Jonathan leading Nigeria to destruction-Fani kayode

President Goodluck Jonathan

Mr. Fani-Kayode is a known critic of the president

A former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of steering Nigeria on the path of ruin in a scathing criticism of the president over Sunday’s violent crackdown by the police on a group in Rivers State.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said with police openly attacking citizens, it was clear the Jonathan administration has lost its “mind and bearing.”

“Now policemen are openly attacking the same innocent Nigerians and opposition figures that they are being paid to protect. This government has lost its mind and its bearing. The president is leading Nigeria on the road to hell and on the path to Kigali,” Mr. Fani-Kayode, a fierce critic of the president, said.

“The madness, the attacks, the killings, the insults, the persecution, the wickedness, the impunity and the intimidation has to stop forthwith or else the consequences will be grave for the continued unity of our country.”

Police fired tear gas on Sunday to disrupt a planned rally by a group, Save Rivers Movement, in Port Harcourt. There are reports rubber bullets were also used, but he police has denied it used ammunitions.

A serving senator, Magnus Abe, was one of those struck by what is believed to be a rubber bullet. Mr. Abe remained in critical condition Sunday evening, reports say.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said attack on Senator Magnus Abi and other members of the All Progressive Alliance, APC, was “disheartening and exceptionally dangerous”.

“Such wickedness, intolerance and evil is rarely seen. Let those that believe that they can silence the voices of the opposition with threats of violence and death be rest assured of one thing- we cannot be intimidated and neither can we be silenced,” he said.

“First we heard about snipers being trained and lists of opposition figures being drawn up for assassination.”


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  • felixoti

    Jonathan cannot be the only one to take the blame here; the IG, the Minister for police Affairs, and the weak Police Service Commission share in the blame for what is happening in Rivers state.

    If Mbu was a smart Igbo man, he would have requested a transfer out of that state, seeing that he is being used to fight Wike and Patience Jonathan’s war.

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      But is he?
      They must have promised him an IG’s post.

  • max

    This animal did not talk when Kayode sent police to disperse rally organized by Bamidele and even kill his associate.
    Days of using press to confuse people is gone Mbu is doing a good job any vagabond that refuse to obey the law will be dealt with period there is nothing the talkatives like femi drug addict will do.

    • Es3

      Femi ‘Fanny’ Kayode, the maladjusted adult with child’s reasoning?!

      Besides serving OBJ’s attack dog, suffers from selective amnesia as well?!

  • Nigeria jagajaga

    Fani Kayode has no morals to talk about the President,During the days of OBJ, the Country was worse than today, where were the so called APC, that wants to save Nigeria, pls all of you should bury your head in shame.

    • Hunter

      He has no morals doesnt mean he shouldnt speak the truth. What if the person that was hit by the police is your relation would you have supported the action of the police? Generally, the use of police by Incumbent Governors, Presidents should be stopped. Its only in Africa and Middle East oppositions are being suppressed. We all celebrate impunity in Nigeria. Yesterday some people celebrated and Supported OBJ and Now its time to celebrate the current Govt for harassing protesters. I hope we all get it right someday without being biased.

  • Oleku

    I couldn’t brought myself so low in reading from a chronic demented fellow. Is someone lenient enough to sums up in one sentence what this brain dead mug is saying.

    • robert

      oleku , These are your words “I couldn’t brought myself…” Please correct your grammar. Didnt Reno Omokri pay you enough to buy a dictionary and some grammar textbooks so that you polish your grammar? It is not enough to just post anything. You need to post- even your distractions – in good grammar. Okay? Yes we laugh at your post, but do not spoil the humor we derive from your distracting posts with bad sentences. Please correct your sentence. If you need help, please ask Reno Omokri your employer and clone master for help.

