Presidential Media Chat: 10 questions for President Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

The programme will be aired by 7:00 p.m.

President Goodluck Jonathan will this evening host a televised live media chat with some Nigerian journalists during which he is expected to respond to questions on a number of topical national issues.

Mr. Jonathan’s spokesperson, Reuben Abati, said in a statement that the Presidential Media Chat, to be aired live on major television and radio stations in the country, would begin at 7 p.m.

The presidency has in the past promised to entertain questions by telephone calls, sms, and via social media.

In case you are able to reach the president on the programme today, we suggest you put the questions below to him, in addition to others you might have.

We also urge the journalists, who will interview the president, to consider asking him some of the questions suggested below.

  1. The Federal Government claims the economy is strong and stable, with inflation rate at single digit, while external reserves remain robust. But the impact of all these is hardly felt by the people with unemployment rate still very high. Why is it difficult to translate the ‘economic successes’ to job creation? Where are the 3 million jobs that government said the Dangote Committee would create before the end of last year?
  2. The same FRCN report upon which you based your suspension of Lamido Sanusi also recommended the suspension of other deputy governors of the CBN; why did you ignore that part of the recommendation?
  3. There have been at least five government reports (KPMG, House of Reps, Nuhu Ribadu, Aig-Imokhuede, and NEITI) that have shown that Nigeria’s petroleum ministry and its subsidiaries are either corruptly or inefficiently managed. Why does it appear impossible for you to remove the petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, despite these reports?
  4. The House of Reps has recommended the cancellation of OPL 245 sale to Shell and AGIP; and the investigation and prosecution of all officials, public and private involved in the fraudulent transaction. At what point did you as president get involved in the Malabu OPL 245 deal, and will you implement the House resolutions?
  5. The federal government in December shared Nigeria’s ecological funds to 17 states whose governors are loyal to you. In fact, you reportedly ordered that the N34 billion naira be shared to only states whose governors are either in PDP or loyal to you like Ondo and Anambra. Are you saying none of the 16 APC controlled states deserved the ecological fund?
  6. The Minister of Petroleum Resources announced plans by government to organise another oil bloc licensing round early this year. But, prospective investors say the process is shrouded in secrecy, as the guidelines and the application forms are nowhere to be found. What is the situation now with the oil bloc allocation process? Does the presidency intend to use it as political bait for 2014 as is being rumoured?
  7. The sale of the refineries has been dogged by controversies. The minister of petroleum had announced the commencement of the privatisation process by BPE and the constitution of a committee headed by her, only for the Presidency to deny later that there was no such plan. What is the true state on the four public refineries?
  8. Following the recent upsurge of violence in the North East, is it safe to say that the government’s strategy in fighting Boko Haram has failed? Is the government considering a change of strategy? Apart from direct military approach, what other means is the government employing to stop these senseless killings?
  9. The killings in Plateau continue unabated as hardly does any week go by without scores of people killed by various ethno-religious groups and armed men. Its four years since you assumed office as president, what really are you doing or not doing as C-in-C to resolve the Plateau crisis?
  10. As an individual, what kind of Nigeria would you want? A truly federal system, a confederacy, or a unitary one like we currently practice? Would your personal choice influence your choice of delegates for the National Conference?


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  • Sankara

    Forget media chat, just have Premium Times and Mr President one on one for one hour!

    • arewethishopeless

      For just 10 mins ….. He will never show his face outside again

      But you watch and see. He will spend most of the time dwelling on non-issues …. He will also dis-regard “troublesome” questions and finally, he will remind Nigerians of how much he does not care ….

      But then, we already know all this and he is probably thinking “Why the hell do they not get this?”

  • max

    Useless questions asked by an idiot.

  • RICH


    • Peter

      If Mr President could successfully without fear of God and humanity suspended Sanusi for saying the truth aand disclosing the activities of wicked people why was it difficult for him to suspend former aviation minister on time?

  • Afam

    The federal government in December shared Nigeria’s ecological funds to 17 states whose governors are loyal to you. In fact, you reportedly ordered that the N34 billion naira be shared to only states whose governors are either in PDP or loyal to you like Ondo and Anambra. Are you saying none of the 16 APC controlled states deserved the ecological fund?
    For real? @PT you people are talking trash…

  • arewethishopeless


    We act as Attorneys to the above-named Mrs Abimbola Patricia Yakubu, a senior staff of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria whose office is at the Elephant House, Assbifi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, who we shall hereinafter refer to as ‘’Our Client’’.

