Update: Nigerian government releases details of National Conference

A total of 492 delegates are to attend

The Federal Government on Thursday unveiled the modalities of the National Confab, disclosing that a total of 492 delegates will partake in the dialogue which would be named National Conference.

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Pius Anyim, gave the modalities to journalists at a press conference in his office in Abuja.

Mr. Anyim said the National Conference will last for a total of three months and that nomination of delegates will commence on Thursday, January 30 and end onFebruary 20.

Giving a breakdown of the proposed composition of the National Conference, Mr. Ayim said government gave expeditious consideration to the report of the Advisory Committee and after long and mature deliberations on the report accepted the following recommendations for immediate implementation:

– The Official name of the conversation/conference shall be “The National Conference.”
– The National Conference shall hold in Abuja;
– The National Conference shall tentatively last for three months and shall discuss any subject matter, except the indivisibility and indissolubility of Nigeria as a nation, therefore the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable;
– A conference management secretariat shall be established to manage, administer and run the affairs of the conference;
– Decisions at the National Conference shall be by consensus; but where it is not achievable; it shall be by 75% majority;
– The National Conference shall advise the government on the legal framework, legal procedures and options for integrating the decisions and outcomes of the national conference into the Constitution and laws of the country; and
– The National Conference shall have a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson of unimpeachable integrity.

A breakdown of the modalities for the nomination of the delegates is as follows:

Elder Statesmen: One per state and the FCT making a total of 37 will be nominated by the President;

– Retired Military and Security Personnel which include one delegate per geopolitical zone each from the Military, Police, State Security and National Intelligence Agency – making it a total of 18 delegates to be nominated by stakeholders;

Traditional Rulers: two per zone and one from the FCT making a total of 13 delegates to be nominated by stakeholders;

Retired Civil Servants: one per zone. A total of six to be nominated by stakeholders;

Labour Representatives: the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, and Trade Union Congress, TUC, shall each nominate 12 delegates making it a total of 24 which would reflect Geo-political and gender balance;

The Organised Private sector: NECA, MAN, NACCIMA, NESG shall each nominate two delegates;

Nigeria Youth Organisations: National Youth Council of Nigeria and National Association of Nigerians Students, NANS, shall each nominate six delegates, one from each geo-political zone, while the Federal Government shall nominate six delegates, one from each geo-political zone for “other” (Outstanding Youths and Role Models)  making it a total of 18 delegates;

Women Groups: National Council Of Women Society, NCWS, shall nominate 12 delegates – two per geo- political zone, while Market Women Association shall nominate one per geo-political zone. International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA;  Nigerian Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ; and Women in Management and Business, WINBIZ, shall each nominate two Delegates;

Political Parties: parties that have representation in the National Assembly, including the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, All Progressives Congress, APC,  All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Accord Party, Labour Party, LP, shall each nominate two delegates making it 10 delegates;

– Christian and Muslim Leaders each shall nominate six delegates while Civil Society Organisations shall nominate 24 delegates across board;

– Nigerians in Diaspora ( Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Middle East) shall nominate two delegates per location, making it eight delegates;

– People Living with Disabilities shall nominate six delegates, one per geo-political zone.

– Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria, Nigeria Guild of Editors, Nigeria Union of Journalists and the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria shall nominate 2 delegates each;

– Socio – Political/ Cultural and Ethnic Nationality Groups shall nominate 15 delegates each, per geo-political zone to reflect religious and ethnic diversities;

– Professional Bodies including NBA, NSE, CIB, NMA, NIM, NIA, ICAN, ANAN, NIPR, AAPN, NIESV, Nigerian Environment Society and  Nigeria Economic Society, shall each nominate one delegate, making it a total of 13 delegates.

– National Academies including the Academy of Science, Academy of Engineering, Academy of Education, Academy of Letters and the Academy of Social Sciences shall each nominate 1 delegate;

– The President shall nominate six persons not currently serving on the bench from the Judiciary;

– Former Political Office Holders including former governors, Senators Forum, House of Reps Forum and the Association of Former Speakers shall each nominate one delegate per geo-political zone making it a total of 24 delegates;

– The Federal Government of Nigeria shall nominate 20 delegates of which at least six will be women;

– The state governments shall each nominate 3 delegates while the FCT shall nominate 1 delegate based on Senatorial District at least one of whom shall be a woman. The nomination shall be done by the state governors and where the state fails to nominate, the President shall nominate the required number from the state;

– The ALGON shall nominate one Former Local Government Chairman each from the six geo- political zones;

– The President shall nominate the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Secretary, observing geo-political spread.

