Angry Ezekwesili challenges Okonjo-Iweala to account for ‘missing’ $10.8billion’ oil money

Oby Ezekwesili
Oby Ezekwesili

Former Minister Ezekwesili believes that when it comes to Nigeria’s economy and revenues, the buck stops at Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala’s table. She therefore wants her to account for the country’s missing oil money

Former Vice President of the World Bank, Oby Ezekwesili, has taken the Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to task over the sloppy manner the government has handled the issue of the ‘missing’ $49.8billion oil money.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, had, in a memo to President Goodluck Jonathan accused the NNPC of diverting huge oil revenue that should be paid to the federation account.

Mr. Sanusi had alleged that the NNPC systematically diverted more than 76 per cent of revenues realised from crude oil sales between January 2012 and July 2013, paying only 24 per cent of the proceeds from crude oil sales within the period into the federation account.

Later, at the end of a purported reconciliation meeting with the NNPC and other agencies, the CBN governor and Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala claimed the bulk of the money was not missing, but that about $10.8billion was yet to be accounted for.

The NNPC claimed, last week, that the missing $10.8 billion was spent on oil subsidy payments, repairs of vandalized oil pipeline facilities and operational costs.

However, the NNPC’s explanation appeared not to have convinced some Nigerians, who feel that the manner the issue was handled by the government left much to be desired.

Mrs. Ezekwesili, who said she was one of such Nigerians dissatisfied with the explanations offered by the NNPC, took to her tweeter handle, @obyezeks, at about 4:44 p.m. Nigerian time, on Wednesday, to express disappointment and frustration at the NNPC’s lack of accountability.

The former minister of education, popularly known as ‘Madam Due Process’ for her consistent insistence on transparency and accountability, in a series of tweets urged Nigerians to stand up and demand accountability over the matter.

She challenged Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala to personally shoulder the responsibility of accounting to Nigerians about the ‘missing money, pointing out that “a good place to start would be if the Coo (Coordinating) Minister of Economy can sign off on NNPC’s breakdown of the “missing $10Billion”.

She said, “Madam Minister, @NOIweala, can we please v (verify?) your signed off breakdown of the “missing $10Billion” that NNPC must account for?,” she asked. “It would help raise confidence in the administration if you! @NOIweala took up the accounting for the “missing $$10 Billion”.

She asked her former colleague in the Executive Council of the Federation, FEC, to take advantage of her presentation of the details of the 2014 budget on Monday to also give the breakdown of the ‘missing $10.8billion’ oil money. “Since you @NOIweala will be presenting #Budget2014 breakdown on the 22nd. Also provide break down of “missing $10Billion. We cannot continue to have an NNPC that behaves as if it is independent of our Ministry of Finance. Citizens must insist!,” she said.


Justifying her demand for Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala to take personal responsibility to render account, Mrs. Ezekwesili noted that “statutorily, the NNPC must render accounts to her, @NOIweala, as our finance minister. If she signs off, we ought to assume all is well.”

“… until NNPC realizes that Citizens will not believe their accounting without @NOIweala …. Signing off the appropriateness and accuracy of those “operational expenditure”, they will repeat bad behaviour again”, she said.

Pre-empting possible attacks from some Nigerians who might not share her view on her advice to Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, the former World Bank Vice President noted: “There will of course be some of the typical “chicken that defends Christmas” behaviour by some trollers on my TL (timeline), but you waste your time….

“Some of the “chicken that defends Christmas” behaviour would even be put up by some of the 54% jobless youths that cannot connect the dots.”

She challenged other Nigerians who are worried over the issue to respond to her tweet. “If as a Citizen, you are as vexed as I am at the way the issue of “missing $10Billion” has been handled tweet @ me”.

The former minister continued, “Citizens who allow politicians to set the agenda while they just react have themselves to blame for lack of tangible result from governance.

“The day we begin to see tangible results from governance is the day Citizens master agenda setting around the deep challenges of our society.

“Is there yet a detailed breakdown of the “missing” $10Billion that NNPC said it used for “XYZZY & Operational Expenses?”.

Apparently drawing the attention of members of the National Assembly to what their role should be in resolving the issue, Mrs. Ezekwesili queried: “Can the NASS gain the confidence of citizens by ending “tales” of this kind where $$10 Billion is so lightly esteemed?”

“Does NNPC know that some African countries sweat to raise $5Million to stay afloat? And here, $10Billion is waved off?”

Mrs. Ezekwesili also took a swipe at the media for not paying sufficient attention to the matter, saying “When citizens and media act unperturbed by the “murky” accounting for the “missing $10Billion, the rest of the world hiss!”.

