EXCLUSIVE: Revealed: Jonathan’s First Query to CBN Governor, Sanusi

CBN Governor, Lamido Sanusi

The face-off between President Jonathan and Mr. Sanusi actually began in 2012 after Mr. Sanusi granted an interview considered critical of the administration

Contrary to widespread believe that Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, first ran into trouble with President Goodluck Jonathan late last year when he wrote a letter accusing the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation of diverting N8 trillion of Nigeria’s oil revenue, PREMIUM TIMES can report today that Mr. Sanusi first incurred the wrath of the presidency in 2012 when he granted a newspaper interview criticizing the administration’s handling of the Boko Haram insurgency.

Mr. Sanusi had granted an interview to the Financial Times of London in 2012 blaming widespread poverty in the North for Boko Haram’s success in recruiting members. That interview, this newspaper can report, terribly irked Mr. Jonathan and earned Mr. Sanusi a query from the presidency.

Investigations by PREMIUM TIMES showed that not long after it published Mr. Sansui’s interview, the Financial Times did an analysis on Nigeria’s economy and passed a damning verdict on the Federal Government.

Embarrassed by both the interview and the analysis of the London-based newspaper, President Jonathan ordered the former National Security Adviser, NSA, late Owoye Andrew Azazi, to query Mr. Sanusi.

During the controversial interview, the CBN governor had among other things, criticised the uneven distribution of wealth in the country, saying some parts of Nigeria were by far richer than others.

Mr. Sanusi had while fielding questions said, “There is clearly a direct link between the very uneven nature of distribution of resources and the rising level of violence.

“When you look at the figures and look at the size of the population in the north, you can see that there is a structural imbalance of enormous proportions. Those states simply do not have enough money to meet basic needs while some states have too much money.

“The imbalance is so stark because the state still depends on oil for more than 80 per cent of its revenues.”

However, in its analysis of Mr. Sanusi’s interview, the Financial Times on January 27, 2012 wrote: “Nigeria has made little headway raising taxes for example from agriculture, which accounts for 42 per cent of GDP. Northern Nigeria’s economy has traditionally depended on the government more than the south.

“Many of the industries set up as part of earlier efforts to promote national balance have gone bust or been sold off during a decade of liberal market reforms, power shortages and infrastructure collapse.”

The analysis continued, “According to official figures, the leading oil producing state, Rivers, received N1, 053 billion between 1999 and 2008 in federal allocations.

“By contrast the North-eastern states of Yobe and Borno, where the Boko Haram sect was created, received N175bn and N213bn respectively. Broken down on a per capita basis, the contrast is even starker.

In 2008 the 18.97m people who lived in the six states in the north-east received on average N1, 156 per person.”

But a few days after the analysis was published and following presidential directive, Mr. Azazi issued a query to Mr. Sanusi, dated February 2, 2012.

A copy of the query which was exclusively obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, referenced: NSA/A/229/C and titled, “Recent Interview with Financial Times,” was copied to the Director General, Department of State Services, Ita Ekpenyong.

Among other things, the NSA stated that the query was necessitated by statements credited to Mr. Sanus during an interview with the London-based newspaper.

The query reads, “In the interview, you were alleged to have made statements to the following effects: That, the uneven pattern of distribution of resources is directly linked to the rising level of violence in Nigeria.

“That, it is now necessary to focus funds on regenerating other regions of Nigeria; other than the Niger Delta. That, additional federal funds allocation to the Niger delta states has created ‘a structural imbalance of enormous proportions,’ with some states not having enough money and others having too much.

“That, when the theft of oil by profiteers is considered, this imbalance between the oil producing states of the South-South (or Niger Delta states) and states in the North is compounded.”

The query also drew Mr. Sanusi’s attention to his statement that the derivation funds paid to oil producing states, above the normal federal allocations created new disparity in state resource, fostered resentment and encouraged terrorism.

The CBN governor was also reminded that his assertions directly attributed the activities of Boko Haram sect to the revenue allocation formula used by the government.

