Diaspora professors ask US, UK, to punish Nigeria for criminalizing homosexuality


Twenty-Four leading Nigerian academics, researchers, and journalists, have spoken out forcefully against the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Law recently signed by President Goodluck Jonathan, and which is drawing international rebuke to the country.

In a signed release from the United States titled “Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Law Is A Crime Against Reason” the academics slammed the Jonathan administration for the law, urging, “civil society and human rights groups to start a campaign that we hope will soon result in its abolition.”

Advocating strong diplomatic isolation against Nigeria, the group wanted United States and the United Kingdom to impose diplomatic sanctions like denial of visas on state functionaries, including journalists, the clergy, and policymakers who they charge as accomplices associated with the passing of the law.

They marshaled reasons why Nigerians should oppose this law, arguing that the decision was based on “a spurious, uninformed and one-dimensional reading of ‘African culture.’

No Nigeria should be criminalized  on account of their natural sexual inclination, the academics said, insisting that decades of scientific research have proved “decisively that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality.”

Querying  why any law should be allowed to reverse the gains made by programs aimed at fighting the HIV-AIDS epidemic in the country, and why law enforcement agents should be allowed to go after innocent Nigerians in the name of upholding the law, the academics said the law impinges on Nigerians’ freedom of speech and association, and expressly violates the rights of minorities in a free and democratic society.

“It is not the business of any state, let along the Nigerian state, to interpose itself in the private affairs of two consenting adults” the academics said,  insisting that “homosexuality does not harm us as a society and people. It is the hypocrisy, venality, and corruption that pervade our society that are the source of our problems.”

Among the signatories are Professors Ebenezer Obadare, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA; Akin Adesokan, University of Bloomington, Indiana, USA; and Wale Adebanwi, of the U iversity of California, Davis, USA;

Others are  Amatoritsero Ede, Ottawa, Canada;  Mojubaolu Olufunke Okome, Brooklyn, New York, USA;  Olufemi Taiwo, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA; and  Tejumola Olaniyan, of the University of Wisconsin, at Madison, USA;


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  • capinter

    Crazy let em legalize polygamy in thr country

  • Adeyinka

    stupid people, if not for our leaders, who need UK and us? Nigeria is a great country with rich cultural heritage

  • Datti

    Are these professors or economic refuges? They should persuade their hosts not to criminalize polygamy. I am sure this will benefit some of these so called professors. For us, here in Nigeria, gay is not it and there is nothing anyone could do about it.

    • igboham

      Would the professors have contributed to the positive development of your country from within instead of economic refugees as you call them. I believe that Africans including me have decide not to reason properly. You accept the forced creation called Nigeria, willing to kill millions of your people to maintain it and oppose white people on an irrelevant issue.

  • ayomi

    12 years a slave Black man fought for his freedom, these professors are fighting to remain slaves

    • Courage Nigeria

      Ignorance is a disease like madness when the mind sees no wisdom in wisdom but value in mediocrity.

  • kayode Olufade

    Legalizing homosexuality in Nigeria will be like legalizing polygamy in America. Acceptable social believes in one part of the world shouldn’t be forced down the throat of other parts of the world especially if such believes are frowned upon. It wiuld have been another thing if popular vote in Nigeria tended towards accepting such a lifestyle but the majority of nigerians have shown distaste for it and the international community should be matured enough to accept that

    • igboham

      No body is advocating the legalization of anything. We think that Nigeria has no reason to enact that law – it was absolutely unnecessary to get involved with that issue particularly in the midst of innumerable problems in that place including its very own existence. It is diversion from the real issues in the zoo.

  • Lanre

    Taking a position on something as controversial as this is quite difficult. Jonathan is plainly not serious. There are more pressing issues in Nigeria. I am sure in my community if a man takes another man to the altar, people would ordinarily say they are mad. Why bother legislating against errant behavior?
    At the same time, should a man marry his daughter? A mother, her son? The issues are controversial, intellectual and philosophical and require deep thought. Asking that Nigeria be punished for legislating on the act of homosexuality, a position that many support in Nigeria is quite presumptuous. If the West is right about everything, why did we have slavery?