Drawing the attention of the NNPC to her campaign for accountability on the issue, she said: “Hello, NNPC! Here is one Citizen that demands accurate accounting for the “missing” $10Billion. What happened to it? What?”

The handling of the controversy by the government has irked a lot of Nigerians, who feel there are more to the explanations so far given by the parties involved.

For the Chairman, House Committee on Finance, Abdulmumini Jubrin, who was commenting on the issue during a recent television interview last week, the NNPC’s explanation on the missing billions is unacceptable.


“For me, NNPC’s explanation is an afterthought,” Mr. Jubrin said. “If the NNPC knew the $10.8billion was spent on the payment of fuel subsidy and repair of vandalized pipelines, why did they wait for several weeks to tell Nigerians that?”


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  • ceecee

    The problem is not sacking Tukur, rather making sure that those responsible for this missing money explain properly how this money was used or be prosecuted. Oduah, NNPC, Fuel subsidy… great silence from ASO ROCK and somebody will soon tell me to vote for him again. Over my dead body!

    • Fairgame

      When you say ‘over your dead body’ be prepared for death might just be around the corner for you. You have claimed death as your portion. And do I say ‘so shall it be’?

      • Bestman

        Stop speaking evil here, he only tells you that he is not ready to vote for the corrupted leaders we have there today in Aso rock seeking votes everywhere.

        • Fairgame

          A person says over his dead body will something happen even though he knows he is not God. And I tell him that death as he wished for might be around the corner ….you come dey vex? Na wa o. So if Jonathan is reelected and this person’s wishes of death comes to pass am I then the one that caused it? Of course not. He spoke and it came to pass. Please redirect you vexation else where.

      • 9jaIsFinished

        There is no need wishing him death even if he used that popular phrase to express his opinion and stance against giving his vote to Pdp.

        • Fairgame

          Words are powerful. I did not wish him death. As a matter of fact my response is a caution thus I said death ‘might’ just be around the corner… tell the person to stop bringing calamity on his own head over politics.

    • Hateme

      Definitely it will be over your dead body that President GEJ will be re-elected to rule our great country. Many of you that swore ‘over your dead bodies’ will surely be dead before the inauguration day or commit suicide after seeing GEJ being inaugurated on May 29 2015 (that’s if Nigeria still remains one country anyway)

      • Dodson Doya

        God forbid GEJ winning the 2015 election. All the same I wish him we’ll after his exit on May 29, 2015.

        • Okokobioko

          Na who wan defeat GEJ? The APC people wey don dey shoot themselves over registration issues?

    • 9jaIsFinished

      I agree with you. What pisses me off in forums like this is, we fail to address the issues at stake, demand accountability and transparency, but rather bring in personal, ethnic or religious sentiments into every issue. It is very clear that the nnpc’s sudden explanation is absolute rubbish and a smoke screen.

  • Ikechukwu_67

    For where!! We(the nigerians who believe that the chairman of PDP is yoweri museveni) believe NNPC’s super reasons and Ngozi’s(PHD) evasiveness on this matter. Poor people like you disturbing our peace with a ‘chicken change’ like 10.8 billion dollars. Be careful o, or else we go ask you how you ‘judiciously’ spent Nigeria’s money when you were in government. minister. Corruption nor rest for one place oo.

    • SUNDAY

      One of the headless and thoughtless ezeks was refer

    • SUNDAY

      One of the headless and thoughtless ezeks was refering to.

      • Tonnero

        Guys, Ikechukwu_67 is using satire.He is not in support of NNPC and Okonjo Iweala.

        • Ikechukwu_67

          Many thanks jare tonnero

  • Rotimi Lawanson

    @Oby Ezekwesili has proved to be a big coward. I wonder why she would ask the Coordinating Minister and Minister of Finance to sign off on NNPC’s figures without asking the Minister of Petroleum first to account for the figures under her ministry. This is absolute madness. How can a Minister endorse or take over the functions of another serving Minister? Several people on twitter challenged Madam Oby to ask the appropriate minister to account for NNPC funds first and she couldn’t do that. What is she afraid of? She has displayed extreme cowardice by dodging asking DAM of Ministry of Petroleum. Perhaps, DAM has some information on Oby Ezekwesili and so she is afraid to challenge her. How sad! I once thought she was brave! Now. I know all she has been doing is posturing. Like Jibrin, Chairman of Finance Committee once said, “When everything goes wrong in Nigeria, they say it is Okonjo. Iweala. Is she the only Minister in Nigeria?”