The query continued, “Not only is there no empirical evidence to support such a statement, conventional wisdom in Nigeria refutes that assertion. Experts obviously have provided numerous explanations for the emergence of Boko Haram activities and the general consensus is that there are no silver bullets.

“Your statements to the Financial Times do not only have no basis in fact but they are divisive, inflammatory, inciting and inappropriate of a senior officer of the Federal Government whose responsibility includes national stability and state continuity.

“This statement has already caused a lot of angst among the populace and raised significant questions as to your intent and motives. These statements bring disrepute to the administration and current and past leadership of Nigeria.

“While I understand your right to free speech and some of the independence your office enjoys, I must also caution you that as an officer of the Government of Nigeria and one entrusted to promote state stability, your utterances through this interview are not in the interest of Nigeria’s national security.

“I encourage you to explore and pursue approaches that will ameliorate the problems that your statements have caused, including a retraction or clarifying statements, possibly through the same medium of interview.”

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that Mr. Sanusi failed to respond to the query, saying he was not answerable to Mr. Azazi and that he would only respond to a direct query from President Jonathan.

Presidency sources say the President did not forgive Mr. Sanusi ever since and had waited patiently for an opportunity to unload him from the administration.

Click here to download Jonathan’s first query to Sanusi


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  • Fairgame

    Shame on the northern Muslim Hausa Fulani! Sanusi indeed has no shame. So Jonathan is to blame for the greedy Muslim Hausa Fulani elite that held political power in Nigeria for almost 40 years and yet remain the poorest region? So it is Jonathan that is to blame for your poverty and the political Boko haram you started to destabilize his government? Wake up Sanusi. You are not born to rule. And never will!

    • Kareem Haroun

      Mr Fairgame or whatever, I believe you and I are not the core-northerners, but it does not bespeak your intelligence or clear savvy of best practices to say the northerners ruled for 40 years and failed to improve their region. I beg to ask you; is being in the corridor of power in a country that is federated, a yardstick for concentrating on ones own region. If the younger ones like us ( I believe you are a youth) continue to think as ethnic bigots who believe in the help-your-people syndrome, then the future of this country remains bleaker. To me I should commend the northern leaders as real patriots for having ruled for 40 years and did not selfishly corner dividends of governance to their own people, but let other parts of the country develop in stead. Government should be for every Nigerian and not help-your-people phenomenon that some of you guys are advocating. When Sanusi fights the Federal Government, he has no Jonathan in mind because at the end of 2015, or 2019 a Jonathan presidency will vanish and the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will still tarry. So if the wrongs in our fiscal irresponsibilities are corrected today, the benefits will remain beyond 2015, and the credit will surely go to Jonathan administration and not Snausi’s administration.

      It is really saddening that, today we do not employ the luxury of logical thinking into our arguments on core national issues – we are so, so deeply enmeshed in ethnic bigotry which is fast eaten to rot the very values that ought to have make us stand firm, strong, united and a progressive nation.

      It is a shame that we the youth still wear the goggles of myopia even though we have all it takes to see clearly that the future is bleak if the present situation in Nigeria is allowed to tarry.

      • really?

        my dear he spoke the truth
        northern political leaders have been irresponsible
        they have been receiving allocations since 1999, what is ground to show for these huge sums of money
        they have the highest number of states and LGAs, and as a consequence has been getting large funds from the FG
        what did they do? introduce sharia.
        and subsequently their sharia army went of ethnic cleansing mission of burning churches, businesses belonging to Christians and outright massacre of Christians and southerners
        this is poetic justice period

      • Fairgame

        How deluded you are. For your information other regions developed in spite of the looting for over 40 years by the northern Muslim Hausa Fulani elite. Your desperation for political power thus the sponsoring of Boko haram to shed innocent blood will only deepen the depth of your graves in Nigeria. As a region you have brought nothing but misery to the rest of Nigeria.

