Court bars Police, SSS from arresting Sanusi

Sanusi lamido sanusi
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

The Federal High Court gave the order on Friday.

The Federal High Court in Lagos has given an order barring the Nigerian Police Force and the State Security Service, SSS, from arresting embattled Central Bank Governor, Lamido Sanusi.

Jusitce I.N. Buba granted the order on Friday based on a suit filed by Mr. Sanusi against the police, the SSS, and the Attorney General of the Federation.

The judge granted an order “restraining the Respondents, their privies, agents, representatives, or any other law enforcement agencies of the Government of the Federation from violating, interfering with, or imposing any restriction on the enjoyment of the Applicant’s right to personal liberty and freedom of movement pending the hearing and determination of the Motion on Notice.”

Mr. Sanusi was suspended by President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday, after being accused of corruption. Many Nigerians, however, believe he is being withchunted for exposing the mismanagement of funds by Nigeria’s oil company, NNPC.

His international passport was on Thursday seized by the SSS.

Download the court order here

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  • max

    Coward ! I thought he bragged that he is not afraid to go to prison. Immediately I heard that Elrufai is coming to Lagos to block his arrest then I know that the whole thing will end like a drama. Elrufai has Invested him with timidity.

  • Mani_Kay

    After stealing Billions of Naira …… he is now wanting to run away from the justice that he truly deserves ….. a complete nonentity!!!

    • Comfortkay

      Keep quite and don’t make comment here that does not make sense.

      • Mani_Kay

        Mark my words …. he will surely die by hanging for funding terrorism (Boko Haram) ….. but before then will spend time in jail.

  • Afam

    Sanusi the earlier you come to the terms of your misconduct the better for you,Every advise your taking from El-rufai will land you into more trouble,You have done your job for exposing the rots in NNPC which will never be wept under the carpet,Someone has exposed yours…

    He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones…He who wants equity must come with a clean hand…

    • yussy

      Don’t kno why nigerians are so deaf like jonathan. Smbdy who is trying to save u frm the hands of evil men is d same person u insult 2day…I pity u pple

      • Afam

        Save who? so billions Sanusi was wasting is not a sin? can you go back and read my comment?…Blind followers…..The two parties are guilty period..GMD NNPC and Sanusi are guilty as it is now…

        • TruthIsBetter

          Both the minister of petroleum and finance, GMD NNPC and Sanusi are guilty but why attack only one person? Why not suspend all? Is it because Sanusi brought the petroleum industry’s corruption to lime light? Guy it is fucked.

        • yussy

          I believe u are just advertising ur ignorance…hear urself,” both are guilty” and one is suspended! My friend go bad to school and learn d tru defination of justice and stop thinking like jonathan..

        • Lanre

          Disappointed in Afam, did sanausi make any mistake coming out to say some money were nit remitted into the FG’s coffers by NNPC? Yes he also has issues with financial recklessness which I had condemned before now, but does that mean we should be grateful to him for having the guts to expose NNPC?

  • Gideon Orkar

    SSS had him and released him. Nobody is hunting this thief. But you will,pay for your thievery

  • nija pikin

    Its a good move against a kabu kabu president too weak so empty who can’t differentiate between personal and public who have wasted more than four years doing nothing but drinking ogogoro, he can’t manage the resources of the country he presides can’t even protect the citizens of the country he presides talkless of their common wealth or lives and dignity. To borrow from chelsea’s mourinho Jonny is an expert in failure he hasn’t achieve anything most of the achievements he claim are yaradua’s on a sick bed he was able to leave something behind.

  • beddy chibs

    Sanusi must account for his wasteful spendings.

    • Bala R

      At least he didn’t enrich himself. I know Sanusi gave Uniben 500 million Naira and no body is talking about it.

    • lanre

      Pls uncle teddy, don’t you think NNPC must account for the remitted 20b dollars?

  • emmanuel

    Lets see which law would hold on this.

    Sanusi is a rogue that must go to jail. Justice Buba, the Odili and Ibori judge, this is his cash and carry regular injunction.

    Jonthan please act. There is no where in the world where a nation is precluded from arresting a crook. The worst a judge would do is grant such crook bail.

  • paul preston

    Sanusi i hope you have promise the Judge not to make inflmatory comments,I love Nigeria nobody will show up in the name of autonomy to take this country for a ride> Sanusi promised not to go until june and today he is running to the court presided by his hausa brother to seek protection

    • TruthIsBetter

      Inflammatory comments being that $20 billion is missing? Mr Paul you all should drop the sentiments…. jeeezzz

      • paul preston

        inflammatory statements like accusing NNPC of sundry theft when he was neck deep in fraud ask him to response to the query and he should come clean all this propaganda by apc sympathisers was not help his case

        • TruthIsBetter

          U can’t call it inflammatory. He was right to bring it up, it is normal for pdp sympathiser to always cover wrong doings. Anyway, yes he should face the music, if he is found guilty both he and his the minister of petroleum together with the nnpc md should go down the drain. Everyday for the thief one day for the owner.

        • TruthIsBetter

          My issues with people like is that if you are told to determine what is best for Nigeria you will give the worst suggestions.
          What we need in Nigeria whistle blowers that will bring to light and excesses of this government, also we need a strong opposition to do same. The country has been financially mismanaged and this has put us in a deep economic trauma that is we do not do something about it, the so called oil wealth will not mean anything anymore. We have the largest economy in Africa but still we have so many unemployed…. why? Because the policies favour the rich making them riricher. The money meant for the poor and even their taxes are all collected by the rich thru’ several fraudulent means and the federal government does nothing about it.
          my dear brother/sister open your eyes and eyes to the truth.

