Diezani admitted misappropriating Nigeria’s N577 billion, yet Jonathan did nothing – Sanusi says

Deziani Alison-Madueke is one of President Jonathan's favourite ministers.

Sanusi reacts to his suspension.

The suspended Governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank, Lamido Sanusi, has berated President Goodluck Jonathan’ attitude to corruption, saying his exposure of financial misappropriation by Nigeria’s state owned oil firm, NNPC, put him in the bad books of the president.

Mr. Sanusi gave an example of the president’s attitude to corruption, saying no action was taken against the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, despite that she openly admitted spending $3.5 billion (N577 billion) of Nigeria’s money without budgetary approval.

Mr. Sanusi said this while reacting to his suspension by President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday.

Speaking on the Hausa service of the Voice of America shortly after his suspension was announced, Mr. Sanusi said he knew that was how he would end his tenure as the CBN governor because of his frequent clashes with the government, the most recent and controversial of which was his allegation against the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

Mr. Sanusi had, on September 25, 2013, written a memo to President Goodluck Jonathan alleging that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, systematically diverted funds, being crude oil sales proceeds, between January 2012 and July 2013. In the letter, Mr. Sanusi said that for all crude oil sales within the period, the NNPC paid only 24 per cent proceeds into the federation account, and diverted the remaining 76 per cent.

This led to reactions from the NNPC, the Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala; and the Minister of Petroleum, Mrs. Alison-Madueke, all countering the amount allegedly diverted.

During a recent Senate hearing into the missing funds, Mr. Sanusi said after the CBN reviewed its figures, it found out that the unremitted misappropriated fund was $20 billion (N3.3 trillion).

In his Thursday interview with the Voice of America, the CBN governor raised what he described as the laissez-faire attitude of President Jonathan administration towards the misappropriation of funds.

“For instance the Minister of Petroleum spoke on live Television before the National Assembly admitting that she spent $3.5 billion of tax payers’ money on kerosene subsidy without budgetary approval, but nothing was done,” he said.

Mr. Sanusi was referring to claims by Mrs. Alison-Madueke that a large amount of the missing funds was used to subsidise kerosene.

The CBN Governor, however, stated that he had no regret over his actions while in office.

“Whoever knows me knows that left to me, I would have left a long time ago because of the frequent clashes we’ve been having with the government,” he said.

He maintained that the President had no power under the laws of Nigeria to suspend him. He said although he was not interested in remaining in office, he would challenge the decision of Mr. Jonathan in court.

“I have no intention of going back to work, and I am not interested in going back, but we will go to court to find out if the president has the power or not to suspend a governor of the Central Bank. If that is not done, a CBN governor in the future will not be able to perform his duties effectively knowing that a president can easily suspend him,” he said.

He said his decision to challenge the suspension was in the best interest of the Central Bank as well as the nation as a whole.

The president’s spokesperson, Reuben Abati, had announced the suspension on Thursday morning, adding that the CBN governor should hand over to the most senior Deputy Governor of the Bank, Sarah Alade.

Mr. Abati announced that Ms. Alade would serve as Acting Governor until the conclusion of ongoing investigations into alleged breaches of enabling laws, due process and mandate of the Central Bank by Mr. Sanusi.

The president has also nominated Godwin Emefiele, the Managing Director of Zenith Bank, as the substantive CBN governor, when Mr. Sanusi’s tenure ends in June.


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  • We are watching, Part 2,scene 1.

    • Fx Papa

      A true Central Bank Governor will work on sound monitory policies to reposition the economy. What was the exchange rate when Sanusi came to power. Naira was 148 to a dollar. today what is the rate. he was busy taking chieftaincy title while the economy was was drowning. Good Monetary policy is what USA, Britain and other great nations uses to regulate the economy. To me he was never qualified to be in that post at all. if not for Nigerian mentality of putting wrong people in economically sensitive places. No President can take the bull sheet president Johnathan had taken from Sanusi. For God sake Sanusi should show Nigerians n
      ow that he is the president of the country, because he had been carrying himself as one ,now that he is sacked.

      • Mohstone

        Am sure even you sef no understand the nonsense that you write above.

        • toshinaike

          Absolute nonsense

  • Es3

    Sanusi is free to go and tell the court he is a ‘god’ and not a public officer that was appointed into office, as such he cannot be suspended???!