      • isioma aziken snr

        You lied Kareem Haroun, go to CBN, of all the employees the north are in majority there. They even speak Hausa as the official language of the place, if you can’t speak the language no show for you. How can we continue in this direction?
        Again on the so called intervention projects, check-out the beneficiaries of the contracts and you will see that the so called Nigeria dream is dead on arrival because of some religious fundamentalist in our society.
        Have some of you ever thought of using the so called intervention projects as vehicle to clean up the Niger delta? ask yourself about the Gold and other solid mineral of this country, why are they not use to aid the economy of this country, because the north refuse period. we are all aware of the misfortune in Zafara state, which person was arrested or persecuted? None. Yet we are one Nigeria. Shame!

        • Nija pikin

          The official language in the villa is ijaw I hope you know even if you are from niger delta once you are not ijaw no show for you we need a change in 2015

    • ugmohammed

      You must be a great beneficiary of the loots Nigeria limited perpetrated by GEJ, his wife and girl friend Dizieani. If allegation by FRCN is enough to sack Sanusi then Ngozi Iweala should be sacked when the duty waivers she claimed was 170 billion became more than 6 times (1.4 trillion) as revealed by customs. The drunken fisherman should be made to go back to the river so that he can fish and drink kai kai. drinking Kai Kai is making Aso Rock to stink.

  • emmanuel

    Must Premium Times always look for a way to disparage the FG? Have you ever written about the weight of the letter to Sanusi? I am beginning to feel that part of Sanusi’s squandered Nigeria money found its way into PT.

    Why not put in your Mission and Vision, to further the interest of our masters at the expense of being an unbaised societal umpire, so that the world would know where you rightly belong.

    Your media posturing is too sickly.



    • Fairgame

      There is a picture circulating of Mallam Nasir El Rufai, Sanusi and Sowore of SaharaReporters that speaks a million words. We now know for sure that SaharaReporters and Premiumtimes have since been acting out the script of their paymaster – mallam Nasir El Rufai the pentascope criminal. So do not expect any balanced reporting from these two. I come to Thai site to read the trash they put up just so I can respond not that I expect any balance in their stories or any truth from them. Lying is their first name. But they will all continue to fail.

      • Kareem Haroun

        Fairgame the Noise maker. You are sounding so, so frustrated. Please purse, take some water. Lol!

        • Fairgame

          Pause not purse. English 101 which northern Muslim Hausa Fulani say is Boko haram. And talking about frustration, it is your likes ie the Boko haramists and their sponsors who shed innocent blood everyday that are frustrated, but you know what no matter what you say or do, You are not born to rule. Lol!

          • Happyman

            Fairgame, u sound really frustrated……we northerners are proud of being NORTHERNERS

    • smiling

      Lol…….. my brother Premium Times belong to El Rufai.

  • yusuf

    All of you writing jagons and learners english have never seen violence that’s why you seat and write derogatery remarks that incite violence, desparity, separation etc I pity the life you’re calling for you wifes and children! God help nigeria

  • Ore

    Why are so many Nigerian foolish, what sort of nation is this? Sanusi has thrown accusations of Jonathan and his cohorts siphoning 20 billion usd and no one is asking questions. No rally, no public outcry, nothing….It is a shame….

  • Eloka

    Wat else can one say, after the north ruled nigeria for more than 40yrs its now jonathan that impovrished the north. Who is the richest man in africa and were are his industries located? Have you gone to the south and see wat the oil has caused, the devastation that the north inflicted on the south because they cared less and scouped the oil money? Is dat a reason for Mr Sanusi to be throwing large sums of money to the north? Why not give it for clean up activities in the south where the money comes from so that more will come. Will jonathan force ur people to go to school? When the west decleared free education, where were the northerners in office. Now they are even paid to go to school and they choose boko haram. Wake up from your foolishness PT and Sanusi. Your propaganda won’t work. Mr Jonathan will win again and rule then the Igbos will rule otherwise Nigeria shuld divide biko!!!!

