How Obasanjo, APC leaders wanted me to rot in jail in Benin Republic — Dokubo-Asari

Mr. Dokubo-Asari alleges it was ex-President Obasanjo that instigated his recent arrest in Benin Republic.

The leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has alleged that former President Olusegun Obasanjo as well as some leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, wanted him to rot away in detention in Benin Republic to enable them perpetrate electoral malpractices in the coming general elections.

He specifically alleged that Mr. Obasanjo plotted his arrest recently in the Republic of Benin, when he (Obasanjo) sent his name alongside others to the INTERPOL, asking it to arrest and detain the neighboring West African country.

Mr. Dokubo-Asari stated this in an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES last Tuesday, two days before he was arrested and interrogated by the State Security Service, SSS.

Mr. Dokubo-Asari said when he was picked up by the Benin security outfit, the APC leaders, who he did not name, wanted him kept away for long as long as possible since they could not silence him.

He said, “They believe that if I’m around in 2015 and people know me – it is not boasting and shouting because the records are there – they know that if people like me are around in 2015, they will not be able to do what they want to,” he said.

“And for the threats they are making; every action will get an opposite reaction, they cannot silence me.

“Benin republic is a democracy and there is rule of law and of course they examined the accusations leveled against me and they found out that there was nothing.

“I hear that some APC leader said I should rot in prison and they were even putting pressure on my lawyer. They have forgotten that it was through me that Festus Keyamo (his lawyer) became a member of the APC, because I was a founding member of ACN. They are the ones who will surely rot in prison because my hands are clean.”

The APC spokesman, Lai Mohammed, could not be reached for reaction to the allegation as he did not answer or return calls.

Former President Obasanjo could also not be reached for comments. His aides, who asked not to be named, said the former president will not respond to allegations from an “inconsequential character like Dokubo-Asari.

Recounting his ordeal in Benin Republic where he says he runs three schools and have over 500 staff, Mr. Dokubo-Asari said he kept a low profile life until that country’s authorities received a report from Mr. Obasanjo about him, got him arrested, but found him clean after conducting their investigations.

According to him, “I have been in Benin since 2008, I have been doing business there and nobody knows me apart from the few people I interact with. I have over 500 people under my employment in my three schools. I pay my tax, yet I don’t have any visibility.

“Ordinarily anywhere I stay, I hardly have any visibility other than when people see me because I’m not flamboyant. I don’t believe there is any need in this world for somebody to display wealth. Whatever you have you should use it. This is my house people can say whatever they like about me having billions, but this is where I stay. You see the cars that I drive they are ordinary cars.

“Benin Republic received a report from former President Olusegun Obasanjo about me. That was why they arrested me, but thankfully, they conducted all their investigations and found me clean. Thanks also to the efforts of some Igbo and South-South People’s Associations who played a part to get us released.”

Mr. Dokubo-Asari also admitted that Mr. Jonathan played a part in getting him released, but denied that the president dispatched a presidential jet to ferry him back to Nigeria.

“The president did intervene,” he said. “He did and I’m grateful for that, but presidential jet ‘no be the first time wey I go enter presidential jet now! Obasanjo no send presidential jet to come and carry me? This is not the first time but the president (Jonathan) didn’t send any presidential jet to come and carry me back.

“But Obasanjo sent a presidential jet to pick me from Port Harcourt when I came out from the creeks to Abuja. Did he not cancel Oct 1 (Independence) celebrations in the history of this country because of me in 2004?”

Describing himself as the most prosecuted Nigerian, Mr. Dokubo-Asari said contrary to the perception in some quarters, he had been invited and questioned by the SSS several times last year over remarks the Service considered inflammatory.

He said he had been detained more than 73 times and that on one occasion, they though he would go crazy.

He said, “I am the most prosecuted person, I have been detained more than 73 times. In fact, I was under the ground. I was buried alive by Obasanjo where you don’t know when it is night or day.

“I was buried alive for 10 months 11 days at the SSS they think I will go bananas I did not go, so I have seen it all.”

According to him, once during his interrogation, he told the authorities at the SSS that they had no right to arrest him if a former Head of State and APC leader, Muhammadu Buhari, who he claimed threatened his Ijaw ethnic group, could not be similarly arrested.

“I was with the SSS several times last year, they even came here to pick me up. I don’t need to make noise about it. We Ijaw people are men, we can’t make noise anyhow. SSS comes and you run under your wife’s wrapper? Who is SSS?” he said.

