Nigeria2015: Shekarau meets Sambo, declares readiness to campaign for Jonathan in Kano

Ibrahim Shekarau

Mr. Shekarau said he was opposed to the strong clamour for a northern president

A former Kano State Governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, said on Thursday that he would campaign for Goodluck Jonathan to be re-elected Nigeria’s president if the president is picked as the candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

The ex-governor stated this at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, after meeting with Vice President Namadi Sambo.

When asked if he was ready to campaign for President Goodluck Jonathan in Kano in 2015, Mr. Shekarau said “I am prepared to campaign for the PDP. And whoever turns out to be the candidate of PDP at any level is my candidate.”

There has been clamour from several leading northern politicians that the presidency be zoned to the north in 2015. Some state governors, including those of Niger and Adamawa, had also alleged that they only supported Mr. Jonathan in the 2011 presidential elections after the president signed an agreement to contest only one term in office, ostensibly to leave the way for a Northern president in 2015. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has also accused Mr. Jonathan of reneging in his promise to contest for only one term; a promise or agreement the president has denied ever entering into.

PDP still strong in Kano

Mr. Shekarau also stated that the PDP would remain strong in Kano despite the defection of the incumbent governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, to the All Progressives Congress.

The ex-governor, a founding member of the APC, recently decamped to the PDP, after accusing the former’s leadership of handing over its Kano structure to Mr. Kwankwaso.

The ex-governor said contrary to insinuations, the PDP was ‘on ground’ in Kano.

“His (Kwakwanso’s) defection cannot kill PDP. Those current with situation on ground knew that the governor of Kano had long before now been out of PDP. What he is running is Kwankwasiya, a cultism kind of a group,” he said. “PDP has always been there, so what we are doing is we are now joining PDP and his group has gone into APC. We shall see whether we are the ones on ground or the Kwankwasiya APC.”

He said he and his supporters abandoned the APC when they realised that the parties to the merger did not mean well.

“We checked out from the APC when we discovered that some of the principal actors in the merger did not mean well,” he said.

Mr. Shekarau said his meeting with Mr. Sambo was to discuss the PDP.

“It was not a special meeting. It was a continuation of rubbing of mind. I am now part and parcel of the PDP family, I will always be meeting with one party functionary or the other to continue to rob minds on how we will move the party and the nation forward,” he said.

Mr. Shekarau also said both the PDP and the APC want to move Nigeria forward, although through different routes.

“I have always argued that these parties are one and the same. It is all about Nigeria and Nigerians,” he said. It is all about what we do to move the nation forward. Everybody is talking about serving Nigerians. We are all heading to the same destination; the only difference is that we are taking different routes.”

“As far as I am concerned, I am just continuing to make myself available to serve humanity regardless of the platform,” he said.

States opposition to rotational presidency

The former governor also said he was opposed to the repeated clamour by Northern politicians, or by politicians of any other region in Nigeria, that the presidency be zoned to their region.

Mr. Shekarau also said he was opposed to any constitutional rotational presidency.

While speaking on the arguments for and against a northern president in the 2015 elections, Mr. Shekarau said he has never subscribed to the argument of localizing the presidency to a particular region.

“I have never subscribed to the argument of localizing the Presidency to a particular region,” he said. “If you had followed my arguments and my presentations or debates in the presidential election, I said so. My concern is what do we do to get the right leadership regardless of where it is coming from.”

Mr. Shekarau, the presidential candidate of the defunct All Nigeria’s Peoples Party, ANPP, in 2011, said rotational presidency was not the solution to Nigeria’s problems.

“This issue of rotational presidency is not the issue. What we should be talking about is balancing so that we carry people along. Today, if I am a presidential candidate from Kano and I tell you that my running mate is from Katsina, won’t you think I am crazy? Do I have to have that written in any document or constitution for me to know that if I am a presidential candidate from Kano, my running mate has to come from the other side?

“There is the law and constitution of common sense. So this argument that it has to be my turn and it has to be my village man is all rubbish. It is the problem of lack of confidence among ourselves (as) Nigerians,” he said.


