UPDATE: Police deny shooting Senator Magnus Abe

Magnus Abe in hospital bed
Magnus Abe on hospital bed

There are counter claims about whether the Senator was shot or not

The Rivers State police command has denied shooting Magnus Abe, a senator from Rivers state who was reportedly hit by officers dispersing a political rally in Port Harcourt Sunday.

A police spokesperson called the reports “a blatant lie.”

At Krisany Hospital where Mr. Abe was rushed to for treatment, the medical director of the hospital, Dr Mckay Anyanwu, told newsmen that the senator was brought to the hospital in a state of shock caused by low blood pressure.

“He was unable to talk or eat, and he was feeling restless as a result of traumatic shock,” he was quoted by the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, as saying. “The implication is that there is haemorrhage; this is a blood trauma, it is not a sharp one.”

He suggested Mr. Abe may have been struck by a rubber bullet.

“There is a history of an impact; a blunt impact on the left chest wall. Now there might be bleeding internally because if you watch the chest wall; the affected wall is larger than the right side,” he said.

The Rivers state government said Mr. Abe was hit by a rubber bullet fired by the police and was admitted for treatment. Tony Okocha, the Chief of Staff to the Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Amaechi, was also reportedly injured in the attack.

Both men were attending a rally by a nongovernmental organization, Save Rivers Movement, at the Rivers State College of Arts and Science.

The Rivers State commissioner of information, Ibim Semenitari, said the attack was targeted at Mr. Amaechi and may have been in demonstration of recent claims that President Goodluck Jonathan, embroiled in a longstanding feud with Mr. Amaechi, was training snipers ahead of the 2015 elections.

“The Rivers State government has it on good authority that Senator Abe took the bullet originally meant for Governor Chibuike Amaechi who was billed to be present at the event,” Ms. Semenitari said in a statement. “This is disconcerting especially in the light of recent revelations that the presidency may be training snipers ahead of the 2015 elections and that Governor Amaechi is top on the list of those to be eliminated.”

The state government called for redeployment of the Rivers State police chief, Mathew Mbu.

But a spokesperson for the state police command, Ahmad Muhammad, told PREMIUM TIMES that reports about the police using maximum force to disperse the rally were untrue and misleading.

“For anybody to say that Senator Magnus Abe was shot at is a blatant lie and a misleading statement,” Mr. Muhammad said.

He said the police used “minimum force” to disperse the rally and did not expend a single bullet.

“We used minimum force to disperse them and not even a single ammunition was shot. I repeat it; not a single ammunition was expended,” he said.

Mr. Muhammad said the Save Rivers Movement flouted an existing ban on political rallies in the state and refused to seek approval before staging one.

“This same group knows about the ban which still in full force. During the launch of their group last year, they informed the police and they were given adequate security in Elekahia then. How come did they decided to carry out a rally without informing the police today?” he queried.

But an aide to Mr. Abe, Honour Sirawoo, insisted the lawmaker was hit by a rubber bullet fired by the police. He said the bullet hit Mr. Abe on the chest and was taken to hospital for treatment, NAN reported.

He said the Senator had gone to supervise preparations for the rally when he was attacked at about 9.00 am on Sunday.

Editor’s Note: This post has been revised with additional details of Mr. Abe’s condition as provided by his doctor.


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  • Nwa Aba #Lets Break Up Now

    Guys no comment so far. Goodluck is training snipers with rubber bullet. Now we know who the rivers court bomber was (amechi)

    • deri

      is abbey the right person to be asked to go and inspect a venue slated for a rally by governor amaechi on behalf of APC–what an insult-is that what senator abbey has reduced himself to-running errands for amaechi–and how can the police fire rubber bullets at a person for inspecting a venue for an APC rally?–does it make sense to those who published the one sided press release from government in pitakwa-its time some stop insulting us– here with them rubbish

      • Issei

        Deri.your not a politician maybe that’s why you will not understand the topic

        • deri

          which topic–these are dirty political games designed to reduce the president to nothing by Amaechi–he is lucky to have the likes of jonathan as presdident–AGAIN the more they manufacture them LIES for APC the more they make the president look popular-b4 the eyes of the world–The president would be stupid not to institute an inquiry into the whole rubbish< -the entire story does not make sense one little bit–if the police wanted abbey dead is it rubber bullets that they will use-in one statement them claim its the police in another–they allege it was snipers trained by Jonathan–Cant he be treated here in Nigeria–its opnly in 9ja that rubber bullets killed

        • Emmanuel

          And you are the one that understands the conspiracy abi?

