Muslims reject national conference delegates list from South-West

Sultan of Sokoto is the spiritual leader of Muslims in Nigeria

Muslims in the region say they do not recognise the so-called South West leaders that compiled the delegates list sent to the president

The Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria (MUSWEN) has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to disregard the purported delegates list sent to him by those they described as self-acclaimed South West leaders.

The group had alleged that some South-West leaders had sent in the list of 15 nominees from the Region to represent it at the forthcoming national dialogue conference.

Prof. Dawud Noibi, the Executive Secretary of MUSWEN, made the call in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, during a press conference.

Mr. Noibi said the Muslims in the region did not recognise the so-called South West leaders, adding that MUSWEN had not mandated any group to represent it at the conference.

He said when the meeting of the group was held in Ishara-Remo, Ogun State; the group was reported to be collating the names of those that would represent the region.

Mr. Noibi said that a statement was issued by MUSWEN to warn the group against the consequences of such action.

The Islamic leader noted that despite the warning, the group went ahead to present a list of 15 Christians to represent the South-West region.

He said that any decision reached by that group on behalf of the South-West region would be null and void.

MUSWEN, he added, had drawn the attention of the presidency to the warning.

According to him, the governors of the six states in the region, the Inspector-General of Police and the Director-General of the State Security Services (SSS) have been alerted for security reasons.

Mr. Noibi said that any attempt by this self-appointed group to force itself on the Muslims of South-West region would be resisted by all means.

He added that MUSWEN was committed to know how the country would be better governed.

“Minority cannot claim to be representing the majority without their consent or knowledge, that cannot go unchecked,’’ Mr. Noibi said.

Those present at the press conference are Abdul- Afeez Abou, the Baba Adinni of Lagos State, Kunle Sanni , the Chairman of Muslim Community of Oyo State (MUSCOYS) as well as representatives from Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Ogun. Students and Islamic societies across the region were also present.


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  • Seriously

    Who is this ram, and why are you publishing his thoughts?

    • Mama Kay

      You are the ram. You have no respect for others. Here is an international scholar who was recognised in the UK and you, a nonentity calling him names.

      It shows the myopic views of some of Nigerains

  • Garden-City Boy

    In all of the South, it is only in Yoruba land that mullahs have the guts to even breathe, They dare not elsewhere in the South.The Yoruba nation need to put those idiotic mullahs in their place…or they lose it.

    • wode

      It’s very sad to see how it’s so difficult to see how most Christians making comments here can not manage to hide their heartfelt hatred for Muslims despite all the seemingly loving interaction you publicly portray. I doubt so much if that’s what Christianity teaches!

      • …your statement is an insult to those of us produced by the marriage of the two religions…your assumptions are nauseating…i am christian but my grand parent was chief imam of ijebu ode…in growing up i attended the church and the mosque…both sides of our family are very friendly…stop saying things you do not know…you assume tinz and you conclude tinz…just like the prof mentioned above…

    • Muslim

      I believed u are just nothing but a pure product of creek love where father sleeps with his daughter or brother sleeps with his sister.Fish brain otherwise how on earth minority will represent majority.Why are you calling names on all our present and past leaders that are Muslims,hypocrite you can deceived only ur self when it comes to national issues and not Muslims.You have no problem with those greedy Christians trying to parade themselves as SW leaders.Nigeria is not a secular State rather a multi religious,No one can deceive us with hypocritical notion that Nigeria is a secular state.Why is it in one of our ministries in Abuja during Obasanjo as a new employee posted from HOS you must come along with an introduction letter from a certain Church before you are allowed to do documentation .

  • Ahmad Kehinde

    Muslims must be fully and competently represented.

  • Bello Muhammad Sharada

    Mr president should look at South west Muslims grievances and addressed the immediately, those who compiled these list are insensitive.

  • Emmanuel

    What is the value or meaning of religious representation in the making of a secular constitution and nation-state building?
    Now that they are calling for parity in reprsentation, perhaps is it enough for the South West to put forward an all-Muslim cast and let us see what agenda they have?….Do South West muslims want a theocracy or a secular state? Or do they want to build an egalitarian democracy in which case the quality of candidates is more important than their religious persuasion how about making case for equality with atheist and worshipers outside the Abrahamic religions?….Ultimately this is what you get from an opportunistically indolent elite, and when a vacant president hops from church to church as if he is a president for only christians!

