APC decries Asari-Dokubo’s call to war, questions SSS’ professionalism

Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo threatened to wage war if President Jonathan is not re-elected
The All Progressives Congress, APC, has condemned the threat by Mujahid Dokubo-Asari to levy war against Nigeria if President Goodluck Jonathan is defeated even in a free and fair election in 2015.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said despite the attacks by oil militants in the Niger Delta and the ongoing insurgency by Boko Haram in some parts of the north, Nigeria has not witnessed a clearer and louder call to war than Asari-Dokubo’s senseless vituperation since the country’s civil war ended in 1970.

The party was referring to media reports on Tuesday, quoting Mr. Dokubo as saying his group will take up arms if Mr. Jonathan is not returned as president after the 2015 election. The party described the threat as reckless, irresponsible and totally condemnable.

The party said Nigerians are waiting to see what the State Security Service, SSS, which recently questioned its Deputy National Secretary, Nasir El-Rufai, for warning against election rigging in 2015, will do now that an ally of Mr. Jonathan has threatened the existence of Nigeria..

”What on earth gave Asari-Dokubo the confidence to issue threats against a whole nation? If he doesn’t care about elections and democracy, how else could his hero, President Jonathan, have come to power? Does he know the meaning of anarchy? Does he think anyone, no matter how big, is more important than his country or bigger than its constitution?

”When he said President Jonathan ‘must complete the mandatory constitutionally-allowable two terms of eight years’ or the militants will make Nigeria ungovernable, was he aware that even the North that has become his favourite whipping boy did not complete its own eight years before his kinsman became President?

”It is not Asari-Dokubo’s fault. When we warned against the handing over of the nation’s maritime security to a company owned by an ex-militant in 2012, many thought we were crying wolf where none existed. But the threat by an ex-militant to ensure that no vessel will be allowed to enter the nation’s territorial waters unless President Jonathan is re-elected has shown the dangers inherent in such actions,” the APC said

The party said it wonders why President Jonathan, who said his ambition is not worth anyone’s blood, has neither condemned nor called his out-of-control kinsmen like Asari-Dokubo to order.

The APC said Asari-Dokubo has overstretched his luck by even trying to dictate to political parties to field only South-South candidates for the presidency in 2015, wondering what gave him the audacity to make such a careless statement.

”We in the APC will never be cowed by the senseless, emotional outburst of a man whose sense of decency stretches the size of a coin. We make bold to say that Nigeria will survive and thrive, whether or not some people want it. We reiterate the truism that election is the bedrock of democracy, and that anointing of candidates – as Asari-Dokubo would want Nigeria’s political parties to do – is the very antithesis of democracy,” the party said.

The party demanded that the SSS acts on Mr. Dokubo-Asari’s threat or be taken unserious.

”There is no better test of the fairness, non-partisanship and professionalism of the SSS than this Asari-Dokubo’s threat to levy war on his own country. If Asari-Dokubo is not above the laws of the land, he must be hauled before the SSS, just like the service did to our Deputy National Secretary, to explain his statement,” the APC said.



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  • ABB

    We shall see.