    • igboham

      The stupidity in the whole thing is that the foolishness of we Africans has prevented us from allowing our culture to take care of some issues. We want to be White – therefore have a legislature involved in senseless laws when they are not stealing. We also insist on unity therefore we must have laws applicable to all groups. Nigeria continues to be a joke as long as you are Nigga area. as per ms Shaw.

  • precious

    They should remain in their country we dont need them here. We shall also remain in our country. Is just that our politicians will surfer nw oo. No acess to travel out again

  • Lanre

    Another interesting point is that most of these intellectuals are from America. Many states in the US do not recognize homosexuality. It is not even Federal Law despite court rulings on DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). Does it then mean that Southern Conservatives from Tennessee cannot visit Washington DC because they oppose marriage between homosexuals? So Nigerian Government officials should be banned from the US for legislating on an act within their own jurisdiction? You professors should remember that for a long time many believed the earth was flat or that the Sun rotated around the Earth and some had to pay with their lives and freedom. Scandinavia is losing salient aspects of family life due to this scourge (homosexuality), just as Russia is refusing to allow this fad. It is deeper guys. Humanity must save itself from its own destruction.

    • yaksy

      Same sex marriage is madness that even animal never indulge in,have anybody ever seen where dog having sex with dog or lion with lion or horse with a horse? Certainly no;so why man to man or woman to woman?yet they say no to polygamy but having mistress is a private life.When all men marry men and women marry women in 50 years the population of the world will be reduced to 50% and in the next 100 years there won’t be more than 1% of our present population remaining in the world.

  • Dodon Doya

    Are these profs serious at all? Why should they insist on punishing Nigeria for criminalizing homosexuality and not for fraudulent elections and all the corruption that is taking place. If it is in the spirit of freedom then the majority of people are more affected than a small group of outcasts. I agree with those who say this people should stay in the US. Their mind is non-Nigerian.

  • Bin Fodio

    It is a shame for these professors to think that way! Are they not aware that Nigeria is democratic? Have they forgotten that the issue went through public debates and through the chambers of government before becoming law? This decision is not by Jonathan but by popular demand. It is a shame that these Professors would not respect what the majority of their people have voted to uphold and instead calling on punishment for making a decision of their own. If that is what they have become then Nigeria does not need them as they may be even more dangerous when they come back. What a shame!!!

  • Bala R

    All the signatories are from the south and Christians. What is the CAN praising GEJ for signing the law?

    • Anti-Gay

      Nigeria’s Islamic north only has professors in Sudan, Niger, Malaysia and Cyprus; not U.S. That’s why!

      • KB

        Google Sarki Abba Abdulkadir

      • akpabio

        They are still professors and none of them from Sudan Niger and what so ever supported it. Only your animal siblings did so. Orisejaror is a gay too everyone knows.

        • Seconds

          @akpabio – you lied

    • isa fagge

      Mr. Bala this is not an issue of region or religion because majority of christians/ muslims and North/south are against it. Therefore,It is an issue that affects our life both as Nigerians. Those profs. They are just representing their land-Lords not their religion or tribe.

  • Al

    Gej will get my vote 2015 for the anti gay law

  • Abubakar Sadiq Jabbo

    Western world need to know that they need us more than we need them.
    Banning our official from there countries can only help our economy and suffer their’s. So, we welcomed it.
    As for the professors, let them chose how they want to live their lives but they should not criticise our president for doing his duties by pleasing majority oc the citizens.
    This action by our able president earned him support by many Nigerians especially in the North who hitherto lacked confidence in him. I, inclusive.

    • bloggernaija

      You are deceiving yourself .
      Nigeria barely registers on the international map.

      • Babatoks

        I wonder why you call yourself “Bloggernaija” when you seem to hate Naija so much? And please, let us be factual here, Nigeria does register, and very prominently too, on the international map. Dont be so self-deprecating!

        • Abubakar Sadiq Jabbo

          I second your point

      • Abubakar Sadiq Jabbo

        It means you are not from this planet or you are just ignorant of what happens around d world.
        People like you never appreciate freedom but prefer continues servitude to whites.
        Pessimistic person who see no good and hope no good for his country.
        You can migrate to west and become their gay tool. We can not stop you.