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  • BaKanon Dan Fulani

    Dear Mr VP. Wallahi Shekarau will never sell Mr President in Kano. May be he is down and wants to make some money from your government and your party, the PDP. For that reaso you can assist him and dash him with whatever you can but not on account of selling Jonathan in Kano State. Furthermore, you can assist him to cover him with his ICPC problem which your government is aware of. May be that is even the main reason for decamping yo your party.

    • aliu

      U pple shd discuss abt development.let there be good rd,light,hospital,sch,light rail etc

  • aliflabconsults

    free world !

  • sirjoka

    Only a politician will open his mouth to insult you but handshake you with a smile the next time you meet acting like there’s no problem whatsoever.
    May God choose the best among us to be our leaders come 2015. Amen.

    • sadiq

      Well said sirjoka…. Amiin to ur prayers.

  • ABB

    Shekarau is a serials betrayer. Watch out your Excellency Mr. Vice President.

    • paul preston

      kwankwa is worse he betrayed GEJ and he is a failure just like apc

      • Malam

        Is GEJ ur GOD???? Betraying a wicked leader is the best decision every well thinking individual would do. Except ofkos those that agreed to sell their freedom and well-being to support a corrupt leader only because they are from the same religion…. That kind of people will always remained in darkness!!!

        • paul preston

          if someone is corrupt it is people in apc your governor is worse GEJ is a kind leader that is why he does not sponsor political killings,how did Abubaker Rimi die and his wife do you have an idea?decent people like Jonathan do not betray their friends

      • h madaki

        Paul Preston shut up,what did you about kano,how did kwankwaso betray GEJ.idiot don’t comment on issues which you know not.

        • paul preston

          matured men do not abuse poeple they response to issues did you see the sokoto crowd?kano will be bigger and let me inform you that Nigerian politics is a bout cash and PDP is not poor

          • h madaki

            Paul accept my apology for going out of my,but the truth shekarau was a disastrous in his ruling kano for eight years,he is lazy,incompetent and above all,he hides under religion, shekarau is a complete hypocrite who spends eight years fighting kwankwaso for supporting obasanjo,even calling kwankwaso unprintable names.what kwankwaso has achieved in the last three years is beyond human capacity. but time will tell whenever elections were held come 2015 elections. pls Paul when commenting on issues on states you are not familier with,try and do some investigation on the person you want to comment.

          • paul preston

            best regards

          • h madaki

            Paul you are a real gentleman, may almighty God in his infinite mercy gave us more of you.nagode.

          • paul preston

            the PDP train left Sokoto it is heading to Kano and the defections continues.Apc will be empty by june 2014

  • Jonathan

    Almighty Allah said ” Do people think that they will be let go merely by saying: “we believe” and that they will not be tested. Indeed Mallam is likely going through test, People have stated knowing his true picture. If he thinks that he was betrayed by APC for giving Kwankwaso the leadership of APC in Kano. one may ask what has he done to Buhari who brought him to political limelight in 2003. is he not the same parson who connived with PDP to reduce Buharis votes in the north, knowing fully that he was not going to win election. but he went ahead a contested for presidency in 2011 to sabotage Buhari. The holy prophet said AL MAR, U MAN A MA A HABBA. to the nearest meaning ” Indeed, a man is together with with those he love” we wish him and his likes all the best with GEJ

    • paul preston

      you people jubilated when those power drunk PDP govs joined apc it is now your turn,if what we hear is true(i.e Atiku will bcome apc flag bearer haven bribed Tinubu with 5bn)then expect Buhari to join PDP

      • Malam

        I baffles me how u guys claim to be a PDP supporter only because the president came from the same area with u… Get a life mate!!

        • paul preston

          i have always been PDP and i will remain so

    • Ninja pikin

      Mall shekarau didn’t commit any crime for decamping to pdp and everyone knows mallam has a large followership in kano electorate kwankwaso is overrated andmallam’s popularity is increasing due to kwankwaso’s miss rule and fake uncompleted projects

      • Malam

        Typical Nyamiri!!!! Are you mocking malam shekarau for misrule and fake uncompleted projects in Kano or Seriously you this ignorant making st*pid comments to attract ppl’s attention???

      • h madaki

        Ninja pikin,the only legacy shekarau bequeathed to kano people,are corruption, non performance, lazy leadership and the most damage he has done to kano,is turning our millions of youths into hooligans and massive decay of our educational institutions.shekarau should thanks gov kwankwaso for not investigation contracts awarded by his government. with what kwankwaso achieved in 3years,wallahi between kanawa and shekarau,I will say is ALLAH YA ISA.

