APC is a fraud – Shekarau

The former Kano governor addressed the public in Abuja.

Ibrahim Shekarau
Ibrahim Shekarau
A former Governor of Kano State, Ibrahim Shekarau, has lambasted the All Progressives Congress, APC, describing it as a party built on fraud.

Mr. Shekarau, a founding member of the APC, recently decamped to Nigeria’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The ex-governor stated his views of his former party on Monday at the Yar’Adua centre, Abuja, where he addressed the press on his formal defection to the PDP.

He spoke a day after the Interim National Secretary of the APC, Tijjani Tumsah, announced that the party would re-admit the ex-governor if he returned to it.

Mr. Shekarau, who has come under fire from some APC supporters in the north over his defection, said no amount of intimidation, blackmail, or character assassination will make him change his decision.

The ex-governor, who co- chaired a committee that harmonised the merger of three defunct parties to form the APC, said the major problem with the new party is that it was formed to satisfy the aspiration of some of its leaders. He said six months after its registration, the APC has no constitution, manifesto, or full executive officials at all levels.

“Some people wanted to pocket the party, that is why its constitution is yet to see the light of the day,” he said.

He also said the APC has already lost its soul, and that his efforts to correct the anomaly were rebuffed.

“The soul of the APC is lost. It cannot be touched or seen. APC Constitution is a political fraud. There is no management at any level of APC. This is the issue we raised and this is what we challenged. I did all I could do to salvage the APC with no results. I refused to keep quiet at the face of the shenanigans going on in the APC,” he added.

“We cannot see ourselves belonging to a platform where we have been made to be in the pocket of others.

“After six months no structure was found anywhere, we cannot belong to such, where a caricature of management is found. We challenged the leadership of APC to tell us why the Constitution and manifestos of the party is not found on the street of Nigeria,” he added.

The former governor said some leaders of the party has arrogated to themselves positions that were not in any official structure of the party.

“There is nowhere in the constitution of APC that said X and Y are the leaders of the party,” he said.

Mr. Shekarau said politics goes beyond just running for office but ensuring that the generality of the people participate in nation building. He said he decided to join the PDP because the party has begun to work on its internal problems. He pledged his loyalty to the leadership of his new party.

Mr. Shekarau, the presidential candidate of the defunct ANPP in 2011, said his decision to dump the APC for the PDP, was jointly taken with his supporters not just in Kano, but across Nigeria. Most of his state coordinators when he ran for president were present at the briefing.

A former governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa, who also recently defected to the PDP, was also at the event.

In a short remark, Mr. Bafarawa also criticised the APC. He said the APC is now like the PDP of old; and added that he would play his part to ensure the rebuilding of the PDP.


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  • naija citizen

    Hippocrite, stop deceiving ur self. We can finally see u for hu u rilly are.

  • Allayes

    Only politicians believe their own lies.

  • Emechuruba

    Hmmmm….. U are a disgrace! Lets see who you are foolin malam. If you were given the chance to lead the state chapter non of this will come out from your mouth. How one earth does dis ever happened? You want to lead and dont want to be led. You are a hypocrites and a lonesome goof crying foul just because u didnt get wat u wanted. Lets face wat u hate ‘the truth’ The incumbent governor is more useful to them. You are a liability and a mole so ppl prayed hard that all APC moles to leave. Here u r now… Get a life sir…

  • AAA

    Haba Mr. Shekarau ? You of all people calling APC a fraud ?

    • Es3

      Yes, being part of it before at a high level, he sure knows what he talking about!

  • omo oba

    I still dey laff

  • aliflabconsults



    In 1999, we have

    23 PDP governors, 6 AD and 7 APP. 8 yrs after, we have the following remarks:

    a- PDP -23


    1- Ebori- PDP

    Delta- in Prison for looting Delta of N114b

    2-ALameseiya- PDP

    Bayelsa- Ex-convict for looting Bayelsa coffer of N112b

    3- Lucky Igb. PDP-

    Edo- Ex -convict for looting Edo treasury of N4.5b

    4- Odili- PDP

    Rivers- in court for looting Rivers state treasury up to N100B and case stalled

    in court with legal technicalities. But criminal case has no expiring date. It

    will surely come up one day.