      • Nwa Aba #Lets Break Up Now

        Rivers Govt….. he was shot
        Abe’s press sec….he was shot with rubber bullet
        Hospital… he was in shock with low BP
        police…. we did not shoot at Abe
        who is telling the truth?….police

        • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

          You asked yourself the question?

      • max

        My brother Abe can go errand for Amaechi because he is nobody. It was amaechi that imposed him on ogoni people for betraying omehia he owes everything to Amaechi.
        All these our senators lack self esteem because of how they became senators that is why they follow governors wherever they go.

  • emmanuel

    Eh na rubber bullet meet the man.

    Amaechi is a shaless lier and Nigerians are getting used to it. Must he score political point with the man’s health failings?

    Amaechi knows that the senate is seating tommorrow (before the postponement today), so it was a plan to incite Senators for a rancorous session and possible defections,so he organised the sham and unapproved rally so he could do the Abe’s stuff.

    Amaechi what will life be like after 2015? For your information, Sule Lamido’s presidential ambition is already comatosed and Tinubu who is aspiring to be Vice president will not field you, Oshiomole, Rochas, Tambuwal and co for president or vice

  • deri

    so it was the snipers that Jonathan trained in togo against 2015, according to the letter of Obj, that shot Magnus Abey and not the police abi? what happened to the the crowd amaechi rented to attend the said event–this guys must be taking us for fools-is the governor OK upstairs at all? When is he going to get tired of all these noise he has been making against the president’ what has amaechi achieved from fighting the first lady to the president and any that is associated with him–who in the world would believe this fake story–b4 the police released the said bullet there must be a crowd–was abey the only person amaechi hired to attend his rally–was it a one man show–and how many were involved in the show of shame–its usual for amaechi to provide pictures of events let us see them–at least if for nothing-monkey

    • Clear Water

      So it is Togo your brother Jona is training his snipers? OBJ did not mention place. Now, what I read last year that Bayelsa was sending 250 young men to Asari Dokubo in a neighbouring country for “studies” now make alot of sense. wait, let me go and spit.

  • ogunleye

    Rubber bullet or no rubber bullet;jonathan want to turn rivers state into a war zone,but I trust amaechi to outsmart him and his power drunk wife

  • max

    Does it mean that no common man was hit by rubber bullet?
    Imagine Abe ogoni man is now struggling to get news paper headline. When Amaechi ticket developed K keg according to obj Abe was with Omehie while wike was taking bullet on behalf of Amaechi. Wike survived many assassination attempts. The most brutal happened at the same Rumuola. Then Amaechi ran away. Again today in the same Rumuola Abe is taking bullet on behalf of Amaechi. When will Amaechi face this bullet by himself?
    Abe who happens to be a lawmaker is breaking law by not getting permit. Abe of yesterday now feel that he is a big man. The abe that was calling wike sir and was cleaning house for odili. I heard he has been rushed to London because there is no hospital in ph. Even the ones built by Odili was pulled down by Amaechi.

  • Gideon Orkar

    This was how Lloyd ran to a hospital bed after almost killing someone. Ameachi lies

    • Emmanuel

      Please tell them.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Just look at the picture. Who’s the Dr who is the nurse and camera man there on hand to film. Lies, lies and damn lies

    • Emmanuel

      I thought I was the only one observing this? This is getting ridiculous by the day. Amaechi is really desperate.

  • Progressive Nigerian

    Hmmmm… Magnus Abe..

  • Emmanuel

    The picture is very clear. If Abe was shot in the chest, where are the blood stains? His vest is very clean, in fact that he can still wear it shows the fraud. There are still intelligent people in Nigeria, we cant be fooled. The police obviously wanted to stop the rally for lackt of permit but they walked into a perfect script by our Rollywood actors. The Picture reminds me of that of Chidi Lloyd lying down on a hospital bed after trying to kill his colleague.

  • Nikki

    Nigerian’ s are intelligent but what Amaechi has succeeded in doing is kill himself politically
    This man called Amaechi is a disgrace to humanity
    I pity rivers people
    May God help us

  • Angel Grace Johnson

    Talking about magnus being shot is not d issue can they pls show us the injury he sustain before sayin somany things they will regret tomorrow