    • igboham

      That is exactly why I would not want to belong to a country with your mentality. Please join us in restoring self determination to all nationalities.

      • Abubakar Sadiq Jabbo

        You can go ahead and continue being a slave to the whites.
        We believe in Nigeria and optimistic that one day we can rule d world.
        God will destroy all d gay countries.
        I hate gays and their advocates

        • igboham

          Yes – You do not like whites but you love the country Nigga Area they created for you and happy to kill other people to keep it. You want to control who sleeps with who as your country falls apart – the worst in the world. It will be funny to suggest that Nigeria will rule the world someday but it is serious because Nigeria is truely a zoo under a zoologist Mr. President.Good dreams.

  • Cosmas Odey

    These so called Professors prefer to be slaves to the whites,so I don’t blame them that’s their choice……well majority of us Nigerians prefer not to incur the wrath of God and invite earthquakes, tsunamis and other evils….we are still struggling with corruption but not to add salt to injury.

    • bloggernaija

      Those professor are what makes America tick.
      You get it.
      Most people are also too busy to be poking their noses in other people’s affairs
      You guy spend your little spare time hating ignoring the fact that the way you live your lives is actually gay.
      1Face me I face you apartment.
      2Men lapping themselves in the bus
      3 three men sharing the same bed
      4men resting on other men’s shoulder
      5sharing the same cup,cigarette etc
      6 borrowing another man’s trouser
      7bleaching and putting on makeup

      All because of poverty.

      Kudos to the brains .
      Which is something nigeria obviously lacks

  • Babatoks

    First, it is elitist and attention-seeking for 24 so-called Nigerian professors in America to give a signed Press Release. Under which or whose auspices? Is there an association of Nigerian professors in the US? Their press release smacks of hypocrisy. Secondly, it is unpatriotic of these academicians/professors to be asking a sovereign country to punish another sovereign country, and their country at that. Thirdly, I do not support the same-sex marriage law in Nigeria, simply because I feel there are more important issues that the Nigerian Government has to deal with than homosexuality. Where were these professors n condemning corruption, decaying/decayed infrastructure, moribund educational system and healthcare system, even the recent ASSU strike, insecurity and hundreds of woes that have afflicted the Nigerian?

    • bloggernaija


      Those 24 professors have more common sense that the 160 million mumus in that wretched country.

      Were there no gays in Nigeria before the bill?
      Are there no gays now?
      Scientific estimate of the no of closet gays in Nigeria is 15 million.
      You cannot possibly jail/kill all these people.

      • UK BOY

        Another Homo talking bullshit. Satan operative. Just stay their and be talking all the shit wey full your mouth. Make we catch you for naija, you go hear wieeen. Bush idiot, wey wan be oyibo by all means. Carry that ur yansh go live for yankee so that you fit sell ur market their.

      • akpabio

        Well what is the percentage of 15 out a 120? Banza jaki dakiki, if you want to marry same sex go and do it who stop you? We are talking of majority here not animals like you that have feelings for your types. Even animals don’t have same sex.

      • Babatoks

        They do, don’t they? Only 24 out of “160 million mumus in that wretched country”. That phrase has now more than ever convinced me why we have the problems we have, Bloggernaija. It is a national malaise.

        And please, what is a “scientific estimate”?

    • Oche

      Brilliant comment. I totally agree.

  • Afam

    They should all seek asylum there and never plan to come back..Sick people..Non of them will allow their daughters and kids to be gay but they will be fast to call press just to keep their jobs there..ANIMALS..