    • Ette

      SANUSI has made lots of inciting statements in the past that would have earned him automatic sack through the NASS but GEJ looked the other way because he was afraid that SLS will open up on all the corrupt practices by his lieutenants. In fact GEJ was indirectly supporting SLS against the interests of Nigerians. Why did GEJ not issued him a query for this Islamic inciting statements when all Nigerians know that boko haram has demanded for Islamization of Nigeria by abolishing western education and imposing sharia in place of our constitution. When the north was getting 50% of revenues derived from their groundnuts, there was no complaint. This outpouring in support of wickedness of boko haram could have earned SANUSI automatic sack from a competent president but we have a president who has no direction but surrounds himself with very corrupt people who have turned his heart backward. Sacking SANUSI now after the missing $20b episode is damaging his presidency the more. May God help Nigeria to get out of the hands of these wicked people.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Sanusi thought he was a star, and could do anything with impunity. It was too late in coming, but he was shoved aside and consigned to the dustbin of history. It is only noise he will make as from now on, as he has always been a noise maker

    • Kareem Haroun

      My brother, you have a point there. “It is only noise he will make as from now”. But what is your own take on the current corruption saga rocking the NNPC? Please tell Nigerians what you will do if perchance you are in Sanusi’s shoes as CBN Governor?

      • really?

        what is your take on the long list of allegations against sanusi by the FG?
        including feeding lunch to police men for 1 billion naira annually

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Let him answer the queries raised on his reckless and unapproved expenditures first, then perhaps I will reel out my plans Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Mayo

    I just read the ‘query’ and I fail to see how this can be called a query. When you are issued a query, you will be told to respond and typically given a given time frame to respond. This document contains none of that. This document was simply a set of observations about an
    interview granted by Sanusi. Yes, the document is critical but it is definitely not a query.

    Secondly, Premium Times (PT) alleges the President ordered the NSA to issue this query but PT did not provide any proof of that. If the President wants to query the CBN Governor, why
    would he go through a proxy? It is even more baffling given the fact that the CBN governor does not report to the NSA.

    Finally, from a security point of view, I think it is very troublesome for a top government official to say that BH is as a result of wealth differences between the North and the South. Unless you have your head buried in the sand, we have all heard reports (as reported by the News Media) of BH insisting that they want an Islamic Republic. Different levels of religious fundamentalism has been with us for decades. There was the Maitatsine riots in the 80’s even when Northerners were in power.

    • Wole

      The CBN is not answerable to the NSA, and so is the NSA to the CBN. You will also notice that the NSA did not indicate any directive from the presidency to issue a query. But as the role of the NSA portends, they have got to do something about SLS’ rants. Truly, it is a shame that Sanusi should make such comments….but why are all these coming out now? I won’t expect such documents to be on the pages of Newspapers…so it’s really a hard call.

      My other view is that GEJ could not have been brought to the picture until he has been eventuated into the correspondences between the two autonomous offices. So, in some ways, or arguably so, PT, just like SR, has goofed in linking GEJ to this mess.

      • Mayo

        Exactly my point. PT is very obviously biased against GEJ’s government. I don’t see anything wrong in PT seeing itself as a government watchdog and with the aim of pointing out the errors of government. But doesn’t mean they should turn facts on its head.

      • Larrymaik

        Well, the real story is coming out gradually……..BH……access to a lot of fund…

  • Ken

    e don tey wey Sanusi cup full. GEJ’s PhD must be in Patience, otherwise mallam would have been long gone.

  • Mani_Kay

    “By contrast the North-eastern states of Yobe and Borno, where the Boko Haram sect was created, received N175bn and N213bn respectively. Broken down on a per capita basis, the contrast is even starker.”

    My Comments:

    Using Borno and Yobe States instead of North Eastern State to compare with Rivers State is completely out of order and an attempt at grand deception.

    Then Rivers State = 2 States as at today with a total of 31 LGAs
    Then Northern Eastern State = 6 States as at today with a total of 112 LGAs

    Please take a look at the above statistics, consider their obvious implications and tell me who should be crying of injustice, oppression and marginalization.