    • Afo

      Man, NOI insisted that unless she was made the Coordinating minister of the economy she would not accept ordinary minister of finance portfolio. By this all the other ministers report economic and financial matters regarding their respective ministries to NOI. It is expected that before she signs off their submissions, she must ensure that she obtains satisfactory answers to any hanging issues to enable her incorporate such submissions into the nations economic plan. SANUSI was able to detect the missing money whereas this money would have been shared with her hence she turned blind eyes to this wickedness. Let her do the job she arrogantly appropriated to herself from the ignorant GEJ.

      • Fairgame

        Coordinating is not superintending. Know the difference and your comment will then make sense. You have fed too much on city people so in the face of your absolute lack of facts you begin peddling lies. You will also do yourself some good to know that the ministry of petroleum and NNPC by the act that established them do not report to ministry of finance and it is whatever they remit that is taken as the money earned. Why don’t you do yourself some good and understand what the structure is currently before throwing malicious accusations at Okonjo Iweala. Anyway I am looking forward to the conference and restructuring of Nigeria so Niger delta doesn’t keep feeding parasites.

    • Bestman

      Stop fooling yourself here, she’s never a coward, she’s only saying the truth. Minister of finance should tell the world if it’s in deed true that the missing money is now accounted for. Mrs. Okonjo Oweala knows that that explanation is not well with Nigerians and that’s why she kept quit since then. (Remember she’s the special minister so to say and she should be responsible for the accounting)

      • Fairgame

        Indeed she is not! That is why Oby cannot ask the relevant bodies ie the minister of petroleum, the house of reps committee on petroleum and even the senate the questions? You should stop fooling yourself. As a well brought up woman and a seasoned professional, OkonjoIweala knows what it means to mind her portfolio and understands the boundaries of her responsibilities which she is doing with exceptional integrity and diligence. Oby on the other hand is quite, should I say, drowning in irrelevance and jealousy. So it makes perfect sense that her ride out of obscurity is to invoke Okonjo Iweala however senselessly she does that. What a shame.

  • Fairgame

    I wonder what Ezekwesili understands about public policy 101. It is either she has lost her ability to hide her jealousy of Okonjo Iweala or she is truly dumb and thus justifying her inglorious exit from the world bank. She is asking the minister of finance to usurp the responsibility of the minister of petroleum and the NNPC under the minister of petroleum so that Oby Ezekwesili will be satisfied? It is such a big shame that this outburst is all about the 102 page response of the minister of finance yesterday. She is even so shameless that she could not ask the house committee in charge of petroleum to ask the minister of petroleum questions the same way the finance committee asked the minister of finance. No. She wants to be relevant on the back of Okonjo Iweala, I will advise Oby Ezekwesili to bury her head in shame. She is undeserving of a response from okonjo Iweala. If I were Iweala or able to advise her I will ignore the publicity seeking Ezekwesili. As the front woman for Obj and El Rufai she is doing her job.

    • Michael Keania Karikpo

      fairgame it must be a daunting task trying to derail a straight story using your basic/native obfuscation technique. Perhaps i could help to put you out of your strenuous attempt to pull the wool over otherwise reasonable Nigerians. The NNPC reports to the minister of Petroleum and for them to put out this wild and disrespectful expenditure layout they received the all clear from the petroleum minister. It could be argued that the petroleum minister in reality gave the purported “break down” of how the funds vanished into thin air although it was the NNPC fall guy that was sent to do the deed.

      There is therefore no need to question and argue with someone (Petroleum minister) who has made up her mind to damn the rest of us by giving such ludicrous explanations on the billions that never arrived. The best person to therefore put this question to is the minister of finance to wit- please can you append your signature, integrity and “global stature” to the funny and puny declaration of the minister of finance? Think about this-Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it and right is right even if you are the only one doing it

      • Fairgame

        Precisely what the senseless tweet by Oby is trying to accomplish- even the bible says you should not be surety for any man. So Okonjo Iweala should leave the boundaries of her responsibility and satisfy Oby and you? While you and Oby are too cowardly to take this fight for truth to the right channels duly empowered by the act of the National Assembly to’ sign off’ on such matters. Thank you for finally calling it out- Oby is so jealous of OkonjoIweala that she will stop at nothing no matter how senseless to damage her reputation. This one has failed because it is senseless. Let Oby the crusader for truth direct her quest for truth to Diezani and the supervising committee in charge of Petroleum. I am here writing because I find absolutely distasteful and shameful that Oby would refuse to take the house committee in charge of Petroleum up on this matter and instead wants OkonjoIweala who us our best performing minister to not only respond to questions she was asked by the house committee in charge of Finance but take up that of Petroleum too. Okonjo Iweala is the coordinating minister of the Economy and not the superintending minister. There is a big difference between the two words.know the difference and Oby would not fool you. If Ovy is not a coward let her not hide behind iweala for her fight. Let her face Diezani and the house committee in charge of Petroleum. I am waiting to her tweets to them.