  • Yinusa Akinrele

    To hell with those professors only that they cannot see beyond their noses,what organisation is punishing U.S.A because some of the states don’t allowed Gay marriage,it was toward last year U.K government passed Gay marriage law for them to be allowed to marry , before then what organisation punish them?.All they are sitting down and argue about is Gay issue,in Nigeria to date , no security , no good schools , no good colleges, no good roads , electricity supply is inadequate, them the professors, they send their children to abroad to educate them .
    They careless about the ordinary people,what I expected of them is to find solutions to the darkness we have in Nigeria
    , The President of Russia is not in supportof Gay Wright no one dare say let U.K.&U.S.A punish Russian

  • Guguru

    I knew that at some point, Nigeria’s funny version of democracy would run up against the values of systems that make the Nigerian democratic experiment possible. Jonathan has stepped on many many international toes just as he has refused to step on any domestic toes, albeit unwillingly at times. Jonathan is soon going to learn that Nigeria is part of a global community where what occurs outside Nigeria can impact domestic matters in Nigeria fairly significantly. When Nigeria goes borrowing funds or asking for bilateral agreements with western nations, it inevitably is also asking for the cultures of thes enations to be imported to Nigeria as well. What Nigeria is now trying to do is take the money and the benefits that come with these nations and then dump the baggage associated with it. Unfortunately, the world does not work that way any longer. Nigeria will either reverse that law or in 2015, after the Presidential elections, some of these nations will place sanctions on Nigeria if Jonathan becomes President. Mr Jonathan has also allowed for corruption to reign supreme and these nations have been fuming about his weal corruption stance. For example, he pardoned Alameseigha, former Governor of Bayelsa State who remains a fugitive in England. Taken together, Mr Jonathan is not in good standing with these nations and one way or another, with Jonathan as President, there will be consequences for these violations.

    • Mohstone

      To hell with you and the so-called western nations. If you want to remain their slave then go ahead and open your anus for them. We love the bill and it is important and timely. Fight against corruption is not a one day thing and will oneday be victorious but our family values are sacrosanct, take it or leave it. The time for this bill is ok for all of us. People like you should go and plant your d**k in alligators’ mouth to suit yourselves. idiot.

  • Prof. Dayo Akinmoladun

    Those Professors are talking as an individual they are not talking for Professors in the Diaspora. Ask those Professors when was the last time they visited Nigeria and what equity do have in Nigeria that give them the authority to advocate punishing Nigeria for enacting a law that protect our family value. This are the Professors that their children call them by their names or how many of them have lesbians as their own children or they just want cheap popularity. Majority of Nigeria show a distaste for that type of lifestyle so the western word should just be matured enough to accept Nigeria for who they are.
    Prof. Dayo Akinmoladun Bronx Community College of the City University of New York

    • Guguru

      The men you speak about negatively teach in research universities as opposed to a community college that is focused on teaching. It is doubtful you have any publication of significance in your field. Thus, your comments.

      • kulikuli

        This Dayo Akinmoladun struggles to string sentences together in English. I’m going to send your comment to your university so they can see that they have employed a homophobic ‘professor’! Shameless man.

  • Guguru

    $10.8 billion is missing in Nigeria. Yet, politicians in Nigeria divert the attention of stupid Nigerians to homosexuality. The thieves are stealing and looting Nigeria in broad day light while they tell stupid Nigerians to lynch and kill homosexuals. When you are all done eliminating homosexuals, let me know how it has helped return the stolen $10.8 billion that has kept Nigerians in poverty for over 50 years. If the value system is to turn a blind eye to looting, corruption, and kleptoptocracy, while advocating the elimination of homosexuals, then such a culture is simply sick, fake, silly, dishonest, and laughable.

  • man2man

    They are speaking nonsensical.

  • ayekooto

    These are shameless gays. They are only using the academic nomenclatures to cover up. They haven’t got anything good to bring back to Nigeria after many years of being refugees overseas. They should come home and proof their research. Instead for them to concern themselves with how to come home with technological knowhow they are sleeping with donkey and horses shameless people.

    • Babatoks

      I don’t think they are necessarily gays or whatever. I just think they are misplacing their concerns and priorities and are just seeking publicity and attention. They are also joining the bandwagon of being seen to be liberal and politically correct.

  • idn1

    These guys are a bunch of sellouts. The bulk of them don’t protect African culture and values wherever they are. They’re living abroad yet they want to tell home based Nigerians how to live their lives they won’t be part of at least for the most part.

    If they really sympathise with gay people, they should all relocate to Nigeria then their concerns may be considered.

    • Babatoks

      Right said, brother.

  • Mansur

    God punish you

  • Courage Nigeria

    I commend the voice of the progressive and even much more the voice of humane intellectuals who oppose this law.