Why I quit PDP for APC -Atiku

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar

The former vice president said APC is the party of change

After weeks of speculation, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, on Sunday announced his resignation from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Mr. Abubakar said he is now a member of the opposition coalition, the All Progressives Congress, APC, and that he will hand in his resignation letter to the PDP on Monday.

Coming amid the turbulence that has since engulfed the ruling PDP for months, the former vice president said he left the party because it has “lost touch with Nigerians”, and has failed to resolve its many crises, mainly instigated by its leadership.

“We have, therefore, concluded that that party cannot be redeemed. In short the PDP has abandoned Nigerians, the very people who gave it life and many electoral victories,” the former vice president said in a statement Sunday.

Mr. Abubakar is leaving the PDP the second time, having quit the party in 2006 at the peak of his standoff with then President Olusegun Obasanjo ahead of the 2007 elections.

He later joined the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, a party that would later, in alliance with other opposition parties, transform to the APC.

Mr. Abubakar rejoined the PDP in 2009 after Mr. Obasanjo left office. He said he did so as a new leadership of the party and the country had promised a new direction, inclusiveness, internal democracy, an end to impunity, adherence to the rule of law and respect for the dignity of members and Nigerians.

“Sadly, however, those promises have not been kept. In addition, the PDP continues to be beset with many crises, mostly leadership-induced crises,” he said in his statement on Sunday.

Mr. Abubakar’s decision to quit the party the second time would hardly be surprising having been one of the leaders of PDP who staged a walkout from the party’s national convention in September 2013.

That protest, backed by seven governors-five, whom have already defected to the APC- was the first public demonstration of the bitter divisions within the PDP. It culminated in the formation of a splinter group called the new PDP, which later fused formally with the APC.

The former vice president said months after, the party, as well, has failed to address the issues that led to the walkout.

“Many founding members of the PDP, I included, continue to be marginalized and excluded from the affairs of the party. For instance as a former Vice President, I am by virtue of the PDP constitution, a member of the party’s Board of Trustees and its National Executive Committee,” he said.

“However, I am not invited to the meetings of those organs nor consulted on their decisions, apparently because I dared to exercise my right to contest in the party’s primary election for a chance to be its flag-bearer in the 2011 elections.”

Mr. Abubakar remained largely passive with the activities of the PDP after the walkout, and recently announced he was consulting on his political future.

The former vice president was later linked with a new party, the Peoples Democratic Movement, PDM. He denied being a member of the party.

But the PDM said on Sunday it was briefed by Mr. Abubakar about his decision to join the APC, and thanked him for the consultation.

Mr. Abubakar said his decision to join the APC was the “right decision”, and may not be popular among his supporters. He said he considered Nigeria first.

“As in 2006 it is the struggle for democracy and constitutionalism and service to my country and my people that are driving my choice and my decision. Let me emphasize that this is not about me. We have to have a country before people can aspire to lead it, but as it is today we may be losing this country,” he said.

He said the APC is a party of change committed to the improvement of the lives of our people and to the continued existence and development of Nigeria as one indivisible country.


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  • Issei

    Thank you turaki,I wish you best of luck,

  • Mani_Kay


    I wrote this comment a few months ago but many at that time dismissed it as something that will never happen ……. Are you still in doubt?



    When Governor Sule Lamido in a recent interview said that Buhari is politically naïve I had thought Governor Sule Lamido was wrong.

    But recent developments prove that Governor Sule Lamido was right >>>>> Buhari is indeed too politically naïve and Bola Tinubu is poised to take maximum advantage to the humiliation of Buhari.

    Bola Tinubu has been boasting to all his friends that he would politically bury Buhari the same way he buried Obasanjo in the South-West.

    The drive to recruit members of the nPDP is part of the plot to weaken and disarm Buhari politically.

    This is exactly what Bola Tinubu is doing >>>> Bola Tinubu knows that Buhari’s core supporters and loyalists are in the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani States. These are people who listen to Buhari and with whom he went into political alliance with ACN. Buhari is used to them and they are used to Buhari. They give strength and political protection to Buhari.

    Bola Tinubu also knows that the only way to weaken Buhari politically is to displace and replace these people that accompanied Buhari into the APC alliance.

    While Bola Tinubu has kept his own base in the South-West very much intact, he is out there doing everything possible to destroy Buhari’s political comfort base by recruiting members of the nPDP to displace and replace Buhari’s core supporters.

    With Buhari’s core supporters displaced and replaced with nPDP members it means that Buhari will have to start afresh to build relationships with these nPDP members.

    This is going to be an uphill task for Buhari because it is a known fact that these nPDP members are strange political bedfellows to Buhari. In fact, most of them are Buhari-hating politicians.

    They will never work harmoniously with Buhari >>>> resulting to the scenario whereby Buhari will spend virtually all his energy trying to troubleshoot problems in his native political base.

    While Buhari is busy putting out fires in his domain, Bola Tinubu will exploit Buhari’s situation and use the advantage to extend his edge over Buhari as leader of APC. At some point Buhari will get so frustrated and quit.

    If Buhari refuses to quit on his own, then Bola Tinubu will use these nPDP politicians he is recruiting to kick Buhari out.

    The time to rescue politically naive Buhari is now!!!