      • Fairgame

        Precisely wrong is wrong. And right is right. Oby should ask the appropriate quarters to investigate and give the all clear. OkonjoIweala as minister of Finance is not to sign off on other ministers’ accounts, she is the coordinating minister of the economy not the superintending minister of the economy. There is a big difference between the two. If Oby is not a coward let her fight for the account of this money be taken to Diezani and the house committee in charge of Petroleum. She did not even ask Diezani to sign off on Nnpc’s account but it is Okonjo Iweala that she asks? And you think that makes sense. Anyway you have even told me something that is worth noting. Oby is so jealous of OkonjoIweala’s international clout that she figures that this senseless request is her way of dragging iweala into a mud sling with another minister. It is such a pity that Oby has descended so low. That is what hanging out with the likes of El Rufai do to you.

  • beddy chibs

    What is wrong with Mrs Oby Ezekwesili and what does she want?.If she wants to be a selfish and part-time social crusader/activist like Rotimi Usman Amaechi then she should let the public know.It is like she is still interested in the center.With due respect and due process madam you can help Mrs Okonjo-Iweala account for the said money.I expected you madam to understand the dirty politics and blackmail instituted by the APC,the born to rules and the hausa/fulani cabals.

    • JOHN

      Beddy chibs;;Have you really addressed the question at hand?is the social crusader important?whether useni, abubakar, arinola, ikenna..The issue at hand has nothing to do with PDP, APC..let us stand out and know what is wrong with this country…if u have a wife and kids who happens to read this article and daddys reply, how will he access u, what kind of impression are you giving them…people there is a very big problem in this nation..let us shun sentiments, religion ,tribe and see how we can save this nation from this mess…I WEEP FOR MY GRAND CHILDREN

  • Tonnero

    Hahahaha. GEJ’s rapid response squad (beddy chibs, Fairgame, Rotimi Lawanson and, perhaps, others) are at work again. Lots of work for their pay. These are part of the 54% chickens that vote for Christmas. Unfortuntately, their principal is a very hard product to sell.

    • Rotimi Lawanson

      You are amusing. Keep following blindly. I believe in truth. Ask your principal to stand up and not be a coward. Nigerians are watching. I am one of those. Nigerians that will never be fooled by antics and sound bites. I speak the truth and I will never take sides blindly. Your Madam clearly didn’t think through before she fired her shot at Iweala in Finance. She even displayed more cowardice by not directing her question to the appropriate quarter.

  • Fairgame

    I wonder what Ezekwesili understands about public policy 101. It is either she has lost her ability to hide her jealousy of Okonjo Iweala or she is truly dumb and thus justifying her inglorious exit from the world bank. She is asking the minister of finance to usurp the responsibility of the minister of petroleum and the NNPC under the minister of petroleum so that Oby Ezekwesili will be satisfied? It is such a big shame that this outburst is all about the 102 page response of the minister of finance yesterday. She is even so shameless that she could not ask the house committee in charge of petroleum to ask the minister of petroleum questions the same way the finance committee asked the minister of finance. No. She wants to be relevant on the back of Okonjo Iweala, I will advise Oby Ezekwesili to bury her head in shame. She is undeserving of a response from okonjo Iweala. If I were Iweala or able to advise her I will ignore the publicity seeking Ezekwesili. As the front woman for Obj and El Rufai she is doing her job.

    • e_orpheus

      In the event that you are unaware, one of the specific roles of our Finance Ministry is: “..monitoring government revenue from oil and non-oil resources”. It is within the purview of Madam Minister to question when there is a shortfall in expected revenue from any source.

      • Fairgame

        Thank you and so questions were asked and minister of petroleum answered so what is Oby now saying that the minister of finance should sign off on the minister of petroleum? Common. Even in a small office you dare not usurp the responsibility of the manager of another department. You can ask questions, do reconciliations but at the end of the day the minister of petroleum is the one who gives the account of her Ministry. Oby Ezekwesili is seeking cheap publicity motivated by extreme jealousy of Okonjo Iweala. She is a disgrace

        • e_orpheus

          I think she’s asking a very relevant question.
          Madam Minister, ‘monitor of government revenue from oil resources’, do you endorse the breakdown of this x amount of money as given by NNPC? Because “It would help raise confidence in the administration if you! @NOIweala took up the accounting for the “missing $$10 Billion..If she signs off, we ought to assume all is well.”