    Yobe and Borno States were created out of North Eastern State.

    North Eastern State was created at the same time in 1967 with Rivers State.

    As at today SIX states (Bauchi, Gombe, Borno, Yobe, Adamawa and Taraba) have been created out of North Eastern State while only one State (Bayelsa) with only 8 Local Government Areas have been created out of the then Rivers State.

    Presently both Rivers State and Bayelsa have a combined total of 31 Local Government Areas while ……

    The former North Eastern State that was created at the same time with Rivers State has a combined total of 112 Local Government Areas as at today.

    The implications of these statistics in revenue allocations and in all political and other national matters are serious and enormous ……. yet persons like Sanusi are bold enough to talk foolishly.

  • Gideon Orkar

    GEJ cannot fire me. I am not answerable to the National Security Adviser. Guess what 4ork face you have been kicked out. Now go wrap a towel round your head, chew some kola and sleep with married women . Sanusi you are fired!!!!

  • redeem

    More Frauds Of Sanusi.
    Questionable write-off of N40bn loans of a bank
    The above issues are only a few of the infractions highlighted by the review and which point to the gross incompetence and recklessness which characterized the operations of the CBN in the period under review.

    a] However, the CBN also claimed that it paid Air Charter, such as payments to Emirate Airline (N0.511bn), Wing Airline (N0.425bn) and Associated Airline (N1.025bn) to distribute currency by air nationwide.
    *Emirate Airline does not fly local charter in Nigeria,
    *Wing Airline is not registered with Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority *Associated Airline does not have a billion turnover for 2011 because upon enquiry, the management claimed that they have no financial statements and have not had any significant operations for the past two years that will warrant preparation of financial statements.

    • Jumi Powers

      Another tunnel-visioned GEJ agent!