  • Mani_Kay


    Sanusi is Nigeria’s biggest thief ………. when he saw that investigations were at advanced stages concerning his stealing and gross misconduct at CBN ….. he then quickly indicated that he would not seek a second term and went further to raise false alarms against NNPC so that he would look like a saint in the eyes of Nigerians when his stealing is eventually exposed to them.

    Sanusi’s desperate attempts to hoodwink Nigerians failed woefully and will continue to fail despite the huge propaganda machine at his disposal.

    Just take sometime and review the timelines of events and you would find that SANUSI became an “activist” after the audited CBN accounts were sent to FRCN.

    • Chukwu

      Mani_kay, did yu see the photograph of this story between President Jonathan and Madam Diezani Madueke. Chineke! That photograph is like a wedding photograph as madam was smiling coyly and our president was laughing lavishly. Are you sure this is not a photograph taken at a wedding or some social ocassion? This naija sef pass me. I don tire. This president and his madam minister Diezani. This photograph is another matter. What do you think mani-kay na deri na afam na akpos1 na reno omokri?

      • Mani_Kay

        Are you blind?

        Can’t you see that the President was merely collecting official documents from her ……. do you want her to dump them on the floor?

        You have a very dirty mind!!!!

        • Chukwu

          Which president? Jonathan? Na wa. I am asking you to see that “girlish” wedding smile on Goodluck Jonathan’s madam’s face, you are talking of President. President my foot. Na party dem dey? Is that the smile and eye popping smile and face that Madam oil Diezani Alison-Madueke uses all the time to mesmerize THE PRESIDENT such that he is weak he cannot do anything despite the fact that Madam sits flat on corruption in NNPC. I just dey ask ooo Reno omokri na mani_kay. This is a magnetic smile and it is a winner on “president” anyday. I can see how madam uses the smile to get “president”. This is what Nigerians are seeing mani-kay. You get? E be like say madam know “president” well well. Or what do yu think?

          • Mani_Kay

            I have said it and will continue to say it ……. you have a very dirty mind!!!

            Persons like you ought to be tried in Islamic Sharia Courts and beheaded for spreading corruption on earth.

            You better repent now and before it is too late.

            By the way corruption in NNPC was initiated by Dr Rilwanu Lukman and his Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani kinsmen.

            Today, Dr Rilwanu Lukman is living in Austria as the richest man in that country.

            The greatest pain is that the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are the ones sustaining any corruption you see in NNPC today.

            That is why the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani continue to block the passage of PIB proposed by Deziani/Jonathan.

            I have said it and would continue to say it …… anywhere you see corruption you must see the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani there and anywhere you see the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani you must see corruption there …….. corruption is the feeding bottle of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani.

          • yankon

            Someone talked about this photograph and photographc smile between Mrs. Diezani Madueke and Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. You are so mad at the person’s post you have gone bunkers. But the point is I hear that Mrs Madueke holds NNPC board meetings in her private residence to “save” NNPC money! So since Mrs Madueke’s smile here is suggestive and since our loving coool President is smiling ear to ear to Mrs. Madueke’s suggestive smiles , I guess my question is: Did this presentation take place in Mrs Diezani Madueke’s residence where she normally holds NNPC board meetings to according “official” reasons “save” NNPC money? Please help Nigerians to address this since you are all ears yourself in Aso Rock.

          • Mani_Kay

            It is instructive for you to note that President Goodluck Jonathan is not OBJ or Sanusi who are well known for stealing and for sleeping with other men’s wives.

          • yankon

            Then who is the mother of Goodluck Jonathan’s child since Patience Jonathan is not the mother? And why did Diezani backdate her “graduation” date? Is this just one of those things?

          • Friday

            what about Diezani Madueke herself? How many e get? We know oooo I beg! So make yu no talk at all.

          • Mohstone

            Ok then, that means he is sleeping with your sisters since he doesnt sleep with married women. And who told you Dezieni is still married?

          • justice

            Mohstone, thank you oooo. Me I no know for this mani_kay person. We who are deep in the south south know our sista diezani very well, We KNOW AM. We know her in and out!!! I will not say more than this. Thanks anyway Mohstone. Mani_kay is paid to do what he does.