          I also find very questionable the breakdown as provided by NNPC. That it had to take that long for the information to be made available is also a bad sign. Honest and transparent documentation would not have given Sanusi reason to raise an alarm.
          If there has been misappropriation it will be shameful for us to keep quiet. We must continually ask the hard questions until satisfactory responses are given.

          • Fairgame

            I agree that ministry of petroleum should be asked to account and there is a minister there and there is a house of reps committee in charge of petroleum. What I find absolutely ridiculous is that Ezekwesili refuses to ask the relevant bodies questions and wants iweala to ‘sign off’…the act establishing the different ministries gives no such power to one minister over another’s portfolio. But the act gives the minister of petroleum that and the house of reps and the senate. So the question to Oby is why is she afraid of Diezani? Oby should direct her questions to the right channels if she is interested in getting answers but I tell you what, Oby’s outburst is about relevance seeking pushed by jealousy.

  • Ette

    Madam, I am more angry that you over this thieving government. For me the entire $49.5b needs to be satisfactorily accounted for as SANUSI was threatened to agree to some spurious transfer or direct payment claims. How would any arm of government collect money without the government bank, the CBN knowing. The Reps are calling for public debates, so let us all prepare,to demand accurate accounts of how this huge amount was administered. The NGF is asking same questions. What a country ruled by thieves. May God deliver us.

  • Malik

    Definitely, Dr. Oby is desperate to wipe up sentiment on this issue. Why ask this question on the day when NOI released her response to the watery 50 questions? Why not ask or pass your questions to Madueke who is the petroleum minister?

  • Okey

    Oby should just wait, when APC succeeds in chasing Jonathan away, her true biological father and look alike and character alike will make way for her to become Finance Minister. Already the old fox has asked Oby’s younger sister in the U.S. to abandon her medical practice over there, come home and contest foe Senate in Ogun State assuring that a deal had been struck with APC. Oby should just wait for that and stop taking the rest of us for fools, we know who the selfish, mischievous fools are.

  • Wilson Akoro

    Dr. Oby, its good that you should ask questions, but there are ways that you can do it not to pass the wrong signal. i expect you of all people to understand that having being in governmnent before. but i wonder why you what to achieve but asking questions that should be directed to the petroleum Minister to the finance Minister. have you joined opposition?

    • Fairgame

      She and el Rufai are inseparable. Did you not know? And her godfather is Obj although there were suggestions then that there was more between them. Oby is a disgrace.

      • Gamefair

        like what Fairgame? Like the ones between President Jonathan and madam diezani alison-madueke? or the one between President Jonathan and the aviation Princess Oduah? Just wondering Fairgame. Please help us to know!

        • Fairgame

          Hahaha…..precisely why he who lives in a glass house should not throw stones or back to Africa, she who lives in a thatch house should not play with fire. The reason Oby Ezekwesili is afraid to direct her questions to the minister of petroleum is exactly as you have pointed out- Oby had her round and those in power have the goods on her and can play dirty like her. In Oby’s mind okonjo iweala is way above her on the integrity and value chain and will not play dirty like her. So she decides to misdirect her questions to Iweala. If she is bold let her direct her questions to the right person Diezani and she will see what will happen…..there is your answer. Any more questions?

          • Gamefair

            You mean Oga Jonathan dey do am and dey kampe with madam Diezani alison-madueke. please clarify. It is getting interesting.

          • Fairgame

            You said it yourself. I did not. But it takes Oby to know her kind. It takes one to know one doesn’t it? So let Oby direct her questions to the right person in charge of ministry of Petroleum and leave Okonjo Iweala out of her madness. That remains the main point here.

          • Gamefair

            Boy Fairgame, that was not what you started with now. So tell us the truth since you know what is going on in Aso Rock between Oga on top and Madam oil below!. You Aso Rock people are so dead to values and character , only God can save you.

          • Fairgame

            You should read again what I started with and comprehend it this time. You however started with Aso Rock present day so you should update me on what is going on since you know. As for the main topic of my writings, Oby she should ask Diezani the questions rightly meant for her and cure herself of her jealous obsession with OkonjoIweala. So tell me what s the update on Aso Rock since it is clear now that you work for city people. By the way I am sure Oby has made Obasanjo smile more with this recent senseless outburst on OkonjoIweala. Iyabo’s letter made the old man sad and Oby has just stepped in to correct that. She is doing her job.