    • janbiro

      Jonathan Turns Nigeria into a Christian Country:
      95% of Federal Appointments as heads of Parastatals / Agencies were given to Christians as shown below.
      The SGF, Service Chiefs (Army, Navy, Airfoce), 100% Ministers
      from Southern Nigeria are all Christians.
      100% of Ministers from Yoruba Land are all Christians.
      70% of his Ministers are
      Christians in a country that has Muslim Majority.
      Surely Jonathan hates Muslims as he told Tinubu when he came to Power.
      Dr. Anthony Anuforom
      Eng. Andrew Yakubu
      Patrick Apobolokemi
      Mrs. Chinelo Anohu Amazu
      Engr. Chukwu Amuchi
      Mr. George Osahon
      Bank Of Industry
      Ms. Evelyn Oputu
      Nigerian Content Dev. Agency
      Ernest Nwanpa
      Consumer Protection Agency
      Mrs Dupe Atoki
      Engr. Eugene Juwa
      Engr. Nnamdi Udoh
      Engr. Akikuotu
      George Uriesi
      Capt. Chinere Kalu
      Aruma Otteh
      Sovereign Wealth Fund
      Uche Orji
      Dr Paul Orhil
      Dr. Mrs. G. N Elemo
      Maritime Academy Of Nigeria, Oron
      Joshua Okpo
      Railway Corporation
      Eng. Seyi Sijuwade
      Nigerian Tourism Dev. Corporation
      Mrs. Sally Mbanefoh
      Budget Office Of The Federation
      Dr Bright Okogwu
      Prof. Godswill Obioma
      Mr R. R Orya
      Standard Organization Of Nigeria
      Dr Joseph Odumodu
      Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation
      Emeka Nkem Mba
      Industrial Training Fund
      Prof. Longmas Wapmuk
      National University Commission
      Prof. Okojie
      Mrs. N.S Benebo
      MDG Office
      Dr. Precious Gbenio
      Surveyor General Of The Federation
      Peter Chigozie
      Statistician General Of The Federation
      Dr. Yemi Kale
      Accountant General Of The Federation
      Mr. Jonah Otunla
      Auditor General Of The Federation
      Samuel Yonongo Ukura
      National Orientation Agency
      Mike Omieri
      News Agency Of Nigeria
      Oluremi Oyo
      NEPC E/S
      David I Adulugba
      Mr Olugbenga Kuye
      Engr Emeka Eze
      Benjamin Ezra Dikki
      Arc. Sever Gemade
      Sir Peter Idabor
      Osita Chidoka
      National Population Commission
      Festus Odumegbum
      Brig. Gen N. T Okorie Attiah
      Stanley Reginal
      Petroleum Equalization Fund
      Mrs. Adefunke Sharon Kasati
      Dr. Wole Oluleye
      49. Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Agency
      Dr. Sam Amadi
      Nigeria Security & Civil Defense Corpse
      Dr. Ade Abolurin
      Immigration Services
      Mr. David Paradang
      State Security Services
      Ita Ekpeyong
      Chairman Federal Civil Service Commission
      Deaconess Joan O. Ayo
      Debt Management Office
      Dr. Abraham Nwankwo
      Fola Daniel
      National Identity Card Management Agency
      Chris Onyemenam
      National Intelligence Agency
      Ezekiel Olaniyi Oladeji
      Nigerian Sugar Development Council
      National Board For Technical Education
      Dr. Olatunde Awotokun Aworanti
      Nigeria Defense Academy Commandant
      Major General C.O Onwamaegbu
      Joint Admission And Matriculation Board
      Prof Dibu Ojerinde
      Revenue Mobilization & Fiscal Allocation
      Engr Elias N. Mbam
      Mrs Beatrice E. Jedyagba
      National Salaries, Income & Wages
      R.O Ebule
      National Eye Centre, Kaduna
      Dr. D.O. Adejor
      National Human Right Commission
      Prof. Ben Angue
      National Agency For Control Of Hiv/Aids
      Prof. John Idoko
      Boarder Community Dev. Agency
      Engr Numoipre Wills
      National Council For Arts & Culture
      Mr. Mwaajin Malgwi
      National Cereal Research Institute Baddegi
      Dr. Anthony Ochigbo
      National Productivity Centre
      Dr. Paul Bidlhjoh
      National Institute For Cultural Orientation
      Dr. Barclays Fubiri
      National Institute For Advance Legal Studies
      Prof. Epiphany Azinge
      Teachers Registration Council
      Prof. A.M. Nwokocha
      National Centre For Agric Mechanization
      Engr. I.I. Azogu
      Legal Aid Council
      Mr. J.S.Bob Manuel
      Niger Delta Dev. Commission
      Christian Oboh
      National Power Training Institute
      Engr Ruben Okeke
      Raw Materials Research & Dev. Council
      Prof. A.P. Onwualu
      National Examination Council
      Prof. Promise N. Okpala… etc
      Ya ALLAAH to You we turn (in repentance), and by You we argue (and advocate), Ya ALLAAH bring the Muslims back to Your religion. Amin

      • wode

        I doubt if the man even realize this statistic. E be like say some people working with him just dey manipulate things and he just sign the papers without realizing what he’s doing. He definitely lacks the capacity to properly and effectively man the position.

  • Sirajo Wase

    Hmmm. may God save u all. north has already gone far as u think of. how i wish Nigerian can b split. let North b along wit there Agric n south o east o wat ever Niger Delta b wit their fuel like south sudan. let c who wil b more comfortable. boko haram is GEJ agenda to reduce hausa fulani.but i pray for d split of Nigeria into two or three. we wil buy fuel agree. but let c who wil stay in peace amongh us.

  • Afam

    CBN governor had among other things, criticised the uneven distribution of wealth in the country, saying some parts of Nigeria were by far richer than others.

    “When you look at the figures and look at the size of the population in the north, you can see that there is a structural imbalance of enormous proportions. Those states simply do not have enough money to meet basic needs while some states have too much money.

    “The imbalance is so stark because the state still depends on oil for more than 80 per cent of its revenues.”