  • ayekooto

    Where are the pro GEJ commentators?. This silence is too loud.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Two mischievous goats, initially total strangers to each other, decide to forge a friendship relationship. For the one, the farmer’s yam plantation is favorite foraging ground, while for the other, it is the cocoyam. A Kalabari adage has it that before you know it, the mischievous goat tag-team will settle for either yam foraging…. Or for cocoyam foraging –one of the two. In
    other words, one has been infected by the vice of the other.
    The mischief-wreaking goats’ saga lucidly defines the contagion afflicting the Lai Mohammeds, consequent upon their long romance with awusa mullahs. Lai Mohamed now reasons as illogically as they do, if not far worse; and nothing but absurdities spew off his shag-haired anal orifice. This phenomenal reasoning deficit is no surprise, not when the man is also named mohamed. Don’t be shocked as this pinhead could easily advance the view that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, with such passionate vehemence you would wonder if this man is really okay. The situation is pathetic. But, again, he raises a legitimate question; we can’t take the credit away from him.
    Talking about “ANARCHY”, he says that Dokubo “Does he know the meaning of anarchy?” Of course he does “anarchy”. Not only just that; we all also know “anarchists”. For APC
    that gave him the attack-dog job is only a cult of vicious Islamic anarchists, and desperate hostage takers, bent on extorting ransom from the citizens of this country. It takes only practitioners of voodooism to adopt a freaking sign depicting a witchcraft broom bunch held out by the ominous hand of a hiding demon as a party logo. That logo alone tells the entire story about what the Islamic APC stands for.
    The unreasoning Lai Mohamed then claims unwavering apostleship of tenets of democracy. He reminds us that it is “(the) truism that election is the bedrock of democracy,…(for the)
    anointing of candidates”. Simply put, the wretched attack-dog professes spurious, passive acceptance of electoral processes as universally ordained democratic tools. But, Dokubo Asari should be denied that right –be it democratic or otherwise- to express views on his preferences for presidential candidates at that election in 2015. But he is yet to lie, as he is prone to, if this “truism that election is the bedrock of democracy,…(for the) anointing of
    candidates” definition did apply in the 2011 Presidential election, when Goodluck Jonathan drubbed Buhari at the polls. Did the incitement and unleashing of wild, awusa almajiri islamists to mass murder part of Lai Mohamed’s conceptualization of “democracy”?
    Mgbor, Lai Mohamed!(apologies to Chief Zebie). Lai Mohamed could easily argue that
    the massacre of innocent Southerners, including Youth Corp worker, as “REVENGE”
    for Buhari’s loss to Goodluck Jonathan, never, ever happened.
    Overwhelming paranoia has so metastasized into Lai Mohamed’s logic faculty and
    we have a very angry, grumpy, hyperventilating, dangerous, fire-breathing monstrosity in our hands. He then fumes at how “Asari-Dokubo has overstretched his luck by even trying to dictate to (almighty) political parties to field only South-South candidates for the presidency in 2015”, and wonders “what gave him (Dokubo) the audacity to make such a careless statement”. CARELESS STATEMENT? The man –Asari Dokubo- only expressed an innocuous, personal view on the oncoming presidential vote, for God’s sake! Lai Mohamed’s insane vituperation depicts quintessential awusa temperamental mentality, which he showcased most recklessly right there. With livid hate bubbling in his inside and burning anger gnawing deep in his guts, Lai Mohamed swears that Dokubo Asari “must be hauled before the SSS”, not as a matter of law, but “just like the service did to our Deputy (APC)National Secretary”, for, after all, as he blindly argues, Dokubo is “NOT ABOVE THE LAW”, and the SSS must even the score with “hauling” the latter into jail, to appease him and his APC
    cult paymasters.
    Another thing, since their religion permits the dishonorable privilege to lie without feeling any shame, Lai Mohamed could easily swear that he has never, ever heard the expression, “make the place ungovernable” except since the el-Rufai latest brush with the law for irresponsible public incitement. And even if he ever did, his Islamic buddies, who serially made that staement back in 2011,could not have ‘meant’ it the same “anarchy” way as Dokubo, and, therefore couldn’t qualify Buhari, Atiku, Adamu Ciroma, Lawal Kaita, Junaid Mohamed,
    Sani, Ango Abdulahi or el-Rufai for “haulage” into SSS prison.
    That aside, and converse to Dokubo’s serf status, these awusas are ordained to
    be ABOVE THE LAW, being of Nigeria’s anointed Islamic SACRED AWUSA-COW
    extraction. And who are you to query or even contemplate touching any of them.
    That, again, is the mullah mentality that has deeply infused Lai Mohameds
    warped mind. The bizarre part is we are told the meat-head is also a kind
    of lawyer. Lawyer, ke? Hmmmm!
    That drags in the issue of the revenge lai Mohamed dies to extract from Dokubo. Islamists are known to be notoriously and viciously vengeful and barbaric. The atrocious July, 1966 Igbo slaughter was dubbed a “REVENGE COUP”, staged in reprisal for the killing of awusa leaders by a group of coup-making Igbo army officers. These awasa people went insane, assassinated Nigeria’s first military head of state, Gen. Ironsi -an Igbo- along with Col.Adekunle Fajuyi in that REVENGE COUP, six months later. Their Igbo colleagues in the barracks, who were never privy to the January coup, where not spared either. Over 300 fine officers were murdered in the most savage manner, for the only reason that they were Igbo people.
    The most disgusting part of awusa inordinate appetite for revenge was the despicable
    freewheeling pogrom in which over 50,000 unarmed innocent Igbo civilians were butchered in a most barbaric manner, in an unforgivable spillover from the carnage in the military barracks, totally uncalled for. Those civilians were neither politicians, nor had they anything whatsoever to do with the ‘offending’ January 1966 coup. The July demonic 1966 awusa rage was never
    driven by an ideology, howbeit idiotic, but by addictive blood-lust and naked urge to extract REVENGE…from the wrong victims. That is how senselessly vicious and unreasonably vengeful awusa islamists and their surrogates, such as Lai Mohamed, can be.
    Arguably, these people and their surrogates injected this venomous toxin which has induced a dangerous sensitization that is very palpable in our social ethos by this attitude. They have sown this lesson of deadly vengeance –a double-edged sword- like wild oaths to the entire
    nation. Now, guess who is stretching his luck too thin, who is pushing the other to the wall and setting the stage for a pent-up lash-out, and how the the hunter could find himself the hunted, as a vicious cycle kicks in.