot.

    • Garden-City Boy

      You ask for his favor? You think he owes you any? are you fed up with “making the place ungovernable? The only worry here is the concern for the very, very little, innocent minority who are victims of your people’s barbarism. Otherwise, it is always good news to hear that awusas butcher themselves.
      Here you have a clan so untamed that they refuse anybody saving them from themselves. Your people conspired and planned it, they fund the murderous mullahs, they have had all the fun of destroying innocent Southern and Christian lives and gloat, It is only awusa that decide when it ends. You wait for Jonathan, you can as well wait forever.
      You were warned to beware of what you ask for as you soon might get it. These soldiers are not ready to be accused of human rights and threatened with the ICC at the Hague for carrying out legitimate duties. You awusa have to deal with it….Sorry!.

      • Jika

        There are no Hausas in Borno sir!Borno is made up of Kanuris,Baburs,Gwozas,Chiboks,Marghis etc.I guess to you,every body in the North MUST be ‘Awusa’.While not holding brief for any of the contending parties,I strongly feel issues should be looked at objectively and dispassionately as opposed to resorting to base and primordial sentiments that does no body any good.At the end of the day,lives are lost,properties damaged/destroyed.Ultimately,we are all losers directly or indirectly.May God bless the innocent and protect the weak.

        • Garden-City Boy

          You see, that is the problem with your awusa manner of thinking. You refer to “holding brief for contending parties”. Who are these contending parties? At every turn you awusas reinforce the general belief that your people instigated Boko Haram against this government; you see it as a shooting match between two “contending parties”: Jonathan Government Vs Barbaric awusa insurgents. And meanwhile, the clandestine sponsors stick in their spider-holes waiting to see how the administration deals with the it or even win.
          From your posting, your attitude is of some unconcerned bystander, someone aloof on the outside, but looking in uninvolved. That is what you awusa want us to believe. It is a syndrome that defines the awusa mentality about Nigerian nationhood…the absolutely lack of patriotic spirit for the national cause.
          Now coming your disingenuous effort to exonerate awusa from the ongoing criminality -an effort I regard as limp, nobody really cares how you segregate yourselves along tribal lines…..whether, kanuri, cows, goats, donkeys, chibocks sheep or what have you, We know how notoriously mendacious awusa people are. They are known to lie about just everything. Finding yourselves on the back-foot, you now remind us about your tribal diversity to build a case for the denial and betrayal of your barbaric kanuri brothers
          . You are not denying that the vicious attacks on this President is due to awusa perception that he is “NYAMIRI’N BANZA”, are you? Or do you now pretend to forget that, during the 1966 pogrom, awusas did not discriminate or spare Effiks, Ibibios, Kalabaris, Ijaws, Ogoja people? You slaughtered everybody…as “nyamiri’ and kafiri’n banza.. Did all those tribes of goats, barburs, gwozas, cows, sheep, Kanuri and akwuyas not join with you awusa in your demonic slaughter of Nyamiri’n banzas? So, what is your case and what does it matter if you now see yourselves as different tribes up there? Please, stop your awusa logic!

          • biggie

            Na wa for you. ALL ‘Awusa’ You’ve been ethnically compromised!!! There are two types of people. Good and Bad. Where they come from should not be your focus of interaction.

          • Jika

            I am really amazed as to why you have to resort to using vitriolic language in your postings.Why not address issues without resorting to abusive language and base sentiments?

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Please ignore his language. He doesn’t know any better!

      • Embee

        Garden-City Boy indeed! You are so blinded by primordial sentiments you don’t know Jonathan is president of Nigeria and not mayor of Port Harcourt and Yenegoa and is therefore legally obliged to guarantee peace and security on every inch of Nigerian territory. It is obviously beyond you to understand where he is unable to that, he tow the path of honour and go home.

        • Garden-City Boy

          That is what you say, and perhaps not what you are thinking. Seriously, do you see President Jonathan as awusa man you would want in power? would you prefer JOnathan to Atiku?…Buhari?…Kwankwaso?, LAmido?….adamu Ciroma? Try to be honest with an answer, though I know honesty is difficult for the awusa man. But, never mind voicing an answer; I can read out of the inner recesses of the warped awusa mind. You would prefer any one of those awusas to Jonathan for sure. But,be assured that I don’t, by any means, hold your preferences against you. However, in your usual mendacious and illogical thinking ways, neither you or your awusa people would want to see your position as “blinded by primordial sentiments”, would you? Please, don’t go applying your awusa 2+2=22 math formula to these debates, my friend.

      • Bishop

        If you read and understand your bible you wil draw closer to God. Please why don’t you try to make sure you preach the word,pray for the people or send your resources to those in the field. No one who hears the good news wil wish to harm a fly. The harvest is much…

      • muslim

        Garden city shit, devil in human flesh, u are happy ur terrorist brothers maimed and killed innocent souls,instead of offering prayers to the death u are busy rejoicing .You are not a good Christian because your behavior is quite parallel with Scripture

        • Garden-City Boy

          Look here Mr. mullah, Human beings don’t need to be Christians or a muslims to know right from wrong. All you need is to be a rational being. Awusa people are irrational and do not deserved to be rated as human beings. It is not for a demonic cult to point out which Christian is good or which is not. Civil society has no place for the nuisance of a packs of wild barbaric hyenas and the awusa man who lacks regard for the sanctity of human life needs to get through his thick skull. You do not think you need to change your ways, or do you?

  • Contact Point

    When a bingo sits on the master’s seat, of course you must expect the unwelcome barks. Please tell me, who voted this man as President? Always making nonsense of the office he occupy.

  • Akinrogun Akinwumi Adebola

    Mr president is right. Shettima was saying indirectly that he has his mechanism on ground to curb the menace. If not, how on earth can he made such statement. If he is afraid or tired to support by enlightening his almajiris the importance of giving information that can assist the military to fight the boko haram, he should either keep quite or resign.