    On the 17th day of July, 2013, our client lodged a complaint of sexual harassment by Mr Jim Osayande Obazee, Executive Secretary of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria with our Attorneys; and we wrote a letter dated 29th July, 2013 (the letter is hereby attached) to the Honourable Minister of Trade and Investment requesting a formal investigation of the complaint and discipline of the said Mr Jim Osayande Obazee where appropriate. Sadly, no ‘’formal ministerial investigation’’ was instituted, neither was an inquiry made by the Governing Council of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria. This was inspite of the letters dated 22nd July and 19th August 2013 we addressed to it.

  • arewethishopeless

    Lawyers ask minister to rein in alleged randy civil servant

    A group of activist lawyers known as the Public Interest Lawyer League (PILL), has petitioned the Minister of Trade and Investment, Olusegun Aganga, to rein in the Executive Secretary, Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, Jim Obazee, accused of “highhandedness, intimidation and sexual harassment of a civil servant.”

    According to PILL, the alleged victim, Abimbola Yakubu, has come under intense sexual harassment from Mr. Obazee and after he realised that a complaint of his alleged untoward conduct has been made to the minister. The group said he resorted to using his official position as a tool of intimidation ……..

    “State institutions are governed by laws and rules. Mr Obazee shouldn’t be allowed to get away with his whims and caprices. The allegations of official high-handedness, intimidation and sexual harassment made by Mrs Yakubu are grave and serious; and we call on Mr Obazee to either own up or deny them,” he said.

  • Mani_Kay

    NNPC started since 1970 as DPR …….. wholly owned and managed by the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani and the Yorubas until about three years ago when Deziani was appointed Minister.

    Let us start from 1970 and conduct year by year investigation to determine if money is missing at NNPC.

    By the way, why is it now that we are talking about money missing at NNPC ……… why did we not talk about money missing at NNPC when Yar’Adua was there; when Obasanjo was President and Petroleum Minister for 8years; when IBB/Abacha/Abdulsalam/Buhari/Shagari were all there?

    • Rico

      I don’t want to go into argument with you but i will ask you these questions:
      Obj was in charge of petroleum ministry for years, yet the federation account was robust, the external reserve was robust with almost zero debt. But now we have a petroleum minister, Nigeria’s debt is increasing yearly, the federation account is lower, the external reserve is dwindling at serious rate.
      1. don’t you think that explains the missing $20 billion?
      2 what did you think is the cause of that pattern in our fiscal crisis knowing too well that oil is the main source of income?
      Meanwhile not everyone on this platform thinks along the ethnic line, if you want to go that way, it will be better to hold your peace as i will like to hear a reasonable point from you that relates to fiscal matters and not some excuses based on ethnic line. thank you.

      • Mani_Kay

        Have you forgotten the reasons why the federation account, external reserve were robust during time of OBJ …….. I will tell you ……… the invasion of Iraq and the threats to Iran.

        It had nothing to do with OBJ.

        • Rico

          Thank you for reminding me about that, it actually eluded me, that’s a very good response from you and i really appreciate your level of maturity.

        • Garden-City Boy

          Have that pinhead explain to you why the check for $60 billion public money is yet to be written.

        • Tonnero

          Hahahahahahaha! Clown. You and basketmouth should be sharing the same stage.

      • Garden-City Boy

        “the federation account was robust, the external reserve was robust”? Are you kidding me? Where is the $60 billion appropriated for electricity we never had? Please, can we all stop this tomfoolery? Point to one thing that touched the life of the ordinary citizen during Obasanjo? I know you will quickly pounce on cell phone. He did it because all the egunje goes in his bank account. Besides, if he did not do it, someone else would, So, no big deal with that.
        Everybody looks in the diection of the South-South and South East for oil money to be shared or not put in the awusa man’s custody. Whatever happened to groundnut money and cocoa money? Those can be consumed by their producers and exporters, kwo? Most of the solid minerals are privately mined and exported by smuggling by awusa who keep the revenue for themselves. Then we are saddled with the burden of treating them for lead poisoning and polio with oil money from the no-man’s-land, abi?. Sometimes these crazy Nigerians take us for fools because they perceive us a minority.

        • Rico

          You surely don’t deserve a response, because like most Ignorant people, you have also thread the ethnic lines. so you now think i am obj kinsman?

          • Garden-City Boy

            It is not important whose kinsman or -woman you are. One thing is sure, it hurts you when reminded of $60 billion stolen money. Don’t you feel embarrassed that the dude accusing others of corruption is yet to refund the $60billion to the state? What are you really talking about?