  • olakunle peter

    There is fire on the mountain in south-west naija. my land was known in the past for peace and prosperity. but today, religious intolerance is gradually creeping in, all in the name of democracy. i bet the mentally deranged Dr. Noibi went to missionary school. What has religion got to do with the betterment of the people in general. Sick people never deemed it fit to tell muslim ummah to temper justice with procreation. larger percentage of their children were thugs and drop outs roaming about clueless yet, one would be surprised with the numbers of children born into abject poverty among the muslim community on every yearly basis. Learned minds among them reasoned this way, i wonder what the reasoning of an average “Mufutau Agbero” would look like. Wahala wa o

    • wode

      “i bet the mentally deranged Dr. Noibi ” How would you feel if this is referenced to your Pastor/Rev/GO, etc. Islam has taught Muslims not to make derogatory remarks about people of other religions, as such, I or any Muslim would not join you in this childish posture. But, it would be good to retrace your step and possibly retract such type of comments.

      The so-called peace you are talking about is because Muslims in the region have been tolerating this type of manipulation and overriding influence by the Christians. The peace would therefore continue to reign. Let the right thing (i.e. justice) be done.

      • so dr noibi is your imam…or what is your logic there?…the beginning of your last paragraph has opened you up…please tell us what you mean by “manipulation and overriding influence by christians”…you can now see why despite having 4 muslim governors out of 5 those of you who are pretending to be protecting muslims interests are just troublemakers!

    • agboola

      Try to be tolerance in all aspect of lif if really you a religious somebody

  • i am

    this is not a religious conference!. The people selected are they not from the yoruba ethnic group? .what has this borrowed religion got to do with it?

    • wode

      I assume you are a Christian based on your comment. Ask yourself if you would be comfortable making the same comment if all the delegates were Muslims.

      • …you have no point because your conclusion is not based on any reality…christians who want to make noise can also get up to say that only muslim names were sent…until you show us the list of names sent which shows that yorubas have missed road from what we used to be no one should pay attention to your noise-making and that of other noise-makers like you

      • ayomi

        I wonder how many Christians in Nigeria were asked before the country became a member of OIC?

  • ayoyo

    They have no trouble with northern Muslims refusing to be led in prayers by Yoruba Imams

    • wode

      All these are none of your business and nobody complained to you about it. That’s how your parents and grand parents have been indirectly meddling in the affairs of Muslims in order to cause disunity among them. All those can not continue.

      The issue here is about justice and fairness. I am so ashamed of most of the so subjective comments being made here. Why is it so difficult to call spade a spade. When will this country change for better when we see plain truth and decide to turn our back at it. Such attitude and inclination does not breed a peaceful coexistence.

      • ayoyo

        Are you saying that there is no Yoruba Muslim among the delegates? Correct me if my statement is wrong. We are talking about how to protect the interest of Yoruba in Nigeria. Please go back and read the make of the delegates and if Yoruba Muslims are not part of the delegation.
        As for my parents and grand parents, o soro bi omo imale
        As for causing disunity, Shia and Sunni began to fight each other after the death of the Prophet; till this day

        • my brother i am telling you if the list is made up of xtians alone our yoruba brothers will call attention to it and make corrections immediately…what they are saying may happen elsewhere…but not in yorubaland…even yoruba nollywood producers don’t toy with that talk less of very experienced eminent yorubas…

      • …show us the spade and the plain truth with the names of the christians being sent as delegates attached!…most of you just want to cause trouble in yorubaland…

    • ayomi

      Great point, Fulani Muslims will never allow this Pro Noibi to lead them in prayers

  • …which muslims rejected the delegates?where is the list?…who are those on the list?…they are deceiving themselves!…there are 4 muslim governors out of 5 in the south-west and our xtian brothers and sisters have not complained because many yoruba families have both branches…when abiola contested the yorubas xtians and muslims voted massively for him and his vice who also happens to be a muslim…these so-called defenders of muslims are only making noise to be noticed…we yorubas don’t reject or kill our brothers or sisters because of religion…those with ulterior motives including those disturbing Aregbesola will fail eventually…mark those words…