Fielding questions from journalists Mr. Anyim said that there was already a proposal for the funding of the Conference in the Budget. He added that the Conference will be concluded before the next election season.


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  • Nwa Aba #Lets Break Up Now

    Forward Ever.

    • arise_9ja

      Backward Never

      • Dodon Doya

        No! Forward and backward and then sideways.

        • francisca

          Am convinced that should we achieve a singular goal of the abolition of immunity clause, we may have achieved much for this is the biggest cover for all national vices.

    • John

      Backward ever?

  • redeem


  • Mani_Kay

    Serial 1 of more to come …………


    Counting from independence in 1960, Nigeria is 53years and a few months old. And from independence in 1960, the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani and the Yorubas have together ruled Nigeria for over 50 consecutive years from independence.

    At the end of their over 50 consecutive years rule of Nigeria students in our Universities have no functioning toilets.

    The students in Nigeria Universities use polyethylene bags to go to toilet in their hostel rooms and the excreta (urine and feces) gathered in the polyethylene bags are thrown from their hostel room window down into the street.

    If this situation is not a manifestation of the incompetence of the Yorubas and the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani ….. what else is?

    Yet it is this same Yorubas and the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani that have the effrontery to lie that President Jonathan who came in just about 3 years ago and who is working tirelessly to clear the mess they left behind is incompetent.

    May be competence to the Yorubas and the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani means University Students using polyethylene bags to go toilet in their hostel rooms and subsequently throw the feces containing polyethylene bags through their windows and into the street.

    The Yorubas and the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani have ruined Nigeria for 50 consecutive years. They must allow the South-South, South-East and the Middle Belt/Christian North a period of 50 consecutive years to fix Nigeria.

    • Ahmed Ganau Arche

      Yorubas, Northern Muslims Hausa-Fulani? Which school have u attended if i may ask? You are clearly a disgrace to every school shool u’ve attended and every ‘nut-job’ u’ve ever worked for!!!

      • esaulogbon

        He is a mad dog, dont you know this lunatic?

    • AAA

      This Mani must surely be an animal. Don’t ever comment on this forum

    • Rico

      Mani_Kay, i am telling you again, the propaganda of your leaders past has never worked on Nigeria and it can never work, why did you also follow the footsteps of your failed role models with cheap propaganda? if you are not happy with Nigeria, just get out! and let those of us that wants to live in peace without hatred and sentiment stay and stop corrupting the minds of young people just as you loser mind has been corrupted by your loser elders, why should a young or middle aged person go into such blatant lies and go so crude in imagination? you are a disappointment, you have failed! to those of us who are non partisan and sentiment neutral, you are an enemy and we will run you down without a trace, just like a truck passes on an ant that you are, Mani_kay – you are a fraud, a liar, your likes have no important part to take in the future of our country, you are already relegated to the bottom of the league among us, people of your caliber are a setback to our dear country, and the country is bigger than you, you are not fit to belong to our generation, you are fighting a war you cannot win, if you ever believe in God, you will know God doesn’t approve of the attitude of your likes, you have already been conquered.

    • ALANI

      Most Yorubas are behind GEJ, and Yorubas should not be blamed for Obashos’ faults as he was elected on the votes of the SE, SS, and the North.
      Awolowo was the best leader we had in the Yoruba land, and he can not be blamed for the faluires of your Hausa Fulani masters as the SE, and SS voted against him in favour of the North.
      SE and SS has been the architect of Nigeria’s misfortune. Who do you blame for the civil war? Of course your answer is predictable, Awolowo.
      Wake up Mani_kay.

  • Comfortkay

    There is a great loliness in Nigeria leadership, what are we going to do with this National Conference?

  • RICH


    • 9jaIsFinished

      keep dreaming!