          • Tonnero

            Maybe you should learn how to shut your mouth. You make no sense. And I can see you are still quoting $60b. You are either grossly misinformed or extremely s t u p i d or completely dishonest or all three. I think it’s all three. You should be left to wallow in your misery.

          • Garden-City Boy

            I can see you are hurting and may need some APC? Any way, give us the right quote since you think mine is an exaggeration. Whatever you accept was misappropriated in the name of electric power supply. Can we have the check written for the Federal Government, p-l-e-a-s-e. Can you have your uncle man up and give back was was stolen from the public? We can work out a discount if huge amount gives you much concern. I am waiting!

        • Rico

          Next time, please only answer questions that are directed at you, if you don’t understand my question, why don’t you stop being nosy and let me hear from Manikay, i don’t need your interference, simple logical question you’ve turned to war and hate filled outburst, not even a single thing relating to the question, then you started to think for me by guessing what you think i’ll say, have you ever been to a court before? you could have easily put yourself in trouble by dangling into unrelated issue, what a human being! you better change, only give related answers to appropriate questions, we are talking about economic mathematics, you are talking stories, who asked you for history? the answer should not be more than two line if X-Y= $20billion, then what is Y and what is Y, and why is X less than 20? who asked for your ethnic story, na Yoruba kill Tinubu, Igbo see them, Ijaw come turn face, na Egun carry him body, bla bla bla!!! who asked for story?

          • Garden-City Boy

            Then keep you warped ideas out of the public space. Postal services ares still available. You may restrict your private correspondences to yourselves by post, okay? I know the $60billion reminder hurts, does it? Don’t tell us that your your economic mathematics begin and end with just those few Xs and Ys. You need to factor cocoa revenue into your infantile economic equation to sound serious. And who tells you that anybody is afraid of court ?

          • Rico

            if you have been wise enough you could have hold your peace as advised when i asked the question and demand not to go on ethnic line, what have you all gained from your ethnic bashing of one another all these while? Hatred! is that what you require in life to move on? i warned, as ethnic issue will only create diversion from sharing valuable knowledge and enlightening one another about the issue at hand, but despite that you still went ahead doing it when i basically begged not to go into it, can’t you see you are very wrong? you need to realize that not everyone is interested in doing that on the platform, some believes their votes and their physical presence will give them better results than ranting online with no useful outcome, and what i meant by court is that, when the opponent lawyer asks you a question and you answered it without reference to the question, you can find yourself in trouble, otherwise you have a right to remain silent…… you need to live and learn, learning about life takes patience and not rushing into conclusion,ole na ole na okwu bụ ezuru ndị maara ihe.

          • Garden-City Boy

            Oh dear! Here they go again. The mediocrity you is beginning to show in your sloppy writing style; a little too atrocious for a person who should be ‘wise’. Did you like forget the meaning of the word “wise”. Your gibberish apart, you veered off the mark, ducked the issues in question and went after innocent “ethnic hatred” that has not offended you in any way. We were talking about $60 billion state funds that is yet to be refunded.
            Does your corner of town, by any chance, now have uninterrupted electricity supply on which we are told the money was spent? IF you do, good for you; my part of town is still waiting. What is ethnic or hateful with reminding someone to refund public money in his possession ………money that don’t belong to him ? Why can’t he make a check payable to the state? We are talking about $60 billion, not N6o billion.
            Common, my dear friend, wake up! slap your dull head awake. I should have let you go but for the way you sound like your wish to be delivered from your delusional nebula. But please, try some of the ideas you put forward in clear, simple, readable English. Courtesy demands that you do so.