    5- Chimaroke Nn-

    PDP- Enugu- in court 4 looting N48b from the state treasury

    6- Ayo Fayose-

    PDP- Ekiti- in court for looting N4.2B from the state treasury

    7- Ladoja- PDP

    Oyo- In court for looting- N1.8B from state treasury

    8- Alao Akala- PDP

    Oyo- In court for looting- N5b from the state treasury

    9-Gbenga Daniel

    -PDP Ogun- in court for looting N11b

    10- Ohakim-

    PDP-Imo – In court for looting N5.6b

    11-Adamu Muazu-

    PDP Bauchi- In court 4 looting the state treasury of N19.8b

    12- Dariye J- PDP

    Plateau- in court for looting- N2.7 B

    13- Jolly Nyame-

    PDP Taraba- in court for looting the state treasury- N15.4B

    14- Abdulahi

    Adamu- PDP Nassarawa- in court for looting the state treasury- N7B

    15- Boni Aruna-

    PDP Adamawa- in court for looting the treasury of N1.4B

    16-Ex- gov.

    Jigawa- in court for looting treasury’ N11.8 b

    17- Uzor Kalu- PDP

    Abia- in court for looting the treasury hmmm hqters- N29b

    B-AD- (AC) 6 gov

    NO Ex AD governor

    has ever been taking to court for treasury looting.


    Tinubu of Lagos

    was dragged to Code of Conduct Tribunal for having foreign accounts while in

    power against government policy of zero foreign account for public officials.

    He was found

    not guilty because he had the accounts before his election to the office of


    And the accounts were dormant while he reigned in Lagos. Case dismissed.

    c- APP- ( ANPP) 7


    1-Baffarawa APP

    Sokoto in court for looting N14b

    2- Prince Abubakar

    Audu- APP Kogi- in court for looting N4.5b

    Remarks: I add notcase file or name here but these are cases brought to court by PDP established financial crime busting agencies. These prosecutions are taking place under PDP

    federal government. Should another party put the torch light, hmmmmmm Nigerians will not believe their eyes.

    AD-AC-ACN=APC you have done well. Posterity will judge. You are not a saint but PDP federal

    government could not established a prima-facie charges against you for the time being. Please keep it up.

    If i should go up to 15 years of democracy more governors from PDP like Sylvia and so on will

    join the queue. PDP legislators like Sen. Okadigbo, Wabara, Speaker Etteh,

    Salisu Buahri, Dimeji Bankole and so on. Ministers like Prof Fabian Osunji,

    Prof Bath Nnamdi, Adenike Grange, Fani kayode, Tunde Adenirun, Borishade, Madam

    airport and the list is endless

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    I guess someone or some people hurt this man’s feelings real bad. But let us face facts your new posture is beneath you. Quit while you are ahead. You had a lot of sympathy because of the way APC treated you, but you are now beginning to sound like a common politician and not the special Shekarau we all grew to love during the 2011 Presidential election campaigns.

  • ABB

    The issue is NOT character assassination or blackmail as you claimed Mr. Shekarau. The simple fact is that do yourself a favor by looking into a mirror and you will see the face of a MUNAFIK who think that he can deceive people all the times. This is just the beginning of your travails Mr. Shekarau.

  • naija man

    all this because you were not made the leader of APC in Kano state.stop fooling yourself.

  • Truthnodeydie

    Shekarau is so used to addressing Almaginrins that he thinks every gathering is a clan of Almagiris. When people refer to nincompoops as leaders shows to what level the Nigerian polical space has degenerated to. The same man who shouted Hosanna a few days ago when he held sway in APC is now crying crucify them just because level has changed. With this kind of politicians without principles it is clear that the politics of “na ma belle i know” has come to stay.

  • Mani_Kay


    I wrote this comment titled “RESCUE BUHARI NOW” a few months ago but many at that time dismissed it as something that will never happen ……. Are you still in doubt?



    When Governor Sule Lamido in a recent interview said that Buhari is politically naïve I had thought Governor Sule Lamido was wrong.

    But recent developments prove that Governor Sule Lamido was right >>>>> Buhari is indeed too politically naïve and Bola Tinubu is poised to take maximum advantage to the humiliation of Buhari.

    Bola Tinubu has been boasting to all his friends that he would politically bury Buhari the same way he buried Obasanjo in the South-West.

    The drive to recruit members of the nPDP is part of the plot to weaken and disarm Buhari politically.