  • BABS

    The ethnic nationalities are the protagonists who must find the best way to live together happily. The wrong groups are being invited to the table and thus, the conference has no chance of meeting Nigerian aspiration . Anyim and his boss have again dashed the hope of our people. What a pity.

    • ALANI

      Ethinic Nationalities are well reprisented. Every member is from an ethnic group.

  • Babs

    A bottom-up 2-stage approach is only path to success. 1st stage is for each of the geopolitical zone to determine how they wish to govern themselves and what powers they wish to cede to the center. Representatives will then meet at the federal conference to discuss the power at the center. This is the model for successful countries. I hope it’s not too late but Nigerians, we have to speak for change.

  • Nina pikin

    Absolutely rubish show me one single positive dat comes out of GEJ, it have already failed on arrival look at the delegates majority are pdp apologist and how can you give northwest and south south the same number of delegate, of course the minority can have their say while the majority most have their way.

  • AAA

    The president to nominate chairman, deputy chairman, and sectary ???????? Why or is this another FEC ?

  • Mosaku 147

    Photocopy of obasanjo’s National Political reform conference of which I covered for my organization then.the only difference is “AND WHERE THE STATE FAILS TO NOMINATE,THE PRESIDENT SHALL NOMINATE THE REQUIRED NUMBER FROM THE STATE”.
    Pure photocopy of the the same sets of people Obasanjo tried to use for third term.just that new faces will be representing the good for nothing groups,associations,labour,traditional institutions,youth organizations,geo political Christian and Muslim rubbish pastors/imans,ex military men and most of all,ex civil (thief) servant and finally stupid baboons political class all in the the name of I must continue to rule.
    GEJ I am sure you know that you are deceiving yourself not our great minds as Nigerians.
    Jamboree as usual.

  • This is a positive effort. I believe that this conference has a higher probability of been successful.

  • Sticky

    What a waste of time. If the dissolution of Nigeria is not a topic or agenda. That is meant to be the main agenda, if not save tax payers money and cancel that crap conference. Unity of Nigeria is non negotiable my foot, mtcheeeew.

  • This is a positive effort. I believe that this conference has a higher probability of been successful.

  • rhymedeep

    I love the distribution of delegate. GEJ is on the right track. What matters most is the implementation of the confab outcome


    Every effort should be taking to ensure women are well represented in this Conference. Every single organisation should ensure an equal mix or near equal. A testosterone dorminated conference can be less sensitive to constitutional provision for family, children and youth welfare.
    May God bless the people of Nigeria with peace, happiness and progress through this conference.
    No weapon fashioned against this conference will prosper in Jesus’ name.
    Nigeria will succeed, the enemy will be totally disappointed, and lose the next election as well.
    My prayer goes to every single member, for divine wisdom.
    We will get rid of this military decree they call our constitution once and for all, and move forward to take an enviable place in Africa, and the World.

  • Austin9ja

    All I know is that GEJ cannot make a miracle or a change, because all the corruption left in that office since independent or pasts administrations has a hand in his messy also he’s trying his very best.. Sanusi sponsored terrorist group in the north east all these blockage makes GEJ administration a troubled one…Sanusi was saying about Nigeria resources was imbalance in the north whereby the North has ruled this country for 38 yrs and GEJ was only few years ago. ..Hungering for power has always been an issue with the North without them consider the minorities or those region who hasn’t even tested power before. . Nigerian is full of tribalism, hate, crime, terrorist, religious killing, ethnicity envy and political bitterness. …So why bother to lived in peace as a nation whereby innocent people are dying everyday by day…They only peace is to let my ppl go or to your tent oh Israel, because all these will not work as there is a hate/ internal dividing on ground already. …Just take a look to Ghana so peaceful even during their election but here is all about money money…It was Stella yesterday and now is Sanusi then tomorrow will be yours Mr and Mrs corruption. ..Sanusi have to answer how he made the money he spent all over Nigeria and some lunatics out there are trying to diverted the corruption into tribalistic joke. ..You guys needs long way to go. .

  • janet2312

    Please let me know how to submit proposal/recommendation to the Conference?

  • janet2312

    Please do you know how someone can submit a proposal/recommendation to the Conference?