Sanusi should be blamed for his suspension as CBN Governor – Falana

Femi Falana

Femi Falana said Lamido Sanusi should have resigned.

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, has blamed Lamido Sanusi for the Central Bank Governor’s suspension from office.

President Goodluck Jonathan, Thursday, suspended Mr. Sanusi, Nigeria’s Central Bank, CBN, governor, from office over allegations of financial recklessness. Mr. Sanusi has denied anywrongoings and alleged that he was suspended because he exposed the corruption in Nigeria’s state owned oil company, NNPC. He said he would challenge his suspension in court.

Mr. Falana, in a statement he circulated on Saturday, said the CBN governor dared the President by refusing to resign when he was purportedly asked to.

“Convinced that he could only be removed by the President with the approval of the Senate Mr Sanusi turned down the request and dared the President to remove him,” Mr. Falana said.

“Having regard to his irreconcilable differences with the Jonathan Administration on the operation and management of the Federation Account Mr Sanusi ought to have voluntarily resigned his appointment.

“But he decided to remain in office while taking the Administration to the cleaners at the tail end of his 5-year tenure. To that extent, Mr Sanusi has himself to blame for his suspension from office on account of alleged financial recklessness,” Mr. Falana added.

President Jonathan has already forwarded the name of Godwin Emefiele, the Managing Director of Zenith Bank Plc, to the Senate as a replacement for Mr. Sanusi. Mr. Emefiele, if cleared by the Senate, will resume in June, when Mr. Sanusi’s tenure as BN boss expires. However, the most senior Deputy Governor of the CBN, Sarah Alade, is currently acting as the governor.

Mr. Falana said that since Mr. Sanusi had been placed on suspension, the law presumes that he remains the substantive Governor of the CBN.

“Therefore, pending the end of his tenure or removal from office through the Senate there is no basis for the appointment of a new CBN governor,” said Mr. Falana.

“President Jonathan is advised to suspend the process for the replacement of the CBN governor by withdrawing the new nomination forwarded to the Senate as the nation cannot have a suspended governor and a substantive governor of the CBN at the same time.

“In the alternative, the Senate should put off any debate on the fresh nomination pending the end of the tenure of the suspended governor,” he added.

Mr. Falana further stated that the diversion of huge public funds from the Federation Account as alleged by Mr. Sanusi should not be swept under the carpet, while calling for the investigation of the alleged financial recklessness against the suspended CBN governor.

“Once again, I call on the Federal Government to allow the Auditor-General of the Federation to audit the accounts of the CBN and the NNPC by virtue of section 85 of the Constitution.

“The reports of such audit should then be submitted to the National Assembly for necessary action in line with the provisions of section 85(4) of the Constitution,” Mr. Falana added.


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  • Foresight

    Reports of Sanusi’s financial shenanigans in CBN has been published in the Vanguard today. Sanusi is NOT the saint he claims to be!

  • Ikechukwu_67

    Sanusi is not the saint agreed…but where is 20 billion dollars? Where is it? It is shocking that there is no where in falana’s analysis where he said anything about how nnpc spent over 7 billion dollars for kerosene subsidy that was never appropriated for.Deziani and the nnpc md agreed on the fact that money was spent without appropriation. Additionally, where is the revenue from npdc? Where? Take sanusi to court and prosecute him as you want.But deziani can remain in office.To falana, this is right.He just trivialised sanusi’s grievous allegations. ..This is sad

    • Adoki

      It shows you that these so-called activists are not to be trusted. You notice that most of them are keeping quiet even though we are slipping on the corruption index. Have you heard Soyinka for instance speak on the government’s corruption record like he used to? Once any government find a way to embrace them, they suddenly lose their voice.

    • BlackieUmukoro

      You are not abreast with the facts of the matter and stop exhibiting your ignorance here

      • Ikechukwu_67

        What are the facts umukoro? Deziani and nnpc never denied what I wrote at least it was on camera.So tell me the facts other than making sanusi the issue. They can empty the treasury asfar as you are cconcerned so far the ‘boko haram malam’ is made the issue.My point is clear: do whatever you want to sanusi but where is the 20 billion dollars.All these diversionary tactics won’t suffix

        • BlackieUmukoro

          There is nothing diversionary. Sanusi only diverted attention from the eminent probe of his reckless financial dealings Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • igbiki

            SLS was never a saint and never merited to be the CBN chief of Nigeria in the first place, considering his political views, warped world outlook and educational background- quranic studies at the islamic university of khartoum, et al.