      • amazing2012

        Ninja: you don’t Kano and will never know it. Malay want to defraud Jonathan. No body will vote for Jona in Kano and here is why!
        Jonathan has allow people working under him to spoil his name in the eyes of Nigerian masses. He give his enemies the opportunity to use the weak points of his aids:
        1. Kano airport scandal with Stella Oduah: Banning international airlines from operating from Kano airport.
        2. Declining of industries due to lack of electricity.
        3. Insecurity
        4. Declining of federal infrastructure.
        These problems mentioned above are strictly control by the federal government and more attached to these are:
        5. Failure to continue with the Dredging of River Niger.
        6. Failure of oil exploration in the Northern belt.
        7. And many issues, some of whom are not true but he give the opportunity for his enemies to capitalize on those issues.
        Jonathan has the best opportunity in the North but lost it. Because politically Northerners are beginning to dislike their leaders because of the effect of misrule for over 30years and are ready to support any body who can emancipate them. But when Jonathan come to power he allow his government to be more like a sectional by religion, tribal and region for instance: some time ago, the president of CAN become more like a spoke person to Jonathan and in most cases he does not blame offense commuted by his people for instance 1st October bombing: the first statement from him is that” he know who does it and they are not from Niger-Delta” even before investigation. It later get exposed to be those behind the blast were from Niger-Delta and more revelation from the prime suspect is that the bombing is aimed at blackmailing some Northern politicians. What the case of Ali Mad Sharif ? What of the case of corruptions. Jonathan will have been the most loved president but unfortunately he allows criminals to use him against his own people. DO YOU NOTICED THAT THE RELIGOUS LEADERSHIP OF NIGERIA HAVE KEPT SILENCE THIS FEW DAYS ? THEY ARE AFRAID IF JONA LOST! THEY HAVE USED HIM AND NOW WANT TO DUMP HIM !
        Kano people are known with commerce just like Igbos and have no much business with federal politics but Jonathan jad give a room for most of his opponents to soil him.
        FOR SHEKARAU, is welcome to Kano for JONATHAN CAMPAIGN !!!

  • Emechuruba

    Who toss the dice?
    ‘Once upon a time!
    There was a man called Ibraim Shekerau in Nigerian politics that emerged as Messiah to the masses of kano state. ‘
    It was believed that Shekarau was a righteous and selfless leader that can trade anything Worldly for his people’s best interest nd will scrap all impunity in the state to install good governance. Eventually he turn out to be a religious opportunistic hypocrite whose heart is as dark as his own skin.
    His duplicitous character was not only noticed after his defection but since the day he declared to contest against the man who introduced him to the good people of Kano state.
    Shekerau’s defection did not come to me as surprise, he has long been romancing with PDP waiting for a slightest opportunity to declare his true party.
    To those that does not know Ibrahim sekarau 14years ago, he was an angry civil servant whose only dream was to join the league of elites and to cream off any juicy opportunity that may come his way through anyway possible.

    It may baffle alot of people that an Igbo man from Anoacha of Anambra state could be so interested in Northern politics (Kano). You should know that the politics of Kano is the only kind in Nigeria!

    • Malam

      @disqus_di2UP8jajb:disqus: I cant believe some1 from south east understand shekarau this much!! Indeed you know kano politics. Please educate the good people of Anambra that PDP only assembles blood sucking Vampires .. Keep it up real brother..

  • Abuhanifah

    Shekarau has lost all moral.grounds to castigate others. He is a chameleon and his absence from any group is a blessing. Nemesis is already catching up with him.

  • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

    I advise Namadi Sambo to be wary of Shekarau.
    VP knows what Kano politics is all about being our in-law. He knew very well that Jonathan is the worst marchandise one can display in any part of Kano markets even in “ujile”.

  • abdullahi mohammed bwala

    we are always welcoming this types of comment from our elders. thank yuo.

  • Aliyun Kano

    ‘readiness to campaing for Jonathan’.. I de laugh, so U have now gathered enough courage to start the campain? i though u have already been doing that. We are at the gate, sai ka zo