    Sanusi and his masters should tell us the region that is richer than others.
    North have the highest number of states,local government,NASS members,ministers and occupy the most strategic posts…both NNPC,DIG of police ETC

    North have held the position of number one citizen for the past 38 years what have they done with it..IBB is richer than 6 northern states put together…so which region is richer here..
    Sanusi it is all about management and good family planing than given birth to number of children they can not take care of…

  • Amina

    $56bn,$20bn,$10bn,$8bn.At least money is missing is what GEJ should focus on.Please is it a SIN for saying the truth in this country.Leadership kept digging their grave.Sanusi said the truth and that sack is his credit for saying the truth.Is he NNPC that should sack?.2015is around the corner,Nigerians are Siddons look till next year that we will throw you out.Sanusi thank your God that they allowed you to come back.Ask Ameachi and others their experience.The sycophants around the president because of their pockets are not allowing the man to see clearly.they shield him away from the truth.Is this how to fight corruption in this our great country.

  • really?

    FT is based in London, Britain.
    it is no secret that the west particularly Britain has a lot of contempt for southerners
    their affray into Nigerian politics from time immemorial bears witness to their sympathy for hausa fulanis
    they hate southerners because southerners show a lot of promise and are resourceful
    anyone who throws mud at GEJ has their sympathy
    so any wonder the dubious shady 419 ‘best CBN gov” award was given to sanusi by a phoney group in the UK?

  • That statement from Sanusi is selfserving. He refused to raise the issue of corruption in the North as the major cause of underdevelopment. What about the funds made from the excessive number of local governments.

  • Soney Antai

    Sanusi has consistently shown his narcissism, pomposity and parochialism, hiding behind the overmuch independence his former office gave him. I have listened to, or read some of his utterances. I see him as one who over rates his relevance and importance. While his recent suspension is legally hackneyed, Sanusi has shown grave disrespect to the country by his disdain for the president and unbriddled ethnic jingoism. Let him answer to allegations of his corruption first before challenging his suspension in court.

  • Joshua C. King

    SLS talks from all parts of his mouth and sometimes his anus. When newly appointed he began witch hunting several banks. His interviews showed he lacked basic knowledge of businesses or was deliberately intent on causing confusion. How does one sell banks that belonged to shareholders?
    He had too many excesses and criticized the government far too often as a member of the opposition.
    The government watched him and did not think he was really out of order until he brought his inconsistency on them. Then they showed him the way out. His sack should have been through the legal procedure. Bring up his dossier to the National Assembly and convince them to send him out. But GEJ fails to think rationally. The attorney general failed to advise the president. The president has acted not in the best interest but in confusion and desperation and his deed is now an act of gross misconduct. While SLS deserves sack for his brazen abuse of his freedom of speech, GEJ deserves more than a caution for abuse of the presidential office.

  • Man Enough

    This is what I call objective reporting. One can make unbiased opinion based on this kind of information.

    Now, I must accept that Sanusi also has his own faults, even though his observations were nothing but the truth. Former US President, Clinton, on his visit to Nigeria also acknowledged that the gap between the rich and the poor in Nigeria could be responsible for social unrest. But be that as it is, no one in their right minds would heap the blame on GEJ and his administration. This is a problem with multiple roots ranging from civilian mis-rule, to military destructive rules, and even the cultures in Nigeria, especially the Northern culture of apathy to education, indiscriminate child bearing, and what I call “sentimental solidarity” against perceived outsiders. Putting blame on GEJ for all these without recourse to holistic approach is jaundiced in my own view, and the reason I’l support Sanusi’s sack, even though I expected that shuld’ve been done long ago.

    However, the issues he raised did not make him a criminal. He’s entitled to his own opinion and we must address those issues meaningfully if we have to move forward.

  • Ikechukwu_67

    All these sponsored diversionary tactics would never work.If you like go and bring another query on how sanusi messed around with a ‘married’ woman.The central issues can never disappear: where is 20 billion dollars? Additionally, how come the sales by npdc cannot be accounted for by anyone? How come the federal account doesn’t have all the oil revenues? These are the issues. Go and ‘kill’ sanusi if you like but where is the money?

