Ex-Army Chief Ihejirika tackles ‘ungrateful’ northern elders over calls for his prosecution

The northern elders should be thanking the service chiefs, my officers and myself for making huge sacrifices, Mr. Ihejirika said.

The immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Azubuike Ihejirika, on Sunday in Abuja said the call by some Northern elders for his trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) was “ill-conceived’’.

The retired Lt.-Gen. spoke to State House correspondents after the post-national pilgrimage church service held at the Presidential Villa’s chapel.

Some northern elders had reportedly threatened to drag Mr. Ihejirika and six others to the ICC for alleged extra-judicial killings.

They had said the killings happened during military operations of the military Joint Task Force (JTF) against Boko Haram insurgents in Borno and Yobe states.

The former Chief of Army Staff said the elders might have made the call based on some misinformation.

He said rather than issue such threats, the elders should be grateful to the military which had sacrificed a lot to protect the Northern region and the country at large.

“The Northern elders should be thanking the service chiefs, my officers and myself for making huge sacrifices.

“We have sacrificed, first, to see that Nigeria is safe and the north in particular, since they are the first beneficiaries of the sacrifices being made.

“There is no senatorial zone in this country that has not lost a personnel in the armed forces.

“It is unfortunate that the same elders, if they are really elders, have not cared to send a single condolence message to the military,’’ Mr. Ihejirika said.

He said such a threat by the elders was not only unnecessary but demoralising and counter-productive.

“I think that their statement is discouraging and it impacts negatively on the counter-terrorist efforts.

“As we speak now, there are soldiers that have not had a meal since yesterday because of the peculiarity of where they are at the moment,” the former Army chief said.

Mr. Ihejirika said the fight against terrorism had been tasking but results were being achieved.

“It has been a very busy thing and I believe that, very soon, Nigerians will be very happy because we have put quite a number of structures in place.

“I want to say that with some equipment and training that were carried out in recent days, there will be little or no hiding place for the insurgents,’’ he said.

On life after retirement, Mr. Ihejirika said: “the immediate thing is to have a small vacation with my family.”

He said he would thereafter think of what next to do.



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  • Dodon Doya

    Please reserve your defense till you appear at the The Hague

    • shorebattery

      Appear at the Hague? You are only hallucinating! Did Ihejirika create the Boko Haram that has been ravaging the North? The mess the North created is what the entire military is trying to clear and here are some Northerners talking nonsense and rubbish! Yet these same Northerners first accused the federal govt of not protecting them against the Boko Haram; the same North is now turning around to talk nonsense about taking a service chief to ICC. Shame on you people and your limited intelligence! If I were Jonathan I would withdraw all the military from the North and let the Northerners go and tackle Boko Haram with their bows and arrows! In any case, don’t deceive yourself that Ihejirika would be taken to the ICC. Nigeria has to grant the ICC permission to accept the case; and the ICC would not even touch a case that has not passed through all the courts of Nigeria. So dumb head know this fact.

      • Bala R

        Don’t be in a hurry. The vacation with family the idiot Gen is talking about is going into exile. If you doubt it ask the former IGP Rimgim. Some soldiers did not have a meal since yesterday is bcs he has stollen their meal allowances. I will bet you my life he is safer in the Hague bcs this Boko boys will get him where ever he hides.

      • Naziru Adam

        Withdraw the bad soldiers from North is what we always pray for. After all, the bad egg in the military contribute to more than 60% of security threat in the North.

        Do you think the business of N900+ billion is a small business? In order to maintain that budget security problem must be maintained, otherwise FGN would have no reason to allocate that substantial money to the security operators.

        And who do you think will create the problem??? The local Civilian-JTF who risk their lives in fighting Boko Haram (who are not even in the payroll of this budget)? The local poor mases who fight their daily meals (who are essentially No 1 victims of Boko Haram)? Our good veteran army and police officers who also risk themselves and are also soft target? Or the high ranking officers who can create or hire mercenaries to do their dirty jobs in order to maintain insecurity and label it to Boko Haram terrorist?

        • marto

          How do you sift the bad eggs from the good ones? Do they carry special emblems? Yes, there are saboteurs in the security apparatus. Even without obvious collaborators BH cannot be defeated by man’s efforts and wisdom. The western powers, our teachers and manufacturers of the gadgets we use have failed to check them in Afghanistan,Irak,Yemen, somalia etc,;What is your hope? All men should repent and turn from their wicked ways,and then call upon God almighty, if we desire Healing.Period.

          The level of manupulation of the masses, the appalling degree of discrimination and blunt cut-off of Nigerians from their God-given resources, using religion and tribal manupulation,especially in the North-east cannot but elicit God’s Judgement. A type of discrimination that has no regard for its harmful effect on the local masses is extreme wickedness and will surely be punished by Jehovah.

      • Everfrank

        Ihejirika was executing an igbo agenda, by massacring innocent people, for their perceived lost in the civil war.

        • Afam

          your brother will be the one to continue where he stopped if at your allegation is true but i doubt it because when hausa looses a post they indulge in black mails..

    • Afam

      Very laughable,who will answer for the genocide your elders and elites have committed in Nigeria? from Biafran killings to hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa and many more…I will like to see this case at Hague,it will help for fast break away of this fake marriage called Nigeria..To the best of my knowledge Ihejirika discharged his duties as a humble and intelligent officer..You people can go to hell..

      • Sadiq Garba

        Go to court!

      • Everfrank

        Biafra was a selfish and an illegal movement while Saro Wiwa was a murderer.