          • Gamefair

            Aso Rock Man, Why do you want to dodge telling us what is going on between Oga Jona On Top and Madam Oil below? You started this stuff. You are scared stiff of losing your job after you unconsciously betrayed your knowledge of ISSUES in Aso Rock between Oga and Madam. So I will hold you to your words. Please tell us and do not shy away now that you are caught! Your values for Aso Rock are frightening. Reason Nigeria is stuck. na wa!

          • Fairgame

            It is clear that you lie to yourself and then believe the lie. I talked about Oby and Obj episode 1. You talk about present episode. So you are more up to date on the present as I am on the Oby episode. So please update me. Oby however is still what she is a stooge for Obj. Your inability to think through and your silly attempts to redirect this conversation from the main issue which is Oby’s cowardly senseless tweet to gossip about present day Aso Rock will not work. Stick to the conversation and make your point. As I said Oby is still a stooge for Obj. We know her type. Hiding behind iweala to seek relevance. Shame!

          • Gamefair

            Ha Na wa o! I can see your problem. Scared of losing your job after revealing so much? I may leave you alone at least so that you protect your job. But if you have any honor in you, you must stand by what you started with-tell us what you mean by and I quote “The reason Oby Ezekwesili is afraid to direct her questions to the
            minister of petroleum is exactly as you have pointed out- Oby had her
            round and those in power have the goods on her and can play dirty like
            her.” eh eh eh eh eh Tell us the “dirty” things in the corridor of power between Oga Jona On Top and Mdam Oil below! You started it-though I will have pity on you and let you go if this will make you lose your job.

          • Fairgame

            She had her round as Obj’s chief stooge and they have the goods on her, it is your perverted mind that insinuated something else. So tell me what is going on in Aso Rock these days? Oby is still what she is a stooge for obj. There were suggestions that there was more between her and obj….in fact she looks somehow like him if you look closely.
            But you on the other hand seems to know more about Aso rock these days so what is the update?

          • Gamefair

            Keep changing Aso Rock Man. We are listening. Tell us how Oga Jona On Top and Madam D. Oil Below LOOK when you burst into them doing THEIR THING? What is THEIR LOOK? We need some contemporary LOOK! Oya now Reuben na Reno na Fairgame!

          • Fairgame

            Poor you. You thrive in the gossip mill rather than in giving well thought out points. Muslim Brotherhood man aka Arewa People’s Party aka APC man, tell us what Lair Muhammed or perhaps you are even Lia Muhammed himself…so tell us what the gossip mill is saying? Update please or are you out of stories? Oby had her round and if she is not a coward let her ask the minister of petroleum and the house committee in charge of petroleum the question she is asking OkonjoIweala.

          • Gamefair

            Look, Fairgame na Reno na Reuben I beg come clean and straight, are you saying that Madam Diez Oil is having her own ROUNDS too with President Goodluck Ebelo Azikiwe Jonathan? Just tell us and stop quibbling. Madam D and Oga Jona will not take your job at least you are using a con online name. So you are covered. tell us now Oga Reno na Reuben na Fairgame. Are the two having their ROUNDS now because it is President Jonathan’s turn?

          • Fairgame

            Oby had her round…let Oby direct her questions to Diezani and house committee in charge of Petroleum. You on the other hand should keep your Muslim brotherhood job aka Arewa People’s congress job You are doing well in it.

          • Gamefair

            Look why do you want to run away now Reno Omokri na Reuben Abati na Fairgame. You talked about past and present ROUNDS in Aso Rock. And I ask you to shed “torch” light on PRESENT ROUNDS in Aso Rock among president Jonathan and his Madams. That is all I ask. And it is a humble patriotic request. Do biko!

          • Fairgame

            You are indeed a gossip loving character. Please comment on Oby and her senseless tweets. Oby had her round. You have an update on the current Aso Rock occupiers. So tell us the current tale while I tell you Oby and Obj. Don’t twist it. Or are you afraid that the SSS may find your home and charge you? So on Oby let her take up her issue with DAM and house committee on Petroleum if she is not a coward. It is a coward that have skeletons in her closet that does not direct questions to appropriate people. You are slacking in your updates. Oby is a fake and must leave OkonjoIweala out of her low life of mudslinging. She should face Diezani.

          • Gamefair

            Poor you Reuben Abati na Reno Omokri na mani_kay na Paul I did not know you are still in this ditch. Na wa o. I did not start the issue of ROUNDs. You started it. I did not start the issue of Madam Oil Diez’s ROUNDS, you referenced it. So boy Reno na Reuben na Paul wetin be di problem again? You started something, I asked questions about what you started, what is wrong with that.? I beg answer my question: Sine you are a member of the Aso Rock crew, please tell us what LOOK(S) you saw when you suddenly busted into the ROUNDS of Madam OIl Diez and President Jonathan? Tell us now Aso Rock Man. I like this game fair and fair game!