    This is exactly what Bola Tinubu is doing >>>> Bola Tinubu knows that Buhari’s core supporters and loyalists are in the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani States. These are people who listen to Buhari and with whom he went into political alliance with ACN. Buhari is used to them and they are used to Buhari. They give strength and political protection to Buhari.

    Bola Tinubu also knows that the only way to weaken Buhari politically is to displace and replace these people that accompanied Buhari into the APC alliance.

    While Bola Tinubu has kept his own base in the South-West very much intact, he is out there doing everything possible to destroy Buhari’s political comfort base by recruiting members of the nPDP to displace and replace Buhari’s core supporters.

    With Buhari’s core supporters displaced and replaced with nPDP members it means that Buhari will have to start afresh to build relationships with these nPDP members.

    This is going to be an uphill task for Buhari because it is a known fact that these nPDP members are strange political bedfellows to Buhari. In fact, most of them are Buhari-hating politicians.

    They will never work harmoniously with Buhari >>>> resulting to the scenario whereby Buhari will spend virtually all his energy trying to troubleshoot problems in his native political base.

    While Buhari is busy putting out fires in his domain, Bola Tinubu will exploit Buhari’s situation and use the advantage to extend his edge over Buhari as leader of APC. At some point Buhari will get so frustrated and quit.

    If Buhari refuses to quit on his own, then Bola Tinubu will use these nPDP politicians he is recruiting to kick Buhari out.

    The time to rescue politically naive Buhari is now!!!

    • Ide4u

      Leave Buhari alone!!! Your brother GEJ has been a bad market from day one.

    • greatbiodun

      leave buhari alone

  • Dan Bakanen Fulani

    Shekarau is also as fraudlant as APC because whatever was designed for that party he was part and parcel of it. Therefore Shekarau should consider himself a fraudlant person. Ai Tsintacciyar Mage bata Mage. Shi dama Dan Kunama ba Dan goyo ne ba idan ma ka goya shi sai ya harbe ka.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    The man said the simple truth, yet he is being vilified. The man dies who maintain silence when he should speak

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    Leadership is all about intergratity. A leader needs to have some level of intergratity in order to develop the credrebility for people to believed what he or she say. Shekarau has lost his. Few years back and few months back same Shekarau was reported as saying that PDP is the worst party on earth and that if all the people in the north are to decamp to PDP he will rather remain alone. He even said by God he won’t join the PDP. Now which one does he want us to believe? Won’t same person say something different in another time? Should we trust such a person with any political office?

  • TheBitterTruth

    Another Nigerian Political Prostitute (from ANPP to APC to PDP …to??)! Birds of the same feather – APC has no ideology, clearly the man, Shekarau also has no personal ideology – blown around by the political wind here and there. Shady characters pretending to be intelligent! Nigerians need to rid these vermins and leeches from the land – seeking power and/or contracts at all cost – they have sold their souls to their bellies. Nigerians are not fooled by these liars. He was a failure as a Governor, and wants to be President or what? Only in Nigeria!!!!

  • Bello Muhammad Sharada

    Let all commentators in this forum, provide a link where we can get APC constitution so that we can differentiate between chaffs and stone.

  • Es3

    Shekerau said the truth that many are yet to know, but which will gradually surface as it has already began!

  • Tajudeen Alabede

    I’ve always had great respect for Malam Shekarau. I knew him in Kano while he was the Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office in 1999. It was my national service year. Coincidentally, it was during Dr Kwankwaso’s first term as the Governor of Kano State. During that time, i interacted with him at different levels. I still remember him as a very, very decent, intelligent, selfless and deeply religious man. Ever since, I’ve been following his political odyssey with keen interest. I’ve always regarded him as a new face of Nigerian politics. I’ve always hoped that he would represent the hope for a new Nigeria. I had expectations that his way would be different from that of the typical Nigerian politician. For some of us, he has been a mentor and a role model. I don’t think I can say that with full confidence any longer. I pray time will heal the wound. So sad.

  • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

    Malam has turned funky.

    Before now, if you talk of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, everyone in both his side and opposition (including Chief Obasanjo) will pass a good remark.

    What is happening now that Malam get abuses from his fans?

    What happened that his estwhile political friends, elders and Godfathers isolated him?

    What happened that only the “boys” are with malam? But the “boys” are too few.

    What happened that those of us who sell Malam Shekarau yesterday as a consumer durable, are selling him today as a disposable waste?

    Is malam’s decision to join PDP a popular one among the people he claim to be working for?