    • wode

      Whoever you are, Muslim or not, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is a flagrant display of ignorance and crooked sense of justice. It beats one’s imagination how common sense has become so latent, most especially from those you think should be an embodiment of wisdom. People are talking about reality – empirical facts and figure – and you are chasing shadow. Irrespective of whatever political history you may be talking about, how does that correlate to this? That was about political contest and this is about constituent representation by nomination. Any right thinking mind, irrespective of religious affiliation, would definitely know that this is obviously wrong. It lacks any view of justice and fairness. This can definitely not stand a test of time.

      • agboola

        You have said it all. It is clearly injustice. If reverse has to be the case yoi would see CAN making a lot noise all over

        • …rubbish and nonsense!…no point!…

          • Agboola

            You lack morals. Has it got to the level of nonsense and rubbish. No wonder u can not understand what the passage is all about

          • …so you can read the level of my morals on your screen, you broke-ass?…answer the question u who understand the “passage”…where is the list you are making noise about?…don’t deflect us into your rubbish and nonsensical illogicality…show us the list and stop expanding your chest to me like a baboon…okay?…

      • it is you who should be triple ashamed of your education…where is the basis of all the noise you are making?…why are you making our people to look like fools without any shred of evidence?…has any part of yoruba history shown the sort of nonsense to which you are alluding ?…again my call is that yorubas must identify the troublemakers like you and shut you up…you are just like the so-called CAN people troubling Ogbeni in Osun…difference is that you are claiming defence of muslims…but where are your facts?…where are your so-called EMPIRICAL FIGURES AND FACTS?…YOU HAVE NOTHING,NADA,ZERO,ZILCH to show anyone…yes,definitely it is what you are introducing to yorubaland that will not stand the test of time…

    • agboola

      This is not issue of election but issue delegates. Are u saying only the xtisns delegates should represent southwest. Read the passage very well

      • …if u are that wise give us the names of those on the list …since your knowlegde of what is in the passage is enough to convince you that 15 christian names were sent,then tell us the names…not only am i standing by what i said i wish to add that it is high time yorubas tell off those of you who are making noise based on air!…

  • Amina

    Is the conference that had failed already a religious conference .

  • Olu

    It doesn’t matter whether they’re christians or muslim. What matters most is that they are representing yoruba’s interest. Yoruba ronu ooo!

    • ayoyo

      in Kwara and Kogi are seeking to be part of the Yoruba/Southwest and be re
      united with their kinsmen. Majority of Yoruba in Kwara and Kogi are Muslims.
      Yet they are not making their Muslim faith an issue. They want to be free of
      the Fulani over lords since the days of Afonja. These Muslims, if not careful
      may become tools of the Fulani who will appeal to them as fellow Muslims but
      still want to dominate politically and economically

      “Yoruba people
      of Kwara State reject vehemently their minority status in the North, where they
      have been permanently disadvantaged, especially in seeking limelight political
      offices and key economic advantages as we are like bat (neither animal nor
      bird) in the North where as a result of our language and culture, we are
      regarded as Yoruba and as a result of demographic partition, the South West
      regard us as Northerners. We have the greatest chunk of our people in the South
      West Nigeria.”

      • Rico

        Something must be wrong with this Prof, i have never known the Yorubas to be divided on religion lines, this is an awkward allegation, the man must be checked, as far as i know the Yoruba people, they have mixed religion in almost every family and they just don’t look at issues from that perspective.

        • …that exactly is my point…our history cannot and will not accept such injustice…but if they want us to believe that things have changed lets see the list!…

      • ayomi

        Thank you. Yoruba in Kwara and Kogi are trying to be rid of Fulani; though minorities in those states are using the faith to rule majority Yoruba Muslim. This man and his followers are nothing but modern day Afonjas

  • Rico

    I dey laugh o! so those Christians are Igbo or Ijaw or even Hausa? are they not from the south west? they missed the point, this is not a religion conference, religion is not part of the discussion, here we go again, trying to cause confusion.

  • ayomi

    He looks like the late Sardauna of Sokoto