          • Fairgame

            Kpele. You need to be psychiatrically evaluated for either you suffer from selective amnesia or you are simply unable to understand simple English. I take it that you are not going to offer any updates anymore. Well since Oby and Obj are still in action going by Oby’s recent unwarranted outburst, I will write a bit more. Oby can dream all she wants and play the stooge all she wants for her Obj, she will never near the height of OkonjoIweala. As she continues to be ravaged by hatred and jealousy so will she continue to diminish.

          • Gamefair

            Your words “… are you afraid that the SSS may find your home and charge you…”? Did you mean President Jonathan’s snipers? Am I on the watch too? Na wa for una for dis una Aso Rock!

          • Gamefair

            And it seems two thick yellow Madams are having THIER ROUNDS with President Jonathan. Former “Dr” Mrs. Stella Oduah and “Dr.” Madam Diezani Alison-Madueke. How are THEIR LOOKS when you see these thick Madams doing their own ROUNDS in contemporary period with President Jonathan as you claim?

  • Ayodeji Sunday

    It totally doesn’t make any sense that Dr Oby Ezekwesili would be asking such questions from the Finance Minister rather than directing her enquiry to the appropriate person — the Minister of Petroleum who has direct oversight over the activities of NNPC.

    • Lincon

      U have forgotten that she is so called “minister of finance and supervising minister of the ECONOMY” so if she cannot ansa Oby, WHO Wíℓℓ????

      • Fairgame

        Coordinating minister is not the same as superintending minister. She cannot usurp the function of the substantive minister of petroleum because Oby wants an answer. Let Oby send her questions to Diezani if she get liver.

  • Ganiu Umar

    @ Oby Ezekwesili: You have been in government and you know that the problem with Nigeria is a systemic problem and you preach it yourself. but am surprise the way you choose to handle this issue. directing attacks at people who you know that her integrity is in tact, why should you do that. I’m beginning to believe that you have hidden agenda.

    • Fairgame

      I have known for some time that Ezekwesili is a coward and fake. You wonder why she cannot ask the minister of petroleum questions directly or even ask the house committee in charge of petroleum to ask the minister of petroleum but no she wants relevance and only by mentioning Okonjo Iweala that she can get it. She has been so jealous of Iweala that now everyone knows she is just that – an irrelevant jealous igbo woman. I pray Okonjo Iweala completely ignores her. Did you not know that she is Obj and El rufai’s front person? She is such a disgrace.

  • USD$10.8billion missing or used as unaccounted subsidy, impossible. This is approximately N1.8trillion that can be shared N11,000.each to 165million Nigerians.

  • Alfred Janrin

    All this Ezekwesili’s talk should be discarded as a child’s stutter since her probe is tinted with a hue of sentimental bias. Her question must be directed to the appropriate quarters to produce the right answers. Until we stop spreading lies to discontinue misinforming the Nigerian minds, Nigeria cannot stand.

  • Babangida Salisu

    Let me not be counted with the company of blind minds. Nigerians are clear-minded; this for sure I know. Let us allow the clear spectacle of truth lead our instinct in judging rightly whatever libel is on air.

  • Fairgame

    I wonder what Ezekwesili understands about public policy 101. It is either she has lost her ability to hide her jealousy of Okonjo Iweala or she is truly dumb and thus justifying her inglorious exit from the world bank. She is asking the minister of finance to usurp the responsibility of the minister of petroleum and the NNPC under the minister of petroleum so that Oby Ezekwesili will be satisfied? It is such a big shame that this outburst is all about the 102 page response of the minister of finance yesterday. She is even so shameless that she could not ask the house committee in charge of petroleum to ask the minister of petroleum questions the same way the finance committee asked the minister of finance. No. She wants to be relevant on the back of Okonjo Iweala, I will advise Oby Ezekwesili to bury her head in shame. She is undeserving of a response from okonjo Iweala. If I were Iweala or able to advise her I will ignore the publicity seeking Ezekwesili. As the front woman for Obj and El Rufai she is doing her job.

    • Ekere

      Reuben Abati

      • Fairgame

        Signed Lai Muhammed

  • Kukawa

    Its really sad that rather than discussing issues raised we go on attacking personalities. NNPC and the Ministry of Petroleum have already explained that the 10.8 bn is not missing but spent. So it is left for the Finance Ministry as custodians of the Nations finances to concur or otherwise with the explanation. Moreover, Oby is asking as a Nigerian and has the right to ask any govt official any question. If anyone thinks that someone else should answer the question then they also have the right to ask directly.