“It is wrong to say I was never invited by the SSS. I was invited over the statement that I make and I went there and I told them I have the right to reply if somebody threatens my people, I will reply him. See if you didn’t arrest Buhari for threatening my people, you have no right to arrest me.

“A man contests election, then threaten the people, he becomes a burden and if no action is taken, he would actualize his threats. But if he knows that there will be resistance and the resistance will overwhelm him, he will be careful to make such statements, he will be careful to make plans against my people.

“Goodluck Jonathan comes from a place and it is our duty to protect him whether he’s doing well for us or not, when we reach home we will talk about that one, when he comes outside we will put up a united front,” he said.

Mr. Dokubo-Asari was invited by the SSS and interrogated for about six hours last Thursday for threatening to make the country ungovernable if President Goodluck Jonathan was not allowed to run for a second term next year.

“We’ll make Nigeria ungovernable if Jonathan fails to return. If it is war, the North wants, we are ready for them because Jonathan must complete the mandatory constitutionally allowable two terms of eight years,” he had said in a newspaper interview.

It was not the first time the NDPVF made such a threat. He did so on about two previous occasions.

However, the security agencies came under pressure to arrest and question after he issued the latest threat.

Those who demanded his arrest questioned the rational for arresting and interrogating the Deputy National Secretary, Nasir El-Rufai by the SSS two weeks ago, when he (El-Rufai) said there might be violence if the 2015 general elections were not credible.

Prominent among those who demanded his arrest were a former Head of State and APC leader, Muhhamadu Buhari and a rights group, Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC.


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    This useless water rat should be silenced and removed permanently from the system by using Soviet KGB method of eliminating dissidents.

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        Give him the contract first

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        thanks for your commet

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      He’s too little a dissident to be killed.
      Besides he belongs to the camp that believe in silencing dissident views by killing the dissidents. OBJ’s letter explained it all.
      But, one thing for sure is, Nigeria is bigger than any criminal militant.


    Asari Dokubo is suffering from delusion of grandeur. He has an exaggerated opinion of himself.

    And this: Is it not a cruel irony that a man who dropped out of school is now a school proprietor?

    • Rico

      Very soon, he will know that Nigeria is greater than him, he can’t continue to threaten Nigeria, instead, Nigeria will do without him, he is a gonner

  • Friday

    So from this interview you Dokubo-Asari confirmed the following.
    1. That you said that you will be part of those who will make Nigeria ungovernable if your fellow south south Ijaw president Mr. Goodluck Jonathan loses election in 2015.
    2. That you were lawfully detained by the authority of the Republic of Benin.
    3. That the Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, president of Nigeria who is an Ijaw and a south south like you pressurized the govt of Republic of Benin to free you. That is President Jonathan used the sovereign organ of the federal republic of Nigeria to free you. Incidentally, embarassed that this leaked to Nigerians given your history of criminality, President Jonathan’s govt has done the following (i) struggled to avoid talking about it, (ii) denied it tacitly. (iii) refused to inform Nigerians why you were imprisoned in Benin Republic and why he Jonathan had to use the authority of Nigeria to free you.
    4. Given that you have come out to confirm that you are a violent person who will make Nigeria ungovernable if President Jonathan loses in 2015, it will be interesting for Nigerians to see the link between items 1 and 3 above.
    That is all that is available for now. President Jonathan used the organ of the Nigerian state to free you -Dokubo-asari so that you will be obliged to help him make Nigeria ungovernable if he-Goodluck Jonathan- loses election in 2015. And a lot of oil money is going into all these. We keep our fingers crossed.

    • max

      So what?

      • Friday

        Just For The Records of Nigerians and The World. That is all Max. Is that not good? Just asking.

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          some people blame fulani, yoruba, hausa,, igbo, except themselves.
          it is not about your origin but your deeds that count.
          we say fulani man is bad, are we better?
          we say igbo man is bad, are we better?
          we say hausa man is bad, are we better?
          we say youruba man is bad, are we better?
          has the injustice in Niger Delta stops, what about oil spillage by the oil companies/local communities? gas flaring, east-west road?
          unemployment? kidnapping, crude theft

    • Uzoma

      So what–as the other responder asked. Nigerian govt intervenes all the time to get Nigerians serving time in foreign jails to return to Nigeria.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        That’s why there are no Nigerians in foreign prisons,eh?