          • Warkani M

            It is sad Mr man that you sound educated but yet talk and reason like an illiterate. Do you really want to know why this country is not moving forward, well easy, its because of people like you. Be it OBJ, GEJ, UMY, and all the rest, no matter the part of the country you come from, curruption is curruption. Rather than attack @Rico, why not contribute to what he is saying. No need for name calling or bringing about ones ethnic line. What Rico is saying in simple terms is the fact that our leaders have continually bankrupt this great nation and rather than we stand up against such, we end up fighting one another like u just displayed. The ogas at d top know this as a fact that most times, whoever is in charge, his tribe/people will hardly see his fault rather push the blame to another. Be it Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba or a minority, it is shameful that rather than say yes….so so leader is corrupt, we want to divert the accusing hand to another. All am saying is, if it is true what Sanusi said abt money missing, then I believe we should not just fold our arms and stay there. If this one is swept under the carpet, what makes you think the next one wont be? The same way your talking about OBJ’s mismanagement of billions of dollars( by the way, I think its $16billion dollars not $60 billion), there will be another person like you out there who is also pointing accussing fingers rather than taking in the fact that all na curruption. What we are all advocating for is for change and it has to begin somewhere and right now. Yes I agree with you, some people make it seem like its only during GEJ tenure but the truth is we all have to go way back and not spare any. The simple truth is our leader have failed us all and this country. My brother, trust me, they have perfected the divide and rule strategy to make you hate your fellow Nigerian because of bloody tribe or state or religion. We shouldot forget that first and foremost, we are human beings and we should not let them divide and rule anymore. Pls my brother, rather than attack another person, why not wait, listen and then contribute to what the person is saying. We all have something to bring to the table be you from the North, South, East or West. We are all Nigerians. The Northern leaders have failed us over the past years of their rule, all we are asking/saying, is that it is time to change this. Mind you, you need to be patriotic to your nation first not to a person or region. Look at the USA for instance, many dont know that they are divided as we are but the only difference is that when it comes to matters of the nation, they rise up together as one not pointing fingers at who did what or what did who.

            Go and recite the national anthem and pledge but Dnt just say it like most people do, understand the meaning of those words….it is really beautiful…mind you, there is no place in our anthem or pledge that says I pledge to the North, South, East or West…rather is I pledge to Nigeria my country…

          • Rico

            You have no place in a peaceful society, you might be educated but it doesn’t reflect on your reasoning, what a way of life, a egbughị ọgbọ.

          • Tonnero

            Rico, ignore that buffoon. Trying to reason with him is like talking to a wall.

        • Tonnero

          Mumu. Why you no increase the electricity money to $200b? We are talking balance sheets and you are talking expenditures not that you know the difference since your ogogoro-addled brain has stopped working. Maybe you should argue from the angle you know something about. At the time OBJ left, he had cancelled $35b debt, increased revenues to all state governments and still left $67b in the coffers. Point to one thing that touched people’s lives? I will give you more than one: GSM, NHIS, EFCC, Pension Reforms, expansion of NLNG from two to six trains, kick-off of the massive domestic gas programme, entrenching CBN governors so that politicians will not interfere with running the economy efficiently (which you dumbo is now trying to subvert), levelling the playing field so that minorities can be service chiefs, putting your dumbo in place (regrettably I might add), establishing DMO and BPP (again which your dumbo and his madam Oduah completely made a mess of), throwing Asari Dokubo in jail where he belongs. Want me to go on revisionist?

    • Tonnero

      Dem tie your mouth not to talk about missing money when those other guys dey there? Men, your sense of reasoning seems to be decreasing everyday. Perhaps you need to cut back on the ogogoro and the over rich food you are eating at the villa.

  • Ikechukwu_67

    Where is the 20 billion dollars? This will never go away.It doesn’t matter the diversionary tactics being used.Where is the money? Additionally how does npdc do her business? Where is the oil revenues gotten by npdc? Where is the money? This would never disappear I can tell you .

  • Ak

    Please I want to know what the FG done about the Pension probe involving one Maina? I also want to appeal to the President or whoever is listening to kindly prevail on the pension office to pay outstandings of pensioners and increment or special allowances where applicable.

  • Joshua C. King

    For those who are making a saint of SLS, please realise that the man is a reckless and inconsistent hypocrite without conviction. He is not sure about how much is missing. He is that inconsistent. He has spewed figures only to change them and then his own house is hardly in order.
    SLS before today has always been a controversial hypocrite. He makes reckless statements about a lot of things, does the exact opposite and then changes his statements elsewhere. So many people have called for his sack before now.The president acted late. His reforms were vendetta missions on his perceived enemies and he has misused the CBN’s CSR funds. His sins are worse and yet he finds the audacity to blow a dirty black whistle.
    $20B is too much a sum to be missing. Something has to be done, first to ascertain the exact figure because SLS is not sure how much. Then a full probe of the funds, its location, and culprits.
    The foreign media is guilty of describing him as a champion of anti-corruption and discipline. Where were they when he took sides against the people at the subsidy protests? Kettles have no right to call pots black.

    • Tonnero

      Don’t get confused. No one thinks SLS is a saint. What everyone is saying is for GEJ to follow due process. Let him go to the Senate with all his evidence and request for endorsement to remove SLS. Why is he afraid of doing that?