        • Afam

          Ode ..parasite..

      • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

        We knew Ihejirika was appointed with Biafran in mind to take a revenge. If not why do the government abodon the use of intelligence service? Why was there no serious investigation into the killing of Gen. Shuwa?
        Ihejirika abodon many military projects (Kaduna military hospital, etc.) in the north. Ihejirika passed the retirement age but was left to complete his agender.

        • Afam

          Really ? you have your proves? please if you don’t know what to say shut up your mouth..Was Gen Shuwa the only person killed in the Boko haram crises? What of soldiers,police and other security agents your brothers killed?..Are they not human beings?

  • Majembi

    This man called Ihejirika is nothing but a fraud and that is why there was jubilation in all military barracks in Nigeria when the announcement for his removal was made. We shall give evidence at the ICC.

    • shorebattery

      And whenever that craze becomes possible we shall also give evidence at the ICC when the Hausa/Fulani chief of army staff who presided over the destruction of Zaki Biam and Odi are arraigned there! We are waiting! And if you think those Hausa/Fulani chiefs of army staff were no frauds, then you will need to have your head examined!

    • shorebattery

      We shall also give evidence at the ICC when the Hausa/Fulani chief of army staff is arraigned. This Hausa/Fulani chief of army staff presided over the destruction of Zaki Biam and Odi. And if you think these Hausa/Fulani chiefs of army staff are no frauds then you will need to have your head examined.

      • Bukar

        I think your battery don die Mr shorebattery. It was Gen Ogbomudia from Delta state that was army chief during Oi and Zaki biam, so the same agenda. You idiots should prepare to face the ICC because Ihejirika cannot escape it at all no matter what…

    • Afam

      Jubilation by hausa/fulani Soldiers who sees our Nigerian army as their own little emirate,since he was appointed,none of you people was happy..So no noise making at pages of newspapers…Bring it on you animals..

    • Jossy Honah Eleanya

      Majembi, Your family and extended family are all boko haram, security operatives should take note, why bother over nothing, you people should kill yourselves and respect the dignity of this noble gentle man….

  • Mani_Kay

    I think the Northern Elders confused General Azubuike Ihejirika with General Muhammadu Buhari of the CPC. The two are not the same.

    Facts reveal that it is General Muhammadu Buhari that will face the ICC for the mindless murder of over 15,000 innocent Nigerians including 1,200 innocent and youthful NYSC members during the 2011 general elections.

    It is sad to note all the Nigerians killed by Buhari and his CPC supporters are Southerners and persons from the Christian North.

    The Northern Elders are the founders and sponsors of Boko Haram and it is they that should face the ICC for their crimes against humanity.

    Kudos to General Azubuike Ihejirika for a job very well done!!!

    • Sadiq Garba

      Mani_Kay, When the case is mentioned at ICC you can go and make such clarifications.

      • Mani_Kay

        The Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are doomed.

        • Sadiq Garba

          No it is the whole of the country.

          If the Mani_Kays of this world are doomed, then everyone is doomed.

        • Everfrank

          This writer is a hater of muslims and hausa fulani. Pls don’t join issues with him.

  • Jerry

    The Northern Elders are really showing that they are the ones playing, in the bush, the tune Boko Haram is dancing to on the road. That is why they did not threaten Boko Haram with ICC as they are slaughtering innocent Nigerians in their thousands. Now, they are embittered with the army for breaking the backbone of their anointed Boko Haram. Shame on to them.


    Boko Haram are like the chaldeans of old sent to invade a people who have decided to neglect their creator and have chosen to worship their different gods,despite professing to worship the true GOD.
    Yes, their is no gainsaying the fact that the ungodly cultural indices of the North, encouraged and manupulated by elites for selfish reasons: such as uncontrolled number of children and clandestinely introducing them to begging and hardship,while marrying many wives. Lack of industry,wicked and unparallel and unbelievable descriminations of even indigenes and a culture of dependence,lack of exposure to true life upbringing with a sense of responsibility, etc. have all created a fertile ground for BH to get internal collaborators; the bottom line is, the Northern elites should be honest to go before God and admit that they failed and misled the people, and pray for God to heal the land.
    But if they refuse and go this path of playing the blame game,and struggling for power, manupulating religion,tribe,political mischief-then God will release his second phase of his judgement,and the first will look like a child’s play.
    The south is no less immune and should take heed from what is happening in the North. God should not be taken for granted.

  • Shetima Madu

    To mention that there are soldiers who spend a day without food is self-indictment. How many meals have you had within same period? No wonder insurgents are killing soldiers like rats, yet you say you are winning. You use all their money to build houses in Ovim where only jungle monkeys exist. Haba Mr Ihejirika. Just prepare to be bundled to the Hague to face trial for genocide and crimes against humanity. You killed our people out of hate…

  • habba

    assessment of ihejerika former chief of army staff
    sleeping with officers wife
    sleeping with solgers wifes and buying them brand new cars
    non promoton of briliyant officers
    making senior officers to work under there juniors
    disrespect to his senior including mr president
    buying of useless equipments for the army
    making money out of boko haram
    here is ihejerika a patrotic military officer no seen man should ever appoint this fool as arepersntative of nigeria in any military formation ever
    he is d most useless chief of army staff nigerian military has ever had
    a man who doesnt no his left fr4om right
    a man who sleep with officers wife in other to give dem contract
    a man who profited from the bokoharam insugency with out yeliding any positive result
    what a disgrace to the nigerian army he is.