    • ioseb

      Mani u know nothing of northern politics buhari is d sole compass of d masses in d north and he used npdp gov to flush out the rats out of APC eg shekarau in kano. so this is a game of chess PDP have lost all its rookies bishops and queen. all that remains in d PDP are 2 pawns and the king which APC have d full capacity to checkmate

      • danjuma

        This is good news for PDP,obasanjo mastermine the confusion in other to know true members not sycophants.APC will disintergrate with ATIKU and BUHARI and GOODLUCK will win come 2015 general election.

        • Orba

          You got it. The lucky will get luckier.

  • Mani_Kay



    In 2011 Atiku Abubakar was declared as consensus candidate of the Muslim North in a contest that did not include Mohammadu Buhari.

    Now that Atiku has joined the APC, we have a chance to know who is truly the consensus candidate of the Muslim North ……. Buhari or Atiku.

    Atiku Abubakar in a recent interview carried by @Premium Times: …………. “If you have not forgotten, during the 2011 election, after they said me and General Babangida have lost out, myself, Mallam Adamu Ciroma and General Aliyu Gusau, under the leadership of General
    Babangida, held a special meeting in which we invited General Buhari, Mallam Ibrahim
    Shekarau and Nuhu Ribadu and advised them to form an alliance so that we would help them win election, but they failed to form the alliance, and after they failed, I sent my contribution to
    General Buhari. So I don’t have any problem with General Buhari at all.”

    From Atiku’s statement above, it is clear that his decision to join APC has nothing to do with overall national interest……….. it has more to do with the fact that the born-to-ruin Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani who think that they alone are born-to-rule Nigeria forever are making extremely desparate efforts to return to Aso Rock in 2015 ……. but they are doomed and are failing woefully.

    Please recall that Atiku was still in PDP when he was working against the interest of PDP as represented in his statement above. Atiku is truly a shameless man and I agree completely with OBJ that Atiku is a shady, questionable criminal character who cannot travel to the US.

    • ABBA

      You are completely confused by Atikus defection. Just concentrate on party and strategies is better than all these ranting.
      Haba Man Kay don’t allow heart attack to bury cos of your haterate of Hausa Fulani , Buhari, Atikus ……

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      Man_Kay you’re the most confused
      Nigerian have ever read his piece. I would like to quote you thus. “In
      2011 Atiku Abubakar was declared as consensus candidate of the
      Muslim North in a contest that did not include Mohammadu Buhari”.

      For your consumption, the consensus that was done was just among the PDP card carrying members and not includes other parties in the north, for you to include Buhari
      in your submission it shows you’re loss in the scheme of things as regard to
      Naija politics. Now if I may ask you, why always attack on Muslims north, don’t
      you thing you’re creating more enemies for the Christians. Again, the original
      PDP was the birth of Northerners in 1998 b4 its spread to the southern part of
      the country, not even south-west bcos it was solidly rooted in AD as a party
      and that was why they never voted for Obasanjo’s first term tenure. If not of
      the new paradigm shift, Muslims north flood the party that the Christians. Your
      sowing of religion hatred would not make Nigeria health but weaken it. I
      remembered in 1992, it was Muslim North and Abiola, Muslim South-West that was
      fielded and no one complain about that. Man_kay, your religion discrimination
      has been working since 2003 but today to be frank with you it won’t work again.

    • Jojito

      Mani Kay. Pls respect that uniform you are wearing. You are a national figure not a political tug.

    • igbiki


  • BlackieUmukoro

    What turaki has just done is a public announcement of a purely private adventure for personal aggrandisement. Safe journey

  • Truthnodeydie

    Atiku, why not tell me another story this one does not jell. It is for the marines.

  • Atiku is a very smart and knowledgeable politician through and through but like most politicians, cannot be trusted. His antecedents are legendary. You cannot take it from him, he has some outstanding leadership qualities. He unlike Baba Obj, stands by his friends across all the divide.

  • Bashir

    Tnk u turaki ar u wil wish u d bst

  • Mani_Kay



    What religion and ethnicity has joined together …….. let not integrity put asunder!!

    We must thank Bola Tinubu for exposing Buhari’s integrity related hypocrisy.

  • Soulman

    Am not surprised by Atiku’s defection because we all saw it coming. Atiku will be the first Politician in Nigeria if not in the whole world that has defected or decamped from the same party twice. This actually means that Atiku is a shameless man and his promises cannot even hold water in a cup. He has really shown the whole Nigerians how desperate he is to get to the Presidency, but this time, he is even going to fail woefully more than he did in the last election. This is just the beginning of APC’s problem because Atiku will be the person to destroy APC because he has joined to clinch the Presidential ticket which will definitely cause wahala among them. Am waiting for Buhari to dump APC if he is truly a righteous man, but if he insisted in staying in APC with the likes of Atiku, Asiwaju Toronto Tinubu, Midget Hell_Rufai, and other corrupt politicians, then i would conclude he is part of them. Now lets see how Speaker Tambuwal will achieve his Presidential ambition with Atiku and Buhari in APC. Kai! i cant wait to see how this will end…

  • john

    My Brother, we all know you never belong to PDP till now,so is not a suprise to Nigerian.I just hope you seat up

  • igbiki

    All the Goliaths and wimps running away from the PDP to join the APC, when their fight go start, PITY WILL PITY.