      • Jon

        I think it is a mere typo error. It should have read “I should’t have brought” …

        • robert

          You compounded the grammar problem. Unfortunately, you even started grading yourself. This is why I have to come back and put it in YOUR FACE so that you stop messing around. A typo “error” is not a grammatical error. oleku omitted “have” from his sentence. Such omission IS NOT a typo error, it is grammatical error. Let oleku ask Reno Omokri (the New Media Adviser to Goodluck Jonathan) to pay properly so that he can buy some basic textbooks in grammar. The fact that you cannot even accept your mistake is a reflection of the mindset of your sponsor-Goodluck Jonathan who has consistently refused to accept his mistakes about his mis-governance of Nigeria. Poor English grammar by Goodluck Jonathan online clones, poor governance by Goodluck Jonathan himself!

        • robert

          I am going to prick just a little bit. You even graded your error by adding my “points” to erroneous “answer”. So when will you accept that your error is NOT a typo error but a GRAMMAR error? I dey laaaaf oooo for Jonathan’s online clones!

        • esaulogbon

          “I should’t have brought” …… which school did you people attend? No wonder… people like you are the ones running our country… you guys finished from the same school as that person who once called umbrella, “unblella”!!!

    • esaulogbon

      “I couldn’t brought myself so low…” From your comment… you are a nonentity. Just read the beginning of your comment… only fools write like this.

  • Eze Decklan Chukwuemeka

    Fani kayode the mad dog…. So this guy still exist!


    Femi lambasted Gowon for speaking against 3rd tenure of Obasanjo,he had the shameless boldness to say that making Ya,adua president was a mistake Obasanjo made,he lied against Almustapha just to get salary from kwankwaso,I am yet to see fani kayode with his family attending a church service,Nigerians need to support this call for a health center near any INEC OFFICE where any body going for elective. Position must be subjected to if not one day a mental case will win elective position in Nigeria GOd forbid,.Nigerians must ask who killed me now.


    FAni, u ought 2 kwn that d yorubas has failed us. Fani have u ever realised how frustrated d yorubas re? Wen OBJ seeks 4 third term u were fully in support of him. U pple re ingreat, d most educated pple in Nigeria became d most foolish pple in d world. I get 2 realised that u pples problems is frustration. Gentility without ability is d father of stupidity

  • beddy chibs

    OBJ’s kitchen steward shutup your mouth and bow down your head in shame.Tribalist.

  • Mani_Kay

    Cocaine is the answer and Femi Fani Kayode is the question!!!!!

    APC is the teacher.

    • Omo Odua

      Mani_Kay, are you around? Or just coming back from vacation? For a long time I hard nothing from you, especially during the MBA/PhD scandal of Madam Aviation. Please I just want hear your take on that.

  • Favnat John

    Mr Kayode,All this because no job for you since the administration started.Too bad,please get matured in what you are realising to the press.

  • deri

    Let him show us how the police officers shot Magnus Abbey. Let us see the bullet holes cause even with rubber bullets, the must be marks indicating where the bullet hit him on the chest would be visible to all-Yet none of that was seen on his chest–APC has become so empty they often rely on clowns like Fani Kayode to sing their praise-APC will fail in 2015–this because they rely on staging fake incidents such as the one Amaechi arranged in PHC, to sell their rotten regional wares in public–Thereby making the party look more Yoruba in outlook, than national with their yeye comments here-Tell us how many people attended Amaechis APC induced rally in PHC? Not up to 500 in spite of the fact they those who managed to appear at the stadium, were paid 30,00 by him– That is why they resort to organizing such rubbish-to win the sympathy of Yorubas in the south west–A man who almost expanded the spirit of womanizing in OBJ to a new level while in Aso rock with him, with his rotten mouth. Nonetheless, -the fault lies with Jonathan and his NSA–who failed to arrange to have an independent medical team to examine the animal called abbey whom the Ogonis have openly disowned b4 he was allowed to escape to London at the expense of our oil revenue

  • Okokobioko

    Flailing Foundering Kayode(FFK) still suffering form verbal diarrhea.