          • paul preston

            blowers yes but I do not listen to whistle liars,come a CBN gov changed his stats about four times over the same issue,such a man is a charlatan we are talking about the costodian of a country’s financial purse such a fellow should never,never make mistakes.Please i read Economics,you do not toy with some offices.
            best wishes

  • Angryman

    Corrupt Nigerians accuse me of not fighting corruption –Jonathan

    President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday alleged that corrupt Nigerians are the ones who openly accuse him of not fighting corruption

    He said the only sure way of becoming an instant angel was to go public and attack his government.

    Jonathan said, “Anybody who wants to claim an element of credibility will go to the television and accuse government of corruption, that the President’s body language shows that he is not fighting corruption or that he is not ready to fight corruption.

    “Sometimes, even the very corrupt people are those making these statements because if you attack government, you are insulated, you become an angel.

    “If you want to be an angel, just attack the government, whatever you have done is covered.”

    We could all remember the insults [to the President ] generated by above comments

    Now the President decided to suspend a CBN Governor accused of financial recklessness , waste, impunity and falsehood and many of us are condemning him instead of encouraging/supporting him

    The problem I think is because many of us did not take the time to go through the allegations made against the CBN Governor

    Each of the allegations are sufficient grounds for his removal from office and prosecution

    The CBN by its wastefulness is contributory to the sufferings Nigerians have been shouting about

    And with so much money at his disposal we are still looking for the sponsors of Boko Haram

    The most important thing for the suspended CBN Governor to do is to clear his name of the serious allegations against him and not to obtain injunctions against his arrest ; because sooner or later he should be made to account for his stewardship

    Some people are insinuating victimization based on the revelation by the CBN Governor that NNPC failed to remit funds to the Federal Government but they failed to realize that the revelation could have been a preemptive strategy, since he was aware of the investigations being conducted against him; in order to obtain the sympathy of the public

    As it stands, the suspended CBN Governor is another Mr Integrity without an iota of integrity and those who awarded him honours should start thinking of withdrawing them

    PS: Still angry with PT

    • Naijagogoodagain

      You are a very funny individual and probably naive as well!
      Even if it is a preemptive strategy; money is still missing from NNPC and GEJ is not doing nought about it because this is money stolen to execute 2015 rigging!

      • Angryman

        Sorry, I replied you earlier but PT said it was being moderated
        Salient points – investigation into CBN activities predated Sanusi’s revelation
        Would probably not have gotten the support he has now without the revelation
        His activism started after CBN’s audit report was sent to FRCN
        The CBN , Finance and NNPC routinely periodically balance the books ; why crying foul now
        The missing money – I thought the Senate is still on it
        Since you are aware it’s been stolen and possibly who stole it for 2015 election rigging , I believe the Senate will be interested in what you have to say
        For Nigeria to be good again all hands must be on deck to do the right thing no matter whose ox is gored – CBN Governor or not

        • TheBitterTruth

          The buck stops on the President’s table as the leader. He should take full responsibility for the manifestation of corruption in Nigeria. His unwillingness to declare his assets does not do him any good – if he has nothing to hide, he should and send a clear message that he will not tolerate corruption. A thief does not have the moral ground to arrest another thief – one of the reasons why the Nigerian policemen are not trusted! If you want to defend the man, suggest you advise him first!

          • Angryman

            My earlier response to Naijagogoodagain would probably have answered some of your concerns
            Unfortunately PT keeps blocking it under the guise of it being moderated
            Will try and repost it later hoping it will not be blocked again
            Is suspending Sanusi not evidence enough that he does not tolerate corruption
            Being in a democracy is quite different from a military regime
            The President can therefore not act contrary to the rule of law
            Do you have any evidence of corruption against the President
            Kindly inform EFCC if you do
            And if you don’t, why must you accuse him falsely

      • Angryman

        This was the reply I made earlier
        Funny ? Naïve ? – your opinion
        However we should realize that the investigation into the CBN activities predated his revelation; and he would probably not have gotten the kind of support he has now if not for the revelation
        We should therefore ask why now
        Someone remarked that Sanusi’s activism started after the audit report of CBN was sent to FRCN
        Another person commented that the books are routinely periodically balanced by the CBN, Finance and NNPC and it is only now that he is crying foul
        I think he is a smart guy

        As to NNPC missing money , I thought the Senate is still on it
        Since you are aware of it being stolen and possibly who stole it for 2015 election rigging; I think the Senate will be very happy to hear what you have to say
        This is what I h*te about Nigerians ; making spurious allegations of corruption [ particularly against the President] but refusing to inform EFCC or the Police

        Left to me, the EFCC/SSS are not proactive with respect to corruption
        They sit in their offices waiting for reports while the plunderers are having a field day, only for the facts to be out after the deed had been done
        If they are really serious, I think they should plant themselves in strategic places like Government Houses , Presidency, NASS, CBN , NNPC and the like

        When allegations of bribery were made against NNPC regarding Kerosene lifting , NNPC asked people with evidence to come forward forgetting that it would be stupid of any Marketer to admit such, unless he wants to ruin his business – this ought to have been picked up much earlier by the anti-corruption agencies

        For Nigeria to be good again every hand must be on deck to do the right thing no matter whose ox is gored – CBN Governor or not

  • Okey

    Sanusi, the man who wants others to account, is still dodging from accountability. Sanusi did everything to stop National from over-sighting his actions. He rebuffed the presidency from examining his actions. He insists that the CBN is a different “country” with Sanusi as the President, no more, no less. Now, he equally does not want either the Police or SSS to interrogate him concerning his stewardship. But he will only run, he cannot not hide. He and this “zonal judge” that gave this Jankara order know very well that the judiciary lack the power to stop the Police and SSS from performing their constitutional duties. Sanusi must account.