    • Fairgame

      Atleast you agree she did not ask directly. Let her directly ask the minister of Petroleum, the house committee in charge of petroleum and the NNPC. That is asking directly.

  • matumi

    A former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili, on Saturday lambasted members of the House of Representatives for their treatment of the Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

    Mrs. Ezekwesili, a former Vice President of the World Bank, accused the lawmakers of not being ‘decorous’ when the House of Representatives Committee on Financewalked Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala out of their meeting on Thursday.

    “Gosh! Our National Assembly &lawmakers URGENTLY need SERIOUS TRAINING on Respectful Workplace Practices,” Mrs. Ezekwesili said on Saturday morning on her twitter handle, @obyezeks.–this woman has a mental problem–she needs a cure for it

    • Fairgame

      Thank you. But people here think that I am against Oby’s tweets because I am working for Abati. How laughable. The same people cannot see how Sanusi addressed the issue and put the question to NNPC which is the right thing to do. The same thing I am demanding Ezekwesili does. Ask minister of petroleum, NNPC and the house committee in charge of Petroleum to do their job. Nigerians want accountability. And it can come from the right bodies empowered to do that. I am still waiting for Ezekwesili to ask DAM and house to account. Ezekwesili’s mental problem is due to jealousy and a bad heart towards OkonjoIweala. It is a shame.

  • akyn

    Nigeria is where she is because we have too many mumus. This woman raise a very clear issue as a concern citizen but all I read are negative comments from agberos, name calling from semi illiterates and tribal accusations by Igbos and low lifers. This is the same woman that jump the gun couple of weeks ago to defend and came to the rescue of the same minister due to perceive disrespect from the house of rep. What do you guys want? You should all go and jump in a deep ocean. Fifty percent of the nation will perish before thing are done right. At the moment most of you are only waiting for your turn,cousins, neighbors friends, and/or acquaintance turn to steal. God/Allah shall never help a country like Nigeria that celebrates thieving and ritual pastors and claim people like you as citizens

    • Aminu Baba

      @akyn I like your attitude. If only, let’s say, 15% of Nigerians are lyk u, we would have somewhere around Korea or atleast Malaysia, by now instead of getting stuck in the putrid waters of the Lagos lagoon. You can see from most comments following critical news items, how trivial and gullible Nigerians are. Thank u for some fresh air joo..

  • Chuka

    Don’t be surprised that Rotimi Lawanson, Hateme, Fairgame and their cohorts are the same person. A paid coward being schooled by the best, our man Reuben. I can’t explain this dedication to ruin this country. It has to be for selfish gains. ..

  • Comfortkay

    We have no government but a propaganda of JUNKYS.Why is the President refusing to deal with crucial matters. Why should 10.8 billion dollars missing, well we dont need to wait till 2015, we need a referendum as quickly as possible in Nigeria so that we can remove all these rats and mosquitoes from power.

  • Ernest Enoma

    A couple of months ago, Madam Iwela was deriding the CBN Gov. of inaccurate account and figures. The estwhile accounting firm (can’t remember their name) stated that after looking at the books, Madam Iwela was right to say no money was missing. Since then, NNPC has thrown every jargons at the Nigerian people to explain why they were authority on to themselves. Madam Madueke is also compounding the whole shit about gazetting. How does a corporate and educated people like Iwela and Madueke found themselves in this mess. In corporate world, how do you justify applying N150 for subsidy and reallise N50? Does that make any sense? They deserve bullets to their heads.
    Okonjo is now asking for forensic investigation because she has no confidence in the papers being provided by NNPC. Could Obj have been justified to redeploy this woman from Finance to External affairs? What does he sees at the time vis-a-vis what is being manifest now?
    Jonathan has shown he is not willing to face corruption as Nigerians demand, In this NNPCgate, he must show to all of Us that corruption has no hiding place. Everyone at NNPC past and present responsible for subverting initial presidential (Umaru Yar adua) order must be tried and thown to Jail and keys dumped in the Ocean. Does Jonathan have the gut?

  • Adeboye Murphy

    @fairgate your days are numbered in aso rock, all of u are corrupt and we are watching every event as they unfolds, you were given opportunity to rule this country believing that a fellow who has never had shoe will be the right person to salvage this country but what have we got in returns? corruption, deceit, lies and killings, We very much assured that all of you will flee this country when the time comes. A government that fails to accept constructive criticism will fail ultimately.