  • Khafilat Adeoye

    On the Matter of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi:

    It is bad enough, indeed bad enough that the final briefing note addressed to the President by the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria was dated June 7, 2013 yet the President did not take action until about 9 months later despite the seriousness of the matters raised and their grave implications coupled with the very explicit recommendations contained therein.

    The National Assembly must query the President for this dereliction of duty on a very, very serious matter.

    The least I expect as a Nigerian is to see Sanusi Lamido Sanusi serving a very long jail term of not less than 60years and with hard labour. All his assets must be identified and forfeited to Nigeria.

    The President must reassure Nigerians by making sure that the prosecution of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi begins without delay. I would like to see the trial commence before end of February 2014.

    If Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is not prosecuted without delay, then there is no reason why any single Nigerian should be in jail or awaiting trial in our prisons.

  • Ikechukwu_67

    Where is the 20 billion dollars? Where is our money? How come npdc doesn’t pay what it derives fom oil into the federation account? Why? How come all our oil revenues do not get into the federation account? Do whatever you like to sanusi but where is the money? All these diversionary tactics would never work.where is the money?

  • igbiki

    GEJ would have sacked SLS long ago without qualms but he ignored him to the extent he is now sacking him at his own peril.

    The Nigerian political space is at the moment poisened and almost al the heavy hitters have ganged up against Jonathan.

    GEJ is not known for making the right calls or for hitting home runs when it really matters.

    His lots are shooting himself on the foot as often as he wishes, making wrong decisions, taking the right action at the wrong time, wrong or exaggareted statements and worst of all inaction.

    All these are the hallmarks of a dunce which he actually seems to be.

  • Mayor

    Sanusi indeed has an ulterior motive. His statements on the interview somehow shows he is nt a true patroit neither is he true to the course.He does not even hide his allegiance to the course of the boko haramist. Every Nigerian even the uneducated is aware that the large land mass of the northern region of Nigeria reflects not that its the most populated region. However, from the interview, the place of the East in the Nigerian politics seem so lost.

  • abc

    And Azazi died in questionable circumstance. Any linkage?

  • Comfortkay

    Nigerian are known to be quick to judge every comment and situation, the Bible say Judge not. I rest my story.

  • ubong

    I hailed sanusi when he boldly told our senators/representatives that their emoluments is ruining the project called Nigeria. However, with a series of claims and counter claims by both assumed owners of the project called Nigeria, that GEJ signed an unseen agreement with them (owners of Nigeria/sole authorised president anointed selector-OBJ) I became suspicious of Sanusi utterances and loyalty to the unity of this project called Nigeria. To add insult to injuries, the released of a CBN governor letter to the president, probably the same week the assumed owner of project Nigeria (OBJ) and Speaker House of Representatives, shouted about endemic corruption in the country, putting aside his impunity and lawlessness to read letters from representatives, despite a High Court judgement that the ground/s for seeking defection is not tenable and backed up with APC, my instinct told me that Sanusi is more out to cause mayhem and anarchy than carrying out his function as the nation CBN governor. He became more a politician than a civil servant. He was demeaning the office of the president, almost becoming the spoke-person for APC, chunking out more insult and hitting the polity than Lai Mohammed/Amaechi with daily noise of unsubstantiated corruption and fraud cases. Sanusi, became DSP Iyamu, of the dreaded armed robber in Benin saga-Anini, whom Iyamu was detailed to apprehend but it turn out that the same trusted officer was working with Anini and partaking in the daily loots from Anini robbery. Sanusi, was talking more than the information minister with no regards to civil service rules to reporting fraud. Sanusi sees himself unanswerable to anybody than to make sure he joined apc to unreasonably attacked the government, just to cause anarchy and made the country ungovernable. I wont keep him for so long. You must obey constituted authority and follow laid down procedure of reporting grievances and not what Sanusi was doing. Sanus turned CBN to charity -donating monies and talking too much and most often unnecessarily.