  • Issei

    Asari I like your guts please in the name of Allah go ahead and do as you said in 2015.because jonathan will loose,Jonathan has my vote and that of my family before now,but with this revelation from you Asari, I WiILL NEVER EVER vote for him,again

    • Soulman

      Go to hell, mad man! You and your family should go and hug a live wet transformer if GEJ wins in 2015 (that is if this fake country called Nigeria still remains as one entity though)

      • Issei

        Are you lke him?ogogoro day and night?Nigeria will remain but you can opt out.but before you do that go and ask south Sudan people,I pray you leave even before 2015.the Ibo’s are there waiting for that to happen,they will consume you,and take your wife’s and daughters as concubines,drunken fisher man.I will never vote for. Shoeless man again NEVER AGAIN.

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        What have you been waiting for? Your son cannot think well because he has maggots in his skull and you are here supporting him. Mediocrity is the reason why you guys have been suffering in the mist of plenty.

  • Chukwuma

    Asari Monkey. Pls if you are a man go and face boko haram. They make your brother in the villa shrink day by day.They are worse than APC, go and face them if you a true son of your father. Please help catch Shekau since Ijaws are men. Stupid baboon. You think you can freighten us. Your Jonathan has already loose 2015. Any sane Nigeria will not vote for somebody that cannot talk or speek. Somebbody that is afraid of women. Somebody that think women (Diezani, Ngo baby and Oduah) have focus and sense more than him. Somebody that cannot stand for his words.

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    Asari is just a fool.

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    Useless loudmouth! Full of rots. Thug!

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    who know go know go know.

  • e_orpheus

    “Goodluck Jonathan comes from a place and it is our duty to protect him whether he’s doing well for us or not..” and this silly syndrome is grossly what has perpetuated the rot we are experiencing in our country. Blindly following and supporting, even if Nigeria is run aground, set on fire and completely decimated; my belly is full and my brother keeps it full and that’s all that matters.
    Nigerians no longer have any respect for your ilk. As far as 2015 is concerned you will fail. Your principal will fail and you Mr Dokubo will pay for your evils, both in this lifetime and after, of that I can assure you.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Who actually is the original author of the phrase, “make the place ungovernable”? Didn’t Atiku say it soon after he lost the PDP primaries to Jonathan? Was it not re-echoed by Adamu Ciroma and Lawal Kaita in 2011? What about Buhari whose bloodied dog and baboon threats still hang over our heads, and issued a a declaration of war between the North and the FG? How come Dokubo Asari is the big deal….. because he perceived a small fry of a “minority” ethnic tribe? What about Junaid Mohamed who does the same thing almost on a daily basis? Is the sacred cow phenomenon a reality that has come to stay? This a slippery slope this administration wouldn’t dare to tread for the rule of law to prevail

  • Contact Point

    Asari?????????????????????? Well i have no comment but you will be treated accordingly when the time comes.

  • Omo Akin

    I am just amazed at the shallowness of people’s thinking when they parrot the refrain comparing Buhari’s & el Rufai’s statement with those of Dokubo and Clark and concluding that they are the same. Buhari and el Rufai expressed the view that there will be trouble if the election is manipulated (rigged). The recent election in Anambra does not show that INEC is ready to conduct free and fair election. But Dokubo and Clark are saying that even if the election is free and fair but Jonathan is not returned as President (defeated) in 2015, they would unleash mayhem. These two positions are not in any way close. One view (Buhari and el Rufai) supports genuine democracy where election is free and fair. The other view (Dokubo and Clark) represent the very antithesis of democracy; in multi-party democracy, a particular candidate must be returned as President irrespective of the result of a free and fair election. With the position of Dokubo and Clark, why is there a need to conduct an election?
    No matter how long Jonathan is President of Nigeria, one day someone from the North will be president. Jonathan would have done the best for his people if he had worked to make Nigeria a true federal entity and strengthened the states such that the States (and not just some individuals) in the Niger Delta and elsewhere would have more control over the resources in their areas.



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    Mr Moderator removed my request for unexplained reasons

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    This trash called Asari, is even proudly saying he owns 3 schools with 500 staff in Benin republic, why didn’t you set up these schools in your Ijaw homeland if you truly care about your ppl? Hypocrate.

  • AAA

    All well meaning Nigerians had wanted you to die in jail over there @ Benin Asari Dokubo. Nemesis would surely catch up with.

  • pako

    Atari or whatever you are clled you are too boastful after the election your brother would not be able to help shall become history.