            But what SLS said are grave and still remain undenied, 20 billion dollars are gone and remain unremited and unaccounted for.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Follow the senate panel proceedings on the so called missing twenty million dollars and you will be surprised about sanusi lack of knowledge Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Ikechukwu_67

            I don’t think you followed the senate panel proceedings. It was live on screen and we all heard what deziani said.let me refresh your memory, she said “presidential directive to NNPC is not a law until it is gazetted”.NNPC chose to ignore it. I can imagine your response if that had come from sanusi.NNPC said they couldn’t get the 10.8 billion dollars.Somehow I het the believe that you care less if the treasury is on zero account so far sanusi is hanged.Its sad

          • BlackieUmukoro

            You are being selective without going the whole hog. Get a copy of today’s Vanguard newspaper for a better informed opinion Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Ikechukwu_67

            These are facts umukoro.So what are we saying? Where is the money? Hold sanusi and prosecute him, no wahala… but where are the billions of dollars? Deziani can remain, okonjo iweala can remain and nnpc management can remain in office in your opinion hen? No wahala where is the money?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Seems you are unable to get a hard copy of the Vanguard hence your misinformed insistence on what is untrue Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Ikechukwu_67

            I don’t know what you are talking about.I have read the vanguard and it didn’t say anything different from what everyone knows. Deziani and nnpc agreed to this fact.So who is leaving in self denial in this instance.Where is 20 billion dollars? Where is the money?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Case closed. We are not hearing ourselves
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Mark

            You say it now….what did the Vanguard newspaper edition you are quoting said. That is a sound way of advancing an arguement and proving your co-spatterer wrong. You tell us, wetin Vanguard talk

          • Mark

            Did I hear you say lack of knowledge???? I beg bros drop am! I have been trailing your interface with Ikechukwu_67, and was all the way wondering why he was responding to your shallow views. Why do you at all cost want to cover up for the NNPC? Now you are saying Sanusi lacks knowledge. You must be some clown some where. The gold-plated question is “where is the $20 billion?” If you cannot answer that, which I can bet with anything you would never do, giving your skewed reasoning, then shut up and stop filling this platform with rubbish

          • igbiki

            You got him!

          • igbiki

            Forget his lack of knowledge, just show me the money!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Money nor lost
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • igbiki

            Money no lost, misappropriated I think, right?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • igbiki

            Back to square one, So where is the money?

          • Ikechukwu_67

            You didn’t debunk what I wrote.If nnpc and deziani agreed that the money they spent was never appropriated for then what else is the argument? So sanusi can be suspended but deziani, okonjo_iweala and nnpc management who all agreed they were spending billions of dollars not in the budget can still be on their seat abi? My brother Umukoro I ask again: where is 20 billion dollars? Where is it.Where is the oil revenue generated by npdc on behalf of nnpc? Kill sanusi but please where is the money?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Go, get a copy of today’s vanguard newspaper, it will clear your ignorance on this matter Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Ikechukwu_67

            Haha!! This is strange…I told you something I watched on tv which deziani and nnpc never denied but your reply is for me to read the vanguard. . Na wa o!!! It’s obvious your interest is less about the missing money(billions of dollars for that matt) than on sanusi. However let me assure you of something that money would not just disappear…Many cheers

    • Bode Olaitan

      The way this Falana fellow is dancing excitedly and apparently without principles across the “financial lines” suggests to me that he will soon end up on a ministerial shortlist, trust me.

    • Em.

      I believe it’s in the paragraph preceding the last two of the article where Femi Falana stated that the allegations by Sanusi Lamido that funds (from oil) had been diverted from the federation account should not be swept under the carpet.

    • Mark

      Lol! Please Ike’ lets be fair to Falana.. he has just reacted to what is the main issue.. and he is doing that from the legal point of view..I believe Falana would make better comment if he must react to the entire issue.. please give him a break

  • igbiki

    Not forgeting Mr Jonathan missed dozens of chances to throw out Mr Sanusi without raising eyebrows, but all, he missed.

    SLS had either of two optoins, resign or be sacked. He chose the one that suits him the most.

    You do not blame a man for taking decisions he believes are in his best interests, you blame your ignorance.

    This time, I disagree with you Br. Falana.

  • Mani_Kay

    Femi Falana’s statement is sober, solemn and subdued because Falana knows that Sanusi is surely on his way to prison.

    • musa

      mani kay shut up and keep quiet u dont know wat u r sayin

  • Angryman

    Sorry , I am not a lawyer; but the President has not appointed another CBN Governor
    Must we wait till Sanusi’s term expires before we start looking for his successor
    Such an institution like the CBN should not be without a leader
    Nature abhors a vacuum
    It is called planning

  • max

    When Falana was not picked as defense lawyer for Sanusi was when I know that Sanusi has been rejected. Ordinarily Femi would have been his lawyer.
    I only blame Jonathan for not removing the bastard when the report of the FRCN came to him. The time lag gave Sanusi the opportunity to get the sympathy of the gullible Nigerians by raising uncoordinated and confused allegation against nnpc. Now, who is going to blame these hoodlums, clowns, the Internet almajiris and online lawyers who today saw Sanusi as their hero.

    • Afam

      Thank God GEJ did not remove him then because we wouldn’t have known about the conflicting figures of the missing Billions…God is using Sanusi and President Gej to expose corruption in Nigeria..simple.

    • Mark

      This doesn’t come as a sound argument Max, Falana is not the only lawyer in Nigeria…neither is he a default lawyer for cases like this.

  • Chibyke21vs10

    If Sanusi could be suspended on misappropriation of fund, then petroleum Minister and NNPC boss should be audited too.
    However, I blame the erstwhile CBN boss for daring his boss while still clung to the post. He’d have resigned and sought for his activism and outcry thereafter.
    I’m sure no president of the past or future can tolerate Sanusi’s ego and intransigence. Every leader needs security and protections from his cabinet members.
    On the other hand, Dezian (Mrs) should be sent to another ministry because of the missing fund saga, while another person overseas the alleged ministry pending the probe.