          • Tonnero

            I dont know how you idiots sleep after telling lies that you know very well to be lies. How did Lukman initiate corruption? Please tell us. Mumus like you just toss accusations everywhere with no evidence not even circumstantial. NNPC under Lukman was probably corrupt but, my God, corruption anywhere in Nigeria does not hold a candle to what GEJ and his madam have been doing since they came in in 2010.
            You also open your lying mouth to say “PIB proposed by Diezani/GEJ”. Anyway, ignorance is no crime and you seem to have lots of it. Version 0 of the PIB was first proposed in 2008 when Barkindo was GMD! By 2010 when your madam came in, public hearings had been concluded, stakeholder views aligned and bill ready to sign. Unfortunately, your lazy thieving madam let the ball drop and did not push it through until the elections of 2011. The new guys then insisted they had to go through it. Your “Jesus” then went ahead to re-doctor the document, clashing with the then DPR director in the process. All the discretionary powers the bill sought to remove were re-introduced by your thieving Minister.
            But do not let the truth stop you from hallucinating. I just hope we can find you in 2015 so you can be serving GEJ and Diezani half-cooked beans in jail when we finally put you all there.

          • Mohstone

            Kai kai kai !!! this is the sweetest comment of the century. Mani_Kay don pick race since. You don finish am with one backhand slap.

          • Mani_Kay

            You are Nigeria’s foremost liar ……. missing up facts to deceive.

            But tell us why the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are blocking the Deziani/Jonathan PIB

    • Kryle

      if that is the case, then be so kind as to tell us what misappropriation was discovered from that audit. And tell us why the FRCN didn’t raise any dust over it. Even after Sanusi chose to become an ‘activist’ as you put it.

    • Anny

      it seems Sanusi has told the truth… if not, where did NNPC get 6.7BN they remitted to FG account last 3 days after much allegation of corruption?

  • Folasade Adekemi

    Thanks Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. God in his infinite mercies will bless you. Go and Go will cointinue to guide you aright. You will not falter. Anything you touch shall be blessed with the kindness of God. You are leaving with a lot of proper pride and good work. You will walk TALL among humans of intellect, success and of courage. I admire your courage and boldness. Thanks Mr. Sanusi. And God bless.

  • Folasade Adekemi

    My former post had a tech error so I am repeating the sentence. Go Mr. Sanusi and God will continue to guide you aright for standing up against tribalism, impunity, arrogance, power and complete idiocy in Nigerian public governance. I am proud of you. You will never falter, for God will continue to envelope you with his love and kindness for standing up against this tyranny rampaging the corridors of power in Nigeria.

  • max

    He said that Dezieni spent tax payers money on kerosene subsidy. Which tax payers money is this thief talking about? So because Dezieni steal Sanusi decided to steal his own.
    Honestly I thought that by now Nigeria will turn upside down because Sanusi was suspended.
    So which kind of law will preclude the sack of cbn governor which means if we have a nightmare like Sanusi as cbn governor he will not be removed by the person that appointed him.
    The message Sanusi is strenuously seeking to tell Nigerians is I steal Dezieni stole but nothing happened to Dezieni but I was removed.
    When did Sanusi clash with government? When in actually sense Nigerians were accusing Jonathan of being afraid of Sanusi.
    Sanusi was in the side of government during subsidy protest. He donated money anyhow. He proposed N5000 note against the cry of the masses and remain adamant and even insulted Obj till Jonathan suspended the proposal to the delight of Nigerians.
    Sanusi can’t blackmail Jonathan he has been disgraced out of government and it remains so. he should be briefing his lawyers because that is the only thing he can do.

  • Comfortkay

    If she spend 577 billion Naira times two , the President will not do anything because first she is the most expensive Minister in the history of Nigeria, she sleep only in 5 stars Hotels and spend money anyhow. For all the supporter of the GEJ government you will all be exposed.

    • Mohstone

      And you also forgot to add that her c**t is worth $20 billion. That is why since the day Jona-the-drunk tasted it our travails as a nation began.

  • Mare

    If you know that what she did is bad by misappropriating over what the budget permits, why did you, sanusi, commit the same fraud? Though, sanusi tried in some area but worked as if he had no master or employer.

  • Kayode Oyin-Zubair

    Serious crimes remain unattended to here.

  • Samuel

    The Sanusis of this world should learn how to respect constituted authority. He said he knew long time ago that he might end up like this. It means that his frequent confrontations with Presidency is a well calculated and deliberate actions. No one is impressed by this ‘I don’t care attitude’ as it is never the best way to project the nation and it’s leadership

  • Peri-Pasuu

    Hello all. All being said and being done, what is the way forward for our country to progress in peace, harmony and social justice?